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  1. Following on Fitocracy (I'm TheFarSide)! Keep up the great work!
  2. Day 4 - 9/21/2013 Net carbs: 46 Total protein: 174 Goal met for the day!
  3. Day 3 - 9/20/2013 Net carbs: 49 Total protein: 215 Goal met for the day!
  4. Day 2 - 9/19/2013 Net carbs: 27 Total protein: 169 Goal met for the day!
  5. Day 1 - 9/18/2013 Net carbs: 39 Total protein: 184 Goal met for the day.
  6. Oh, where to begin. Currently 35 years old, married, father of two, work as an RN in emergency and trauma. I've always had an obsessive personality (like I suspect most on this board) where once something grabs my attention, I tend to focus on it 100% and it consumes my time, frequently to an unhealthy degree. At one point, I was obsessed with paleo and lifting and for a few months I had a great transformation. That transformation is gone now. It's a few years later and I'm mentally at a point where I can't take it anymore. My energy levels are down, my motivation is down, my sleep schedule is crap, my eating is crap, and my power cage, olympic weights, and kettlebells are collecting dust in the basement. The nerd aspect of this site obviously appeals to me, and I've used things like fitocracy in the past to "get XP" for my actions, but I need to have more accountability to get back into the habit and make it be a change. My wife is also coming around to the same idea, and while more introverted than me, will likely be following suit by using this site as a way to put more focus on healthful living. My nerd cred involves your typical things: fantasy and sci-fi novels, video games, and media consumption en masse. I've primarily been an MMO player since Asheron's Call was released, and have played World of Warcraft with Elitist Jerks since closed beta. While I haven't had the time to hard core raid in a few expansions, I still log on and do dailies and LFR. I'm currently trying desperately to get Hearthstone beta access! My level 50 isn't entirely mapped out. My ideal body type is more along the lines of the warrior archetype. I don't mind metabolic conditioning for cardio, but I loathe "going for a run." If I'm going to travel somewhere outside without the aid of a vehicle, I'd rather be backpacking. Beyond that. . . I need to start figuring out that level 50 goal to start putting smaller goals into motion.
  7. And by expansion, I mean my waistline. . . Main Quest Lose 15 pounds during the challenge. Specific Goals ​- Under 50 g of carbohydrates a day - Over 150 g of protein a day - Workout 2x per week Side Quest Create two 30 minute podcasts related to my profession to help educate those new to the field. Motivation Part of my job is educating people on healthy life choices, and if I don't look healthy, why should they listen? Other Information This is my first challenge and first day on the site. The concepts are ones that have worked well for me in the past - paleo and lifting weights. I've been successful with those facets in place, but currently I've lost those lifting gains and gained that weight back. I know the dietary goals can be managed and measured easy, and due to shift work and poor sleeping schedule around my work days, I didn't want to commit to a full three day workout schedule until my energy level increases and I'm feeling healthier from weight loss. Between a stressful job, shift work, and a family at home that has never fully conformed to supporting a healthy lifestyle, I need an outside source of motivation and accountability. This is where NerdFitness fits in!
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