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  1. Might be a late reply Best thing i EVER BOUGH! was a food dehydrator.... when ever i go shopping i will buy a box of seconds (mangos!!!!!!) of fruit you get it CHEAP CHEAP i mean 2$ for 15-20kg (au), throw it in the drier for a day ish, then just chuck it in zip lock bags, i hunt some of my own meat (don get angry) i get about 15kg of kangaroo and make jerky from it, makes great snack and its practically free.
  2. G-Day guys n gals. might of guessed, im from down under; land of Australia. unfortunatly, i am not a nerd.... not even in the slightest! iv always being a fairly active bloke but never had a fitness mind set, my biggest problem i think was my poor diet. i was a serious runner in high school and then just stopped, and so the weight stacked on. recently iv noticed my fitness is holding me back in both my sports (IPSC and Enduro racing (motorbikes)) particulaly enduro! inbetween that and to be honest, im sick of looking and feeling like crap.... i think the motivation is finally their to cha
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