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  1. Hey! Thanks for the response. I'm a yoga diehard (So much of it carries over to jiujitsu), do you think yoga would be sufficient for the flexibility days? Also, how strenuous would you say the workouts are? Would you consider them a cardio workout by any chance?
  2. I'm thinking about picking up one of these programs in addition to my BJJ & Yoga practice. Has anyone got any experience with any of them? If so, what did you like about it? How long did each training session take? Anything you would tell someone interested in the programs? Cheers!
  3. It's 100% not a tricep issue. Your failing your bench when your anterior deltoid is taking over the movement before it starts to shift the stress to the triceps. So you need to do more work for your anterior delts and pecs. Add in some extended ROM pushups (put your hands on plates), spoto press/block press, fly's of all types, and DB bench press. Should see you blast through your weak point. Building the lats for the bench in raw lifters isn't a priority either. Geared lifters need big, strong, lats because they need to row the bar down to their chest due to their bench shirt. When lifting raw you don't need to row the bar down. This isn't to say that the lats aren't a minor mover in raw benching, but more emphasis needs to be places on pecs/triceps/anterior delts for raw lifters. Also consider doing your BBB sets on opposite days. ie; 531 OHP, BBB bench. 531 bench, BBB OHP.
  4. Hi everyone, I've created a free 3-day intermediate DUP template that utilises weekly linear progression along with a 3-week block periodisation schedule so you can continue to make strength gains. The template does not include a deload week, but it can easily be included at the end of any 3 week cycle when you're body is feeling banged up by utalising the 531 3-day a week deload protocol. Simply, you will train in multiple rep ranges & intensities. The average intensity & volume will rise over a 3 week period before coming back down. Think of each week as a wave that gradually gets bigger before crashing down and starting slightly bigger than before. This should allow for more consistent gains over a lengthy period with less deloads for intermediate lifters. Whilst this program was designed with the intermediate in mind it can easily be used by a novice, preferably with 3-6 weeks of SS/SL under their belt first. Assistance is up to the individual, but personally I'd recommend using a PPL assistance template or 3 day WS4SB assistance. Any questions feel free to PM me. Download link; https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-MQeOAON_onRTRMS1U4TzFhaDg/view
  5. You should add GZCL method to your PL list. GZCL Jacked & Tanned can also be used for general strength. JuggerCube is also great for PL if you like the high volumes of juggernaut but like the setup of Cube.
  6. lol The only way anyone can successfully defeat multiple opponents is with pure luck. I can guarantee of i got 4 friends and attacked you that you would get out of safely. Not a dig at your skill it's just that its near impossible outside the realm of luck.
  7. You can't box six guys at the same time and come out on top either. There is not one martial art in the world that would make you capable of fighting a group of attackers.
  8. Feel free to come to Australia and read my lecture notes. Or better yet, when I start lecturing Physiology 101, 102, 201 and Intro to Physiotherapy at the University of Newcastle next year, come and sit in on a few lectures. You obviously need a better education.
  9. Also, the leaner your mince is the better it'll hold together. The fattier it is the more dispersion you'll end up with in the cooking processing - that's probably why you're starting mix looked so wet. Try rolling it into a log and wrapping it in foil. That should help it hold it's form whilst cooking, and as such, hold it's form once done.
  10. Not true. There is no such thing as "negative calorie" foods. There are two types of fiber, digestible and non-digestible. Non-digestible fiber isn't absorbed by the body, whereas digestible is. As fruit is not 100% non-digestible fiber there are still biologically available calories. Not true, if you ate a cake with the same amount carbohydrates as a piece of fruit your body would respond with the same spike in insulin and blood glucose. Your body can't tell the difference between cake and fruit, it can only tell the difference between nutrients and minerals. No, you can't. The average banana has 100-150 calories in it. That's 1000-1500 calories in the 10 banana's, let's be conservative and say that they're small banana's so 1000 calories. There's 3,785ml in 1 gallon. Approximately 3.75kg net weight. If you made a smoothie consisting of banana and apple, equal portions that's roughly 15 banana's and 15 apple's if they were around 120g each. So that's a further 1,500 calories from the banana and roughly 900 from the apple. We're currently sitting at 3,400 calories (and we're being conservative, remember). Let's say you have a 1.5kg Watermelon, which is pretty average, that should be about 460 calories.So we're at 3,860 calories. That's a pretty high calorie count for someone who is either maintaining their weight or trying to lose it. It'll be okay for a bulk but there's not enough protein. No it doesn't. Insulin is an important hormone in our body but it can't store fat unless you're consuming more energy (calories) than you're expending. If your body did that it would break physics. What you can feel is probably your brain not operating correctly due to the lack of essential fats. When the human body is dependent on insulin calories in/calories out is true. Outside special medical conditions the only thing that can alter that is if your body is running on ketones which operate on a completely different level to insulin. There is no incorrect assumption. Just scientific fact of how insulin effects the human body in regard to regulating weight. There are a lot of complexities to the human body but weight regulation is quite easily understood and manipulated, outside of specific medical conditions. In short; You've got no scientific proof to back up your theory of eating infinite fruit will not lead to weight gain and it goes against everything the medical professional as a whole has known. Your ideals are founded on nothing more than completely anecdotal evidence which is not compelling. I'm not a dietitian, so I don't know everything there is about nutrition but I did do up to Nutrition 203 when I was studying Physiotherapy & Sport Science, and I know enough that when clients come to me with weight related injuries I refer them to a dietitian who does not recommend a completely fruit diet as it is impractical and not well-balanced.
  11. Make some God-Tier egg muffins. Base: 10 Eggs. 150ml of full-fat cream. My favourite extra's: 150g Broccoli 50g Chopped Spinach 25g Parmesan Cheese 2-3 Pork Sausages (Cooked and sliced) 50g Avocado I get 12 out of that. Plenty of fat and protein, hardly any carbs. Great for cutting and keep you full for ages. Obviously you can switch the extra's out with whatever you want. Make it bacon and sausages, or broccoli and kale, choices are endless.
  12. MFP - Calories, weight, bf%, & steps Multi-Year Weight Tracker - Lifts Strava - Running/Walking/Cycling All-In Yoga - Yoga ... obviously Evernote - Recipe's + everything else in my life iOS Healthkit - Ties it all together + tracks some extra's.
  13. Judo or Jiu-Jitsu. Both beautiful arts in their own right, they have a massive learning curve and no two day's is the same. One day you'll be the nail, next day you'll be the hammer ... and that's what makes it beautiful - the day's you're the hammer, when it just clicks. As for self-defense, Judo. Once you learn how to execute some throws with quality very few people will be able to stand after being thrown (with force) onto a hard surface. Alternatively, BJJ has cool points in society right now. *EDIT: It's also very unlikely that your first Martial Art will be your preferred style also.
  14. Conditioning is relevant to your art - what are you training, first?
  15. Hey everyone, I've just gotten a new job and am looking for some suggestions for some great Paleo-inspired office lunches! Thanks.
  16. There's another one in town. I'm considering karate or tkd though maybe even judo. Much cheaper and a lot closer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Quick update guys; I've already lost 3kg, officially down to exactly 83kg now. I can no longer attend BJJ due to a personal dispute between me and another member - while there is a "no bullying" policy at Gracie Barra it isn't enough to make the hatred for this particular individual go away. So perhaps this may be my last challenge with the monks! You have all been so lovely and supportive, I'll certainly miss you all.
  19. When you fail one lift 3 times in a row (For example, you get stuck on Squats @ 100kg. You can only do 5/5/5/4 or something 3 times in a row) you decrease the total weight by 10%. So failing on a 100kg squat, you will deload by 10% (10kg), and do a full 5x5 set at 90kg and then work your way back up.
  20. So, as I said I got gifted a slow cooker yesterday. I've never used a slow cooker before (I'm usually able to work around a simmering pot for 8+ hours each day). This morning my wife said she wanted lamb shanks for dinner. Instead of braising them like I normally do in the oven, I looked up some slow cooker recipe's and slapped something together quickly with what we had the cupboard. So without further ado, here is my "Slapped-together-special-shanks-that-will-probably-be-very-average" Ingredients: - 800g Lamb Shanks - 50g Mushrooms - 80g Brown Onions - 150g Zucchini - 120g Carrot - 45g Celery - 100g Roma Tomatoes - 15g Garlic - 1 Cup of Chicken Stock - 1/4 Cup of White Wine Vinegar - 1/2tbsp Dried Thyme - 1/2tbsp Dried Rosemary - 2tbsp Cracked Black Pepper Cooking time: 4-8hrs (I don't really know. But roughly that. I'll update once I know for sure.) Notes: Things I would have preferred to add/change but didn't because I'm too lazy to leave the house on my day off; Whole peppercorns, peppercorn medley, bay leaves, fresh herbs, tomato paste, more mushrooms, red wine vinegar (instead of white wine vinegar), actual wine, lemon rind, beef stock instead of chicken stock and finally would of liked to add more stock but I only had 1 cup left. Calories are around 450-500 depending on variables in your weight. Below are the macro's courtesy of MyFitnessPal. Also, here's a cute video about cats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4Sn91t1V4g#t=162
  21. Thanks for that site, looks good so far! I just got gifted a slow cooker from my Mother-In-Law, so this will help me get some use out of it.
  22. Thanks for the comments on the ink guys! As a bit of an update; I've been too sick to hit BJJ but I did manage to hit the gym today, and with a week off I've still gained a 1.7% increase in strength. Which is fantastic.
  23. Wowsers, tattoo's start to hurt after a few hours. Previously I've only gotten two small tattoo's lasting no longer than 10-20 minutes of total time. I've been sick for a few day's before getting this tattoo and just downed a few cold-and-flu tablets throughout the day to ensure I kept my booking. Anyway, I was able to get through 4hrs fine, but then after that, it was all pain. All-in-all, I got 5 hours of work done. Hopefully once I get back from Japan I'll be able to get the other 5-8h of work done. Now, considering my arm is much sorer than I imagined, might give myself a week before I start hitting the weight. I'll also post some better quality pictures once the redness/swelling goes away. These were taken by my tattooist directly after our session.
  24. Canned Tuna/Salmon, Chicken Thigh, Beef Brisket/Blade Steak (or other cheap cuts). Those little "steam fresh" microwavable frozen veg are usually reasonably priced, and while not as good as fresh veg still has a fair bit of nutritional value. Cheap cuts of beef (Brisket/Blade/etc) are perfect for stir-frying, braising, or slow cooking. For example, you can generally get 1kg of Silverside for $7.50AU and if placed in a slow cooker (Vinegar, bay leaves, peppercorns, brown sugar, mustard seeds) and cooked on low for 2 day's makes for a nicely tender protein. Things like blade steak are perfect when cut into strips and added to stir-frys or salad.
  25. I'm getting a rather large Octopus piece on my left shoulder, I'll be sure to upload pictures when my session is finished tomorrow. It's likely to be a 2-3 session tattoo so I'll only have the body for some period of time. Thank you, and that doctor quote is quite badass.
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