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  1. YO WHADDUP? Battlescars here! Trying really hard to stick with this four week challenge. I'm terrible at posting, but I want to give it a shot this time around! Quick background: Working with a parkour company as a video editor, as well as a receptionist at their gym. I hurt my knee about four months ago, and we've yet to figure out EXACTLY what's wrong with it. All symptoms are consistent with a bucket handle meniscus tear, but my MRI came back clean. So I've been in limbo while we've been figuring that out. But I've been trying to do as much training as I can wit
  2. Bahahaha This job was definitely the luckiest craigslist find of my life.
  3. Been off to a slow start this challenge. School hasn't started back up yet, so my "go to the gym before work" goal has been kinda invalid. But that will change on Monday! I had parkour class on Monday, but I was really disappointed in my performance. My kongs and dash vaults were a mess, and I couldn't hold my cat hang. I felt comfortable with those skills before I went back to Boston for the holidays, but my lack of training over the past couple weeks definitely showed. However, I have used Duolingo every day this week! Woo! Hoping I can muster up some drive to work a little harder in the nex
  4. I really like the band system they've worked out. That way everyone is your class is at a similar skill level, and you're really mastering the moves your working on before moving on to more difficult things. Plus, it's an excellent motivator and way to track progress And Duolingo has been really fun so far! Such an awesome program, and really easy to do with little down time!
  5. Yaaaaay! Great start! I love the way you're breaking everything down. That hunger scale is such a good idea! You're gonna rock this challenge, for sure
  6. New Year, New Challenge! Can't wait to kick some butt and start this year off right! Quick Background I work at a parkour gym (reception) & an elementary school (tutor), and I do a work study with an aerial studio. My background is in film production, and I'm hoping to somehow incorporate that into my new found love for parkour. Actively training in parkour, pole, and lyra. I'm an outdoors nut, obsessed with hiking and camping. Started my fitness journey at 250lbs. Fitness/ Food Goals 1. Level Up...Literally At my parkour gym, we have a band level system that is similar to ka
  7. How is this challenge over already! Ahhhhh!!!! Time is weird. I wasn't as active on here as I would have liked to be, but I'm pretty proud with how everything turned out. Goals: #1. Attend at Least 1 Aerial & 1 Parkour Class a Week Almost got this one! I tried to double up on classes the following week, if I missed one. But I still ended up one parkour class short. #2. Post At Least Twice a Week (/Finish the Challenge) Not quiet. Lost it towards the end. But I made it to the end of the challenge, which is a first for me! Woo! #3. Prep At Least Two Meals A Week Made it 5/6 weeks! #4.
  8. Hi I'm the worst at message boards. I may suck at posting, but I've still got the challenge on my mind every day! This week was pretty solid. I wasn't able to attend parkour this week because I was helping my new roommate move in. However, I did go to my lyra class, and it was great! My instructor is hell-bent on getting me to sit up in the hoop this week. I don't think I can pull myself up. She thinks I'm afraid. She's probably right. We'll see what happens. I got a lot of really intense workout time in this week. I've been trying to bring workouts we've done in parkour class into the gym, an
  9. Week Four! 1. 1 Parkour & 1 Aerial Class Not quite. Had to skip aerials this week because of a schedule conflict/ the holiday weekend, but I took two parkour classes instead! 2.Post Twice A Week Not if you don't count last week's report. It's been a bit of a struggle to sit down and write things out lately. 3. Prep Two Meals Yes! Lots of leftovers to much on. 4.Don't check the scale Still cruisin'.
  10. This week has been nice so far. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend silks and lyra on Monday. I had some funky stuff happen with my work schedule. But I did go to parkour last night! I even hung around for open gym after class and practiced some of the techniques we worked on! Also, I believe I'm going to class again tonight. My roommate really wants to give it a shot, and I told him I'd go with him so he could use my guest pass. My knee blew out again yesterday while working on safety vaults, but it doesn't hurt too bad this morning. I'm hoping it doesn't give me too much trouble tonight,
  11. Week Three! 1. 1 Parkour & 1 Aerial Class Done and done! Hit up parkour, and two aerial classes this week! 2.Post Twice A Week Yep! Barely, haha. I haven't had a lot of down time to hop online, but I'm trying! 3. Prep Two Meals Yes! Made a lot of food in excess this week, so I had plenty of leftovers to munch on 4.Don't check the scale Still in the clear! I'm excited to see that number in a couple weeks. I feel like I'm going to like it, haha
  12. Yessssss! I love it so much! So good! hahaha. And thanks! Thanks so much! I've been trying for a couple weeks, but I wasn't able to get my head off the ground until now
  13. Did something new today! I've never been able to do a backbend before, so I guess the flexibility classes during my shifts at the aerial studio have been paying off. I'm super jazzed about it. Also, a client brought me some boba tea. Bless today.
  14. I went to parkour class tonight! I didn't die! Woo! Definitely took that 20 seconds of courage to get in my car and go, but I'm so glad that I did. It was a blast. Worked on some precision jumps and rolls today. I've noticed I'm kind of terrified of jumping down from things, but the coach today was great. He talked a lot about mind over matter, and building up progressions to assure yourself that you are capable of doing whatever you're about to do. It was incredibly helpful. I'm excited to go back next week.
  15. Week Two! 1. 1 Parkour & 1 Aerial Class Skipped parkour again because I'm all anxious and in my own head about it. But I still went to lyra and aerial yoga. Half credit this week. 2.Post Twice A Week Did it! Definitely lost track of the second half of the week though. Hoping to post more this week though. 3. Prep Two Meals Nope Unless you count saving my left over Chinese food as meal prep. To be far, I was able to go home and cook a bit more than usual this week, but there was certainly plenty of opportunities for me to cook food and take it to work with me. 4.Don't check
  16. Praying for you and Paris during this time of tragedy. I hope you and your friends are all safe <3
  17. Yeah! I'm pretty stoked to have found it! You can check it out here!
  18. I think I'm just letting my fear get in the way when it comes to parkour class. I'm afraid of hurting/ embarrassing myself. But I think I just need to muster up my 20 seconds of courage and show up to class. There's a girl who recently started taking classes on Wednesday night, and she always comes up to me and tells me how nervous she is. I told her that I was just starting with parkour too, and she was so excited. She wants me to update her on my progress every week when she come in. So I'm hoping she'll hold me accountable Today was pretty low key. I had the morning off from the school
  19. It's already almost Wednesday? This week is flying! Yesterday was solid. I had my lyra class, which was fun! I can almost pull myself up to sit in the lyra. I'm sure I'll get it in the next week or so. Unfortunately, they moved the time of my silks class, and I can no longer attend Hopefully I'll be able to find another time that works with my schedule later down the road. I worked at the parkour gym yesterday, and had to call an ambulance for one of the members. He fell while doing strides and dislocated his shoulder. It was kinda scary, but everyone handled the situation really well.
  20. Oh my gosh, Paris looks lovely. So glad to hear you're having fun exploring! And that's awesome that you're going to teach the other student about photography! That'll be a cool trade, photography lessons for parkour lessons
  21. Let's look at this week- 1. 1 Parkour & 1 Aerial Class Well I skipped parkour, but this week I took: -Lyra -Silks -Aerial Yoga -Aerial Conditioning So I'm gonna give myself credit this week. 2.Post Twice A Week I posted a lot this week...at least for me. I'm not usually super connected to my computer, so I'm glad I was able to make the effort and get online. 3. Prep Two Meals I prepped exactly two meals. I brought a spinach and turkey omelet to work on Friday, and some roasted sweet potato with bacon yesterday. Woo! 4.Don't check the scale Haven't done it yet, but it'
  22. The past couple days have been a little crazy with my work schedule/ trying to be social. I just got a quick cardio workout in on Friday, and opted to sleep in a little instead of going to the gym on Saturday. But Saturday was also my first shift working unsupervised at the parkour gym, and I was definitely feeling anxious about it. But all went well! No one died, and I didn't burn the building down. There was a birthday party at the end of the day, and they offered food and cake to myself and the two coaches that were working. It was super sweet, and I got the opportunity to talk to one of th
  23. Oh my gosh! Hey neighbor! That's so cool!
  24. Keeping on that aerial grind this week! Decided to go back and take aerial yoga again. This time was a bit easier, and a lot less terrifying. I'm feeling less anxious about hanging upside down, and it's a lot easier when I'm hesitating less. I also took a flexbility class today, which felt a little bit harder than it normally does. I think I was just tired. But my back bend is getting a lot better! I can almost lift my head off the ground. I'm so close! Hopefully I'll get there soon. Also, prepped a meal! (finally!) I've got a nice turkey and spinach omelet ready to bring to work tomorrow. W
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