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  1. I feel like one of my Strategic Studies professors at the Air Force Academy used the Cardassian occupation of Bajor as a metaphor for the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Also how Kira was a metaphor of Arafat. Specifically, how she used terrorism for practical, rather than ideological effects, then abandoned terrorism and joined the legitimate political community when terrorism was no longer necessary to achieve her goals.
  2. Yeah, me too. Creatine doesn't taste like anything so either throw some in with a protein shake of just drink it plain. It's a little gritty, but I used to drink unflavored BCAAs. If you can drink those, you can drink anything.
  3. I hear you should eat way more protein when cutting than bulking to preserve what you've got. Good luck.
  4. Since it tends to draw a lot of water into your muscles, you'll need to stay extra hydrated. Some people will tell you to "load" (take extra high doses for the first week or two). You don't really have to do this, but it won't hurt. If you choose to, the hydration tip is extra important.
  5. I did a first time challenge last time since it was my first challenge in a long time, but I'm back with the warriors this go. 1) Lift 3/wk. I'm continuing my "look good naked" program. It's a 4/0/0/0 hypertrophy program with a little basic barbell and some cable work. 2) Get my creatine. 5g 5/week. 3) Reduce coffee intake to 2 cups per day. Down from 3 last time. This will be the hardest part. 4) I just got a big raise at work so I'm aggressively saving for a down payment. After 6 moves in 12 years we're finally settled so my wife and I signed a contract to build a house.
  6. I mean they look like orcs now. Less human, more monstrous. And the only thing they have in common with most orcs is marauding. They aren't semi-intelligent minions of a dark wizard/demon creature like in LOTR or Warcraft (before they ret conned the origin story).
  7. I wish the Klingons were more in line with the TNG/DS9 look. I asked my wife "when did Kilingons become orcs?" I get that this is pre-Khitomer Accords, so I didn't mind the way the culture was presented, just the look. Still, the premier wasn't really the premiere, it was more a prequel film to the "real" series, so we'll see where it goes.
  8. Forgot to take my creatine today. On the plus side, I've been running more than I planned. Also, I'd have finished the book by now if it weren't for the Star Trek: Discovery premiere (btw, I liked it enough to keep watching, but I don't love it. DS9 took a while to get going, but it ended up being the best one. Also Enterprise started weak, got worse, then started to get good right before it got canceled, so I'm going to stick with Discovery to see where it goes).
  9. Program is going well. Going to replace pullups with lat pulldowns so that I can hit my prescribed tempo. Can't do 3x8 at bodyweight with the holds. Todays workout was fine except that hip thrusts are awkward. Not to perform, just to do when there are other people in the room. I suggest avoiding eye contact.
  10. The only valid reason to vape is to quit cigarettes. Otherwise, it's pretty douchey, especially if you do it in public. Sorry about your man. If you aren't married then you aren't under any obligation to stick it out. If you are then you should seek professional couples counseling. Good job on your goals though.
  11. 3x8, I don't remember how to annotate tempo, but zero up, no pause at the concentric with a four second eccentric, no pause at the bottom. I'm using it for most movements, except hip thrusts because I'm still learning those and dips because the time under tension disagrees with my already messed up left shoulder (for example, I have a hard time shoulder pressing to lockout on the left side, it just doesn't move right thanks to an occupational injury).
  12. Goals are progressing as planned. Workouts are fine, but the tempo thing I'm trying has really cut the amount of weight I'm using. That's a pride issue more than anything, so no big deal. I didn't put running on my goals, but I am trying to get two runs in per week, not stressing if I miss one. Just doing a C25K. Diet has been fine, caffeine has been manageable. I find that using a really well insulated mug keeps the coffee so hot that I drink it slower. I'll probably finish the book this week, I'm already halfway through. I keep creatine and protein powder in my desk at work so 5/week is easy
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