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  1. Hey, anyone considering a Madtown meetup?
  2. Ooooooh the Princeton Club! SHINY! Maybe we could just meet up and pretend to be gym buddies that way?
  3. Coming to you from Madison Wisconsin! Seriously though, I have a part-time sidekick and I gotta say, I think we're better off as friends. So I needs me a replacement, someone to keep focused with me through workouts and to push me to finish strong. I'm currently working out of Ford's Gym and I freaking love it. Baby steps - is there anyone in the surrounding area? McFarland? Stoughton? Sun Prairie? Middleton? HALP.
  4. This is basically awesome, thanks for sharing this with us here! And also, welcome to NF!
  5. I've never had any issues with this myself, and I just realized I should've put quotation marks around my massive post... oops. (Apologies for topic derailment)
  6. I found this through a LiveJournal community I'm part of, and if you can navigate through any of the links they have some solid resources. DISCLAIMER: this is all anecdotal, and further, not my anecdotes. "I'm just going to list all the things I've done that cleared me up and how I used them- *as a note, I did not ever douche with any of these treatments, I purchased a 2 tablespoon syringe (like the type you would use to administer oral medication, with no needle on it) and just used it to insert to the solutions into my vag. I generally did this in the bathtub then took a quick shower to rin
  7. UGH THIS. I'm anywhere between a 12 and a 22 depending on what day it is and where I'm shopping.
  8. I just got m'self a gym membership yesterday and realized I need a new sports bra. Instead of a ridiculous adventure in Google searching, I just came here and gosh DARN you ladies delivered! Basically I'm glad NF is around to prevent me from stopping before I start!
  9. Anyone tried it without adding honey? I'm sure it'll still be tasty, I'm just not keen on using it in foods (even in small amounts) Other than that, this sounds DELICIOUS.
  10. You could always bring some sanitizer wipes, or sanitizer gel or something, and then obviously showering post-workout would be a good plan. I had a sketchy dorm gym a couple years ago that was never occupied, but definitely of dubious cleanliness. Also, THANK YOU for being brave enough to decide to become an Amazon. Badassery indeed!
  11. Kudos on the soda switch! I did a similar thing with chocolate - no more Reese's cups and off-brand cheap chocolates, only the good dark stuff for me. I eat less of it and the other stuff tastes like, well, junk food.
  12. There's something to be said about those vague goals. They're an okay starting place but I think that's where people tend to get stuck (like myself, naturally). If you've got or need ideas, let us know!
  13. Hi there everyone, I'm Maggie. I started off my adult life with goals of being healthier, working out on a regular basis, and maintaining a good weight for myself. As most people who have ever been in college know, these are all a LOT easier said than done. Finally, after turning 21 and realizing I was over 250 lbs, I decided that this was the big change I needed to make. I started eating 5-6 small meals a day, with whole grains and some fats and stuff, working out several times a week doing some strength training and cardio, and then something amazing happened - the weight began flying of
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