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  1. Yay Vegas! That sounds exciting! I'm really enjoying how spontaneous I can be with my grocery shopping now that we're so focused on meat and vegetables... Acorn squash was on sale so I think we'll have that a lot this week, and I bought a turkey breast so that I can make a big roast and get a night off from cooking without us ending up eating fast food. I'm really feeling fall's arrival and eating squash, cranberries, and turkey is helping me resist baking pies. 3.6 mile walk this morning (she fell asleep so I kept going to get in a nap!). We pass a Pre-K on our block, and two children ran
  2. Awesome job!! Takeout Chinese food is a huge weakness of mine so I really respect this accomplishment... but it was also our first clue that my husband has a problem with processed grains... feed him an order of General Tso's, and he falls over asleep like a narcoleptic an hour later. He spent a lot of my pregnancy picking up food for me that he couldn't share, haha. Re: patience with the kids, it's only the one baby for us right now but I have been the impatient one a lot of the time. Usually something else that I feel like I must do right now is on my mind, and if I can give that task to s
  3. Stumbled badly on all goals while traveling, and had to revert to previous eating habits to get to the next paycheck, so starting over tomorrow morning. And that's one way to clear out the pasta/rice/beans. Grocery store trip of raw meat and vegetables accomplished. A friend commented: "You don't eat food any more! You eat parts of food." The walking total is now 25.4 miles. We've camped with dwarves.
  4. Thank you Jill! Bacon grease sounds like a great idea, so I'll start saving it! This looks amazing and is EXACTLY what I need to replace my flour muffin recipe! Thank you!
  5. Sunday updates, and first week evaluation: 1. Eating. Passing grade last week but barely. Yesterday we grabbed fast food sandwiches because I didn't go to the grocery store, so we had multiple meals where the paleo rules slipped - slightly here and there, not a full off-the-diet binge, but I want grains and legumes out of our diet completely so we can evaluate whether that helps our health. So this week the bar is set higher! We're on track already for a better week, starting today with scrambled eggs and spinach, a pork chop, peaches, and turnip greens. Grocery store this afternoon, with
  6. Welcome! Have you ever watched any of the PAX DnD games that they record? My husband just discovered those videos a couple of weeks ago and he kept waking the baby up laughing... (if you do look them up, be warned they're not kid appropriate at all, but that's why they're hilarious)
  7. Hi and welcome! Congratulations on your weight loss so far! My uncle lives in south GA and also works with wildlife - I've always been fascinated by alligators. I bet you have some great stories about catching them
  8. Thursday - Saturday... 1. At home we're sticking to our new foods pretty well. We've eaten out twice, and did reasonably well - a bit of rice slipped in one night and I ate some bread the next but we ignored the entire menu of pies, because we knew they would make us feel bad, and had vegetables and meat, yum! We're actually finishing our third week of restricting grains and both noticed that we can taste flour vividly in things like breading. Weird. 2. I skipped the stroller walk on Thursday but Knight Daddy took over, so we still added a mile to our hobbit total and finished Bilbo's firs
  9. Thank you so much for posting that awesome comic, Thrillho, and also for the encouragement! Right now I can't hear too often that it gets easier. Stress-eating was a big thing for me during the end of my pregnancy and the past few months... and it's turning me into a big thing. We missed it too! My husband and I were so sad!
  10. I really relate to wanting to eat paleo, but not have to go full carnivore all the time. But that said - how your body is responding to cutting out sugar is really inspiring to me at the start of my journey!
  11. Thank you Jacie, Jolltzzz, and Dr. Kate I'm so excited to have some accountabilitybuddies! Yeah, I really miss bulk beans and grains! Both for cutting down the grocery bill and filling up the plate. As someone who hadn't known much of anything about paleo a month ago, that was what shocked me the most about this diet. It's raining, so I'll probably make this the skip day for our stroller walk. I did pick a stretch routine to make my daily minimum for #3 (updating the top post) and I'm working on learning it today. I just was reminded to go take my vitamins by this thread, so yay! It's wo
  12. Hi everyone! I have an eight-month-old daughter and I feel like I revert to cliches when I talk about her ---- but it really does change everything about your perspective on life and your priorities. I already miss when she was smaller and she amazes me every day. I am glad to have found a group of fellow parents who will understand that feeling... and also that "basic" things like showers don't always happen right now! I'm a big fan of computer games (point and click adventures, The Sims, MMOs, and MOBAs) but have barely played for the past year. I am on the lookout for things that can be
  13. I have a baby too and I also picked walking - I think that something that you can do with your daughter is a great choice and not too basic at all! With a little one around it can be hard to fit things in, so give yourself credit for setting up a challenging "newb zone," not an obvious tutorial, especially when you meet your goals! Congrats on today!
  14. Update for Mon 9/16 - Wed 9/18. 1. We've stuck to paleo pretty well, but eaten too much fruit to satisfy our sweet tooth, so trying to focus on vegetables more. We also finished off some ingredients that won't keep from my last grocery store trip before our diet change, but the pasta made us both feel weird. I'm interested in food budgeting tips from paleo eaters... My previous strategy at the grocery store involved moderate to heavy couponing, but that leaves you with a lot of heavily processed, sugared-up food. So far we've let sales guide our eating. Full-fat cooking is so much easier
  15. Hi there! I'm a recovered WoW player, law school drop-out, Marx Brothers fan and and houseplant enthusiast. 2013 has been a tough year for me but hard times are when warriors are called to adventure. Let's get fit together! Main Quest: Increase my overall fitness (stamina, flexibility, and lose weight) so that I can keep up with my daughter. She is only 8 1/2 months old but she is my motivation. She's learning to walk, and she is consumed by a driving passion for mastering this new skill that keeps her pulling herself up on furniture over and over. I want to imitate that energy. And as she g
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