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  1. Good job avoiding cupcakes! The force is strong with you! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  2. I walked 1.08 miles today. Took Belle and we had fun even though it was sprinkling! Iv am glad I went when I did because after thatvit started raining hard! Goal achieved! I consumed 1556 calories today. It may actually have gone over my goaln of 1590 because my friends wanted to order pizza. I ordered a turkey bacon avacado sub on wheat. I only ate 2/3 of the bread and gave some of the bacon to my dog. So I had to really guess on the amount of ingredients on my food tracker. I do not feel guilty though because it came with fries and I did not eat a single one! This was huge for me because french fries are my favorite! I'm very proud of myself. Goal achieved! (At least I think!) I drank 10 glasses of water today and am working on another 22 ounces. Goal achieved! I did my 50 jumping jacks again. 25 first, rest, 15 more, rest, 10 more. They are slowly getting easier. My hubby became really ill today and with the rain, I just don't know if we'll be able to go play disc golf tomorrow. Drat... I was really looking forward to it. Oh well, I will just have to walk Belle again. She is really loving that I am more active now. She is even snuggling me instead of the hubby as I lay in bed typing this. Usually she is on his side! Anyway, time to relax! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  3. Thank you Hazard! Your advice is definitely gonna help me tonight! Yeah I was thinking a non-battered chicken and veggie dish Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  4. I have a dilemma today. Tonight is my game and my friends are probably gonna ordet chinese. Antone have any suggestions as to what I could order thatd be healthy or 500 cals or less? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  5. Stress and emotional eating are a huge problem for me. I am still new to setting myself up for success health wise. So, I have not beat it yet. Maybe can share tips as we go. Zarklin I love that you keep cashews and berries for those moments. I may have to try that. But I think I will use almonds. Viriana, sounds like you are getting through to your students!! Good job!! The one thing I have learned with emotional eating is if you mess up, you can always try again tomorrow.... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  6. Thank you for your comments Havock. I felt icky again today. I think you're right, the first week is the hardest. Today I walked 1.05 miles. It was super windy out but I forced myself to go! It was actually a nice walk because Belle didn't pull as much today. Goal achieved! I consumed 1433 calories today. I ate kinda bad today though. I had a Nissin chow mein beef teriyaki bowl. I don't know why but I love those! I did add it to my food tracker though and felt kinda shocked learning it was 520 calories!!! I finished the day healthy though with a banana with a little peanut butter (2 tbls) and dinner was a boneless skinless chicken breast (baked) and asparagus. Yum!!! Goal achieved! If I finish my full glass before bed I will have drunk 8 glasses of water today. After my walk and vacuuming today, I felt super tired again. I laid down to rest for about an hour and a half. I think it's just my body adjusting. Anyway, I'm gonna drink this water! So, goal almost achieved.... Bonus ~ I did do my 50 jumping jacks today. I did 25 consecutively then a short rest, then 10, then a short rest, then my last 10. The last 10, really burned! But I was able to do them all as regular jacks instead of halfs! So yay! My abs weren't all that sore today. It made me sad. Next week I may start adding crunches or something. Anyway, I'm tuckered out. Goodnight! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  7. Great job today Spark! Hey 1/2 a mile is a lot when you aren't use to it! I wish I had trails in woods to walk through! Enjoy those!!! Small victories are what it's all about for us. We are just getting started. Success means taking one step at a time and making sure our foot is firmly on the ground. I think you are doing superb! You are making me want to do planks and knee tucks and all that awesome stuff you are doing! Keep going! You are winning! I draw too. I haven't in a really long time. When you get busy with other things it is easy to forget. Faces are super hard! I can only draw anime faces. LoL
  8. Wow! Great job today Viriana! You will be sore tomorrow, but just think of it as your body telling you it's working! Keep it up! It helps when you have a coach to push you, whether it is a fencing coach, yoga teacher, or personal trainer. I wish I could hire one right now. It would make it more fun to take classes in something. Oh well, I am looking forward to more disc golf on Saturday! Hope you rest well Viriana!! Keep it up!! Cheers!
  9. We all need to take a break every now and then. Good for you for refusing those chips! That is awesome you are sticking to your paleo guns! The workout you did today sounds painful! Good job! I bet your muscles are building up! I am glad you are just going to enjoy your chiropractic session tomorrow. No point in stressing your back out at the gym. I really wish I could go to the gym and yoga with you. =( You are a great motivator and inspire me. Keep it up Wonder Woman!!!!!
  10. Today was one of the good days! I felt tons better today. Thank goodness! I did 96 minutes of cleaning. So, I am very happy. Not only does my house look better but I burned some calories too! W00t! I did my walk this morning and took Belle. We walked 1.13 miles. She was a real pain today and did not want to listen to me! It felt like any training I have done so far she forgot, or chose to ignore. She pulled almost the entire time on the least and kept running right in front of my feet and stopping or slowing down, almost tripping me! I love my dog but Grrrrr! Her being a pain made my pace slower today. Oh well, I am not tracking how fast I walk, just that I walk one mile. I felt good after the walk though. Goal achieved! I consumed 1517 calories today. Goal Achieved. Booya! I was not tempted to eat more than I should today. So far I have drank 9 glasses of water. I will drink at least 2-3 more before I crash for the night. Goal Achieved. Bonus ~ I was able to do 25 jumping jacks consecutively after my walk. Then I did 10 more. After that I was dying, so I did my last 10 as half jacks. So I still did my 50. I hope my abs are sore tomorrow! I am so grateful I felt better today. I was able to meet my goals and get some extra stuff done. Yay! I even dug out some of my older gaming books and modules from the garage to give me some ideas for Friday. I hope I feel this good, or better, tomorrow! Goodnight!!!! =^)
  11. Woot woot! Thank you for your support! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  12. Thank you. I love it too! I saw it on the wall in my history class in high school. It has stuck with me ever since. It helps remind me that if I keep coming up with excuses, I'll never get anywhere. My motto during this challenge is "No more excuses!" Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  13. Today sucked. I’m not going to lie. I felt extremely tired and grumpy all day, and I don’t know why. I don’t know if I am coming down with something or if my body is feeling like crap because it is getting rid of toxins or something. I lied down and took a short nap late in the afternoon. After a couple hours I noticed the sun was going down. I felt horrible because I did not get any housework done, or my walk. I forced myself to get up and go out and do my walk. I didn’t take the dog because I just wanted to get it over without the hassle of having to pick up doggie bombs… I walked 1.06 miles. So, although I didn’t think I was gonna make it today, I did. Goal achieved! Despite feeling under the weather, I still used myfitnesspal to log my calorie intake. I consumed 1550 calories. Goal achieved! I am very proud of this one today because I was so tempted to eat nachos, but I didn’t!!!! I did not drink as much water as I have lately today. I still made my 8 glass goal, but I usually have more. I had to really force myself to drink today. I just was not feeling thirsty. I was so tired and hurting so bad, that I did 50 half jacks instead of jumping jacks today. My abs are so sore that they hurt when I chuckle or laugh. So, I hope the half jacks worked them out some. I hope this crappy tired feeling goes away by tomorrow morning. I have way too much I need to do. I am dog-gone tired now though. Looking forward to sleep… Goodnight!
  14. Today was a busy day and I got a lot done, including all my goals. Woot! I walked my dog 1.07 miles just around my neighborhood. Goal achieved! This was a pain because she still pulls on the leash, but we made a lot of progress today. I think the training of "heel" is starting to kick in. By the end of the walk she was not pulling very much. The less she pulls the leash the more I will want to walk her! So far I have consumed 10 glasses of water today and I am still working on a full glass. I usually use one of my colored 22 oz. Thermal plastic cups. They have lids and straws and are perfect for taking anywhere. The fact that I know they are 22 oz. helps me measure how much water I am consuming too. I am counting my glasses of water as 8 oz. glasses. So, goal achieved! I have consumed 1397 calories today. My limit is 1590 so I have 193 left. I am pretty full from dinner, but I figure it is still early. If I feel hungry before bed I have 193 calories I can use to have either an apple, a glass of milk, or a yogurt. Even if I do, I will still be within my calorie goal limits. So, goal achieved! Bonus ~ When I got back from my walk I did 50 jumping jacks. They were a lot harder today! I could only do 20 consecutively, then I needed a break. Then I did 10 more and took another short break. Then I pushed myself through the last 10. Boy, my abs are sore!!!!!! Today was a good day. I got a head start on my schoolwork for the week, cleaned the refrigerator, and met all my goals. I still have a full week ahead of me! After a four month break, I am running my Warhammer RPG Friday. I am cleaning the house a little bit every day since I host. I still need to prepare for the game and do some plotting. I can't wait to roll some dice and see my gaming buddies. Well goodnight!
  15. So I had my hubby take better before pictures so I can see more clearly my progress. Measurements to come tomorrow! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
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