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  1. yay welcome well i was a JHB person but im now a Durban person too
  2. wow have i seriously not been on the forums since May? Adulting seriously gets in the way sometimes :/

    1. TMedina


      Either way, welcome back! :D

    2. DarK_RaideR
    3. Raincloak


      adulting doesn't get in the way, we're all adults here (uh, mostly)

  3. So i took part in the Big Walk on Sunday. Over 30000 Durbanites walked Durban together. Was really awesome, i only did the 5Km but next year im doing the 10km
  4. Just some Paleo creations I've been working on.... Chocolate date cookies Date cookies And bone broth
  5. TODAY i will not cheat... one day at a time i will do this!

    1. petefeet


      You CAN do it provoke, I have faith in you!

    2. proVoke


      thanks petefeet :) already gave away two amazing looking muffins that a supplier brought me

    3. Jett


      Good job! You can do anything for one day, right? :)

  6. Ready to tackle this week! Every day my goal is, get through TODAY without cheating. One day at a time is the best way to tackle this. Starting Stats: Weight: 77.7Kg TODAY I WILL NOT CHEAT Lunch for today will be: A small tub of nuts and raisins banana naartjie 2 Teeny sweet potatoes half a turkey leg and broccoli Dinner im thinking will be mince meat cooked completely paleo on cauliflower mash No gym still.... but wana focus on my diet for a bit anyway
  7. Recent Topics = Spam about Lenovos and Series.... Always. Sigh

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    2. Basement Cat

      Basement Cat

      Yeah, there's another one of those in the Woot Room right now.

    3. proVoke


      it is most annoying. much better now that the banhammer has been used :D

    4. DarK_RaideR


      Keeps me busy when I'm bored at the office and already read ALL the topics :D

  8. So I bought a new scale yesterday and weighed myself this morning........ Current Weight: 77.2Kg Well I have my new starting point so lets try get that down by roughly 20Kgs by Summer.....
  9. Last nights 100% Paleo dinner. Each thing made by me from scratch [emoji51]
  10. ok so I disappeared for a while, end of April and beginning of May have been hectic. We took a week off from work for our 2 year wedding anniversary( star wars day of course!) and my sister was visiting etc etc We FINALLY moved into our house YAY. so after a year of living with the parents and eating bad food I can finally go back to Paleo. We did start eating a lil healthy straight away but today marks day 1 of my full paleo diet! Have not been to gym for a while due to mostly laziness and the beginning of winter taking away a lot of will power, but also ive been having some aches and pains in my groin which I think is from carrying too much body weight. I battle to walk lately never mind doing squats. So I have decided to focus on diet for a while and try lose some body weight before I start training again, this will also help as I have really not gotten used to the new routine with living in a new house etc and all the unpacking etc that needs to be done. I feel I should take a new starting picture this evening and try record all my stats.... tho I don't have a scale at home currently. I have to succeed this time! No more excuses! im tired of being fat!
  11. Yay to adding deadlifts to you routine. The world is a better place with deadlifts in it [emoji12] That running challenge sounds really awesome and a nice way to slowly reach your goal with slow conditioning
  12. heya. Well done on getting back into things! Love that you are just taking it slow and getting back to the old you one step at a time... just keep with it Looking forward to following your progress
  13. So after hurting my shoulder and having the whole easter weekend happening I decided to take a break from gym and rest my arm. Suffered a bit because I had to deload on everything by 10% (too bad missing gym had the opposite effect on my weight tho lol) but hay... Still really battling to get over 50Kg with my squats, after getting 5x5 @ 50KG two weeks ago I failed on my 4th and 5th sets today. Oh well just gotta keep at it. Unfortunately I completely ran low on time this morning and couldnt fit barbell rows in... oops. Now that the weight are heavier I need longer breaks so I guess its time to start waking up a lil earlier.... just in time for winter... lucky me Here is my log for the week:
  14. Yeah I'm really bummed. Got a heat pack and muscle spray on while I'm at work and will try stretch and roll it out when I get home. Hope I'm OK to lift on friday
  15. So I managed to do all 5 sets at 50kg and gosh I was so stoked with myself.... but then..... injury struck. I was on 21kg shoulder press and it wasn't hard at all and was having an easy time but on my second set I suddenly had this epic pain in my shoulder and back and had to stop. I'm seriously in pain and I dunno how I did it?! So frustrating! Gosh! So this is what shitty looks like lol
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