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  1. 9/23/13 Day 2 - 1/2 Matcha Latte (Almond MIlk, Matcha Powder, Stevia) I decided I wanted my latte hot and it overflowed in the microwave D= So I only got to drink 1/2 of it. Green Monster Smoothie (spinach, almond milk, whey, chia, super green supplement, banana, ice-cubes) (400 c) ------
  2. 9/22/13 Day 1 - Matcha Latte (Almond MIlk, Matcha Powder, Stevia) Green Monster Smoothie (spinach, almond milk, whey, chia, super green supplement, banana, ice-cubes) (375 c) ------ 5.5 mile bike ride ------ Raspberry Quest Bar (190 c) ------ Salad (Romaine, avocado, tomatoes, chicken breast, caesar) (440 c) ------ Dark Chocolate (140 c) ------ Veggies & Cream cheese (140 c) ------ Paleo pumpkin smoothie (310 c) ------ Cod Filets (500 c) ------- Baby Dills (10 c)
  3. Westside! Plymouth-wayzata area. Anyone a Lifetime fitness member?
  4. So about a month ago I tweaked my back at work and suffered lumbar and sacrum displacement which in turn has led to sciatic nerve issues. I've been seeing a Chiropractor for a couple weeks and she has cleared me for body-weight and lifts under 10 lbs. I did my first TRX workout on tuesday coupled with some vipr tube lifts. I'M IN LOVE! But one thing I'm supposed to work on is my lower ab strength, and most of the exercises for this I am not supposed to do because of the possibility for irritating the lower back (planks, TRX frog kicks, etc.) The only lower ab targeting exercises that I
  5. Diet affects your skin for sure, and if you have just recently changed you diet drastically it can either be a reaction to a new food or your body expelling toxins. As far as treatment - AS MUCH WATER AS YOU CAN SAFELY HANDLE. Topically, I would try doing a mask once a week (I like the freeman mud masks) as well as some exfoliation treatment. If your body doesn't cleanly slough dead skin cells they can get trapped in pores and block you up. I would start with twice a week (once before you put your mask on, and one other time). Make sure you moisturize after the mask and exfoliation. Goo
  6. Workout Schedule: Sunday - Yoga Monday - Workout A Tuesday - Workout B Wednesday - Cardio Thursday - Workout A Friday - Rest day Saturday - Workout B I have modified the workouts a little bit because I'm currently recovering from a lower-back injury. I'm going to be doing a lot with TRX straps and Vipr tubes instead of traditional free weights.
  7. MAIN QUESTI want to reduce my body fat through healthy eating habits and habitual exercise Drink enough water, Don't over-eat - listen to the signals my body gives me, Never miss a workout (even if I have to do it on a different day - as long as I do all the ones I need to do each week) SIDE QUESTSPut money in the savings account each paycheck and leave it there. DECLARE YOUR MOTIVATION I have been at sub-par health for way too long and it's keeping me from doing things I want to do. It's keeping me from feeling as good as I can, and as good as I can about myself. I want the exterior to m
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