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  1. Week three is up! Let us know what you're going to do and how it goes You have until the end of the day Sunday. PS Don't forget you still have until tomorrow to get week 2 done.
  2. This week is definitely going better than the first. I'm getting in some good workouts, work kind of lightened up a bit towards the end of the week, and I am noticing improvements in my flexibility from focusing on stretching every day AND for the first time in my life that I've ever tried running I feel like it's not the most awful thing in the word more or less. Still only getting a little less than a mile in a straight run before I have to walk again, but I don't feel so defeated with it as I have in the past attempts at "getting into" running. Still really missing dance, the solo choreo cl
  3. Haha yeah it's weird, it's like everyone is reaching out so much for virtual socialization I'm actually talking to people *more* than I was before. Nutso. Thanks Love our VIP access to each other ❤️ Yayyy heyo thanks for stopping in fearless DM
  4. This is totally legit! Go for it
  5. I don't really understand how this has happened, but I am somehow more busy than usual now, mostly because I'm working such late hours. My job has totally exploded with everyone scrambling to reschedule all their projects and getting questions about how we are going to execute from higher ups constantly. Ugh. But I've been hanging in there with my 5 D&D games on roll20/discord (we've officially converted the two in-person games to online for now), zoom meetings, online dance classes, and trying to go for runs. Tomorrow and Sunday I'm DMing but two games, and then Saturday I'm playing in an
  6. Thank you! My energy levels are slowly coming back up as I adjust. I've been doing so many zooms I've actually been socializing possibly more than I was before oddly enough. It's not the same though, I really thrive on the energy of other people, and hugs in particular. But it's getting better as I get used to it. Thanks for the hugs! Right back at you ❤️ I'm OK! Trying to make myself a schedule and to-do list each day. Which I normally have to do anyway... but it just feels different doing it while sitting from home. But things are gett
  7. Second week is up! I gave you a little extra time to complete it since I am late in posting it (sorry all!! Somehow I've been busier during this quarantining that usual XD). Let us all know how you plan to fight the tribe of cannibals!
  8. I saw that my friend recently played a game where every time you take a sip you have to do x numer of burpees and when you finish a drink you have to do x push ups and x sit ups. She got hilariously drunk and also a good workout hahah
  9. Ugh thanks, Tank. I'm really happy for all the people who have been training all their lives for this with their introvertedness haha. We all can't fall apart during this so I'm thankful ya'll are keeping the world together right now haha The rub is I'm still seeing a few people that we've agreed to be each others limited contacts during all of this with, and I'm STILL wilting away haha. Also you KNOW my extrovert energy has me looking for your thread, here I come!
  10. Hiya! Like most of us I have been stuck inside for the last 3 weeks, and it was just announced at my job that I'll be teleworking until at least April 30 now, and my dance studio and gym will likely be following suit in being closed for that amount of time as well. If you've followed me before you know... I am EXTREMELY active. My schedules is typically jam packed with dance, workouts, volunteering, work, and social things. I'm literally rarely home except to sleep and eat. So this is exceedingly difficult for me. Raxie + staying home is like oil and water and I'm trying to not
  11. Absolutely! Anything that feels endurance-y to you is fine! It can be mental endurance too - maybe an extra long meditation session? Or even stretching endurance like yin yoga which has you hold stretches for long times (like 5+ minutes). Or if anything physical is off the table and you'd like to count treasure and do some financial rangering instead in terms of working on a budget or doing a no spend week that would be totally fine as well.
  12. Week one us up! Let us know what you plan to do and how it goes here
  13. Omg hugs hugs hugssss!!!! So low on hugs these days ❤️
  14. Welcome to Rangers of the Caribbean Ahoy matey's! Are you ready to set sail for some adventure? Pirates are basically Rangers of the high seas, so it seems it should be an easy transition. This challenge we'll be traveling around the world, possibly getting into some trouble, and defending the seas against any threats. Each week we'll be going to a different classic Pirate location and face whatever challenges we find there. ----------------------------- Week Zero we have just arrived at Port Royal, getting all of the necessary sup
  15. That cache sounds SO cool! Also, do you have pictures of the flowers you made? They sound pretty
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