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  1. Darkfoxx 46: A Mixed Bag Of Things

    Ugh I'm sorry you're feeling this way my dear. It sounds like you've got a solid plan and you've just gotta do eeeet. Get that hard hat on, and tell Freya to not let you slack. I'm sure she's a very good coach. In all seriousness though I miss you and we should do another google hangouts sometime soon! I miss your face. I'm not sure we are ever awake at the same time but we can figure something out.
  2. Gainsdalf's Workout Log

  3. Squat check

    I'm not sure if this has anything to do with your knees, but everything is connected so who knows, but I would definitely try to not look straight down when you're squatting. You don't want to look up but it looks to me like you're looking down, kind of erring toward the middle one below (though definitely not quite as extreme as what is shown there): Unsure about your knee issue, but your head positioning definitely affects your body positioning so maybe it's causing something wonky that I'm not seeing. Mayhaps a @Gainsdalf the Whey could take a peek?
  4. Raxie Fights the Heartless

    1.W feelin' the fire Dance was a lot of fun last night, I went to latin jazz which is definitely my hardest class - it's partnerless and the instructor just throws a ton of choreography at us and we just have to pick it up and do it - it is super fun but I always catch myself in the mirror looking like a complete and total dope. I feel like either he went easy on us last night or maybe possibly I'm actually starting to improve?!?!??!?!?!? IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! I was able to incorporate some technique corrections from the instructor as I went instead of having to ignore them because they would distract me from simply just trying to do the darn moves, and I really had just pure fun? I mean it's always fun, but sometimes in a torturous kind of way, but last night it was tough but I also was having a full on freakin' blast! I even caught myself in the mirror once or twice not looking totally terrible! Definitely still a lot of awkward looking moments but those were not the entire class, just most of it! Huzzah!! Then I went to samba group class and we did some really hard things (more info under the spoiler if you are interested) and went back to ONLY being a dope but that's OK. XD I stayed and chatted at dance for too long and then came home and cooking took longer than anticipated and forgot to do my unbreakable feet. Will work that into my MWOD stuff tonight. I'll probably make my MWOD focused on my upper body because I have been feeling really tight there lately. Then Jefferson deadlifts tonight woo woo! Also like, everyone and their mom at work and at dance in the last week or so have suddenly been like OMG YOU LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT (literally at least 6 separate people). I didn't really set out to get smaller, but I guess with switching from a GET STRONGER LIFT MOAR focus to a lift heavier less often focus (which leaves me way less hungry) combo'd with all the dancing I've kind of done an unintentional cut - I haven't weighed myself in FOREVER so maybe I'll do that tonight and see what's up. Sorry for the two super long updates! I'm just so full of energy and excitement lately I just kind of vomit it all into my posts hahah. Week One Progress: Batch Cooked Meals: 2/6 Times Eaten Out for Non-Reason/Times Ate Out: 0/0 Meditation Sessions: 0/3 Gone to sleep on time: 2/7 Woken up on weekends: 0/2 MWOD: 0/3 Unbreakable Feet: 0/3 Color Coding: Blue = Actually 100% Complete Green = On track to be completed 85-100%/Has been completed with 85-99% Yellow = On track to be completed/Has been completed with 70% or above Orange = On track to be completed/Has been completed with 66% or above Red = Impossible to complete above 66%/Not completed with 66% or above
  5. Raxie Fights the Heartless

    I had never done any of the Unbreakable series before but I had been eyeing it HARD for years. I don't think I'll ever actually get the full series but this little tidbit she offered was irresistible and easily worked into my programming. My feet actually cramped up something fierce this morning so I'm glad I'm starting this now! 1.5+ hours dancing around in heels a lot of days of the week can't be good for them and they're letting me know. For the first game they only changed how they looked for one or two worlds but as the games go on they seem to be doing it for more and more worlds per game and I just eat it up!
  6. Raptron Transfers to NF High

    Omigosh all the gifs in your opening write up gives me SO MUCH FREAKIN' LIFEEEEEE!!!!! What butterfly kick thing are you working on? Is it this thing or something else? Love how you're still getting so much work in even though you're armless. (I really hope you get this reference and don't think I'm a psycho XD) Also WOOOOO congrats on those squats!
  7. EricMN's Jedi Training - Choose Your Path

    I will alert him to both of these things WOW that's impressive. Way to totally kill it!
  8. This is Who I Am: Tanktimus Does Not Quit

    Mallrats! The movie of my people! (ie New Jersey)
  9. Spezzy continues to build momentum

    One of my cats LOVES water and will actually jump in the shower with me if I don't lock him out of the bathroom. He won't get under the water but will sit at the other end of the tub. But if I lock him out he shouts at the door like I KNOW WHAT'S GONG ON IN THERE STOP EXCLUDING ME. Ugh. #overlyattachedpetlife
  10. Hope no one has fallen victim to the seemingly-delicious-but-probably-poisonous brew! How is the mission going so far?
  11. Mike Wazowski: Week by Week

    OK I'm sorry yep, confirmed, we are the same person.
  12. Nymeria Takes the Shortest Stick

    So glad the test results came back as expected!! I 100% hear that, and definitely agree - everyone needs to do their thing their own way and that's not for anyone else to judge or put on them. However, for me, seeing you have a positive attitude is really does affect me in a positive way. Literally every woman in my family in my parents generation and above has had some form of lady-parts cancer and the breast cancer gene has been confirmed to be in our family so I've walked through my life basically 100% certain that I'm going to have to deal with it at some point and it scares the heck outta me, sometimes cripplingly so if I think about it too much. Seeing someone get through it with the strength and grace and positivity you have really helps chip away at that fear a little bit and at least for me, is very much inspirational. So, basically... what Tank said.
  13. Xena gets sh*t done

    That's definitely one way to wake yourself up! Would you get up at the same time as you do for your runs and just lift and run alternate mornings?
  14. Gosh I relate to this so hard. I've found hummus can sometimes help stave the craving. I wouldn't mind so much if cheese didn't make my belly so mad at me. Some are for sure beyond nasty, but the nut-cheese aged ones that are meant to replace the like, super fancy spreadable/gourmet cheeses are actually SO GOOD. Like Mr. Raxie will eat them any day of the week even though he also eats regular cheese. In fact I've put them on a cheese/cracker spread together with real cheese and it was a hit!