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  1. Raxie

    Raxie is a Damsel, But Not the Distressed Kind

    Indeed! I love cooking It destresses me so much. A nice glass of wine, an audio book, and a couple hours of cooking is all I need for some zen mode. Thanks! If you still want the recipe for the first one, it's pretty easy. The trickiest part for me is kale salad because I'm not the hugest fan of raw kale, but if you put a smidge (like... a petite smidge. The smallest of smidges) of white wine vinegar on it a while before you add all the toppings and the actual dressing and kinda stir it around roughly and let it sit for like... 15 minutes it really breaks down the toughness/bitterness of it without making it soggy. Also during this 15 minute period marinate the chicken in some pineapple juice, soy sauce, garlic and salt & pepper While everythings stewing in the juices, roast some poblanos in the broiler, chop em up, add them along with diced pineapple to the kale. Mix pineapple juice, apple cider vinegar, white miso (I prefer white but any kind will probably do), sesame oil, your preferred regular oil (like avocado or olive) and salt and pepper to make the dressing until it's your preferred consistency. Then grill the chicken, throw it on the salad, and top it all with the dressing from earlier. I like to cut the chicken into strips before marinating/cooking but you can cook them off and them cut them - or keep them whole to top the salad with - to each their own. You're right - I definitely would have just gone ham a year ago and been sore as heck for 3-4 days. I think having a second thing to work towards like dance (and you with hockey) really helps. Like I don't want to be tuckered out/in pain/whatever for a dance thing this weekend so I prioritized making sure I'm in good shape for it instead of just being like GAH LIFT THE THINGZ BC PROGRESS! Those modular set ups are so cool. My friend has one, but he's able to just leave it out and set up in a designated game room which is super fun. Thanks on both counts!
  2. Raxie

    Themes Happen to Other People: Tanktimus' Next Challenge

    Yin yoga AND sour cream/chicken juice sauce?! Be still my heart. (Seriously I love utilizing pan juice for stuffs. Lately I've been making dressings with it. SO GOOD)
  3. Raxie

    Raxie is a Damsel, But Not the Distressed Kind

    1.R I got so much done yesterday! I cooked all the things and put them in individualized portioned containers in the fridge. We've got: Poblano & kale salad topped with grilled chicken and pineapple miso vinaigrette Romaine salad with creamy lemon dill shallot dressing topped with crumbled salmon burger Chipotle shrimp over a cabbage salad with pineapple chipotle dressing Fried chicken strips, hummus, sundried tomatoes, kale, and feta which will be eaten in flatbread tacos Grilled Chicken with greenbeans, red peppers, and artichokes. I also lifted (FSQ, OHP, DL, Curls). I really didn't think I was going to for a while because I was so caught up cooking and then reading my book which I am COMPLETELY ADDICTED TO and legit wanted to take work off today to continue reading... but then I remembered the tattoo and went hard. I deloaded 10% as per recommended by the stronglifts app from taking a week off, which made me sad but I'll get back up to my old numbers in no time, no need to hurt/strain myself. I actually only deloaded 5% for my DLs because I really feel like I'm still in newb gain territory here, and it was the right call because it felt super light and I'm not sore today even slightly. Tonight when I get home from work I've got a meeting for my volunteer organization, and if I don't get home too late I want to get a head start on my cleaning day tomorrow since we are having people over this weekend and I want to do a little extra. And maybe get in my 15 minutes home dance practice, but that's TBD.
  4. Raxie

    Raxie is a Damsel, But Not the Distressed Kind

    :):):) Thanksssss!!!! I also found the perfect artist to do it so it's like, really truly gonna be a thing. Pending I 100% this. Which clearly I must. Gahhh thank you! It really does feel like it's just everything me and I can't wait. If I pull off this 100% it legit may be the first challenge I 100%.....??? To be honest I usually set them up with wiggle room intentionally because I know things change, I've never bare bones-ed it before and given myself the opportunity to actually hit that 100% (without basically killing myself). Which is interesting to think about considering I've done.... a lot of challenges. Something to think about. Omg *drools* that is SUCH an amazing reward!! Do you have somewhere you could keep it permanently set up?
  5. Raxie

    DrFeelgood: Learning to Walk Again

    OMG LLAMAS WITH HATS HOW DID I FORGET ABOUT YOU My brain went to walking dead but with this alternate interpretation I rescind my previous statement and Carl is definitely my favourite name for the butt tongs. XD
  6. Raxie

    DrFeelgood: Learning to Walk Again

    This right here is precisely why I asked. I knew there would be some gold hahah I think Thong Tongs and The Reacher are my favourite XD
  7. Raxie

    Spezzy's New Groove

    Wow a 5 year plan, that sounds something super worth-while but kind of intimidating. Are you using any sort of template/exercises to work through this that you can share?
  8. Raxie

    Xena does some stuff

    Aw kitty got its new toy taken away! That's awesome you got the mouse outside before any grossness occured - I'm so glad we've never had mice try to come into our apartment (with 3 cats, one being a mainecoon , I honestly think they know better) because it would be a massacre. I don't even want to think about the clean up XD
  9. Raxie

    Shello Searches for her Inner Wonder Woman

    I had mint chocolate chip ice cream that had secret spinach in it. It was actually pretty good. And by pretty good I mean it tasted like regular mint chocolate chip ice cream haha
  10. Nice! It's a mummy so you shouldn't run into any trouble of losing extra heat either so I feel like 30 should be totally fine. I can't do those because I'm a side/stomach sleeper so I need to get wide bags and then go down like 10 degrees in rating.
  11. Raxie

    DrFeelgood: Learning to Walk Again

    But what would they be called? My first thought is "butt tongs" but that sounds kind of horrifying.
  12. Raxie

    DJ Trippy: Queen of the Jungle

    Kayaking is so much fun! It's so nice you got the whole lake more or less to yourself.
  13. Raxie

    DarK_RaideR's 30th Challenge: Don't call it a respawn

    Re: Google Fit. I love it for tracking what activities I do (like in minutes or remembering what I did on what day) but in terms of actual calories spent or auto-tracking I think it's got A LOT of glitches to work out. It's unfortunate because it has so much potential and it's been around for a while, I wish they'd get their sh*t together.
  14. Raxie

    Raxie is a Damsel, But Not the Distressed Kind

    Thanks on both counts! Thanks!! I am really so excited - I've wanted it for ever and ever (it used to incorporate more nerd-doms but I have since chopped it down to my top 3 absolute-favourite-mean-everything-to-me ones) so the anticipation is really on high for me haha. I usually don't like donuts (or any baked sweets for that matter - blame my mom the pastry chef for ruining me), but apple cider donuts are a different creature entirely. Noms.