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  1. Raxie

    Raxie Enters Weirdmageddon

    -sigh- this week's been so nuts. I had to go into work on my day off. Updates soon!
  2. Raxie

    Raxie Enters Weirdmageddon

    Doing the busy thing, but here's my week so far! Im hoping to catch up with everyone tomorrow
  3. Raxie

    Raxie Enters Weirdmageddon

    We did almost the same loop a few years back! We also hit up Bandelier, Hovensweep, Mesa Verde and a few other monuments/parks on the way (we started in Durango). My runner up favourite to Big Bend is the Great Smokey Mountains. They really are everything they are cracked up to be. Third favourite is probably the Everglades, especially the west coast side on the gulf UGH so amazing. I was actually disappointed by Shenandoah. I mean it was gorgeous for sure but nothing really stuck out as anything special beyond it just being some nice woods to hike in. Zion is super high on my list to get to ASAP. I kind of want to take like a month off and just drive down the west coast and hit up all the parks starting in the San Juan Islands NHP and ending up somewhere in AZ or something. Unlikely that I can actually do that though, we will probably have to break it up into two trips north and south. That makes more sense weather wise too since then ideal time of year for Washington is not the same ideal time of year for NM haha
  4. Raxie

    Raxie Enters Weirdmageddon

    It really really was - I think it's why I was so simultaneously exhausted and also super insomnia anxiety hungover last week haha I tend to function pretty well under pressure? It just takes me a while to totally decompress afterwards I am indeed crazy. I wouldn't have bothered if I had shaved within the prior week at all, but alas I had not. There were moments I didn't think I'd make it. I legit told Mr. Raxie we should just cancel about 3 times. We did get hot water back the next day. Actually we got a new boiler so our hot water has been extra amazing ever since. The only stockings/tights I had on hand were fishnets XD. I had to wear a dress because they are the only things big enough for me to comfortably stuff my face while wearing haha. Ahhh no sink?! We at least had cold water coming out of ours.
  5. Raxie

    Raxie Enters Weirdmageddon

    Hahaha I love it! Sorry! I tried to make it choose your own adventure kinda with all the spoilers, thanks for trudging through it all! Also, that's basically the most important thing in the whole post so if that's your take away I'm good with it XD
  6. Raxie

    Raxie Enters Weirdmageddon

    Week One Wrap Up So, like I said above my week one got a little derailed on the lifting. I think I had like an anxiety hangover of some sort from Thanksgiving and just could not sleep for the life of me, and then when I did sleep I felt like I couldn't get enough and was so mega tired. I fell into the standard Raxie cycle of I'm-tired-so-I-don't-cook-or-work-out-so-I-eat-like-an-asshole-which-makes-me-more-tired-and-oh-god-I-can't-stop. Luckily I cut myself off from that before it got mega out of hand but not before finding myself at 2am in an insomnia fueled rage ANGRILY DIPPING CHEETOES IN RICOTTA STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CONTAINER. I didn't know angrily dipping was even possible but let me tell you, that was it. Like honestly I don't even know. Also honestly, it was delicious. But I am not sure I have ever gone to such ridiculous levels before XD XD. But uh, yeah. Back on the eating what my muscles want this week so I can get back to DLing above my body weight (it's been far too long since I could do that and I WANT IT SO BAD). As for the weekend, Saturday I went to a friend's house for board games and they cooked for us. Nom Nom. Sunday my sister came to visit and we watched Buffy and played board games. By the numbers my week 1 ended up pretty OK. See below. The enemy: Keyhole Starting HP: 800 Friends in Party: Dipper, Mabel, Waddles, and Wendy The Specifics Keyhole Ending HP: 267/800 Friends Added to Party: Deputy Durland and Sheriff Blubs So Keyhole will live to fight another day with Bill in week 4. As long as I DO THE THING for the rest of the challenge I will have plenty of party members to take care of Bill and finish off Keyhole then, if I've done all the mathings correctly which I'm pretty sure I have hahah. Week Two Planning Week Two I'll be fighting Pyronica! Another one of Bill's interdimensional friends. She will be starting with 1200HP And I'll be trying to rescue Candy Chiu and Grenda So far this week is going well. I lifted yesterday, and after missing 2 lifting sessions I am definitely a little sore but nothing too crazy. I went to a practice session with Mr. Raxie to work on our quickstep number (which we're part of a performance team for). It was a hot freakin' mess going into the practice session but we ran it a billion times and I think I'm at a place that I'm comfortable with it now. I also ROMWODed because stretchiness is the best and doing all the things in one day is the Ranger Way - RANGERS GONNA RANGER AMIRITE? (cc: @Tanktimus the Encourager) Schedule for the Week: I realized I never really posted the full hilarity of what was my hosting Thanksgiving (it's been long enough that I now find it funny but WOAH was it one of the most stressful couple of days of my life - literally everything that could have gone wrong basically did hahah), and I also never shared the specifics of my first session with my new D&D campaign, so those are below under the spoilers if you are interested! Thanksgiving Summary Adventures of Raxie the Dragonborn Sourcerer Phew that was a large update. Thanks to anyone who stuck it out through the whole thing haha. And even if not, thanks for popping in Happy Tuesday everyone!
  7. Raxie

    Raxie Enters Weirdmageddon

    What's been your favourite so far? Big Bend in TX honestly blew my freakin' mind and might be my favourite NP of all time. i see you haven't hit that one up yet and HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. I haven't done the pacific northwest though so that might change. Do you have the little passport book??? Also I think I see Guadalupe Mountains on there - did you do the Devils Hall hike per chance? That is seriously some of the coolest rock formations I have ever seen I honestly think about it all the time still.
  8. Raxie

    Raxie Enters Weirdmageddon

    Thanks! Just one week at a time... Oh right! I did say I'd post a summary of my D&D-ventures didn't I? I'll do that in my update shortly! And we're meeting again this weekend so I should have more next week too Habit Bull. I love it - I tried Habitica for a bit, it was super fun but it was too complicated for me to want to use in the long term. I love this one because it's literally just "did you do this today, y/n" and shows your results super simply and cleanly. Yeah, especially since I think I was having a delayed-social hangover from thanksgiving which may have been what caused the insomnia. Oh well, it is a new week! Have we discussed this before? I feel like we haven't and it's weird because I too am trying to visit all the national parks!! Squee! I don't know where we'll end up going this upcoming year but it's almost always NP-adjacent (so far we've done Hawaii, Montana, and NOLA). We have a facebook group for the planning and such if you want me to add you to it? We basically JUST got back from NOLA so there hasn't been much planning for 2019 yet but things usually pick up after the new year. There's usually like a vote for when-where-etc and then the planning commences. It's so weird because it's all NF people and I end up meeting new people every year but everyone just clicks together so well... nerds gonna nerd I suppose. Yay thanks for the encouragement!
  9. Raxie

    Mike Wazowski’s Habbit Laboratory

    Oooh yay! Boo ya! Columbia is an awesome spot, too. Is it the same coach you had been working with with your previous partner or a new one? I really do miss ballet. That's all I'm gonna say. XD
  10. Raxie

    DJTrippyT: 100 Days and counting

  11. Raxie

    DrFeelgood: I'll do what I want

    Could you wear work out clothes under your work clothes or change before leaving work? Or get new jammies you're comfy working out in?
  12. Raxie

    Wovercast grinds it out...

  13. Raxie

    Raxie Enters Weirdmageddon

    Just realized I forgot to update with my summary of last week. Before I forget I'll just do a quick Tapatalk dump. My insomnia was really a jerk for like 3 days in a row and then my social calendar got kinda busy so my lifting suffered. Hmf. Everything else I did though. Here's my Habit Bull record.
  14. Raxie

    DarK_RaideR takes lessons from the Kai

  15. Raxie

    Cry Havoc X: Sweet Child of Chaos

    Ugh I'm sorry :/ though it's good she was up front and honest. It sounds like you had a really nice time which is something you can learn from in future interactions. If her life had all those other complications she mentioned it may not have been a good fit lifestyle-wise anyway, even if it was a great fit personality-wise. Definitely take some time to decompress from this but don't blame yourself or your trying. It's not that you weren't good enough or anything like that, you're not second best or second pick, just not what she happened to be looking for. <3