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  1. Well I did not beat the bloat. I gained 2lbs =x When I feel bad, I eat bad. "I don't feel good and I really want this hot chocolate :(" My nose has cleared up but I"m pretty confident I have to have surgery again on it because i'm having trouble breathing. Stupid polyps, this will be the 5th time I'll have to have them removed. I am breathing okay again so I'm jumping right back in today. I really hate how when I get sick it knocks me out for far longer than normal. There's only so much you can do when you can't breathe! So for my week: Tuesday: Treadmill AND strong curves. (We had a broken down vehicle yesterday so I wasn't able to get in everything I wanted to) Meal planning and grocery shopping! (I got a new planner and tons of washi tape and stickers to decorate it with, so maybe i'll get better about this "Time-management" thing.) Website Planning and possible domain/hosting and layout bought. Wednesday: Treadmill (Found my fitbit again, it got lost in my house and I hadn't bothered to find it. SO i'm going to try to get the 10,000 steps as an incentive to make sure I work out) Thursday: Strong Curves! Friday: Treadmill and steps! Saturday: Strong Curves workout!
  2. I have not done jack for a week and a half now. I have bad nasal issues and asthma. I got myself sick. I haven't been able to do much or breathe so I've been lazy and not accomplishing any of my goals. Just whining mostly about how I don't feel good, haha.
  3. So cardio update: My December challenge is to run / jog for 30 mins straight. Well I'm a bit closer than I started 2 weeks ago. I just jogged for 20 minutes straight! You bet your butts I'm going to hit 30 mins by the end of the month! Also *wheeeeeeze* I'm dying. my chest was on fiiiiirrreee. but I did it! then cooled down some and walked on an incline for 15 more mins. I feel very proud of myself.
  4. I hope so! I gotta find a bunch of fish recipes though. I dunno what i'm going to do with all of this! We don't have fish often because it's harder to get here in the midwest. Know of any good recipes? Oh that's a shame. Luckily I'm only allergic to plants and aspirin so I don't have any food allergies. Wait scratch that, agave gives me issues. That would suck though about shellfish Those are the tastiest! Thanks! I work on a Final Fantasy Fansite where I sometimes do stuff with SE, not as much lately. They flew me to San Francisco once for a Lightning Returns PR thing? That was really the last they were really involved with us directly. They have since had a change over in their team so they don't reach out to us anymore We interviewed Ray for the site but I personally interviewed him separately for a Digital magazine I'm working on with some ladies. Blizzcon though, that was all my own addiction. Very expensive but i'm a huge blizzard fangirl. Maybe you can try to get tickets next year!
  5. Thanks! Yeah I am surprised I didn't gain more! I mean, good surprised! We caught a few different types of trout and what they called redfish Guess it's also called Red drum? Those guys were the largest and toughest. Thanks! Yeah, when really thinking about it, we got a lot of fish that would normally cost soooo much money. I'm pleased.
  6. Caught a lot of fish on my trip! Wow those things can fight! I'll have enough fresh fish for months! I think we got maybe 15lbs of fish! SOOO much! We froze it so it'll be good for a long while. I did gain a pound on my trip but that's not bad at all considering all the food I ate. I just made healthier choices when eating all that expensive seafood. So now it's time to push for this month to officially start! Week 1: Monday: Cardio Chores Did a whole bunch of chores coming back from my vacation. I had an extra day off so it I caught up on a ton of articles. Got my interview from Ray Chase (voice actor for Noctis in Final Fantasy XV) finished for the digital magazine I work on, plus my blizzcon review done for them, PLUS wrote up two articles for my site I'll be starting come January. I had an extremely productive day. I need to work on some article ideas for the other website I work on though. All my other plans have been pushing them back. Tuesday: Strong Curves Hopefully get another Article finished Watch the victoria secret show! These girls inspire me to get fit. Some have ridiculous abs. I will never be a super model but hey they look good. Talk to my polish friend about some polish food for my around the world in food 2017 plan Wednesday: Cardio Start the decluttering! Pick a room and start throwing away things I don't need! Get another article done. I'm getting a backlog of them so my life is easier when the site is up and running. Thursday: Strong Curves Can't let my chores stack up! Get some Starcraft 2 campaign done. I'm on the last mission for the first entry. Almost to Heart of the Swarm! Friday: Cardio Look into webhosting for my website and layout prices so the thing can look amaaaazing. Saturday: Strong Curves Maybe some cardio here too if I'm feeling up to it. Sunday: Rest Meal plan for the rest of the week to make my life easier. I love to meal plan I just have to make the time to sit and do it. My short vacation was what I needed. I feel better about myself, my role in our company, about my job itself, and just happier in general. My boss needs to do those more often. Also maybe the fish would be nice to have too all the time too.
  7. That's true. I've made it far, it's taken me longer than I would like but I think now, with you guys as a support team, I maybe wont have as much issues! I need to remember this more often. This is a great sentiment. I should write this on a well placed sticky note so I see it often. That's very true. It reminds me of a recent quote from Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts, SPOILER NOT REALLY JUST A QUOTE Thanks! So glad to have people who relate. I really hate when I do have these thoughts and complaints and people's defaults are "Omg you look finnnneee" wtc. Well thanks for that people, but I don't feel fine! That's a good angle to look at it too. My nose has been not working for about 8 years and recently thanks to some immunotherapy, I'm able to smell! So I'm using all the scented lotions now. So I *spends all day sniffing myself and rubbing my silky smooth skin* Cant go wrong with extra lotioning eh? I know it's not like a body part exactly but it's what I relate here haha. Thank you. I need to remember this. That i'm just smack in the middle and being negative means all that previous effort is lost. Thank you. I'll try to push on! That's true. I am my worst critic. I need to take a step back and think "what would I say to someone else who just voiced these same concerns" usually i'd be supportive and help them. If I can do that to others, I should be able to do that to myself. Haha luckily I have an office job so most of my day is sitting so I didn't have to walk in them all day! Although the tops of my feet hurt like crazy. New idea, don't wear heels on a cardio day x.x Yeah I need to look at what I've done so far. Rather than how far I have to go. I've made a lot of changes. I need to accept them and be excited for that and not where I want to be. That'll come in time. Thank you! Thank you! You all are wonderful people and I greatly appreciate all the kind words. You're helping me out of my rut! So glad this place exists and I finally decided to jump in. This is a great place for support. You all understand! Thank you sooooo soo much
  8. I'm having a bad body day, guys. I started one of my new years resolutions a little early: Get a classier wardrobe. I had hit Ross up this past weekend. Got a lot of cute professional/classier clothes for pretty cheap. Decided to wear my new pencil skirt and a nice blouse with my heeled booties. I overall look smashing. I am a lady boss! It's a mental game for myself to better myself. Fake it til you make it. Dress for the job you want. Etc. But then when Iook at my calves, I get sad. They are showing skin and they look all chubby I know it's a slow process but I'm feeling a bit down about my body. My weight is in my legs mostly. SIGHHH How do I get over these feelings while I slowly work toward changing the things I feel bad about?
  9. Oh hay, I'm also aiming for Mid april for some debts! Must be the go to month to pay things off. I believe in you!
  10. Ooo! The snoozing gets me too. What has worked in my favor has putting my phone (that's my alarm) across the room. Then at that point, I have to get up to turn it off and i'm more awake. Might want to try it if you're a chronic snoozer like me!
  11. Did you get any work on your Dino-paladin urban fantasy erotica this weekend at least? I mean I know you had a shingle bundle on your foot, ouch, so you were probably busy with that whole ordeal!
  12. Thanks! So it's Week 0: This week my boss has kindly gifted the whole office a trip! We're all going to the Gulf with our Families/SOs. So it's going to mess up my working out. We leave Thursday and come back on Monday. We're doing a joint condo thing with another family so it will be awkward to try to do any workouts there. Very generous of my boss though. I'm in Oklahoma so it's a bit of a distance for us all. Christmas party/weekend! Woo! But only three days of actual scheduled fitness. Normally, I start my week with the treadmill but because I wont be home I felt I should get more of my Strong Curves work out done this week. Dem Booty Gains Monday: Strong Curves Workout A Do the dishes, #blech Wing a meal because you forgot to start the crockpot this morning Tuesday: Treadmill fun time! Get Laundry Done and dusted. Actually remember to set the crockpot before I leave for work. Wednesday: Strong Curves Workout B Clean out the cat box so the people watching my pets don't have to worry about it. Pack! Maybe waste time and don't pack by playing more Star Craft! Thursday: Try not to eat junkfood on the 9 hr drive. Friday: Try not to eat too much catered fried food. Go fishing in the bay! We're going to bring home so much fresh fish :3 Saturday: More fishing for more fresh fishies! Sunday: Maybe hit Galveston up and go to the botanical gardens! Although that is $59 a person =o So maybe not. Following Monday: Try not to eat junkfood on the 9 hr drive back. Maybe get in a treadmill workout if we get home in time for official week 1 starting
  13. Zug Zug. Work, Work. Ooo Warcraft theme! I'm all about the Blizzard games. (Just went to blizzcon for the second time!) I'll be following along!
  14. Ooooo I will have to look into this! That sounds like it would work perfect for me. Thanks for giving me the heads-up about it! Super appreciate it!
  15. What is Yummly? That's a new thing to me. Your post is very inspiring. I also have a problem with discipline. So I feel you strongly. I'll be following and encouraging you!
  16. Oh wow, that's some serious mileage! I believe in you though! Good luck this month!
  17. OMG I ADORE THIS CHALLENGE THEME. You're the best in my eyes already. This is amazing. You're amazing.
  18. Oh man I have a vacation that will ruin me too. Maybe I'll take some inspiration from you and be prepared to battle Christmas (vacation)
  19. Meal planning has saved me sooooo much time. Look into Egg Muffins! You can make those a few days in advance and pop them in the microwave. They last about 3 days but are super easy and convenient. I'll be following!
  20. Ahh I feel you on the writing, I say I love to do it but I... just don't. I need to work on that myself. Really loving your goals though! I'll be following your progress!
  21. OddlyOtter

    Machete: 24

    Facebook can be a big life sucker. But at least you realize you waste a lot of time on it. Following!
  22. You've got a lot of your goals very well planned out. You know what you're doing! You can make it through this challenge for the better. That half a kilo will be gone in no time!
  23. Wow You've got a lot of goals this month. That's okay though! I"ll be following along to make sure you stick with them!
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