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  1. I've not made it to bed by 10:30 yet, but I have made it to bed much earlier than I was, mostly by 11. (I had been going past midnight)

    Working late and then eating late have been the biggest culprits. If I stay at work til 6:30/7, by the time I walk the dog and change, It's 7:30 or later. Which puts me eating at 8 or later.
    I need to get better at not staying late.  It shouldn't be too hard. I think I'm worse on weekends than weekdays.
    Part of it is that once everyone leaves at 5, I get SO much more done. I feel like I get nothing done from 8-5. I think I may try coming to work at 7:30 and see if I get more done before people come in, then I can go home at 4:30.
    Though part of it is with my boss retiring soon, he wants to visit a lot. So we have been talking. It is still work related. He has worked here for 38 years, so the knowledge he is passing on is valuable. I just didn't mark off todo items, so I feel unproductive.

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  2. pigeon.jpg


    I stay sleepy and I know how to fix it. I just have to do it.

    I need to sleep more.

    giphy.gif I know, right?


    I started working on my evening routine in February. I decided to not have a challenge in March. So now, I'm going to get serious about the routine. I need to sleep better.


    1) No caffeine after 6 p.m.
    2) Set an alarm for 9:45

    3)At the alarm, Lay out clothes for the next day, fill up my water bottle to put in the fridge, and make sure lunch is squared away. 
    4) Then, walk Turtle for about 10 minutes, longer if he doesn't potty. He's waking me up in the middle of the night again.

    5) Leave Turtle outside for a bit. Take the dog free moments to meditate, get into PJs, brush my teeth, and finish getting ready for bed.

    6) Get Turtle, go to bed.


    No phone in bed. That's been a big thing keeping me up. I want to lay in bed and play on it for a while. That turns into an hour or more. I have been trying to think of something better to do in bed before I go to sleep. I'm thinking of buying a sudoku book or something.I have some ASL word search puzzles. I like logic puzzle grids, too. In fact, I think I'll print some to do for now, and if I mostly stick to my routine, that can be my reward to myself, a cool, spiral bound Mystery themed puzzle book like this one.

    I've been weaving a lot in the evenings lately and that is relaxing. But I can't really take it to bed. :D

    The goal here is to be in bed, ready to sleep by 10:30. I still have no idea where my sunrise alarm clock is. And with about 2 months, until I probably move again, I'm not unpacking to look for it. My boss's last day is June 21st.


    I feel like if I even partially conquer my sleep issues, it will improve everything else in my life.


    A secondary goal for this challenge is to get my finances reorganized. My pay dropped a little when I moved back and I paid off a small credit card. So now I need to figure out how to redistribute things.


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  3. I still need to find my yoga mats.

    I need to find my sunrise alarm clock.

    The floor space in my bedroom has not improved much.

    My plans for my two days off were drastically changed. My nieces' school closed early Wednesday for the rest of the week due to a combination of illness and flooding. My sister had to work and my mom (a teacher who would have been off as well) is out of town at a conference. So I got to hang out with the girls.


    I'm going to work on clearing some space on my lunch break today.

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  4. On 2/25/2019 at 8:08 PM, Teirin said:

    Eyemasks are also great for blocking out the evil light.  How are meals coming along?


    I tried an eye mask when I had a roommate in college. It's really had for me to get comfortable with it on my face. If I can't get it dark enough, I should try again.

    But I really need to move most of the stuff with light away from my bed anyway. I was thinking of setting up a "Landing pad" on the bookshelf in my living room. I seem to naturally want to drop stuff there anyway.  If I just add the charging stations, I can do my electronics, too. I need to break the habit of reading or playing on my phone while in bed. Josh and I don't talk right

    before bed anymore so I don't have an excuse.

    Meals are ok.  If I don't eat breakfast, I usually don't even feel hungry for lunch. Now that I've started trying to eat breakfast more regularly, I actually get hungry at lunch time. Like, REALLY hungry. It makes me actually stop work and go eat. So the best tool to make sure I eat lunch is to eat breakfast. It amuses me. I found this instant oatmeal mix that has other grains and flax seed. I got cinnamon apple flavored. I can probably have it for breakfast for a while before I get tired of it. I'm going to cook some eggs to go back and forth. 

    Monday is the only day I didn't eat 2-3 meals. I didn't eat breakfast, I DID eat lunch though, and then I fell asleep too early when I got home.

    The next step is to move towards making the three meals healthy. I really need to work on getting my kitchen together.


    On 2/27/2019 at 3:28 PM, Kishi said:

    Those sleep wins are serious! Very nice.


    Have fun with the yoga videos! I genuinely like the energy of everyone there, and having met a couple of them I guarantee they're absolutely that goofy IRL.


    I'm slowly getting my room set up to be the optimal sleep & wind down cave.
    And my curtains are purty. :) 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Mistr said:

    Yay for getting blackout curtains!


    I found the same problem with charger lights. They use really bright LEDs for those things. I also got a door snake to stop light from under the door.


    I've been doing the NF Yoga videos as part of my regular routine. I'm curious to hear what you think of them as you work through the series. I have the audio files on my phone for working out at lunch time. I found the videos were too pokey to load.

    I've started using them before, a couple of times. I never make it past doing Water B. Mostly because getting set up to play the videos in a space where I could do them was a hassle. I'm hoping using the audio will help with that. I'll let you know. Is the audio the exact audio track from the video or is it specifically for an audio version?

    I really like the mini sequences though. I always hang on to those longer.



  6. The blackout curtains are up and they are wonderful! Now I'm going to work on moving my electronics to another room. Those charger lights are bright!

    I have the NF yoga videos downloaded.
    I started moving boxes to clear space but I'm not done. There's one I need to unpack and sort through when I do unpack it. There is no sense in me having so much stuff in my bathroom.

  7. I was looking through my past challenges and found the one from February last year. I'm glad because it reminded me that I did have personal fitness goals and that I should get back to it.


    Now that I'm back to a more reasonable work schedule, I'm going to slowly build an evening routine to help me sleep better. I know that if I could sleep better at night, it would really improve my overall health. Plus, I have recently seen research that patients with good sleep hygiene suffer less from the effects of Alzheimers!  For what's left of this, I'm starting that gradual build up.


    First, I'm getting my room set up so that it's more conducive to sleep. I ordered 2 sets of black out curtains. There is a security light from the maintenance shop that shines directly in my bedroom window that is closest to the bed. I put up the curtain rods on my days off, so when the curtains come in tomorrow, it'll be easy to just put them up.


    I will also finish clearing some floor space in my bedroom. It's the largest unused area of floor. I need to move some of the boxes that I'm not unpacking to somewhere else. Then in the next challenge, I'm going to use  the new space to start a daily yoga habit.

    The NF yoga has audio only versions of the yoga videos. Also to facilitate the daily yoga habit next challenge, I'm going to download those and the corresponding videos. I'm going to spend time at least 8 times in the next two weeks to watch the videos and make sure I know the poses so I can do the audio version in the mornings. I'll be much more likely to cue up audio on my phone than figure out a way to watch a video in my room. There might even be an Alexa skill that could automatically play it for me... I need to look into that.


    Also for the rest of the challenge, I'm going to make an effort to eat at least 2 meals a day, maybe even 3. 


    And I just realized I need to find my yoga mats.. at least one of them.




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  8. This is the first challenge I've had in a long time where I don't feel like I completely bombed.
    I didn't do pushups as often as I should have, and I missed a couple of days of drinking enough water.
    BUT I did squats almost every day. I did not resort to fast food even ONCE while I was moving. And despite missing a couple of days, I did drastically improve on drinking water. I'm also waking up with headaches less often.




    Being back here, I'm taking lunch breaks and taking walks with Turtle at lunch, and usually one after work. They're short, mostly because it's either been cold or wet, but it's enough that we're both happier. :) 


    So, I'm calling it a win.


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  9. On 1/27/2019 at 8:06 PM, Mistr said:

    That's awesome that you are 100x less stressed. Going for walks and having time to take a break at lunch are great things to have in your daily life.


    Meal kits sound like a great way to get decent food while you are getting settled. I've never heard of Dinnerly. I'll have to check that out.


    If you decide you want to try it out, I have a thing I can send you to get a free box. I just picked it because it was the cheapest I found at $38/week for 6 servings. My favorite thing has been the variety of ingredients. I have to drive an hour or so to get fresh ginger where I live. I get it all the time in the Dinnerly box! Tonight I'm having Caribbean spiced chicken with coconut rice & cucumber relish.


  10. I think I made the right choice. I miss some of the people I just left but I'm about 100x less stressed already. I've gone on more walks in the last week than I went on in the last 4 months previously.
    I've worked 4 days and 3 of those I took a lunch break! I think I'm going to continue the Dinnerly meal kits for a bit until I get my kitchen established and am ready to start meal prepping. I looked into a healthier meal kit service but the specialized ones are all twice the price of Dinnerly. And all of the Dinnerly meals have been better for me than bologna sandwiches and eating out. lol 


    I did well on not resorting to fast food while I moved. :) I still haven't other than the one trip to McDonalds for my nieces. My kitchen is in boxes mostly but I cooked some pre seasoned chicken thighs and am eating those with frozen veggies.


    I am doing better on water but there have been a few days where I don't think I got the full 16 oz. Which is sad compared to when I was drinking 64-80 oz a day.  But I am making a conscious effort to get back on track slowly and getting back on track is what is important. 




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  11. On 1/23/2019 at 1:15 PM, Kishi said:

    Do push ups as you find them!


    I did a push up for each item I found that I started looking for. Until my niece asked for crayons and I found a box of 50. :D I did do 6 when I found my plates though. And 5 for each box I emptied. I think I've made up for all the ones I missed. Now, to miss no more! 

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  12. All my stuff is in the house where it goes. Yay! I only ate fast food once, and it had nothing to do with moving. My nieces came and spent the night with me for my first night in the house. They were super excited. I hadn't unpacked anything to cook, and they think going to McDonald's is a huge deal, so we ate there.

    I've done 10 squats nearly every day, but I've really not kept up the push ups. I'm going to change that tonight.

    Since I will have to move again in few months, I'm not really hustling to unpack anything. But I do need to find my plates and my sheets. :)

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  13. I've been doing decent. Yesterday was the first really busy day since I started this challenge. It was also the first day since it started that I didn't get my extra water in.

    I'm about 4 ounces away from getting in for today.
    I've been doing well on squat days but I missed push up day yesterday and honestly, I half assed push up day on Monday. I need to get more serious about them. I think putting a yoga mat in my bedroom for it to be more convenient will help.

    The last time I lived in the House I'm moving to, I tried to have a separate room for working out, but the main bedroom was huge. I'm thinking I'd do more if I just  used that as work out space. I try to keep it separate because I put mats down and then keep the door shut to keep the dog out. There's no point in having the mats if I don't use them. Anyway, just thinking.

    I've not left the mountain to worry about eating fast food, so I'm doing good. hehe

    My snack box is together. Also, it looks like my main moving helper/buddy is going to be my assistant lodge manager. He mostly eats Paleo and despises McDonald's, so on the longer trips,  I bet we skip drive through. He's been a positive influence to have around. I'll miss him.

  14. I made my squats and push-ups yesterday and today. Yesterday, I had to do the push-ups after work but I got them done. 

    Both days I exceeded my water goal. 

    Today I decided to make an emergency snack box to keep in my car that will keep me out of the drive thru. I bought packets of shelf stable humus, mini bags of pita chips, packages of tuna salad, and some fried veggie chips. Now if I don't think to stop to eat before I take off, I have something to tide me over to real food. And it's stuff I like, which will help with the temptation of tasty. 

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  15. 2 hours ago, Mistr said:


    I hope you can give the director honest feedback about your boss without jeopardizing your chances of transferring again.


    I genuinely wanted the salad, especially since I was thinking I'd get grilled shrimp and mix them in. I think they just had to tease me cause I was the only girl and they thought I was a newbie like them. 


    I can. It won't be a problem. It may sound arrogant, but I'm confident in my place in our agency and am fairly good at navigating our "office politics". 


    Some of the problem is just major personality conflict. We get along great as friends, but I'm one dictated email that's supposed to be from me away from throwing something really heavy at him. (I've already thrown light things at him) 

    Most of my reasons are completely internal, so my boss may not even come up in the discussion. 

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  16. 14 minutes ago, ChrisWithaStick said:

    Unless you don’t like it, try a blend of 50/50 rooibos and peppermint.  One of my favorites.  

    There's a blend called African Solstice by TeaForte that has blueberries, rosehips, and a little bit of vanilla. I don't what else is in it but it is delicious. It and hot chocolate tie for my favorite warm drink.


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  17. On 1/3/2019 at 10:17 PM, sarakingdom said:

    Good luck on the new old job! That was the one you were originally super eager to get, right? I was kind of surprised by the latest job change.


    Yes, it's that one. I was also really excited to come back here and the money helped. And getting to be SO much closer to my guy and the kiddo was the best. 

    But it doesn't work for Soo many reasons. I am very fortunate they haven't replaced me yet. I also realized how much they thought of me and that they respected me AND how I do things. 

    I think I would stay if I had a different boss here. But no use pondering what if. 

    I'm supposed to meet our director of operations on Monday at 9. He says he won't approve the transfer until I talk to him. He wants to know why I'm taking a 10% pay cut & demotion to leave here. I assume I will also get questioned about my future intent and lectured about staying in one place for a while. Lol 

    So after Monday, it'll be official, but they already gave me a start date. My nieces seem thrilled. :D 

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  18. I did 10 squats this morning, even with waking up early to go to an active shooter drill. 

    I have had more than 16 oz of water outside of meals bc I finished a 16.9 oz bottle at the drill so everything else was extra. 

    No fast food, but I did go eat lunch with the whole team. I ordered shrimp, turns out grilled was not an option but I had a salad instead of fries even though the troopers teased me about it. 

    Successful day. 

    Oh and I didn't go to the office after work and stay. I went home and got a little packing done. 

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  19. Ya'll probably think I'm nuts. But I'm moving again, back to my old job at my last park. I'll be doing the same thing as before, but they have added (supposedly) the law enforcement component and I'll be making more money than I did when I was there before (because they really needed someone).

    @Kishi made a comment on the last challenge thread about how when I enjoy it is hard to separate work/life. But I don't enjoy being lodge manager. They had already made the offer for me to return, and that comment along with a few other things made me pause and really evaluate what I want. 


    1. Do NOT resort to unhealthy convenience food/fast food while I'm moving or when I'm done. 


    2. Every morning, I'm going to do either 10 squats or 10 pushups(Combo of regular and modified). I'll alternate each day. If I get more activity than that, then great. If not, it's ok. I'm going to build on it next challenge.  When I get relocated and better settled, I am going to post a video for push up form critique. I've never been remotely confident in my pushup form. I'm also extremely self conscious about sharing videos of me doing anything work out related.


    3. Drink more water.
    I'm going to drink at least 16 oz of water outside of meal times. I usually hydrate pretty well during the warmer months, but I always slack during the winter months. Add to it that lately,  I only slow down to eat once a day, and I've been letting myself get dehydrated.

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