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  1. It's kind of silly sounding to most people, but I really want to brag somewhere. I figured here was a good place. I went home on time yesterday. I was supposed to work 10-6 and I left at 5:57. Last Thursday, I worked until 1 a.m. On the way, I ran off the road into the ditch. I was really scared. It scratched my car and got some twigs stuck in it, but nothing major. And I was fine. But scared. I realized I really need to get a handle on the work hours. So I am.
  2. I didn't do a challenge this time around. I felt like a failure. I felt like I'd go so used to false expectations that a break would be best. I'm respawning Dec. 20th. I know the challenge is over shortly after that, so my main goal for the remainder of this challenge is to be ready for the next one. By the 20th, I will have long term and short term goals for my next trip around the sun.
  3. I did not say that to derail the convo to me. I was mostly being funny. I do lots of things in my sleep, and there's no telling what all I really do. But it's no big. If I'd start running again, I"d probably stop. Nope. According to my bf, my eyes stay open. There's two kinds of sleep walking. One where you act out dreams and you are basically still asleep. Then there's where you wake up but bc of brain chemical stuff, you don't remember it. At least, thats what my doctor said. He said that medicines can help more with the first but with the second, they can make it worse. I'm sorry day 9 and 10 were rough. It sounds like you're doing well overall on the challenge though. Great job! :)
  4. We've obviously never talked about my sleep walking problems..
  5. The last two days I have made an effort to stop and go home. I'm going to go home today. Even if I wind up working on somethings at home, I'd rather be home. I think I need to start waking up earlier. I've never been an early morning person, but I've noticed that when I work the late shift (because I come in late, not because I stay at work forever) I am in a better mood. I think that time to myself in the mornings is good for me.
  6. The boot is off. YAY! I signed up for Dinnerly, a meal kit subscription service. It's $38/week and I was spending about that much on Nutrisystem. This will help me get back in the swing of cooking, and the food seems pretty healthy. It's also cheaper & healthier than eating in our restaurant. I still am working way too much.
  7. I went for a hike on Mount Whitney. My friend got altitude sickness and we didn't make it to the top. I helped her get her stuff and herself back down until she felt better. The repeated downhill stepping with extra weight is likely what caused my foot problem. My doctor said I bruised my metatarsals. He told me to stay off my foot. I came to work and did the exact opposite for like 4 weeks, so it got worse. I finally did the smart thing and went back to him. He gave me a walking boot. I'm still on my foot too much, but not as badly as before because the boot is a good reminder for others and myself t hat I'm not supposed to be running around like a crazy person. It helps that I can't go in the back of the restaurant at all without risking falling. I'm supposed to wear it for one week after my foot feels 100% better. It is feeling better but not 100%. Probably bc I still run around like a crazy person.
  8. HEY! Good point. I actually had been doing a mix of on my knees (no feet) and regular anyway. So I can do knee ones and cross them for my full ones. Cause it's just the ball of my foot that shouldn't be on the ground. And really if I wore a hard shoe or boot, it wouldn't be the ball of my foot anyway. Thanks!
  9. I rolled and iced my foot before work this morning. I've been slacking on doing it early, so that was good. I'm also resisting the temptation of fried chicken & mashed potato day at work. I brought a greek salad, which I love, but I love mashed potatoes too... especially when it's cold and rainy. But reading about @sarakingdom's gardening made me want salad even more, so yay!
  10. I've been so unmotivated and undisciplined with fitness related things in my life. Wearing this stupid boot on my foot doesn't help. I feel like I'm going to be out of shape and crappy forever, why fight it?! And I look at this boot and it's like well the one really cool thing I've tried to do, I was too fat to do it without hurting my foot and having to wear this stupid thing, AND Didn't even succeed at it. (it was fun tho!) So that's been my frame of mind recently. I know part of it is being hobbled like this, but I do need to get over it. And the best way is to start doing stuff again. 1. Meditation Meditate (mostly using 10% happier) for at least 2 minutes a day. 2. Yoga/Stretch/ice my foot I need to stretch my foot out some, roll it, and ice it every day. I'm supposed to be icing it a few times a day. When I get the boot off, I'm going to start doing yoga again in the mornings. I think I'm going to find some yoga to do without my foot. Or something to do without it/with a boot on. Suggestions welcome. . lol A quick Google shows lots of "Hurt Foot" workouts, so yay. Some form of exercise 3 times a week, roll out & ice my foot daily, and no wallowing. 3. Something about food. I like my kitchen in this house so I've started actually cooking some again. I made tamales Sunday. YAY! Never done that before. They were tasty.
  11. I've been sick. It has sucked. My friends left early because I was sick on Sunday. Monday, I met my sister in Little Rock to get my laptop. We ate. I shouldn't have. Today, I felt a bit better, but still not 100.
  12. I went to the doctor and got a boot on Monday. I've been wearing it. My foot already hurts less. I was sick Wednesday and only worked a few hours. I was sick Thursday and worked just 8. I was feeling better Friday. I worked my 8 and left to meet a friend for Dinner. She is staying the weekend, so I came in late and will leave on time today. 10/6/18 I don't have to be on call so much now. There are more of us taking call and it's less my job than it was before. I just need to get better at getting away cause you're right. As things improve at work and I settle in more at home, it's getting better and easier. And my friend that is visiting this weekend wants to start meeting to go to the climbing gym. She now works in the city that the gym is in and it's only 2 hours for me. So I'm excited about that.
  13. I got home a little before 10. So fail. Kinda. I wasn't hard at it from 7 to 10. I visited with the new gift shop manager we hired. This was the beginning of his second week, so I wanted to tell him what a good job he's doing and see how he's feeling about things. Then my boss tricked me into doing hard math to mess with one of his friends. So I didn't come home but I didn't stay late working. Lol And I have off Tuesday so I can get my foot taken care of. I'm also going to have a 3 day weekend at the end of October to go to a college ballgame with my guy. If he still wants to go after their recent performance. And while I was at work, I left some NF yoga videos downloading on my laptop in the car with work WiFi!
  14. I was going to do a challenge. I plotted it during my days off, and then I as going to post it when I got back to work the 18th. After my two days off, I woke up on time, did yoga, played with my dog, and even ate breakfast. Then I made it to work EARLY. Then I worked 13 hours and haven't been right since, even after 2 days off that weren't really off. BUT there was a huge conference coming this week (it's over!!!), my boss needed extra help, (He was in the position I'm in now and I've been in the position he's in for the first time but in another park, so we're training one another.) and one of my management employees is being flaky in attendance. This has all resulted in me working too much. (Shocking, right?) But it's calming down again, and now that the major deadline for bossman has passed, I'm going to work on my work/life boundaries. Again. First, I'm taking a day off to go back to the doctor for my foot. I'm getting the stinking boot and a note for staying off my feet at work. My foot throbs, it has only gotten worse. The doc said come back in 2-3 weeks if it still hurts. It's been over a month. I have cancelled 3 appointments. I'm not cancelling this one. It's Monday, at 10. That's actually already my day off, but I'm taking Tuesday off so that I don't have to stress about driving back immediately and have time to get used to the boot. Second, I work 2-10:30 on most Thursdays. Other than that, I should be home/off work by 7. I'm going to post here every day when I get home. No cheating and posting at work!! As I get better at it being earlier, I'm going to scoot that time up. My goal is to work 9-5:30ish. If I get more confident in the restaurant end of things, I'll bump that up, but I want to be here when they put out the dinner buffets at 5. Next challenge, I'm going to start adding activity back. Especially as my foot gets better.
  15. I'm a tad relieved and very sad that I'm not alone in work trying to kill me.
  16. I'll have internet at home tomorrow evening. It's satellite internet but at least I'll have some connection to the outside world without borrowing work WiFi. Yay!
  17. I boast about doing better with work balance. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I total 35.75 hours at work. I still work today and tomorrow. Teach me to open my mouth.
  18. I was OFF for a holiday! My boss and I have the same days off, Sunday/Monday. He said not to change it for the holiday because we need someone to cover the rest of the week. He also said he wanted to get off the mountain. I did, too. But my guy had to work because they have their biggest annual event on the first weekend of September. The only time he has to work a weekend! Lol So my boss and I went to see the event. Then I got to kayak on the Elk River for the first time. I had a great couple of days off. I only checked my work email a handful of times. My foot isn't 100% but it's doing better. I've been going to bed earlier and waking up a littler earlier. Turtle is helping with the waking early. I hit a snag in my automation plan. I can't find a way to pay my Bank of America bill automatically from any bank account other than my Bank of America one. I'm not a happy customer. So I need to do some refiguring on my money. BUT I have avoided using my credit cards!
  19. I'm not doing well with balancing. I was off Wed/Thurs. this week. I'm at work. I worked for 2 hours yesterday. blah. I think I'm going to start trying to leave the park on most of my days off, which are changing to Sun./Mon. That'll be cool. I might can visit friends and family when they're off work but I still have low occupancy times for campgrounds! When my foot is feeling better, I'm going camping!
  20. Calculated all the money stuffs and turned in the form to request my paycheck be allocated appropriately. I've also scheduled 5 of the 9 bills to be withdrawn from the correct account. And I had to take two off the list because I can't automate them from the account I want to use. Walking has been taken off the table for a while. I thought I had dislocated my toe on my big hike. I finally went to the doctor last week. He said I have metatarsalgia (I googled it, "Stone bruise") and the best thing to do for it is to stay off it. That's hard to do at work, but I'm going to try at home. Especially on my next two days off. I really want to take Turtle hiking. No CC use!
  21. Form to have paycheck distributed differently has been turned in and three of my bills are set up. I'm on my way to pick up Turtle. I get paid Friday. I'm anxious to see it and know it's gonna go into the accounts like it's supposed to. Because we have to use whole percents for our checks, I have $99.47 going in for the emergency fund. :|
  22. I really like my minion so far! Not only has he seemed very reasonable and level-headed, but he has stayed away from the drama. Bonus, he used to be a ski instructor and a white water river rafting guide. So we've been having fun conversations! (I'm going to be honest, I mostly only quoted this so I could see the gif twice. I love it!! )
  23. I really need some balance (& some confidence, but that'll be part 2..or so) A lot of this is the same things I keep coming back to. I'm in a new home, at a new job, and have the opportunity to start out right. I'm going to try to utilize this new beginning. (yes, again. I feel so repetitive..) Life Balance 1. Go home for lunch. Yeah, we're here again. But I'm going to get Turtle Tuesday, so that will help. I'm settig an alarm on my watch & phone for around 1 p.m. to tell me to go home, eat, and love on my doggy. 2. Go home at the end of the day. Again, Turtle will help, but I've really been terrible at this. Also, now I have an assistant manager that I really like and more importantly, trust! He is good about asking for help when he needs it, so I feel like I can leave and if he is unsure of how to do something, he won't forge on ahead and muck it up. 3. Don't make it personal. I need to not take work so personally. There are 9 billion things that need to be done (including implementing a formal training program across ALL DEPARTMENTS >.< ), but everyone thinks their thing should be 1st. There are also some issues with people figuring out their roles. I'm trying to stay out of the drama. But people trying to do my job make it hard. I'm intentionally not making unpacking and moving part of my challenge for this month. I have stressed so much about all my moves over the last few years. Now that all my crap is on this mountain, I'm gonna take it easy. If I feel like unpacking, I will. If I don't, I'm not going to make myself. I have most necessities (i'm using camping sporks and a borrowed can opener, but eh) so there really is no rush. Physical Balance 1. Go to bed by 10:15. I will pretty much always work the early shift now. I need to get back to going to bed on time, waking up on time, and ideally, eating breakfast & walking before work. I'm going to start with bedtime. 2. Walk at lunch. Cause Turtle and I like it. 3. Walk after work. When I & my toe recover from my mountain trip, I want to start hiking at least 2 days a week after work. Financial Balance 1. Stop digging the hole: No CC use for 3 months Fairly simple, I need to stop using my credit cards. Not "just for the points, and I'll pay it", not "oh, but I'm not sure when this bill is coming out" No. None of it. Unless I have a major emergency expense that I'm not prepared for right now, No Credit Card use. This isn't permanent. I don't think cards are evil. I have just gotten too lax in my use of CC. I have a fairly decent buffer (but it's from floating stuff on my cards) so this should be doable. 2. Automate the backfill I read "I will Make You Rich". I like it. One of the big suggestions in it that I'm about to implement is to automate everything. For the last few years, my car insurance and my mortgage payment have been automatically deducted. I had 2 separate bank accounts from my main account where just enough to pay those bills went each month. I didn't have to worry about not having the payment for those specific payments. I was really worried about doing that with anything else. A few months ago, I saw where I would get a discount on my student loan if it was set up with auto pay. So I added it. I'm taking the opportunity with a new position to change how my pay is allocated. I am going to automate ALL of my debt payments. I have a debt plan that shows what the payment for everything should be each month. I know how much I want to put towards getting out of debt. I'm going to have that amount deposited in one of my accounts. The money I spend on daily things like groceries, fuel, eating out, etc, will go into another account. I will know exactly how much I have available that isn't slated for bills because all of my bills, except for my phone, will be coming out of the account set aside for that. Automatically. So I have a checklist for this section to complete this process. Financial Balance ToDos: Turn in paperwork to have pay distribution changed Automate all 9 monthly bills as their cycle's change Create YNAB budget for daily spending account separate Create a separate YNAB budget for debt/bills (mostly for monitoring) 3. Get Serious about Emergency $$& Future Savings Included in the automation will be an extra $100ish for building up a buffer for emergency situations. I'm also using the bank account with the best interest rate for the bills, so the emergency $ will add up and gain interest. When I get over $700 in the emergency money (enough to replace all 4 tires!), I'm going to switch to $50 and add that extra $50 to debt.
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