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  1. Thank you guys! :)

    The focus of my last week and next week has changed to moving. My family has not been much help. Mostly because they are busy but they also are not happy with me.
    I have a Uhaul tomorrow to get the bulk of my stuff, like furniture and the boxes I have currently packed.

    I officially start there the 27th. I will be physically working there the 26th.

    So basically I'm going to have one month to cram in a whole bunch of training to climb a mountain. :S But I'll be on a mountain so that'll help. Plus my old walking buddy is going to be my boss and he's already talking about how much we're going to walk now. lol


  2. I got the position.
    I'm not a "Park Ranger" anymore, which is going to be so weird. I've been wearing a uniform for 12 years. Now I'll be "Lodge Manager". I'm going back to my old mountain. I'll get a substantial raise. Several people working have already called to congratulate me and tell me they are looking forward to my being there. Also, it'll be great experience to move up in parks or to move to the private sector.


    Backpack training is basically carrying heavy things. Moving is mostly carrying heavy things. This will work out fine. I think.

    I had to come to post it where I could get happy feedback. Two of my lifeguards cried and my maintenance supervisor just walked out and won't talk to me. :(
    When I call my guy tonight and talk to the kiddo, they'll make up for it. We haven't told kiddo about the possibility of me moving back closer. I get to tell her tonight.  :D


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  3. It went well, though odd. It was only odd because two of the three people on the interview committee know me REALLY well and the third knows me pretty well. We also may have rambled a little. One interviewer showed another a picture of my dog and we talked about Longmire. :D



    I even got a little hike in somewhere between the 8 hours of driving, 1.75 hours of interviewing, and hour saying hi to everyone.

    Good day.

    Oh and I found out only 2 people applied, so I have good odds.

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  4. 1 hour ago, WhiteGhost said:

    Not sure what you are doing in terms of strength workouts but squats and lunges are going to really help, especially on the descent.  Weighted lunges and squats are even better.  Coming downhill with a load will turn your legs to jelly super quick, so whatever strength you can build up in advance will make life so much easier when you get there.


    Weighted squats and lunges would obviously be better, but even body weight work will make a huge difference.

    Yeah, I mentioned squats, lunges, reverse lunges, step ups/step downs, but I'm also doing hip thrusts, calf raises, and single leg RDL(cuz they're my favorite).

    I'm doing a lot of core stuff, too.

    Also, it's bodyweight plus my pack, so they are actually weighted.

    And yeah, downhill kinda sucks. I had to hike about 6 miles mostly downhill for work in our crappy work boots. My legs were mostly fine but my toes tried to forge a resignation letter. :D Didn't help that it was storming or that they made us pack a bunch of unnecessary stuff.


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  5. 7 hours ago, Kishi said:

    Sounds good! I especially like that you're doing stuff to get used to the feel of the pack. It might help you somewhat if you decided to go one of those treadmill days with a ruck. Rucking is actually super-powerful medicine and only needs to be done once per week in order to get benefit.


    If you decide that's something you want to do then, as it's weighted walking, I recommend starting light and then each week increasing one variable: either weight (up to hiking weight), speed (up to 4 mph or the fastest pace you can manage and hold a conversation), or average incline (as a personal preference - I don't think a few miles of straight up hill is realistic and it's super hard to boot; no sense in cutting off steps when the benefit is in the overall volume).



    I've been thinking about some of this. 
    I do plan on wearing my pack on the treadmill some. I also plan on wearing it most of the time when Turtle and I walk. Since hiking isn't really a thing down here, my sister and I were joking about me being the talk of the town. She said she'd make me a shirt that said "I'm practicing to climb a mountain. Yes, for real. Yes, I'm nuts. No, you can't have my PS3 if I die." :D There is actually a "tennis shoes only" rule for the fitness center, but if I wear long pants, my new boots look like tennis shoes. And they are really light, so I doubt they are rough on the machine. And the sign has a picture of a high heel shoe and a pair of flip-flops, so... yeah. I feel guilty, but I'm gonna go til I get caught. lol
    I'm planning gear so that this will actually be the lightest backpacking load I've ever carried. I plan on training with more than I will carry, just in case water becomes an issue. Also because you have to carry out your waste. It's also a lighter load than the weight vest I was walking with to get ready for my pack test. So I'm less concerned with weight than altitude. I think I need to be more worried about both, though. I keep forgetting that even though I have over 100 miles in with that pack, I haven't actually backpacked in a year.  I have done some weight vest walking in the last 6 months, but not as much as I should. I like your suggestion of alternating what I increase. I had been planning on increasing everything all the time, but alternating will probably be smarter, especially once I get to higher weights and distances.

    I have a topo map of the trail. I was trying to plan an incline program for the treadmill that closely matched the actual trail, but since I don't know what the slope is on each setting on the treadmills at the fitness center, I might not be able to do that.  I should've written down the manufacturer of the treadmill so I could look online, maybe I'll remember next time. But there are sections of trail that are over a mile of straight uphill, without switchbacks even if the map is accurate, and pretty much all 10.7 miles of it will be up then 10.7 back down. So I have been going back and forth over whether I should aim for more for distance or incline. That's part of why I decided to try to spend every day off work hiking on real trails with hills, even though it'll mean a good bit of a travel.  It's really just the best way to get ready for it. Lots of hiking training I've read in the past mentions using stair climbers if you HAVE to train indoors. There aren't any stair climbers at the fitness center, just ellipticals. I don't think it mimics that up motion as much compared to the treadmill. So I plan on lunges, reverse lunges, step ups/step downs, and stuff like that on strength days. 

    Overall cardio helps with AMS, which is my biggest fear. It'll kill the trip if either of us starts to show signs. So I thought about combining 5k training with my weighted/incline walking. But I can only do so much with such a short time frame. I'm flying out early, I'm spending two nights before the hike at a campground that is at 6000'. We're planning on camping at 12000'. The summit is about 14500'. As long as I get well hydrated days before and take it slow, there's not much else I can do.


    7 hours ago, Kishi said:

    Just my 0.02, though; it's your training and you do what you want. :)

    I value your two cents and wouldn't mind a whole dollar.
    Especially since I have no one other than you guys to talk with about this kind of stuff. My hiking partner is 26 and this is her first big trip. She is not near as concerned about ANY of it as I am and has the advantage of living in mountains still. Though only at 1500' or so.
    And everyone down here.. Well the conversations usually start with "you're crazy" and end with "I'll pray for you."
    Except for a couple of my employees who have asked if they can have my stuff if I don't make it back.

  6. I did make a plan by Thursday, but I didn't get it online. I prioritized sleep and squeezing in my planned workout. I've been pretty busy with the pool opening, applying for a job, and catching up on housework.
    Mom and I had a day out Saturday; she went with me to get new hiking boots. They were expensive but they are super comfortable. I'm going to wear them around the house for awhile and make sure they are a good fit. I needed something with more toe box volume. Assuming I don't die on the way up, I'll be doing quite a bit of downhill.

    I have most of my gear together. I need to weigh it and start training with that weight.

    Friday, Sunday, and some Tuesdays, I'll walk on the treadmill at the fitness center, with it set on an incline. On Saturdays and Mondays, I'll walk extra long walks with Turtle and do bodyweight training with my pack weight. On my days off, I plan on trying to go hike trails with some elevation change on them. In July, I plan to hike up the highest point in Arkansas(where I used to work. There's not near as much elevation as Whitney, but if I start at the very bottom and hike to the very top, then the distance is about the same. But if I get the new job, I'll be moving there. If I move to the mountain, I'll change my training plan. I'll have more access to hills. I need to work up to 12 miles/day, 2 days in a row. The trail will be 10.7 miles but between the elevation changes and the altitude, I'll need to do at least 12 here, probably more if 12 starts seeming doable. I'll adjust those days of the week depending on my work schedule and my on call schedule.

    I did 3 miles on the treadmill today, with an incline of 3-6 the whole time. I have no idea what grade that actually is, but the 5&6 were pretty steep, so my booty felt it.

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  7. On 5/29/2018 at 11:47 PM, Luciana Valerosa Culming said:

    At least you seem to enjoy your job. Or at least you can make it sound intresting. :)

    I do. I know I gripe a lot on here, but it's one of the only places I don't worry about co-workers seeing. :D

    I love the variety. I get to work on budgets, lead kayak tours, research and develop long-term lasting projects for the park, change breakers, pick out resale items, handle snakes & alligators,  and help people fix flats. And that was all one day! :)

    It's usually pretty fun, even stuff that's frustrating at the time feels pretty entertaining later.


    On 5/29/2018 at 8:12 PM, The Shogun said:

    Way to set up a challenge to yourself! I feel motivated to do the same with a big mountain here, but I get winded with barely the hill I live on now.

    Yeah, I've got a lot of training to do; I don't want to disappoint my climbing partner. 


    On 5/25/2018 at 12:21 AM, Luciana Valerosa Culming said:

    Any ideas for training?

    Ja. Several! A big part of it will be just regular backpacking training that I've been slacking on since moving to the Delta. Any aerobic training will be a big help with AMS. Acclimation and aerobic health are the two biggest preventatives for it. I plan on going out earlier than my partner. She's going the day before, which I think is a bad idea, but hike your own hike!

    Other than that, lots of walking with a heavier pack than I'll be using on the trail, up hills when possible, and practicing using a wag bag. hehe


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  8. I survived the holiday, but barely. :)

    My favorite call of the weekend was "There is someone playing really loud music in the campground and they won't put their clothes back on." 
    A completely separate incident, a girl told me "I'm gonna whoop yor ass"  Our regional director made a surprise visit Friday. My boss was off. I got griped at instead. Apparently, we had a very unhappy guest May 12.  But it worked out because all of the things the guy was upset about were things either beyond our control OR things that we've tried repeatedly to get people above us to address and they haven't. So maybe the new phone system will get sped up.


    But my kayak tour was great. :D

     I'm going to go home and come up with a training plan & challenge to fit it. Then you guys will see it before Thursday.


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  9. I've been invited to climb Mount Whitney in late July. I almost said no because I'm fat and out of shape. It's a major goal on my epic quest list.
    I said yes. She's already got the permit, so I can't change my mind easily.
    My next two challenges are going to be about training to go climb the highest mountain in the contiguous US. :blink: An added challenge will be that two years ago, I moved to the MS River Delta and there are pancakes flatter than the land around me.

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  10. On 5/13/2018 at 11:37 PM, ChrisWithaStick said:

    Bummer on the condition of the boat...


    Hooray for the food wins!  And play set back yard bars and swing kind of thing?


    How long have you been studying Mandarin? 

    Yeah, a set of swings, a huge slide, and a balance beam. My main contribution was a mini climbing wall. Also, my new awesome brother in law left a space in the middle for me to use a set of rings or a yoga swing if I decide to buy one. And it's sturdy enough to hold me. :) I won't be able to use it all the time, but that was cool of him.  The previous two were jerks and I probably wouldn't have even been able to work with them on something like that. So huge change!


    I've only been learning Mandarin for a couple of months. I was kind of poking at it on Duolingo and uTalk before then, but I decided I wanted to really put forth effort on it. It seems easier for me pick up on the symbols in Duo than Japanese. I'm not sure why. I also just bought a writing pad and workbook for some analog action.I think I learn better when I write, which may be why I've had slow going on Duo for languages I don't have prior experience with, like Chinese and Greek. Do you have any experience with Mandarin? 

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  11. I've done well with sticking to my plan for food. One meal off each week, and I've not gone crazy with them. They've also all been saved for special stuff. Like Mom's birthday dinner and Dad's last cookout before he goes back out to work. 
    This past week I tried a steamable veggie blend that was fire-roasted corn, zucchini, and onions. It is really good. 

    I've not made any more progress on the homemade cloth napkins. I haven't sewn since the first week of the challenge. Every time I plan on it, I either work late or Mom/Sister calls and I go help with whatever. (like building a playset for my nieces :wub:

    Absolutely 0 recreational reading or audiobooks. I've been listening to podcasts while I drove and doing DuoLingo's Mandarin before bed.

    The phone case is the only thing *I* have spent money on but my guy used my credit card to buy concert tickets. He's a little obsessed with Neil Young, so he's taking the little one to and I to a concert in June.


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  12. 16 hours ago, ChrisWithaStick said:

    Well now.  I guess at least the boat is back, and hopefully in decent condition? 

    The boat is back, the gas lines and gas can are missing and the prop is messed up. But it floats! And the motor runs.

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  13. On 5/8/2018 at 10:26 PM, ChrisWithaStick said:

    Is there a fun story here?  Or just general 'silly human tricks'?

    Not a fun story or silly human tricks. Wish it were a fun story.
    But we're not pressing charges, apparently.

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  14. We found the boat!



    I've stuck to my plan for food all day. (sorta. I skipped breakfast and snack 2) I'm having the NS salisbury steak & macaroni dinner tonight. It's one of my favorites.

    I've replaced my roadkill& asphalt damaged phone with my sister's old phone. I've also ordered a case. So I broke my no spending but I feel like getting a case to protect this phone is worth it. And it was with cash, not credit. 


    I didn't sew at all this weekend. But I plan to tonight.

    We still don't have phones in the park. It's starting to get annoying. I have several people I need to call and we can't run credit cards without a phone line. The phone company must really be having problems with us.

  15. 19 hours ago, Teirin said:

    Crap, sorry you had to deal with all of that.  From what you've mentioned, there have been administrative and discipline problems for a long time.  It will take a while to fix. 

    I whine about work too much.

    I'm hesitant to go with my initial reaction because in past jobs they ribbed me for being "too mean." I think they were kidding but I still worry that my initial reaction is mean or unreasonable. I feel like I'm not good at drawing the line between reasonable and too much. So that doesn't help. My boss made me feel better today. He said I'm not mean, I just need to go with it, and that it's not me, it's them. lol 


    Thank you for always giving my venting a sympathetic ear. Eye? whatever.lol  But thanks. 

  16. Nutritionally, today was a shitshow. Short version: Reese cup for breakfast, rum & coke with chocolate ice cream for dinner.

    Professionally, I feel like I'm doing terrible. Short version: I am at a loss as a supervisor and we're missing a boat. Again.

    Domestically, I'm doing some major slacking. Short version: I need to do laundry & dishes.

    Warning: Whine/mini breakdown



    I had some visitors last night at around 11:30 come to the house. Their camper was leaking and they wanted to know if we had anyone on call that could fix it. I tried to help them with plastic and duct tape. They wound up giving up and going home. They had just bought it used, and this was their first trip in it. The breaker kept throwing, it was leaking, and when the awning blew off, they were done. I felt terrible for them.  On the way back to the house, a guy flagged me down and wanted to move from a campsite to a cabin because he didn't want to stay in the tent in the rain. I went to the visitor center to get him set up. Well, he was angry that I was going to charge him full price for the cabin because "the night is pretty much over." He thought he should get it for half off. I explained that I couldn't discount them that much, and that it's actually a state policy, but he stormed off. I have no idea where he went and I honestly didn't care. It was 1 am.


    So this morning, I went to work an hour late to make up for the time worked last night and for the fact that I was at work about an hour late yesterday. I get there, and our phones are *still* out. This is day 3. I was supposed to swim test lifeguards at 10. I was trying to get everything together for it when an employee's employee that we gave a written reprimand comes into my office to talk about feeling singled out, being used as a scapegoat, how he really didn't do anything, wrong, etc. He had a stack of paperwork with him to show me all the wrong things his supervisor does.
    Half my lifeguard candidates didn't show up. I hired everyone that did and was still one short. I found out another employee has been doing the same thing we wrote the other one up for.  I make a note to talk to her. Then around 1, another employee happens to run into me and asks if there's a reason for one of the boats being missing. The kicker is she can't even tell me when it went missing. She noticed around 10. And didn't bother to ask until 1. And she did not care. She's responsible for the boats. There were like 3 other problems with her at that time, like she was on her way home, 3 hours early?! I went to the maintenance shop and realize stuff that I asked them to get done 6 months ago wasn't done. I was trying to leave at 5, but got caught in the parking lot by a guy that was upset that his campsite was stinky. I told him I was sorry, I had no idea. He was like "You can't tell me you don't smell it, just driving by! It makes you gag". I told him I was born without a sense of smell and he accused me of lying. Anyway, I went over there, and there was a dead animal. I went to get a shovel and bag. I sent a text to ask where the lime was and found out that Friday, the employee we'd written up had stopped his supervisor and said he'd take care of the dead animal. So a whole 'nother issue. I feel like a terrible supervisor. The place is falling apart. I've got pages of unfinished tasks, things I've been asking to be done for months. I try to discipline people and I don't get approval. I don't know what to do. When I was scooping up the roadkill, my phone fell out of my shirt pocket, bounced off it, and hit the asphalt. It's busted. And I still haven't found the missing boat. I'm worried it was stolen. 

    I'm done whining. But I just feel... I have no idea. I feel like a failure but at the same time, I feel like I can only do so much with what I have to work with. But I don't want to give up.



    I found an antler shed and brought it home to Turtle, so at least my dog is happy. He has been carrying it around since I got home. He even put it next to his food bowl while he ate. I have a suspicion that it will be joining us in bed.


  17. On 5/4/2018 at 4:34 PM, Kishi said:

    I wish my friends were opening their 3rd café.

    I wish any one of them were closer. lol I'd enjoy having the second job and getting to see them more.

    I'm really happy for them. It was their dream for so long to open a restaurant and now they are killing it. They opened the first one under another franchise but bought out right before it went under. That was about 10 years ago. The two that they got to control the opening of are in old downtown buildings that they completely gut and remodel. One is a carpenter and a cook and the other is an accountant and has a degree in computer science. Their arguments are entertaining. This new one is gorgeous. Sometimes I feel guilty that I don't work with them. They offer constantly, especially since part of it is laziness. I'm not sure I want to work that hard for what they can pay, especially for someone else's dream. I have told them I'll reconsider when most of my debt is gone, and I mean it. Because I also think it'd be fun. That's why I go help them. I enjoyed helping train their new employees, setting up resale displays, and such.

    Anyway, yeah, It's cool! I get free chai. :) lol

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  18. On 4/24/2018 at 5:15 PM, Mistr said:

    I like the cappuccino. Turns out the milk froth has 50 calories per packet and some of that is sugar.

    WHO PUTS SUGAR IN CAPPUCCINO FOAM??!?! That's just wrong.


    I think your lawn work goals sound great. I usually start out an ambituous and then peter out. I need to get some plants that require no work. And figure out where to put them that my dog can't get to them and destroy them.


    I'm always impressed by people who've got their sleep game going on well enough to get up at 5:30 regularly. I'm doing good to get up at by 7:30.

    This looks like an extremely full challenge, but I like your balance.

  19. On 4/26/2018 at 7:14 AM, Kyellan said:

    So, my current "passive entertainment" vice is Parks & Recreation

    Several people have suggested that I should watch Parks & Rec. I can't bring myself to do. Helps that I don't have internet that can handle streaming. lol


    I'm sorry for your loss and for the disappointment.

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  20. A couple of friends opened their 3rd cafe Wednesday &Thursday. They asked me to come help. So I ate their good food a couple times but worked my tail off. I think it evens out. lol


    I did try a new veggie dish while I was there, though. They make a vegetarian meal that is a portobello stuffed with squash, onions, goat cheese, and basil.


    I'm going to make some progress on sewing projects this weekend. I hope. Today is the local prom and I'm on call. Last year was  a doozy.

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  21. 1. I'm doing well with sticking to the NS program. I only had one meal off in the last week.  I got some new food in that was some of their "limited time only" items. The variety is helping me get back into it.


    2. I scoped out the frozen section of the closest Wal-Mart. There's not much veggie diversity there. I did buy a couple of new things to try, though. Mostly weird flavors of broccoli. I also got a package of mushrooms because I keep forgetting they count as veggies (with NS). I love mushrooms.


    3. I spent money on dog training. I found a trainer only an hour away. Turtle likes her and I think having the help with him will be good for both of us. The first lesson went well, and he's realized that it carries over to my house, not just hers. lol 
    Other than that, I've stuck to that goal well. It helps that I got a warranty replacement on my backpacking pack. I bought a NorthFace Women's Pivotal 60 almost 15 years ago. In the fall, part of it broke. I figured it wasn't warranty related, but that if I sent it in, they might be able to repair it. A few weeks ago, I got an email that said they haven't made that pack in years and couldn't get replacement parts, but would I accept a gift card comparable to the value of the pack. I said yes and a day later received an email with an e-card for well over the amount I paid for the pack. I called to double check the amount and they said I was obviously a long time customer and a great brand representative, so they felt I deserve an upgrade.
    Well my new pack came in and it's purty!:wub: It will carry a slightly larger load and has most of the same features as my old one, but is lighter. I also had enough extra to get a couple small things I thought might be handy and a hat for my guy. I'll have to post pictures later. :)  Now I need to plan a trip to use it! I haven't gone backpacking since I started working here. I miss living closer to mountains.


    I have made lots of progress on my sewing project. My mom's napkins are 2/3 done. I plan on being finished by Friday. My niece's "helped" and now they want cloth napkins for their houses. So I'm going to make some half-sized Paw Patrol ones for them.


    I've not done any recreational reading this past week. I need to work on reading before bed instead of playing Hearthstone. I'm hooked on it lately. I wouldn't be if I could get my board/card game fix elsewhere! Or that's one of the arguments I'm using to guilt my family into a semi-scheduled and regular board game night.  I was even playing it WHILE I SEWED Friday night.


    So altogether, I'm doing pretty well on my challenge. I'll be really happy to start getting some of my projects finished. I was going to have 3 days off this weekend, Fri-Sun and was considering a trip but the weather has not been cooperative and now I pretty much HAVE to swim test my potential lifeguards on Saturday or Sunday. 



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