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  1. Last couple of days have been....shall we say full on? Saturday I took our new exchange student Benni (17 years old, Italian, such a lovely person) to the War Memorial Museum, where we met up with a Spanish student. That was great, I got to browse through the wildlife photography gallery and visit my favorite exhibits . Afterwards though...grrr. Spanish student said he needed to get something from a souvenir shop for his mum (was a black rubber bath toy duck with a rugby ball...) and said it was on queen st, 'not too far down it from K'rd. Note: distance from museum to K' Rd = 1.6 kms. At t
  2. Nope we haven't done the Copland track yet tho sounds like its going on the list hot pools are excellent! we did the St James Walkway track last year and in 2010 I did a different one somewhere in Arthurs pass...can't quite remember where though. Its the same one as the 24 hour Iron man (I think it was..) used we did it over a few days tho. Legs are okaaaay did about an hour walk today and they were fine except when I went up/down too many stairs or when I had been sitting down a while they felt very sore afterwards.
  3. Heya guys sorry I've been away from anything (apart from a few flashlights) with an electronic circuit for the past week and then was helping some couzzies move to Vietnam. Heres the lowdown: I went down to Christchurch (South Island city in NZ) with my boyfriend Motifier with two things in mind: (a) my cousins who live down there are moving to Vietnam for 2 years so wanted to spend a few days with them before they left and ( we needed to do our mid-winter tramp/hike of awesomeness through the snow in the South Island. We did one last year and it was AWESOME so was definitely something to b
  4. Update -- Food wise I am swell today (some days I am better than others), need to do some more exercise but that can't be helped tonight.
  5. Haven't got to the snow zone yet have to head south later this week for it
  6. Hey KiwiChick hehe yes they are awesome, planning on getting a few more girls once winters over I'm heading down to Christchurch on Thursday and probably doing a 2-3 day tramp down there round Arthurs Pass somewhere.. then heading to Ruapehu for alpine training group so spoilt for choice really Thanks My break is about a month long in total About a month
  7. well winter but thats equally awesome gna go tramping in the snow :D
  8. EXAMS ARE OVER!!!! Last few days have been enjoying my freedom My big 60 L fish tank sprung a leak which was a big pain in the neck-- have to replace all of the silicon lining at some point for it to be useful again...-- so going to have to go look for a new tank whilst my bubbas reside in a tiny 30 L tank....hopefully I can get a 100 L sometime soon Run tomorrow-- exercise has been lacking last few weeks so going to ramp it up my weight has been pretty constant around 81.9-82.2 at the moment so figure the exercise will help bring it back down Food- wise I've been an angel past tw
  9. Update-- have been more sedentary and err not doing so well with the food the past few days :/ think I need to eat far more veges than I am currently eating so am looking thru an old vege cookbook that I've found to get some different ways to eat them (I love veges but love them more when they are cooked-- Im not always a fan of the plain salads with lettuce/tomato/cheese combo, unfortunately my mum loves them so it's mainly my cooking nights that I can strive for an alternative XD) ALSO planned my next run for tomorrow so looking forward to some MOVEMENT!!! XD final exam in a few days, reall
  10. They haven't always been my friend so it's good to have them on my side for a change
  11. Yes XD three weeks old soon XD Thankyou
  12. Heya just wandering past to say best of luck with your challenge always wanted to do a colour run XD hope thats a blast!! Iv just started a 5K program myself so will b drawing on cha for inspiration, you seem to be ahead of me! XD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Will do Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Update-- Day 11 Had a look at my weight this morning and was in for a pleasant surprise-- I've dropped down to 81.9 kg which since i started this challenge is a weight loss of ~2.5 kg (started at 84.4) so I'm quite pleased with my weight loss so far not too much in terms of per week loss but i figure that small, steady losses are better for me than going way up and down per week now, onto lunch! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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