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  1. Thanks Machete, I'll look into the programs you mentioned.
  2. Thank you for your help, Dustin. I am well aware of your suggestions, but I was looking to keep the goals part of my post as concise as possible, to focus an already long post on the workouts that interested me. The only issue with setting goals for me as a fitness beginner is that I cannot estimate how achievable an objective is yet, to be able to set realistic time frames, so currently I have limited my goals to being specific and measurable. I will update my goals as I gain experience with my improvement speed.
  3. Thank you for the suggestions, Obitim. My main issue with higher wheights and lower reps is that it's currently difficult enough for me to maintain form when lifting weights when I only do 8 reps. I'm steadily improving, but I understand where you're coming from and I'll keep it in mind for future changes to my workouts. Regarding compound exercises, I've actually tried including both compound and isolation exercises, with the belief that isolation exercises must also have their uses. Though at the moment with some exercises I may have trouble determining if they're actually compound or isol
  4. Hello everyone, I have recently created and started doing 4 full-body workouts that I alternate between. After a month and a half, it occurred to me that I could post them on a fitness forum and see if others more experienced than me at fitness noticed any bad choices I may have made, either with specific exercises or my workout plans in general, or any mistakes that I may be making that I don't know about. I can't recall how I first stumbled over this forum, but I remembered it and thought to try my luck posting here. I'll post below the details regarding my starting fitness level, goals, a
  5. I'm hoping myself that I understood everything correctly, but thank you for the explanation.
  6. My goals are first endurance, second strength and third looks. Now that I understand your previous suggestion, I'll change my workouts accordingly. I never considered this approach and it fits my goals better. But do you mean to say that circuits are for gaining strength? Or is it only for circuits with added weight?
  7. Is the change you're suggesting for diversity, or do you believe it to be more efficient? And if the second option is true, on what basis would it be more efficient? I'm not necessarily looking to change my workout routine. My initial thread question was aimed merely at a curiosity, and if the answers pointed to a more efficient workout approach, then I would look into changing my workout. Though I still appreciate your suggestion, and will keep it in mind regardless, in case I ever feel that I need to change things to avoid monotony.
  8. I actually have 2 workouts that I alternate between, working out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Push-ups Lunges Bench dips Bicycle crunch Bridge Pike press Oblique crunch Superman Reverse crunch Push-ups Squats Bench dips V-up Bird dog Side bridge Lying hip extension Crunch Elbows plank I'll change some of the exercises for a couple of months because I have access to an exercise ball and a pull-up bar, but above is my current workout.
  9. Thanks for the stretches suggestions, I'll look into them. Apologies for the late reply.
  10. For specifics, I'm currently doing a body-weight workout with 9 exercises covering all muscle groups, each one done until I can't do another rep. If I feel I can do too many reps with an exercise without effort, I change the exercise with something more difficult. This is why I was curious about the alternate "fewer exercises in repeated sets" approach, and if it would be better than my current way of working out. Apologies for the late reply.
  11. This is a question I asked in a previous thread, and I thought I'd try my luck posting it separately to see if anyone can offer an opinion. The question is, is repeating a set of a few types of exercises the same as doing a single set of more types of exercises? For example, is doing a workout of 2 sets of 6 exercises the same as doing a workout of a single set of 12 different exercises? Is the first type of workout preferred?
  12. Thanks for the tips everyone. I'll keep them in mind.
  13. I'm looking to change my stretching routine with something quicker. When I chose my current routine, I was looking to be thorough in stretching all muscles, since I didn't know if I can limit myself to some muscles over others, though I still don't. Said routine contains 18 stretches which I hold for 30 seconds for each side, where it applies. The whole routine takes me about 20 minutes, and it takes some willpower to go through it every other day after an exhausting workout. To that end, can anyone suggest a routine that's simpler than what I'm doing, or more efficient? I ask on the basis tha
  14. Loren Wade: Thanks for the suggestions. Even if you think you're not helping much, it makes one feel more trusting of a forum where people feel comfortable sharing their experience. Oogiem: That's a useful tip from your doctor. Though I'm not in the same situation as you, I'll keep it in mind. Kristen: Helpful concise clarifications, thank you. spezzy: I appreciate your thorough reply. You've answered my question on circuit training better than I could have hoped for, but I have to ask, do you base your opinion on personal experience or are there any resources where I could read more about
  15. This is the first time I've come across a workout that suggests no breaks between exercises or sets, or suggests working towards this. What is the reasoning behind this approach? My first uninformed thought upon reading was that it could lead to more stress injury than if taking 60 seconds breaks between sets. I'm still trying to look into it but have had no luck for an answer. Is doing more sets of a few types exercises the same as doing more types of exercises in one set? And a partially unrelated question, but how does someone know if they should cut back on intensity in a workout? For ex
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