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  1. Hey guys and new guys. I'm back. I fled the healthy country and hid out in Holidayland. Gorged, gained, loved it. Don't love it anymore. Found a local paleo group to meet with, but I miss you guys. I can't do it without you. So I started yesterday, too. Is date sweetened larabar whole30? I don't remember. So much harder this time. I look forward to reading all about y'all and foruming with you. Long live whole30, so we can live long! Karie, this is my second time and I never could get that link spreadsheet thing to work for me I just asked Blaide and she took care of it :-). I think she
  2. haven't given up my 70% Lindt chocolate. Don't know if I will. I'm not nearly as enthusiastic about whole30 this time around, but I said I would so I guess I need to take the hard hat challenge on this one and "Suck it up" Gotta cook greens today. and adjust my weekly meal plan. I wont be doing farmers market this weekend. Gotta take the kid to science club. Market always lights a spark in my soul about cooking and eating well. "do it anyway". Sleeping 3 or 4 hours a day in addition to 8 hours at night. That happens twice a month. The time is now. Oh did end up loosing 7 lbs last go. 2 more si
  3. re: acid coffee. cold brew your coffee, easy and removes acid and bitter.
  4. 11/11.13 skipped yoga playout at playground w/son (bonus points for wearing him out!) cheated on my whole30 walked 11/12/13 walked cheated 11/13/13 walk bbww cheated on whole30
  5. per the challenge instructions here are my photos of motivation. ok can't figure this out how do I put pictures here from my computer?
  6. Hey all! Yay, we're back at it! I did well after my whole30 added caffeine a little honey and 70% lindt chocolate-too much. stocked up on "allowed sweets" and found myself not eating enough fruits and veggies. I'm a little depressed and feeling not fabulous so back to whole30 with my ass! Here's my battle log script okay. New challenge. Fitness Quest: be vibrant, healthy, happy Goals: 1. Playout at a park once a week ( scared about doing this in the cold, but I'm tired of excuses) 2 .bbww 3xweek still on 1 circuit :-( 3. Do my 2nd whole30-Thanksgiving will be straight Paleo but not whole30 4
  7. okay. New challenge. Fitness Quest: be vibrant, healthy, happy Goals: 1. Playout at a park once a week ( scared about doing this in the cold, but I'm tired of excuses) 2 .bbww 3xweek still on 1 circuit :-( 3. Do my 2nd whole30-Thanksgiving will be straight Paleo but not whole30 4. Walk everyday (totally scared of this) Life Quest: Master Paleo cooking (I love it) 1. make 3 kinds of sauces in frozen ice cube form for anytime 2. take food inventory and make weekly meal plan every week 3. cook all food before it goes bad- through away 0 raw greens Fantasy Quest: Beat chronic fatigue-nothing h
  8. Hey! I missed y'all! I'm almost ready to post. Type at you soon!
  9. 49er

    Carb cycling

    Thank you, both. I just started at the beginning of the last challenge. I have 12 lbs to go doing paleo 100g carbs/day ideally and doing beginning cardio and body weight workout. The reason I ask is because I take prozac for seretonin help and norepenephrin is also probably out of balance. Hormones are alway out of wack and It sounded like carb cycling might help tune up my chemistry.
  10. 49er

    Carb cycling

    What do you know about carb cycling? I read about it on the LIVESTRONG website. Good idea? Bad Idea? Why? Why not? Thanx
  11. Hello! Sounds like a great plan. Look at your lifegoal. It starts with the word "Try" You know what comes next don't you? "Do or do not. There is no try" Trying is not a specific and measurable goal. You will be hard pressed to determine when or if you have reached it. "Stay on budget"- easily measured and failure will yield precise information for improving results. Don't be afraid to say "I will" because you don't know if you "can" Worst case you learn more about what doesn't work. Invaluable. Now I'm going to go avoid my own advice .
  12. Got an A in all 3 committments plus completed my whole30 and am now Paleo! But I think I did a booboo Is cardio speed up slow down walking part of the bbww? if so I totally blew that part. But seeing as I honored my committments the way I understood them I still get the A :-). I get a paleo book as a reward and need to kick it up a notch next challenge.
  13. Hey all, I've been posting in holdingwhole30 so I didn't post here. I completed the challenge with straight A's! With an A+ in breakfast eating. This tells me 2 things: I did a great job and leveled up my life and I need to take it up a notch next challenge. Bonus points for completing my whole30 and going full Paleo even though it wasn't one of my original committments. So I get a paleo book reward! Yay! This was wonderful. I need the next challenge to keep me going! Next time around I'm thinking about the "playout" using a playground as an obstacle course and the park for walking and runnin
  14. Ditto! So is it officially done? I didn't get a notice or anything. p.s. wilted salad with bacon fat dressing yum! My first run in with honey!
  15. glad yer good! I tried coffee with coconut milk. Blachhhh! I went back to tea also. I just tried Kombucha. What the heck is in that stuff!? I sip it and I'm going like rickochet rabbit (really fast), then when it's done i fall asleep! Then I found it has 4g of sugar in it. I can try a type with 2g next time. But I'm thinking the caffeine is just to much for me. Oh, I made the pumpkin pie! Yum! I'll post the recipe some other time because I'm to tired now but the really great part is that my family doesn't like it so I don't have to share! 1/12 of the pie has about 80g of carbs. More later
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