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  1. Your gym made that video?! It's so cool! I think someone from my gym posted it as well. Where do you train? I finally made it through the test, but I'm waiting for my score. Waiting is killing me.
  2. Thank you so much everyone!!! Summary for the week: not the best. I got food poisoning and made it to one Krav class at the beginning of the week, and then spent all my free time sleeping/feeling crappy. That being said, I'm feeling much better and I ran for 40 minutes today then went to Krav. I'll consider it just getting a late start on the challenge. 1st of March and all. The beginning of the month always feels like a fresh start to me. Definitely didn't pack it problem. Or a "I packed a lunch but my office got catering today and it looks soooo delicious" problem Also, I'm adding in diet related challenge for myself: no added sugar for the rest of the challenge, and I have to log my food in MyFitnessPal. Logging my food is always helpful because it forces me to think about what I'm eating, even if I don't care what my caloric total is. I really let my sugar intake creep up on me, and that was part of the reason I got sick. Today, the only sugar I ate came from fruit, and I feel much better. I know I shouldn't be eating as much fruit as I do (3 servings today!) but it will help me wean myself off the problem stuff, like office candy and alcohol. Week 1 Summary: 1 hour of Krav. T_T Week 2: 1 hour so far I find that I'm losing the skin in between my knuckles, not on my actual knuckles! I think it's from my gloves. Maybe I just need to do more practice without them? I use the 4 ounce MMA gloves. BAM! Right now I feel good, and I'm ready to keep going with the challenge! My workout clothes are laid out for tomorrow, my breakfast/most of my lunch is prepped, got new music to for my lunchtime runs (anyone else run to soundtrack music?!) and I'm super pumped for Krav this week!
  3. "We should hurry to the keep and offer what aid we can," said Kat. "Besides, better to face the Fellbeast from the walls then to fight them here in the dark." Vote for the keep! Let's go. Battle! I'm hoping there is some way to battle via feats, because that is my favorite part of RPGing. I just don't know how it would work. . . 50 pushups in a row = nat 20? Haha.
  4. Oops, posted twice by mistake. I love the in game detail! Also, I wanted to start climbing the trail again but I'm not sure how much initiative we're supposed to take? I've only played one DnD game so I'm still new at this.
  5. While investigating the cabin, Kat noticed that a portion of the wooden floor sounded hollow under her feet. She investigated, feeling out the wooden planks in the western corner.Yes! There was definitely a trapdoor here. Unfortunately, this was the corner of the house where the owner had previously stored his all goods. The trapdoor was covered with four huge, heavy barrels. One by one, Kat lifted them, squatting down and using her leg muscles and hips. They had to weight at least a hundred fifty pounds each. When she finally moved them, she saw the handle of the trap door. The owner must not have opened it recently, because it was stuck fast. It took several tries but Kat finally yanked it open, grunting with the effort. The small cellar was dark, but the dim light from the room above was enough to let her see that the erstwhile cabin owner had been quite the survivalist. He had stocked piled all kinds of canned goods and other food here in the cellar. Kat grinned and began filing her pack with jerky, dried fruit, and nuts. "Hey! Does anyone need more supplies?" She called to the others. Climbing the trail had given her quite an appetite. She gnawed on a piece of jerky while she explored, checking for anything else useful. Completed my strength feat! Mostly. For some reason, when I wrote my feats, I had the 6 week challenge in mind and I was thinking more of where I wanted to be at the end of 6 weeks and not things I could do right now. Therefore, I'm going to scale back all my feats a little bit. So for strength, I did a 155 lb deadlift, 4 reps, 3 sets. I just moved up to that weight and that was tough! Roar!
  6. I wanted to at least start my topic on the first day of the challenge, even if I don't get around to fleshing out my goals until tomorrow 1. MAIN QUEST: TO PASS THE LEVEL 2 KRAV MAGA EXAM AND OVERALL IMPROVE MY STAMINA AND SKILL LEVEL. The test is 5 hours long and consists of an hour of kickboxing/conditioning, an hour for practice/questions, and then 3 hours of testing on technique. It's pretty brutal and I'm already starting my conditioning too late. BUT I will work my butt off for the next month and that coupled with a healthy dose of fighting spirit should see me through. The more specific version of my main quest: I will attend 6 hours (4-6 classes) per week for the next 4 weeks. After the test, which is March 18th, I'll scale it back to 5 hours a week. How I will succeed at this: Get 8 hours of sleep per night, eat my packed lunch every day and drink 2 full water bottles throughout the day.Pack up my gym gear before work so I'm not tempted to go home before class.Remind myself everyday that I love Krav, I love the people in my classes and my instructors, I feel great after, I love kicking the crap out of the bag, and I love the feeling of pride at committing to something and improving at it. Etc Usually I like getting my workout done with in the morning, but all the Krav classes I can attend are in the evening. Not to mention, I also love weightlifting, but there are only so many hours in the week I have for working out and I should be spending most of them at Krav right now. I need a lot of planning and a bit of motivation to get myself there, but once I do, I'm always happy I went. I fully intend to come back and make this post look all snazzy and cool, since some other people have some pretty cool threads. Cheers, everyone! Expect Wonder Woman gifs in the future.
  7. It's just a matter of conditioning, and I'm not sure I'm quite there yet. Our tests are 5 hours long: 1 hour of conditioning to tire you out, 1 hour of class for questions on technique, then 3 hours of actually testing on the level 1 material. Right now 2 hours is a struggle, so I'm just going to pace myself and tough it out. I have til March 18th to gain more endurance.
  8. So I'm pretty sure I'm on this thread just to complain about training soreness. . . but today I can't write manually because we did so many 360 blocks yesterday and my hands are still shaking! I'm working at a new job and I wish there was a non awkward way to let everyone know that all the bruises on my arms are from Krav. Anyway, level two test in 4 weeks and I'm super excited! Have any of you done testing before?
  9. Sorry for the late response! I work at an accounting firm, so I’m crazy busy right now. But not too busy for this awesome challenge! I’m so excited to play with you all. Looks like we’ve got a pretty badass group. I’ll also make sure I bookmark this thread so that I actually check it daily. Here’s my feats: Lv1 Warrior Monk · Endurance Feat – Run 6 miles. · Strength Feat – Deadlift 155 lbs 5x4 · Speed Feat - Run a 24:30 min 5k. · Combat Feat – 2 hours of Krav Maga · Healing Feat – Draw a full page of my graphic novel. Kat adjusted the strap of her greatsword and checked that both her knives were secure in their sheathes. Despite the falling snow, sweat trickled down her back under her armor, and she regretted adding the extra wool tunic. She should have known that once they got started, she would be too warm in all her gear. It was just that she hated to be cold. After surveying the options presented, Kat nodded towards the main road and addressed the company. “Friends,†She said, “We are six fighters strong and surely we could handle whatever is on the main road. But-“ and here she looked sheepish-“I have been told I am simply too eager for battle, and therefore if it is the will of the company to take the Hunter’s Trail, I shall bow to the wishes of the others.â€
  10. I'm in! Still creating my character/feats though.
  11. Oh, I've been to that 24 hour in Sellwood. If I didn't still have a family membership at Eastside Athletic Club, that's the one I'd join Haha, for the average nerd I'm pretty social. I'm an outgoing introvert? I do like my alone time too.
  12. I posted in your other topic, but I'd reiterate: I would love to do this. I haven't done a six week challenge yet, so I'm not 100% sure if I need to be doing that to take part in this. But yes. If you get a team together, you have my sword! Or bow, or axe. You know the drill.
  13. Love this! Thanks for sharing Looks like a good way to get in my travel workouts.
  14. I lived in Nablus, Palestine for a few months, and I went running a lot there. At first I wasn't sure what to expect, so I ran after dark wearing baggy men's clothes (sweatpants, hoodie with the hood up). Might seem counter productive, but there's no one around to harass you and I felt a lot more comfortable then. The few people I saw on the streets never bothered me. That was in the winter, so when the daylight hours got longer, I had to run during the day. Whoo! I got chased by kids, plenty of "helloooo, what your name?!" and some laughs from the ladies, but I rarely ever got what I would consider sexual harrassment. It's natural for people to be curious about random redheaded foreigners doing something crazy like jogging through the city! They gave my guy friends just as much trouble. That being said, I always drew the line at touching. Comments, fine, trying to touch me, no way. So one day, it was the end of my run, and I was just cresting the top of the hill above my apartment. I passed these two fifteen year olds at a slow jog. All of a sudden, I hear a "Hello!!!" and feel someone touch my butt. The two boys run past me, laughing. I was like, OH NO YOU DON'T. I sprinted after them. The two boys were still laughing as they jogged off, then they looked behind them and saw me sprinting after them and they stopped laughing and started running for real. Too bad for them: one was on the pudgy side and I was finishing up training for a fast 10k. I caught up with them, grabbed the one who had touched me, and started slapping him in the face, shouting at him in Arabic. "Shame!" Slap. "On!" Slap. "You!" "Where is your mother?!" and the like. He starts babbling, "I'm sorry, I'll never do it again!!!" Once he got the picture, I jogged away, sending him a glare of doom over my shoulder as I went. While caution should be advised attempting these sorts of things, that is my favorite memory of giving a harasser exactly what he deserved.
  15. Does anyone else find their back gets sore from punching? I took a few weeks off, came back and now my back muscles are dying! I'm wondering if I'm rotating too much when I punch.
  16. I've been doing Krav Now for about 8 months. My gym has technique, sparring and conditioning classes. We have such a diverse group of people: MMA guys, cops, women taking it for self defense, people doing it for fitness, etc. I love it! I've dabbled in other martial arts: Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu and Jeet Kune Do, but I've stuck with Krav the longest because the instructors and philosophy of Krav really clicked with me. They really focus on practical stuff. What other people said "gross motor skills" and running away is definitely on point.
  17. I live in Portland, and I'd love to meet up with some fellow nerds. I'm in SE. Same deal, if you're visiting, I'm also down to meet up. What do you guys do for fitness? I'm into Krav Maga, running, and lifting, but just generally being active.
  18. I'm studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain until December, but I'll be traveling around on the weekends. If anyone wants to meet up that would be really great! I'd love to meet some nerds here in Europe
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