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  1. I'm gonna be on a boat somewhere off the coast of Alaska that day, dammit =(
  2. Well, I've strung together two days of fitness. The cold left me with some serious oxygen processing issues, wasn't able to finish my usual park run. It's amazing what a few days off will do. Yesterday, however, I banged out a park run, with 60 burpee to pull ups halfway through. I'm feeling MUCH better about this. Sustaining a prolonged period of exercise is so crucial!
  3. Excellent, man, thanks! I've been slowly trying to string together consecutive DU's for a while now, much appreciated!
  4. so i've been out of it for a week and change, i've been felled by a really nasty cold. i honestly feel like crap on a stick, not because of the cold, just because it's been an endorphin withdrawal. I'm even dreading pushing myself tomorrow to do ANYTHING. Anyone ever have this feeling? That it just seems easier to lie down and do it later, and then you wake up and realize that later flew you by...
  5. Sure... what's a proper time frame between the first Cindy and the second? 2 weeks? 3 weeks?
  6. to which I reply... Seriously... Is there such a thing as "CrossFit exercise", specifically? I can just picture this... Employee: "what are you gonna do?" Me: "oh nothing, just some barbell work and pullups..." Employee: "great, have a good workout" Me (gassed after taking on Fran): "shit, my Fran time's gone up... dammit." Employee: "GTFO!!!!!!!!" Why on earth would this even be an issue??? Nothing against people who practice isolation exercises for body sculpting, but... Lat pulldowns on a cable column are perfectly fine, but performing a few burpees or thrusters and you're asked to leave the premises?
  7. almonds and apples/celery it is. don't think almond butter has made its way down here yet, but I'll ask around. I'll be expecting puzzled looks. i'm still gonna treat myself to a cheat meal at least once a week, probably Sundays... =)
  8. vegetables aren't really an issue, actually, we get served a pretty wide variety - broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini, carrots, asparagus, etc. what do you recommend for snacks in between meals? I usually don't mind feeling my stomach grumble in between meals but some days are easier than others...
  9. I've been keeping up with eating healthier than normal. And, to be fair, my "normal" eating is still fairly healthier than other peoples, just that it involved a healthy dose of pasta 2-3 times a week, lots of rice, and the occasional pizza, all in moderate doses. But, the last 2 weeks I've made a conscious effort to leave out the rice and as much pasta as I can in favor of veggies (which is a chore for me, I really hate the taste), and though I've noticed the difference, I haven't gone 100% primal/paleo... My basic issue is one of convenience. I live with my parents and the food made in our house isn't unhealthy, per sé, but I'm not about to make anyone cook more food just for me to go paleo/primal, nor am I going to make anyone go out and buy specialized ingredients. In all fairness, those are probably harder to find where I live than the rest of you. My question before the court is this: what's the simplest, most basic approach to eating paleo/primal? I'm doing my due diligence here and researching, the basic meal plan I can get away with at home seems to go like this - eggs and a fruit for breakfast, salad/veggies and a nice piece of chicken/meat/fish or sweet potato for lunch/dinner, ditch the bread, dairy (milk and cheese), and artificial sugar... Am I missing something? Is this really so long sandwhich time? =( Also, what's the stance on nuts? I've been taking about a handful every time i get hungry between meals... Any snacks that don't break the rules?
  10. Just had a date with her, but I'd be willing to call her again late next week.
  11. Hmmm, I like this idea, a collective pool of shaved minutes or added rounds/reps We'd need some sort of base WOD to do once, measure time or rounds/reps, decide on a timeframe to try again, and then add up the time or rounds difference. Set a reasonable goal depending on how many people we get signed up. It's like a CrossFit telethon. What's a good benchmark WOD for this? Something that can be done with minimal equipment for those that aren't always grinding it out at their local box?
  12. I've incorporated gym rings into my workouts, those add some serious instability to any bodyweight workout. In fact, I've been getting so used to doing ring pushups that the pushups I did this morning while performing the Cindy WOD (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats = 1 round, as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes) were a piece of cake. Rings are pretty inexpensive, bout 35 bucks on amazon.com... For bodyweight workouts, it's a pretty valuable addition. I've also been known to throw a 25 or 35 pound barbell plate on my back and doing regular pushups, if we're sticking strictly to that motion. For upper body work, it just offers a variety of range of motion and the instability forces your muscles to work harder. The difference between a paralette dip and a ring dip is huge. That said, it's also fairly effective for some lower body work... Using the rings at shoulder height and performing an overhead squat while facing the rings will make your shoulders burn if you take the pressure off your legs, so you're damned if you do, damned if you don't... atomic pushups (feet in rings low to the ground, press, come up, bring knees to chest) are a great core workout... I could go on and on lol.
  13. Bodyweight stuff is really good because even if you're just trying to isolate one particular muscle group, you're still engaging a bunch of others, notably, the core. To go with JBZero, no matter what kind of week i'm shooting for (strength, flexibility/range of motion, or endurance), bodyweight exercises are still a staple. to keep the muscles from getting stale, I'll try and incorporate some barbell/dumbell work in a given routine. Doing a handstand pushup and doing a push press both work my shoulders capacity, but are veeery different exercises. Letting your muscles get used to any given motion or stress will cause it to adapt to a point where your development plateaus after a certain point.
  14. you Americans and your bitchin' events. *grumble*
  15. Oh wow. i may have to try this. How's the file I sent you working for you?
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