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  1. I hear ya on trying to control what you can. Life is hard, there's a lot that you can't control. Focus on what you can control and make it better, and life improves. Rock on, you're already a Big Damn Hero to me!
  2. That must require something that my work computer doesn't have, because it's loading a blank screen,
  3. I know. I pre-registered today so I can get notified when the date does come out. I think it would be an awesome goal, and I need something like that to help motivate me.
  4. Hi! I'm pretty much brand new here. I've just signed up and gotten started. Here's the thing. I am terrible at keeping myself going. I love having other people around me to encourage and motivate me. So I think to myself, "San Antonio's a huge city. There have GOT to be some kind of crazy nerdfolk in the area who would want to engage in some sort of fitness-related social activity!" Maybe we could have social runs, or find local places to play with fitness challenges, maybe we just want to find a nice healthy restaurant, have some food, and swap notes, share ideas or workouts, and nerd out over whatever happens to be the topic. Mostly, we'll be able to have fun and help keep each other motivated. And, hell, who doesn't love finding more people in the area who share our common interests?
  5. This is a little old, but anyone still thinking about it? I'd be down to make this a goal.
  6. I do the same thing. Arms and shoulders are so weak. If I'm just doing one set, I'll go as long as I can and then finish out the set on my knees. If I'm doing circuits, I'll do the first set as many as I can straight, the second set half-and-half, and the third I'll do as many as I can again. If you're struggling, definitely stay at that level until you feel confident about moving on. Looks like you're doing pretty well! Keep on a-rockin!
  7. Thank you. It can be really hard to keep motivation up when so much goes wrong. But today IS a new day. I have already done better. I will continue doing better. I will get back into my chainmail-bikini body yet! (That's really anachronistic in a star trek-themed logthread. >.>)
  8. Stardate 67202.3. Well that went poorly. Beyond poorly, yesterday was an abject failure. In fact, yesterday was the most miserable day I've had in quite some time. I decided, toward the end of the evening, to just call it my cheat day and forgive myself. Yesterday started with the honoring of a fallen Brother in Arms as they transported his remains back to his family. It broke my heart, but the worst part of it was that I had to leave before the rest, because after working in the sun, having to stand completely still in the sun wasn't doing me any kindnesses. My head began to swim, and I had to go sit down before I fell down. It was absolutely humiliating. The rest of the day was mediocre-to-bad, ending with finding out that a friend of mine is being accused of a crime that I am absolutely certain he did not commit, then getting home to discover that The Small Beast had gotten sick, and sprayed liquid feces out in an impressive stream across my bedroom floor. So rather than have a workout when I got home, I spent an hour scrubbing vile-smelling, half-crusted, half liquid puppy poo off of my floor. I guess that burned some calories (about 140, according to MFP) but it wasn't exactly what I had in mind. So at this point I'd missed my morning walk, had a cookie AND a can of energy supplement, my normal walking partner is sick, and I'm just...done with the day. So I threw my hands up, called it a "cheat day," and went to have beer and pizza with friends. I got home feeling miserable, and couldn't sleep to save my life. Yesterday's "cheat day" stats: Morning Walk: No Evening walk: No Workout: No (It wasn't a workout day anyway, though.) Calorie deficit: No One unhealthy food limit: Not even a little bit. Update log: YES. I failed miserably, but am holding myself accountable. So that's a thing. I woke up this morning and didn't want to take the Beast out, because I wasn't sure if he was up with it. So I did a few circuits of the Beginner's Bodyweight Workout instead. But I'll write the log of today's activity later, when the time comes. Here's hoping today will be better than yesterday! Cheers! Vox out.
  9. Stardate 67200 I've recently embarked upon a personal journey of sorts--A quest, if you will. My end goal? Health, strength, virility, and eternal life. A journey of this magnitude requires the discipline of a Klingon Warrior, but I am only a human. So I'll track my progress here--I must record everything. My trials, my tribulations, my successes...and, most importantly, my failures. Although today is the first entry in this log, it is not my first day of my journey. However, as we cannot change the past, I will simply record from this moment on. I have identified a number of tasks that I feel are important to accomplish within certain parameters, and will record them below: Daily: One-mile walk in the morning with The Small Beast Two mile walk in the evening with The Small Beast, working in runs in increasing .5 mile increments Consume healthy food at a 500 calorie deficit Consume no more than one type of unhealthy food (1 can soda, 1 serving treat/chocolate/candy/etc.) Update log and keep track of progress Weekly: At least 3 body/light weight workouts Accomplish one 2-mile run, decreasing time each week Lose approximately one pound of unhealthy body weight, total of 10 pounds loss (or replace with healthy weight; this is a more fluid goal.) One food "cheat day" every week Consume no more than 3 alcoholic beverages Monthly: Reassess workout program and increase difficulty if necessary I'm afraid I've already broken two goals today, but my hope is that keeping this log will make me feel more accountable to myself. Wish me luck! I'll post a supplemental post at the end of the day to record my overall daily progress. Vox Out!
  10. I'm not sure what happened there. Take two. Baby puppy. Because adorable. He's a little older in this one, and he's taking care of me when I have a migraine. Here he's REALLY trying to figure out why he can't eat those. The obvious answer is because they explode. The less obvious answer is because they were my birthday present. (This one was about three weeks ago) And this is the most recent one I have. Those are his "uncles," my boyfriend's dogs. Imagine all of those beasts in one car. Also, because how could I not? My puppy's name is Mervin, The Sheriff of Rottingham. Because what else could I name a Rottweiler?
  11. Well now you've done it! Pictures of the puppy you shall get! He's only about 3 or 4 months old in this one, but it's freaking adorable.
  12. Greetings! I found NF in a quest for ways to eat healthy without breaking the bank, and I'm wondering how I never knew this existed, before. I was the last kid picked in gym, when I was in school. My idea of unwinding at the end of a long day is with a video game and a beer, or glass of wine. (For my theory on video games, see: http://xkcd.com/606/. I tend to play on a two-to-three year delay, though, and I don't expect my friends to crack up when I start making the jokes they've been making for years.) I consider myself a casual gamer, not an avid one. I prefer all of my media on my own terms--I don't tend to watch TV shows until I can get them in season-long chunks which I can watch at my leisure. I do still consider myself a game-lover, as well as a sci-fi lover, a book-lover, a Star Trek fan and a Star Wars fan. I love Firefly, but just don't get Doctor Who. I've tried. I'm all about classic rock, and think the best video game ever created by Man or God was Chrono Trigger. I'm a fashionista who wears blue jeans and t-shirts, and one of my hobbies (which I hope becomes lucrative) is combining literature and fashion in unique and fun ways. I'm an active duty military member, so I'm not unfamiliar with the world of fitness, however pretty much no one actually knows what they're doing when they plan military fitness sessions, so I like to work out on my own. When I can find the motivation, which is really where it's hard for me. Lately, life has been getting rather away from me, leaving me a little reeling and feeling out-of-control. There are, however, two things that I can control ALL THE TIME (unless I become physically disabled, and that would suck) and those things are CLEANING and MY HEALTH. So I'm trying to control the everloving crap out of those things. Also, I recently adoped a Rottweiler puppy, and he's getting to the point where people stop believing that he's only a puppy, because he weighs more than my neice. Anyway, at some point he's going to weigh close to what I do, and more than many women my height like to weigh. Which means, having a lower center of gravity, four legs for stability, and a helluvalot of muscle mass, he'll need a stronger me to take care of him. Besides that, I'm pushing 30 and I feel like five years ago is the right time to start making sure that I have as many good years ahead of me as I possibly can squeeze out of life. Better late than never.
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