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  1. I hear ya on trying to control what you can. Life is hard, there's a lot that you can't control. Focus on what you can control and make it better, and life improves. Rock on, you're already a Big Damn Hero to me!
  2. EXACTLY. Personally, I'd rather be confident about being who I am than confident about a delusion. XD
  3. That must require something that my work computer doesn't have, because it's loading a blank screen,
  4. I know. I pre-registered today so I can get notified when the date does come out. I think it would be an awesome goal, and I need something like that to help motivate me.
  5. Hi! I'm pretty much brand new here. I've just signed up and gotten started. Here's the thing. I am terrible at keeping myself going. I love having other people around me to encourage and motivate me. So I think to myself, "San Antonio's a huge city. There have GOT to be some kind of crazy nerdfolk in the area who would want to engage in some sort of fitness-related social activity!" Maybe we could have social runs, or find local places to play with fitness challenges, maybe we just want to find a nice healthy restaurant, have some food, and swap notes, share ideas or workouts, and nerd out over whatever happens to be the topic. Mostly, we'll be able to have fun and help keep each other motivated. And, hell, who doesn't love finding more people in the area who share our common interests?
  6. This is a little old, but anyone still thinking about it? I'd be down to make this a goal.
  7. Step one: Acquire basic hair-care products. XD
  8. I do the same thing. Arms and shoulders are so weak. If I'm just doing one set, I'll go as long as I can and then finish out the set on my knees. If I'm doing circuits, I'll do the first set as many as I can straight, the second set half-and-half, and the third I'll do as many as I can again. If you're struggling, definitely stay at that level until you feel confident about moving on. Looks like you're doing pretty well! Keep on a-rockin!
  9. Hence my suggestion of the Got2B. It's the one my boyfriend uses. It's a nice, subtle masculine scent and it goes well with most colognes. You can probably skip the hairspray. Maybe once you have your hair set the way you want, spray it lightly with water and blowdry it for just a moment.
  10. Thank you. It can be really hard to keep motivation up when so much goes wrong. But today IS a new day. I have already done better. I will continue doing better. I will get back into my chainmail-bikini body yet! (That's really anachronistic in a star trek-themed logthread. >.>)
  11. Okay, here's my advice. I like to keep my hair shorter as well, in the summer, and it gets irritating when you don't want to shower. First, invest in a dry shampoo. I like the one from LUSH, but there's about a million different kinds. Second, pomade and hairspray. For Pomade, I recommeng Got2B brand. It's cheap, functional, and has some stuff for dudes that smells good. You'll want one that's a little more solid, as opposed to the tackier, stickier stuff. (I recommend the one in the black jar that smells of tea tree. <3 ) Hit your hair with the dry shampoo. (You spray or dust it on, rub it through your hair, then rub or comb it out.) This will get rid of any unnecessary oil or other grossness, and it also helps to texture your hair a little. Next, take a bit of the pomade and rub it around in your palms, getting some between your fingers. Run your hands through your hair and shape it how you want, using the pomade on your fingers to get the pomade through your hair and style. When you get it looking how you want, finish with a little hairspray. (Aerosol, for sure, and anything more than medium hold should do.) In total, it should just take you a few minutes. Enjoy!
  12. Here's what always gets me. I'm not skinny. This is a simple fact. I'm five foot one and ~140 pounds. I'm not obese, I'm not fat, but I'm definitely not skinny. I have never been skinny. I have quite a bit of muscle, and rather a bit of curve, and that's just the way I'm made. For example: My calves are 17.5 inches in circumference. According to the fashion industry, that's HUGE. I frequently complain not because I have muscle, but because it is REALLY HARD TO FIND CUTE BOOTS into which I can cram my GIANT MUSCLELEGS. (Reference: Most fashion boots are between 13 and 15 inches. Do the math, and my legs don't fit.) So I make a comment along those lines, and IMMEDIATELY I get people telling me that I'm not the body type that I think I am. That I'm thin, that I'm tiny, that I'm skinny. I think they just think that that's what I want to hear? Or maybe short + not fat = skinny. I don't know. But it DRIVES ME INSANE. I LIKE my legs. I LIKE my muscles. I'm like Rosie the Riveter, but legs. Also, I don't want to be skinny. I was skinny once. I went on the stress-and-depression-and-poverty diet and dropped down below 120. You could see my ribs. It was bad. I'm just not meant to be that small. I want a little less squish in the places that should maybe be less squishy, but I don't ever want to be skinny again. So I guess that's the most annoying comment that I hear ALL THE TIME. People denying the body type I am and insisting that I'm the body type that they think I want to be.
  13. When my boyfriend and I had just started seeing each other, but weren't exclusive yet, I was flirting with another guy and telling my now-boyfriend about it. (Because full disclosure.) His response? "I bet I've gotten more endings in Chrono Trigger than he has." It was love from that moment on. Chrono Trigger is still our favourite game. <3
  14. Stardate 67202.3. Well that went poorly. Beyond poorly, yesterday was an abject failure. In fact, yesterday was the most miserable day I've had in quite some time. I decided, toward the end of the evening, to just call it my cheat day and forgive myself. Yesterday started with the honoring of a fallen Brother in Arms as they transported his remains back to his family. It broke my heart, but the worst part of it was that I had to leave before the rest, because after working in the sun, having to stand completely still in the sun wasn't doing me any kindnesses. My head began to swim, and I had to go sit down before I fell down. It was absolutely humiliating. The rest of the day was mediocre-to-bad, ending with finding out that a friend of mine is being accused of a crime that I am absolutely certain he did not commit, then getting home to discover that The Small Beast had gotten sick, and sprayed liquid feces out in an impressive stream across my bedroom floor. So rather than have a workout when I got home, I spent an hour scrubbing vile-smelling, half-crusted, half liquid puppy poo off of my floor. I guess that burned some calories (about 140, according to MFP) but it wasn't exactly what I had in mind. So at this point I'd missed my morning walk, had a cookie AND a can of energy supplement, my normal walking partner is sick, and I'm just...done with the day. So I threw my hands up, called it a "cheat day," and went to have beer and pizza with friends. I got home feeling miserable, and couldn't sleep to save my life. Yesterday's "cheat day" stats: Morning Walk: No Evening walk: No Workout: No (It wasn't a workout day anyway, though.) Calorie deficit: No One unhealthy food limit: Not even a little bit. Update log: YES. I failed miserably, but am holding myself accountable. So that's a thing. I woke up this morning and didn't want to take the Beast out, because I wasn't sure if he was up with it. So I did a few circuits of the Beginner's Bodyweight Workout instead. But I'll write the log of today's activity later, when the time comes. Here's hoping today will be better than yesterday! Cheers! Vox out.
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