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  1. Sunday Rower 30 minutes Treadmill, Run, 5 K
  2. Saturday 30 minute Rower, 5054m, just an easy warmup row Bench Press 5 X Bar 5 @ 40 5 @ 50 3 @ 60 1 @ 65 1 @ 70 1 @ 75 1 @ 77.5 1 @ 80 kg
  3. Friday Rower 30 minutes, 6010m Squat 10 X 10 @ 60 Leg Press 10 X 10 @ 380 Treadmill, 20 minutes, incline 5, 2km Re registered with Powerlifting Australia yesterday, hope to return to competition in 2 weeks, I will be below Par and I will not have been on the drug testing list for long enough to break records BUT it will be my first comp since winning at the Aus Championships in 2009.
  4. Thursday 30 minutes Rower (4812m) Bench 10 X 10 @ 55 (took a little more tha a minute between sets, a couple of reps were dodgy, keep to same weight next session) Seated Row 10 X 10 @ 55 OH Shrugs 10 X 10 @ 42.5 Deadlift/Shrug Super Sets 10 X 10 @ 60 kg HR monitor battery died, time to replace before tomorrow
  5. Wednesday is Cardio Day/Rest Day Morning - Rower 30 minutes, 5604 metres After Lunch at home - Stationary Bike 1 hour, 22.7 Km Diet - On track Weight - down 700 gram, nice to see after a slight stall Back to the gym this afternoon to coach youngest son, he has decided to compete this year as a Sub-Junior Powerlifter in the Under 53 kg class, Yay. Also I will be re registering to compete tomorrow (Pay Day lol) I need to be back on the random drug testing list for 3 months before I can break any records so back to being ultra careful with any non natural stuff I put in my mouth. I have b
  6. The only pink piece of training gear I own is my Inzer powerlifting belt, and only because my husband dared me.
  7. For me it is AD&D (hybrid 1st/2nd edition) and Warhammer Fantasy (Skaven)
  8. It has been so long I can't really remember how much my first was but it should not matter how much your lifting compared to others unless of course your on the lifting platform in competition. As for progress Guzzi, I am almost back to square one after injury, my all time PB is 160 kg but at the moment I am doing high reps as part of rehab.
  9. To finish off yesterday I spent 20 minute on the bike (8.5 km) Today (Tuesday) Rower, 30 minutes, 5807m Squat 10 X 10 @ 60 kg (should be higher but making sure every rep is perfect, GVT 1 minute rest between sets) Leg Press 10 X 10 @ 380 kg (Again GVT 1 minute rest between sets) Treadmill 20 minutes incline 5, 1.81 km Will Spend time on the bike later Diet: looking good, 1 month and no slip ups, stalled a bit this week (only 1/2 kg down)
  10. Saturday was cardio with a very short squat session (80 X 2, 100, 120) , felt the need to put a couple of Brotards in their place lol, a long way below my best but not bad the day after leg day !. (Brotards were loudly making a big deal about 1/4 squats at 60) Sunday - Rest Day Today (Monday) Rower, 30 minutes 6004 metres Bench 10 X 10 @ 52.5 - better groove than last session at this weight, kept rest at 1 minute, only failed to hit my chest a couple of times Seated Row 10 X 10 @ 55 Overhead Shrugs 10 X 10 @ 40 Deadlift 10 X 10 @ 40 super set with standard shrugs 10 X 10 @40 Treadmill i
  11. Yesterday (Thursday) 5 minutes Rower Bench Press 10 X 10 @ 52.5 Break to take son to speech therapy Rower 30 minutes 5749 metres Seated Row 10 X 10 @ 55 Overhead Shrug 10 x 10 @ 30 Deadlift 5 X 10 @ 40 Treadmill incline 5, 20 minutes 1.73 km Today (so far) Rower 30 minutes 5100 metres Squat 10 X 10 @ 60 Leg Press 10 X 10 @ 360 Still getting my groove back for squat and deadlift, weight down to 93.7
  12. Today was Cardio/Recovery day including rower,treadmill (incline 10), Climber and stationary bike. Diet is still cheat free with only 7 grams of carbs consumed (Vegetables) Weight is down again I have DOMS from yesterday in hamstrings and glutes but expected due to bringing Squats back into my training. A new centre has just opened down the coast from where I live which has hydrostatic weighing and DEXA they have opening specials on for groups of 5 so my gym is organising members into groups of 5 to take advantage of the good prices next month, it will be interesting to compare callipe
  13. Just finished an OK gym session CW:94 Kg GW:83 Kg Rower, 30 minutes 5800m Squat 10 X 10 @ 60 - not happy with depth on all reps, need to get back into the groove, core felt weak Leg Press 10 X 10 @ 360 Treadmill, 5 incline 20 minutes 2.1 Km Diet: 2 and a bit weeks back into it, no cheating, no cravings, increased calories and still dropping nicely
  14. It has been a while since I last posted on the forum, motivation to post was sort of lacking while I was recovering from a Shoulder Injury. I have been back lifting for 2 weeks after finally getting clearance from my Physiotherapist. Ultimately my goal is to get back to the point where I can Break the Australian Master Record in Ladies Bench Press but in the short term my goals are 1. Get back to competition bodyweight 2. Rebuild muscle endurance 3. Return to Heavy lifting Problems that need to be overcome or Endured 1. Calcified Rotator Cuff (Not the same injury that I have just reco
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