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  1. Excited for this next 6 week challenge. Feeling motivated!

  2. I'm really liking this squatting thing... Up to 125 lbs.

    1. Valerius


      That's AWESOME! keep up the good work

  3. Began squatting and am already up to 75 lbs. Still working on correct form, but it feels good!

  4. Started the Beginner Body Weight Workout on Monday. I was actually excited to get home and workout. That's a first.

    1. daniellecaryn


      I started on monday too! Did my second round today...amazed i got through it a second time...doesn't look like much, but it's tough when you're out of shape

    2. Why not?

      Why not?

      That excitement is a good feeling, isn't it :D

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