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  1. Easily hit 47.5kg on my squats on Wednesday- definitely going for 50kg next time, which most likely won't be until saturday. Ran 7km today, mostly at around 9km/h. I have NEVER run that fast before, but today, as I was on the treadmill at the gym, I just kept on increasing the speed, and was STUNNED at how easy I found it!
  2. Well I'd say it's pretty important to enjoy your gym, and for you to want to be there!
  3. So true! Haven't these people heard of YouTube?
  4. Oh no! I'd never be able to lift 45kg on to my shoulders without the rack! Where are you and what gym do you belong to? Only asking because I'm struggling to believe there exists a gym that doesn't have a squat rack! Are you on a contract? Are there any other gyms in your area?
  5. Well I made it back to the gym on saturday and SMASHED 45kg on my squats! It wasn't even that difficult! Today (Monday) I actually PAID a babysitter to mind my kids so I didn't have to skip a lifting session- how's that for dedication to my goals? I squatted 45kg again, but I'm definitely ready to add 2.5kg on Wednesday. I also DL'd 55kg- almost my bodyweight! Made 20kg on the OHP, but that was HARD, so I don't think I'll be increasing the weight on that one for a while! About to wash the car with the kids, and if I'm feeling like it, I may do the YouTube butt workout again- just to give t
  6. Hi AttackBunny- my first thought it that strengthening the muscles could only help, but if you've had issues with your shoulders in the past, I'd say its important that you do your OHP and BP with PERFECT form. Do you belong to a gym? A qualified trainer would be the best person to teach you proper form.
  7. Yes it is- we do pubs well here!
  8. How did you find NROLW routines? I LOVED the book for its info and motivation, but thought the workouts looked to complicated for me. I went with SL 5x5, to which I add extra lifts when I want. I'm curious to know about the NROLW routine- how long did it take per workout? Did you do any cardio? Would you recommend it?
  9. This is so inspiring! I've been terrified to try, but now, I'm going to!
  10. Wow! My bench press is almost half of my squat, but upper body strength has always been my......weakness!Well done you!
  11. Awesome! I honestly think I could devour several Big Macs, but maybe if I actually tried, I'd have the same reaction as you!
  12. LMAO at the mental image of the T-rex!!! I really tried to squeeze my shoulders during the pullups today- it felt good, but I needed 26kg of help on the machine! Oh well- gotta start somewhere!
  13. Let's post our goals for the weekend, and report back when we've achieved them You in? I'll start: 1. Make my way through pile Everest-sized mountain of laundry, (weather is hot and windy, so perfect for drying). 2. Clean entire house, including mopping floors (will be using kids as slave labour to help achieve this goal)! DONE 3. Iron ALL of DH's shirts! 4. Write a meal plan and shopping list for the coming week, including lunches for DH to take to work. 5. Take DD for a big walk with hills (excellent for her state of mind). 6. Hit the gym! Lifting session with squats, BP, and pullups (hopi
  14. In in Bowral in the Southern Highlands NSW. Loving all these Aussie rebels!
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