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  1. I did it again yesterday, 10m at medium pace. I know It's late, but IT'S NEVER TOO LATE
  2. I did 15:19m, 2.21km! That's an improvement. NEVER LOSE HOPE
  3. Yesterday I ran 12:30m, easy pace. That was great, I hope to do this again.
  4. I did 12:00! Never lose hope. Even after your challenge has been closed and you already forgot about this site.
  5. I'll never give up! I'm going to do some running.
  6. Just finished a session with the teacher. He says that there's a way to move without suffering *while* moving. I really don't understand how it works, but I've seen stuff. I'll just wait some more.
  7. All the problems starts from my internal mess. I often tend to give up on things, even if they're important to me. I... I don't really know what to do about that. But. If someone told you there's a way, an opportunity to cure whatever your problem is, would you take it, or just let it slip? About five years ago I met a man who teaches a very unique martial art, also probably an ancient one. It's called Selflessness. Comes from north africa, Selflessness revolves around balancing happiness with determination. The ultimate student of this art subdues evil without losing his abillity to show compassion, still being happy inside. It's crazy, but it works. A lil' bit. It takes time to ace this (and I'm the most nervous guy in the universe), but it works. It hasn't fixed my tendancy to fail in every test that requires commitment and perseverance, but I'm damn sure getting closer! Just a little more self believing...
  8. I'll have to stretch the challenge. Not enough time is left. I'll Never give up!
  9. Hi guys, Vbeen a very intense weeks. A lot of work. Didn't run at all. I hope to finish the challenge as expected.
  10. I got a present for you. I know you like D.C., and I know you like jumping. So I got you The complete list of White House security breaches.
  11. 020516 Today it's 20m easy pace run, and again 7:6:6:8:9. Must overcome challenge.
  12. Can you post here the yoga/cardio schedule? 3 liters a-day sounds to me like a crazy thing.
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