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  1. I remade those healthy cookies. this time I put a banana and chopped pitted prunes and a nit of salt and cinnamon. they taste ok. I made then thinner and kept the cooking time the same, as I said they taste ok. I think I may just stop trying to make these good. they are healthy cookies, unless they have chocolate in them (70% of course) I don't think they will be much nicer.
  2. if ive eaten too much ginger and lemon tea help to settle my stomach, then a slow walk making sure I kinda wiggle my hips a bit to massage my stomach, it sounds stupid but it works and you may have some gas stuck where you've eaten a meal you don't usually eat. laying down is the worst as you'll get reflux where the food is going backwards, sit up naturally and twist slightly. the movement helps and you get in a bit of a stretch too. Feeling sick through food sucks, especially when its good for you food. hope some of this helps xx
  3. way to go issa! good to see your hard work has paid off!
  4. wahoo!!!! go you!! sometimes it seems my body gets sick because I have changed things like my diet or that I am actually exercising! Beat that cold dude! and go and beat your record! good to see you're still in the game!
  5. Lunges are my least favourite. im really unbalanced so get wobbly at around 10-11. Good to see you are still on track and still going! good luck for week 3
  6. What a fantastic read. So happy for you that you have been doing so well. Have your legs got back to normal now after the body weight circuits. I did the same as you and was pretty cripple for a few days. Family visiting is hard for eating out. We live on the other side of the world to our families so when ever they come here or we go there its as if all they want to do is feed us. And well done on your weight loss too! Well done!
  7. way to go beeza!!! excellent week 2. Do hope you are feeling much better and probably the fudge and the good lesson helped Good weight loss too@ keep it up for week 3!
  8. the start of week 2 went well. I did my running and circuits then from Wednesday on wards it was a battle against all odds. loooooong days at work met with no days off for 2 months and a touch of oh woe is me. big fat F for me for week 2. Today I did my running without the puppy as we had a long walk on the beach and over the sand dunes as I forgot what exit to take and ended up walking nearly double the distance going back on my self. plus she vomited a load of sand, shells, grass and cuttlefish just as we were getting in the car, she eats everything. Even though I missed 2 exercise days I was faster than last Monday. I do the same distance and judge it on where I am when the app finishes. I did 3 circuits much faster and much easier too, so I'm well chuffed. So I didn't quit at the first hurdle of life giving me the sh**s. I also did 10 mins of yoga stretches to finish off my work out. A for the day!
  9. thanks guys! so good to have some support through this! last night I made some 'cookies' with coconut flour. the recipe said to use protein powder but I don't have any so I ground chia to make meal. it kinda worked, it uses flax ground too. its full of energy, like a home made energy bar but without the nuts. I must but a rolling pin. cant believe I still don't have one. I made them a bit too thick so they came out more like round energy bars than cookies. the taste is less than desired but I have an idea to add some fruits in there to give them a bit of a kick. I also separated eggs successfully too. domestic goddess? maybe So for breakfast it is one cookie and a large long black. Ive made my lunch of chicken thighs and we're going out for a friends birthday for dinner. ill take another 'cookie' to work for later. no exercise today but ill be running around at work so that night count. that's the plan for the day. later rebels
  10. Week 2 day 1 Had a crazy rush around this morning getting ready to open up for work so had a coffee breakfast which made me so very hungry at about 1pm and where I was in a tizz I forgot my lunch so raided the kitchen at work for sausage rolls and pie *cough* and a cheese and ham and tomato toastie. That's all ive had to eat today. I know its bad and I should have been more organised so minus points for that. When I got home I was fried but I still took puppy out for a run. I start my app at the same point every time and today I finished closer to home. I could run faster with out being so out of breath and no pain in my leg! yahoo its paying off! go me. Then I did the body weight circuit and smashed that too. Maybe its cheating but ive been doing my lunges static as I really hurt myself from not being able to balance. I can now feel it when I go down, so im taking it slow with those. BUT I did the whole thing AND THEN a yoga routine to stretch out. I feel so much better today. after those lunges I have a twinge in my leg but if I keep doing what im doing it will get better because it has already in just a week. So apart from my diet today I feel good about starting this week.
  11. try swapping your carbs. Why type are you eating? potatoes, bread, pasta? my naturopath told me that if I wanted say spaghetti, I could peel vegetables like carrots and zucchini and blanch them. its pretty fun making it too.
  12. Thanks deftona. C25k is good for me as I'm starting all over again. It's a steady progression.weeks 1 and 2 are the same but it does make sense. My puppy gets a bit confused when I slow down, but sometimes when I speed up she thinks I'm gonna sprint and I've nearly fallen over a few times as she pulls me along. It's pretty funny when she does it as we walk past people, they try to catch me haha. I'm ready and looking forward to week 2 too lol
  13. Ok I know I said no exercise BUT, I was looking over the yoga videos I had on my play list and did a morning flexibility one. it was just over 7 minutes but my body feel awake and ready for the day. egg and mushroom scramble for brekkie, I have sweet potato, parsnip and sprouts roasting in the oven ready to take with me for lunch and ive had 2 coffees. I know they are not paleo as I have milk in them but that's my 20% bad for the day. I was planning on cooking chicken for lunch too but its still frozen. (I freeze it as I buy in bulk so save a few $, its still fresh)
  14. Well you did it but at least you now can feel the difference between you before the takeaway and after! Its so amazing how food can affect us.
  15. well done dude! giving yourself some free space at the weekend is great for keeping on track, you cant be all work and no play, you'd be mental and burn your self out, or rather eat what ever is in front of you and then feel guilty. that kg you lost is body weight, its slow and steady, once your metabolism get kicked in it will be more. your times are good too. keep at it, you're doing great!
  16. just as Susan said you did it once before, you can do it again! Do you know what the trigger is for your binging? I used to binge eat when I was depressed, then felt bad half way and thought 'if I've eaten this much all ready I might as well carry on'. It took a lot of looking at me as a whole (including my crazy emotional brain) to come to peace with my emotions so that I didn't shove food in me when I got upset at anything. Also I found that if I only had fresh produce in my fridge the only thing I could binge on was celery sticks and carrots. they helped with the crunch factor you get from chips. Good luck with the Paleo, I eat 80% as I like dairy way too much. How did your first week go?
  17. Hi Epsilonx2, You've had a great first week!!! great going with the running. I'm doing c25k and like you was a bit sore and out of breath, but ivee done it 4 times this week now and so much better at it. Try to pick 3 veggies you really like and cook them in different ways every meal. It stops you from getting bored with the same thing and also your housemates will love you for the originality! I love roasting halved brussel sprouts with a little honey, a few cloves of garlic and strips of bacon, its a great side dish or as a yummy comfort snack. Good luck for week 2 x
  18. Although today was a rest day I completed week1 day 3 again and found it much easier than yesterday. I feel more confident about going in to week 2 now. The pain in my right leg is going away now, its still there every now and then but I'm doing real deep stretches after work outs and its really loosening those muscles. After the work out I did a few sun salutations and then ended up doing a few workouts from YouTube. so big plus today. Tomorrow I have a whole day at work so no exercise. just need to be careful of what I eat as I've been slipping a bit with a pie or sausage roll and a sandwich this week, but I've had so many veggies I think I've done pretty good. the meal plan slipped a bit, I was very close to sticking to it, I think I for next week I will be a little less ambitious and more realistic. some of the things I put together looked good on paper but were not so good taste and satisfaction wise. Hope you all had a good week. Good luck for week 2 every one
  19. it was great to not feel like I was going to die at the end of the run. I walk a further at the end so its at least a 45 min journey for my pup. she still tries to jump all over me when im working out. it gets very distracting haha
  20. seems like a good end to a sad story, good for you for being forgiving and good for you for not going on a bender. Bring on next week!
  21. Good on ya! you've done great this week. keep it up for next week!
  22. hahaha, that really isn't far off what I was doing. Was good today, my body was thankful I had a day of rest yesterday. Did day 3 of c25K then the circuit then lots and lots of stretching!!!! still getting pain in my leg but it was nothing like Wednesday so I'm happy about that. my planks and push ups are getting stronger and my butt doesn't move around so much, I'm having trouble to balance when in doing lunges so need to hold on to the wall, just a finger stops me from wobbling all over the place, I think that's where I hurt my self, going down in the wrong position. Tolsimir you have bought up the yogi in me again. this will help my lunges no end, thank you!!
  23. yoga used to be part of my daily routine of group classes. before my sister wedding we both did nearly 3 hours a the gym 5 days a week, the last session was always yoga. It helped so much with everything. even now, ive stopped practicing, I go into downward dog when I need to think, and I may sound corny but the blood rushing to my head actually makes me think better. focusing on breathing and just being for a few moments has saved my sanity and many relationships and helped me make decisions. good decisions at that. so its very good for fitness and flexibility but its also very good for your mind.
  24. yay!! wtg beeza! Wall push ups are a great way to get your posture right. Good to see you're mixing your meats up too!
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