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  1. I don't take any offense to it but you're just giving him very, very poor advice. Barely a post went by where the OP didn't mention his discomfort at doing certain exercises. You're just wrong in your view on machines and effectively telling him the only way to work out is by doing exercises he is uncomfortable with is very dangerous. He could potentially hurt himself. The biggest problem I have with fitness communities is the misguided belief that PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN SQUAT SQUAT SQUAT is the only way to exercise. Barbell squats are great but there are perfectly fine alternatives
  2. How much muscle are you looking to put on? I might just concentrate on body weight exercises if you're just looking to tone up and get in better shape.
  3. Have you guys tried using an elliptical machine? That's pretty low impact.
  4. I know you're looking to lift your daughter but I would make weight loss your main priority right now. I'm not really good at judging a woman's body but at 245 lbs you're roughly 100 to 130 lbs overweight. It's not so much that you're unable to carry your daughter as it is you're unable to carry the additional weight and your daughter. That's a lot to put on a 5'2 frame even before adding your daughter's 60 lbs. Compound exercises like bench press, shoulder press, rows, deadlifts, and squats are a great place to start but I would recommend adding a lot of walking too. Start buying audio
  5. What are your goals? You might get more out of a program like Insanity, body weight exercises, or just jogging regularly if you're looking to slim down and tone up a little bit.
  6. Starting Strength and Strong Lifts are both excellent programs but there really is nothing wrong with using the machines either. Weight lifting is a lot like computer programming in that there is no set right way to do anything. Pulley machines, in particular, are great and probably better than the free weight equivalent. I workout with a barbell but if you're uncomfortable using free weights than I would stick to the machines for a little while. I also think counting calories is a waste of time. At the end of the day there are only three options. You're either going to gain weight, los
  7. Plenty of people eat rice and bread without being overweight. I'm one of them. Losing weight is about having a calorie deficit. You can either consume less calories or burn more off exercising. I find "eating better" to be a lot easier than eating less but your mileage my vary.
  8. It's vital to set realistic goals then reward yourself for meeting those goals but I disagree on them being input based rather than results oriented. It's very motivating to be working toward something specific, especially when you start meeting the short term goals to get you to your long term ones. The important thing is to keep them realistic. Setting unrealistic goals for yourself is a recipe for disaster but make sure the goals are still challenging. You also need to reward yourself for a job well done, proportional to the goal. I found myself on the path to fitness when friends
  9. I like the StrongLifts 5x5 program. It's an easy to follow beginning weight lifting program that emphasis large muscle groups. What are your goals though?
  10. Thanks. I'll have to check it out. Does anyone else have any others?
  11. I find hitting the gym early in the morning and planning my meals ahead of time to be a tremendous help. It's easier to avoid skipping workouts or eating unhealthy when you take care of those things right away.
  12. Does anyone have any really good lifting apps, especially for iPhones? StrongLifts had an excellent one but it doesn't seem to be compatible with iOS 7+. I'm just looking for something basic that tracks exercises, weight, and reps. I wouldn't say no to a timer either.
  13. That's enough for just about any strength training plan - within reason. What are your goals?
  14. Negatives are fine if you don't belong to a gym but the lat pulldown machine is a better option. I don't know why machines get such a bad rep but this is an excellent machine to use until you build up enough strength for pull ups.
  15. That is a pretty bad idea. "Pre workout" is just a very high dose of caffeine and should be avoided, especially at 260 lbs. The heart has enough problems as it is when a person is that over weight and putting it into overdrive will likely lead to a heart attack. Jogging/walking is also a pretty bad idea at 260 lbs. Both are surprisingly high impact, even on a treadmill, and can lead to knee problems. A better option is walking on an incline and doing some light weight lifting. Starting Strength and Strong Lifts are two popular beginning weight lifting plans. If there is one good th
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