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  1. Thanks for the support, guys. It means a lot. Ian Fin 8 - I'm doing the Centaur Subaru Half Marathon at the Calgary Marathon this year. It wasn't my intended goal race for 2014 - I had originally planned to go to Vegas and do the half on the Strip at night. But this one in Calgary is local for me, and that cuts down on the expense considerably! I am also thinking about the Dinosaur Valley Half in September in Drumheller. I did the 10K there in 2012 and it was amazing, but it may interfere with plans to do the Spartan Super and/or Beast. TXWarrior - the child analogy? Amazing. And timely.
  2. I'd say the Ta Ta Tamers are closer to "real" bra sizes. I wear a 34DD in fancy bras and a 36D in the Ta Ta Tamer. The sizing chart was pretty accurate for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Current battle song is Count Your Bruises by The Flatliners. It's upbeat, I love the lyrics, and the title is highly appropriate for me given that I received no less than four new bruises playing ball hockey on Sunday, and a favourite conversation topic amongst my teammates is comparing bruise locations and severity.
  4. I hear you on the sleeplessness. I bailed on yesterday's 30m on the treadmill because I hadn't slept in over a day. Better to rest and set yourself back a bit on your training than to push too hard when your body isn't ready for it.
  5. The most important tip for learning to cook: slow down. Don't get your heat cranked up too high. Take your time and pay attention. You can totally do it. I've taught many people to cook, it's not as hard as it looks! And starting out with simple recipes can be a real confidence-booster, too.
  6. TXWarrior, thank you for the comments! I will absolutely not disregard, because you have said some things that are important for me to keep in the back of my brain. Being open and respectful has been hard for me, because he has not shown me the same courtesy, so I tend to be volatile. In addition, I tend to internalize a lot of the hurtful things I hear - way back when I did counseling in my early 20s, I remember my counselor commenting that I seem to say horrible things to myself in an effort to make the horrible things said by other people hurt less. I totally do. And then I retreat into an
  7. This made me laugh out loud in the middle of my quiet office. I got a few stares. I agree with either modifying your current bra, or finding a more supportive one. Racerbacks are often good. Bounce prevention is important for me at all times of the month, so I have several bras for just such a scenario.
  8. I just talk about it as matter-of-factly as I can. I twisted my ankle and it's still tender, I'm tired because I didn't sleep last night, oh hey my period started and I feel kind of run down. Whatever. It's a period, not an infectious disease. I don't really care if dudes are squicked out about it, I'm not asking them to get in there and check it out.
  9. I've had varying levels of bustiness. At my (nursing) largest I was a 38F, and I wore an Enell bra that was like some kind of torture device. I had to put it on like a vest, and it had so many hooks to do up. But you know? It held them in place. No moving, no bouncing. It worked like a charm. And I wasn't even in the biggest size they make, so clearly they also work for ladies bustier than I was. I'm still pretty busty but significantly smaller, and now I'm into the Lululemon Ta Ta Tamers. Stupidest name ever for a bra, but they're comfortable and keep my still DD girls in check for running
  10. beefit - I'm usually a short-distance runner. Most of my runs just for the sake of running are in the 4-7k range, usually around 5.5k because it's a convenient distance for me to run both in time and in route during my lunch break at work. Admittedly my runs have been short lately, even shorter than my usual 5.5k, because I've had to run on the treadmill or outside in the snow and I've given up sooner than I would if I were running outdoors in good conditions. I haven't had my run buddies with me lately, and that makes it easier for me to quit sooner than I would otherwise. So. That said, ye
  11. Ahhh, the cycle of punishment and reward! I get that. It has been a downfall of mine as well, and I agree that it's a terrible habit to fall into, and likely the root of some problems. The support of friends is invaluable - I also fall into the same pattern of not caring so much when someone else is watching. That's part of the reason I'm here, I need to be accountable, and not just sweep it under the proverbial rug.
  12. Working out at home counts as success to me! You didn't sit on the couch, and that's what really matters.
  13. I need to add that carb goal to my list. Maybe next time around! White carbs are my nemesis and my best friend, haha.
  14. Just reading over your quest - great goals. I can totally related to the obese family thing - my mom's heart attack at age 51 was my wake-up call. I've found in my 2+ years of trying to live healthier, that what you eat will have a more dramatic impact on weight loss than the training. I can train and train and train but if I'm eating garbage, the flab goes nowhere. Also, the very mention of handstand push ups makes me dizzy. I can hardly do a set of regular ones! T-Rex arms here.
  15. Reading that you had such a good day gave me a smile this morning. So glad to read it. I understand the fear-but-doing-it-anyway thing - I tackled a similar beast yesterday. Here's to more days like yesterday!
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