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  1. I know what thread your referring to, I was reading that same one and almost commented, and then I saw how you got jumped on haha, Honestly, i saw nothing wrong with your comment. I tend to be the same at times, I don't sugar coat things. But, some people can't receive advice unless its wrapped up in a pretty bow with rainbows and butterflies, just how it is. I agreed it was a well written post, but at the end of the day, don't over complicate things, especially exercise, and especially if you're a new. In case of a new runner, in my opinion, the post wouldn't of helped that much, you need to
  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!! Hahaha, yes I agree, 2 classes was probably overkill for a first time. I would Alternate days from Thai to strength and conditioning.
  3. Very true! Sometimes you have to work with what you have. Definitely ask for a spotter if available to conserve the energy, if that's the method.
  4. I also have this book, great info on the minimalist training. I see you are using a lot of sandbag work, Ross also has a book dedicated to sandbag training. I have and read a few of his books now.
  5. I agree with most of what is on here but, Do not lift the bar from the rack, you pull it from the rack using your lats. Also when lowering the bar, don't flare out your elbows and the bar should descend below your nipples and not your chest.
  6. I've done Thai for a few years, really enjoyed it, great conditioning as well. And as another poster suggested, you won't know for sure, until your try them out, and see what you enjoy best. It's not just about the training, it's always about the whole experience. Good luck and enjoy!!
  7. Yes its normal, depending on your form. Good chance your like myself and your squat is every quad dominant. Doesn't mean your form is terrible, just might need to work on a few things. I focus on supplementary exercises for my hamstrings, as they are very weak (bridges, good morning, stiff leg). I also, de-load from week to week and focus more on volume rather then heavy. That way I can hit squats more often, as my recovery is faster. Like yourself, I dont have this issue with deadlifts. I would start foam rolling as well, if you haven't already. I tend to warm up with bodyweight squats, jus
  8. I have both my oldest girls in Wing chun currently. It's great for self defense, and they really enjoy it. With that said, if you're looking to also get conditioning, it's probably not the best choice for your. Even the sifu, who is very knowledgeable and great, said that it's "the lazy man's martial art" haha, I laughed when he said this, but he's right. Doesn't make it less effective mind you. I've studied many different martial arts over 10+ years, they all have there good and bad.
  9. A couple of things that have helped my grip strength is doing pull ups or chin ups on an unconventional bar or surface, that makes my hand grip wider and longer. I'll also hang from an Oly bar, in a chin or pull up position and do isometric holds in different positions Works my grip and forearms really well.
  10. Twerk set!!!!! hahaha seriously some of the funniest vids ever on his channel. In for Jo's awesomeness and Dom vids. Seen a lot of your post on here and on MFP, much respect.
  11. I hear ya brother! Its a long road. I'm 3 years into my shoulder injury (happened twice), and a year for the elbow. They still bother me from time to time, so I always have to cautious. The OHP I think for me, was more elbow issue then shoulder at the time. For Bench, I read a lot about the way powerlifters do it, watched tons of videos, and realized, I had been doing it the wrong way for years. Then looked at my p/u, and noticed the same thing, wish someone would of pointed that out years ago haha.
  12. I had/have a similiar issue as what you are describing. I still feel certain movements, but it has gotten a lot better. Here is what worked for me: 1) Stopped using barbells, and had to switch to Dumbbells. I found less stress on my shoulder (I was also having elbow issues, so that helped as well) 2) Stopped any kind of dips for the time being (especially bench tricep dips) 3) No Barbell OHP 3) Dumbbell swing, superset with Dumbbell push press 4) Broke down my bench press and push up mechanics, and realized I had elbows too much flared out and was causing my issues. same thing for p/u. 5) I
  13. To be honest, there is so many factors involved when trying to determine what Martial art to pick. What are your goals? Competition? Fitness? Defensive skills? Street skills? Traditional? Weapons? Available in your area?
  14. It does!! I use a light nylon speed rope, and when i'm barefoot, and miss a revolution, it sucks!! haha
  15. I honestly have no idea if and when I can. I started straight nights in the spring, so with that scheduled, work all night, kids all day, then sleep the evenings, all the classes at my current MMA gym is evenings like most places. I looked everywhere in my areas for any Thai/boxing/kickboxing gyms, and nobody has morning classes, except bootcamps, which I have no interest. So I hit the bag at home, and I have a timer for Rds. I also have mitts and pads, but finding someone hold them is another story haha pad work can be humbling for the pad holder for sure, the great fighters never go anywhe
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