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  1. how to derail my workouts for the week - have the VP of the department I was trying to move to announce that he's leaving and that I'm going to be helping with the transition. While my coworker is out and I'm picking up some of her work. A week before I go on vacation. This is a fantastic opportunity and it will be great, in a month.
  2. Skydiving rescheduled for Wednesday! Weekend eating fail. Regained any weight I had lost. Grumble. Will go to the gym and lift after work. But....I got a 115# bench PR on Friday! Starting stats: Weight: 159.7 Fat Mass: 57.2 Squat 3x5 150 Bench Press 3x5 115 (PR!) Shoulder Press 3x5 65 Deadlift 3x5 165 Power Clean 3x5 75 Pullups 1
  3. No skydiving last night due to weather conditions but I went over to my friend's place and did 5 chin-ups on his bar! Can't decide if they totally count because the bar is low enough that my feet could land on the floor between each rep and my arms didn't totally lock out. But still!!!
  4. Went for a run with my bf this morning! 2mi at 9:30 pace, 1.3 more at 11:00. Keeping on track with diet this week and going skydiving tonight!!!
  5. Small fender bender on my bike last night when I rear ended a SUV who came to a sudden stop (for a biker going the wrong way!) and bashed my hand into his car. But I still went to karate. And was supposed to go lift with a friend today to show them all the lifts in starting strength and figured I'd take it a bit easy. But their alarm didn't go off and once I got to the gym, I decided to go big or go home. 150# squat, almost back to my PR! Squat 3x5 150 Shoulder Press 3x5 65 Power Clean 3x5 75 Asst Pullup 3x5 30
  6. Weight is still back on a downward trend and I went for my run this morning. 3.4 miles, 1.25 mi tempo at 6.5 in the middle. And karate class tonight.
  7. New week, fresh start! Made lunch for the week last night, which I'd fallen off track on. But didn't get much sleep this weekend so skipping the gym today because rest is important. Weekly stats update: Starting stats: Weight: 158.8 Fat Mass: 57 (both still up from start of challenge, but moving back down!) Squat 3x5 145 Bench Press 3x5 110 Shoulder Press 3x5 65 Deadlift 3x5 160 Power Clean 3x5 75 Pullups 1 Still on track with the running plan. Need to pick an October 5k
  8. Sigh, the scale keeps moving the wrong way because I keep going out for lunch or dinner with friends for various reasons. Plus I have my period this week. I'm totally failing on diet, but at least I'm doing well on training: Yesterday: Squat 3x5 145 Bench 3x5 110 Deadlift 3x5 160 Asst Pullup 4x5 30 Skipping my run today cause I'm leaving work early for the family bris. Will do it tomorrow.
  9. Life is determined to throw me off my routine. Got news yesterday that a friend and former coworker passed away this weekend and the wake is tonight. On the flip side, my boyfriend's nephew's bris is Thursday. Got up early to run before work since I'll be heading out to the suburbs after work. 3 miles, 1mi at 9:15 pace. It's good to be alive and running.
  10. Uggggghhhhh. Last week sucked. I can manage ok as long as I'm in my regular routine, but last week I stayed over at a friend's due to not wanting to bike home in a crazy thunderstorm, then had 2 days of training, and then went to my bf's family reunion. And now my scale is out of battery and I have my period and am all cramps. Grrrr. Anyway, back on track for workouts this week, easing back a bit due to the week off. Squat 3x5 140 Shoulder Press 3x5 65 Hang Clean 3x5 75 Asst Pullup 3x5 40
  11. Keepin on track and playing the long game! The scale is nudging back downwards and I had a decent day lifting today. Gotta try to keep it on track over the weekend. Squat 3x5 140 Bench 3x5 105 Deadlift 3x5 155 Pullup 2! Asst Pullup 1x5 30
  12. Sigh, diet will be my downfall this week. Lunch out 3/5 days, dinner out 2/5 days. I'm staying within my calorie goals, but I'm definitely going over on carbs and the scale is moving in the opposite direction, despite ramping up my running and lifting again this week. Oh well, this is the long game, but it would be nice to see early signs of progress to help motivate me. 1mi warmup 1 mi temp at 6.5mph 1m cooldown
  13. Yesterday's diet was off to a bit of a rough start due to a new hire lunch at work at an Italian place. oh good ciabatta dipped in olive oil and balsamic... So I was over my carb goal by a ways, but kept in my calorie goals and also got to the gym. But carbs Squat 3x5 140 Shoulder Press 3x5 70 Hang Clean 3x5 80 Asst Pullup 3x5 40 Today I've already gone for an interval run, which felt pretty good. It's fun checking stats on my new Fitbit and watching my heart rate spike with the intervals. Also have karate tonight, so I had half a bagel with my yogurt. I didn't make lunch for the week (since I'm going out for lunch almost every day, which will be the ruin of me, but hey networking), so it looks like I'll have prosciutto and for lunch. Mmmmmmm .5 mi warmup 3x400 at 7.3mph .5 mi cooldown
  14. Intermittent fasting worked well for me last go around - http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2013/08/06/a-beginners-guide-to-intermittent-fasting/. And it's a simple rule that doesn't make my diet too complicated or restrictive.
  15. Well, I'm 1.5 for 2 this year. Had a successful first challenge at the start of the year, lost 6 lbs and leveled up my strength and running. Proceeded to gain the weight back, and not complete my second challenge to lose weight while prepping for a tri. But I did complete the sprint tri and come in 6th in my age group. So I'll count that as a partial win and it's given me extra motivation to really be ready for next year and try to place. So it's time to start again. Restating and revising from my first challenge - Main Quest: This year is a rebuilding year. I want to be where I was at the beginning of last year, but stronger and faster. I will to do at least 1 5k race and a sprint tri (check!), while continuing to lift. I will become anti-fragile so I can do all the bajillion things I want to. I will lose 15 lbs so that my clothes fit again and I don’t have to buy new ones. Motivation: For the first time in my life, I really don’t like the way my body looks. I'm more confident in my ability to make it do all the things that I want to do, but it's so far from peak performance. If I lose 20# and train hard before next year's tri, I can place in my age group. Goals: Weight goal - 150 lbs Pullups! - Goal is still 1 set of 5. Losing weight should make this easier. I'm tired of repeating this damn goal, I need to do it! Run 2x/week - re-start my running plan so I can do a 5k this fall. No excuses, just gotta do it. That should put me at 3.5 miles (with 1.5mi tempo in the middle) by the end of this challenge Diet - ugh, my real challenge is here! I can't pick a challenge/super restrictive diet because it's not something I would want to do long term, so I'm keeping it simple:Eat between 10a-8pmAt least 100g proteinKeep carbs under 120-150gNo candy but good chocolateDon’t buy junkStarting stats: Weight: 156.0 Fat Mass: 55.1 Squat 3x5 135 Bench Press 3x5 105 Shoulder Press 3x5 65 Deadlift 3x5 150 Power Clean 3x5 75 Pullups 1
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