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  1. Didn't even realize that today was such a day. I'll go in suits without rhyme or reason, confuses the masses. Kilt still works even better though.
  2. Ayn Rand - I'm not THAT much of a masochist...
  3. Welcome to the subset of the rebel army. More shall be lured to the path.
  4. I know this will spark more hostility than console wars, and even possibly the OS wars, however I am curious. What editor do you use to program in?
  5. I do a lot of aerial work for TKD. Have to work on getting the twitch muscles, and there are several different ways we work them. Calf Jumps (NO squatting.) Stand flat footed, then explode the heel off the floor, to where you completely lift. Works mainly the calves. Remember though, DO bend the knees when landing, as to not jar the body. One legged scooting. Raise one leg to your waist, knee tucked in, hop sideways on the post leg. One legged switch jumps. Bring your knee as high as you can to your chest, hop off the post leg, then land on the leg you had raised up (jumping leg is rai
  6. My body rises when it's needed to. Hard to explain, but after being in the Corps for 5 years, and in combat zones for several years of those five, whenever it's time, my body gets up. After that I was an on call field mechanic, so again, when it was time, body gets up. If I need to be somewhere or do something at 3 am, my body will rise on its own, or 7 am, doesn't matter. Days that I have nothing else to do, no matter how late I go to sleep, my body default is 6:30. It's very useful, and if I make plans, my body goes into it, usually use it to go running before the heat gets too bad,
  7. Saute with fresh ginger and soy sauce. Steam and crush it, using it as a paste on top of fish, broil. Mix half edamame half chickpea and puree, with various peppers and spices for very nice dip. Coat with pepper/chili powder and dry roast. Edamame isn't bad itself, and can lend itself to whatever flavors you are pairing with it.
  8. I don't think you use that technique just for voice training...
  9. Menu for tonight: Turmeric Grilled Shrimp served on Mango Onion Couscous. Yesterday was a bad day for food (didn't get out of testing until past 10 pm... Didn't end up cooking.)
  10. Congrats. That as a nice feat to work with.
  11. Aikido is good fun, but as Crowbeak says, it is all about mainly getting out of the way, and utilizing the momentum they have. It's a pacifist style, even down to the thought process and writing. Speaking of exercise via martial arts, I'm testing for my 1st degree recommended in TKD on the 30th.
  12. Work those pushups. Drop to the knees and do more. I'd also add in some dips, but you will need to be careful. Use something like a sturdy coffee table, have your back against it, place palms on table, feet kicked out in front of you, lower yourself and then come back up. If you do have access to a bar, get a small step or two, that will get you to the up position, and then using muscles, come down as slowly as possible.
  13. That's awesome. Keep up the good work and most of all, have fun in doing so.
  14. I usually stay away from the powdered protein. That stuff is engineered for my tastes. Have you considered adding edamame to your smoothies?
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