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  1. Obviously you are right I guess I hoped that in 6 weeks I would have advance a BIT! I suppose I am being silly though. My legs are definitely stronger. Clearly my arms are going to take more effort. I am definitely fitter, as HIIT is now super fun rather than horrifying (I actually LOVE burpees!!!!). So I need to suck it up and work on my arms. Do you think dumbbell workouts might actually be easier for beginners? In a month I will be able to do that. It seems that would be a good way to go to build strength because I would definitely be able to do reps of an exercise, because I can just decrease the weight if it is too hard. The problem with bodyweight is that there is a set amount that you have to be able to do to complete the exercise. And if you can't do it...well, you just can't do the exercise!
  2. It has occurred to me that I could make life a lot simpler for myself! In order to still get the health benefits of IF whilst maximising my all day energy I could just split my 2 meals into 3. Duh! I'm not hungry before 10am so that should be fine, though I do think I need to be stricter with getting to eat something around that time as sometimes I leave it until 11am or 12pm and I do then feel a bit shaky. I'd lose some of the convenience of two meals, but since I drink bone broth in between anyway, how hard would it be to add some meat to the broth when heating it up and also maybe whip up a salad (grated veg + coconut oil + lemon juice) to round it out? Could even prep it all at the same time as "breakfast". And it would be super easy to take meat and veg out of my two current meals to do that. In fact, it might actually be better for my stomach (currently trying to heal some bloating and reflux issues) to do that. You see, that is one of the reasons I like IF - time spent with my tummy with nothing in it is nice for me because I then have no bloating and no heart burn. So I like the extended period of not eating. But maybe two large meals is actually not helping me, and I should just go back to three meals within an IF timeframe. God when did eating become so difficult?! Humans are pretty strange animals, no?!
  3. Thank you for your advice. I think you are probably right. The trouble I am having is how do you eventually get past the really easy levels? Wall push ups are definitely super easy for me, for instance. But I cannot get past knee push ups and on to proper push ups. I haven't tried incline though so maybe that's what I am doing wrong. I really like what you are saying about pulls up. I hadn't though of doing a pulling action in the doorway. I am going to start on that. I also found this page here for getting good at push ups http://scoobysworkshop.com/zero-to-100-pushups-for-complete-beginners/ I like his simple approach of doing 5 sets 3 days a week starting from super easy and then getting harder. I think I might start doing it. I'd love to here more tips from anyone else who is a weakling like me! How else can I build my arm muscles up?!
  4. As Kirkor says, I think technically I am doing IF because I'm finished eating by 7pm and I usually don't actually eat until 10am which is 15 hours, and as mentioned a 14 hour fast with 10 hour eating window is recommend for women. I'll be honest, something is not right with my diet right now. I am eating the right foods, and I feel like the amounts I am eating is enough (i've been plugging it in to cronometer to check). But I've not got the get up and go that I should have. I've been reading about how one of the reasons that some women may have a problem with IF is that women's bodies respond differently to a fasted state. It seems that rather than improving various blood sugar factors, it can either not improve it or actually worsen it. This puts stress on the body, which can raise cortisol, which can cause a woman to hold on to fat more easily, etc. And it can also affect periods because the female body responds to what it sees as "famine conditions" by shutting the baby making stuff down! Obviously not all women have a bad reaction to IF. But I am wondering if many years of being underweight and/or not eating enough might make me one of the women who is not going to get a lot of benefit from IF. Or at least, not right at this moment. Basically, I am interested in whether eating the same amount of calories but in a different eating arrangement can have an effect on how energetic you feel. Is it possible I am eating enough, but I just need to spread it out better in order to have more energy? And perhaps I am forcing this all too soon. Maybe what I really need to get in to is eating three not too big meals a day for a while, and let my body relax without depriving it of nutrition for long periods of time. And then perhaps in a few months I'll be able to be more flexible with my eating. It's really giving me a headache. I suppose the real situation is that I don't really know how to eat. I do not feel very energetic right now, and I am just trying to work out if it is because I am forcing this meal schedule. I wish I could listen to and trust my body, but I just can't hear what it is saying.
  5. I am a 23 year old woman eating just getting started with serious fitness. There is a lot of confusing info on the web. I would appreciate some advice from people here about when you really need to eat if you are working out, or whether it matters at all so long as you eat enough. At the moment I wake up pretty early. I make myself a cup of green tea to which I add a spoon of coconut oil because I am a massive weirdo and it makes working out feel good. Then I exercise. Mon, Wed, Fri this is strength training. I am still right at the very basic stage of beginning bodyweight stuff (and in fact I have posted about needing help in that area on the bodyweight forum!), so it's not super super intense. On Tue, Thu, Sat I do either a short HIIT or some gentle fun dance stuff just to get moving. Now here's the issue. It's convenient for me to eat two "proper" meals a day. At these meals I eat meat with veggies and fat and all that jazz. At the moment, I am not eating right after exercise. The reason is that I don't feel super hungry straight away, and also if I eat right then I will have a really long time to fill before my next meal. In between my two meals I generally eat a banana (mashed up with coconut oil because it is delicious!) and also some bone broth. I generally work out around 6am, eat around 10am, snack around 2-3pm and eat dinner 6-7pm. So long as I eat enough calories overall, does it matter if I don't eat right after exercise, or if I have a long gap? Will my workouts suffer? Also, as a woman, will I be damaging my health eating like this? I have heard a lot of stuff about some kinds of windowed eating (e.g. IF and so on) being bad for women. But is that because they are not actually eating enough when they are eating? I know the best thing would be to experiment and see, but I am finding it hard. I am coming from a background of undereating in order to lose weight, so I am used to ignoring hunger and I am used to feeling a bit crap sometimes. I am also recovering from so malnourishment problems (I was a vegetarian for a long time and combined with dieting I ended up deficient in some stuff which has screwed my body up a bit), so I am probably still gaining my strength back. It's difficult for me to tell what makes my body feel good or bad, and in addition I am still trying to work out how much to eat to feel good anyway! So I would really appreciate other people's advice and experiences with these issues.
  6. Hi guys, This is my first post so be kind! I am a 23 year old woman who is just get started with getting fit properly. I have been active in the past with stuff like sports, walking, yoga, aerboics, etc. so it's not like I have never moved my body. Also, I am not overweight. I'm probably normal weight, little pudgy around the middle maybe but within a normal range for my height and age. The trouble is, I am seriously not strong. It's actually really depressing. For the past 6 weeks I have been doing basic bodyweight stuff three times a week. And I have not really advanced. I will quickly say that in addition to the bodyweight stuff I walk, do some yoga, and do a bit of HIIT cardio. But it's the bodyweight stuff I am struggling to advance with. I can do squats and lunges also seem ok. Planks are ok for holding up to 1 minute, or around 30 seconds with side planks. But my arms are completely useless. I have to do knee push ups, and although sometimes I can get into a routine of doing 10 each set for a week, the next week it can slide right back down to 5 or 6 per set. I don't really have any equipment of space to do pull ups of proper inverted rows (though that will change in a months time when I move house and can try to set up something), but I have been trying to do inverted rows using a table as Steve has demonstrated. Well, I have tried anyway. I can only do them with raised hips, and I can't do many. It's really getting me down. I am trying so hard to get strong, but I can't even do basic moves. Can anyone give advice on starting out at a really seriously low level, and how to advance? I don't have access to a lot of equipment right now, and I can't really buy anything as my house move involves moving continents so I cannot be buying things at this moment in time. When I move I am going to buy some decent dumbbells, but until then it really has to be bodyweight stuff that can be done with minimal space and resources. Please help - all my life I have used exercise just to stay or get slim, and now that I am using it to actually improve my body in a meaningful way, it turns out that I am useless at it. And I can't even blame being overweight on making things more difficult. I should be able to do this stuff!
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