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  1. its quite long for a post, its only a pdf but I will type it up when I get a chance. Thanks Sam
  2. This PDF is an 8 week workout program I am about to put two mates on who I have trained for a month or so and worked out their strength etc. Their goals are hypertrophy and just wanted to run it past you guys before getting them to start. Thanks for any constructive criticism in advance. 8 week Program.pdf
  3. Ah I see so that's more of a powerlifting / skill based movement than a bodybuilding / hypertrophy one. Cheers Sam
  4. Ye sounds good mate for a mass builder I also rotate every couple of months I normally do 2 x 10s , 3 x 8s , 4 x 6s , 5 x 5s. I workout in evenings at home so have a bit more time plus my cardio is cycling to work and back so I get a bit of a rest, I should think running to gym lifting for half hour and running back is a good workout though. What's a push press?
  5. Ye I'm just doing them to get over the plateau really then intend to drop these down to just 6 each workout after few more weeks. Ye some people are lucky and grow without but I am not one of those lucky few so I keep the cardio going to minimise this and make most gains lean, I also only eat a 500 calorie excess so gains are slow but lean. Ye I will take a look at that Waldo thread, I now add body weight exercises into my workouts and use a dipping belt to add weight but a couple of years ago I got really into calisthenics and had some pretty good gains for a while but then plateaued and went back to the barbell. Ah I see never heard the LISS one before I don't think, learn something new every day So what does your 4 day split look like mate?
  6. Hey Mir I'm in then if that's ok I've been training about 5 years on and off, the push and pull - HST hybrid I have only been doing a few weeks it's just something different for a month or two as I was doing a 4 day split much the same as you describe for a while and started to stagnate on adding weight. Here are my workouts; Pull -- DL, Wide Pull Up, Narrow Chin Up, Hanging leg Raise, Rev Flys, Lat Raises, Hammer Curls, Ab Rollers, Shrugs, Crunches Push -- Inc. Bench Press, Squat, Calf Raises, OHP, Tri Dips, DB Flys, Shoulder Press, Wide Push Ups, Side Raises, Tri Kickbacks I'll check out the thread, I do want to gain size but the cycling is getting to work and back and don't want to completely drop cardio rather eat more, I do tend to add fat when gaining size if I don't do any cardio. What is LISS by the way? Cheers Sam
  7. Sorry that seems to have posted in wrong thread will put it in correct place, feel free to delete above post and this one
  8. Hello just recently signed up and been reading through the guilds and I would like to be a warrior, what do I have to do to join? My training currently consists of; 3 workouts per week -- Week 1: Pull - Push - Pull -- Week 2: Push - Pull - Push Each workout consists of 10 exercises (1 light set and 1 heavy set of each so a hybrid of P&P and HST) with the majority being free weights (all compound lifts included) with a couple of body weight exercises in each. For cardio I cycle 6 miles twice per day 5 days per week (to work and back) The reason I want to be a warrior is although I am a cyclist this is for cardio only and not going to currently progress, my goals are to increase strength and size on my workouts and just use the cardio to keep body fat in single digits. Does this fit with the warriors? P.S Any former askscooby members my username is the same so say hi if you remember and my progress diary that sadly got deleted with the site where I went from 15% BF to 8% .
  9. Hello, I just found this site and liked the principles of it so thought I'd sign up and see what everyone's like. I'm not your usual Nerd but think I qualify just on the basis that my job is in IT I was a member for many years of the askscooby forum until it sadly got shut down due to people ruining things for Scooby, my username was the same on there so anyone else has migrated and recognise my username say hello. This forum seems to share the sites philosophies much close than any other so I am thinking this is where everyone may have gone. Current Training 3 times per week alternating push and pull workouts, each workout consists of 10 exercises with light and heavy set of each so it is a hybrid of P&P and HST. I also cycle 6 miles twice per day, 5 days per week to work and back. I have a Defy 3 for any cyclists on here. Cheers Guys Sam
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