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  1. So I completed all my goals for the first challenge, now what do I do?
  2. Official update # 1 Goal #1 Despite getting almost no sleep Monday night I made it to first class of the week on Tuesday. In class we were working on ground defense; laying on our backs and letting your partner get into the mount position and then flipping them over onto their back. Being that I am short, overweight, and generally inflexible this was very difficult and borderline embarrassing but I finished the class. Goal #2 Only Non-Paleo food was brown rice with my Chipotle Bowl. Goal #3 No fried food as of 10/9 Main Quest A few people have said that I look like I have lost a little
  3. Main Quest: Obvious physical improvement consisting of but not limited to; strength, stamina, flexibility, speed, mobility, and appearance. In all honesty I suck at all of the above, for too long I blamed my "Random Character Generator Roll" which in my case seemed to be snake eyes in almost every physical attribute.(I'm not looking for sympathy just being as truthful as I can be. I know what I am, my mirror works.) (Additional note: I tried posting this at the beginning of the challenge but screwed it up) Specific Goals: 1. I have signed up for a membership at a Krav Maga gym, a
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