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  1. This would be the first week I'd consider even a partial success. I have finally gotten into a good rhythm with my work and sleep schedule. It hasn't been easy readjusting to working until 11pm or 12am six nights a week but I have climbed that mountain. Now comes the workout that has been staring me right in the face for these past weeks. I can't lie about feeling like a failure. I have gone through six weeks AGAIN without accomplishing anything. I'll push through those feelings and get this done. I can;t give myself a choice anymore. Like I began explaining earlier almost everything else
  2. Main Quest- Move beyond the recommended routine found on /r/bodyweightfitness. Complete the recommended routine found on /r/bodyweightfitess three times a week. Complete the recommended routine every other day Monday, Wednesday, Friday.. Limit sweets intake. (Pastrys, soda, candy.) Cardio three to four times a week. (Running, jump rope, boxing.) Life Side Quest- Write a story. Try to submit a page a week. Get my ADHD under control. While I am working on this challenge I will be writing a narrative day by day to go along with with my posts here. Something to try and grab your attention a
  3. I have finished the week with more growth, and learning. I have been reading a lot more than usual and have been processing as much as possible. My eyes have truly been opened. I will be adjusting accordingly. Work continues to be one joy after another. I truly am blessed to find a place that has rekindled a lost love I once had. Cooking. Preparing food for others and myself was something I loved at a young age. Sadly the joy was torn away from me by terrible kitchens and terrible employers. Working in a subpar environment crushes your spirit no matter how much you love what you are doing. N
  4. I will keep you posted Elastigirl no worries there. I am actually having a fantastic day the first in awhile to be honest. But it feels so good to finally let some things out and go. I'm usually not one for sunny days but man I can't shake how beautiful it is out there. 80 degrees with a nice breeze. You can't beat that in Northern Michigan. I've been doing some reading again as well. Trying to find answers so to speak. It has given me a couple epiphanies that I continue to mull over and develop. Stuff about the nature of human evolution and the why's and how's of the human condition. I te
  5. I finally sat down to write a page today and only got about half way through. I tried using the pain and discomfort I've been feeling lately to create my story. But it forces me to dwell on things I'd rather not think about. It all hurts so much to think about. So getting as far as I did is a type of miracle I suppose. But I will continue trying to flesh my story out and make my journey a little less unbearable to you all. As always thank you for all the attention and encouragement.
  6. We didn't get a miracle that day. Not one damn miracle. Was that too much to ask for? Must've been. Have you ever baked in the midday sun, face full of sand and salt? Not a cloud in the sky. That particular sunburn never really goes away. It leaches into you. Dries you out, and the only thing that will quench that thirst is bringing all of this pain and discomfort right back their front door. Not a hope in the world. That never stopped me before. Then you hear the surf and for some reason that stampede of water brings it all tumbling back. The sounds, smells, and sights of the islands and
  7. Today is my day off. I worked from the 14th to the 29th straight through at my new job. My diet has suffered immensely due to adjusting to a new work schedule. A pitfall I run into while working in a restaurant setting is the unlimited free soda. I'm not complaining, it has become my escape fro life at this point. Earlier this week my fiance and I split up. I will not trouble you with the gory details but as you can imagine it hasn't been at all fun. So as you can see in an earlier post my life has been pretty crazy lately. I haven't been able to exercise due to having to move back in with
  8. I have been looking into making my own parallets. Anything offered on the internet is simply too expensive. What diff you use to make them?
  9. My first week has been a whirlwind. So many things have happened in my personal life that I am afraid I have fallen behind yet again in a challenge. I have not worked out. Not once this week. I haven't sat down to write my narrative for this challenge yet either. My sure date for another entry was the 14th. I am honestly feeling very discouraged about this challenge. My week started with a court date for noon payment if court ordered fines. The charge that I have has caused many problems in my life. I went to court on the morning of the 13th expecting to be put on jail. I owe 1300 dollars th
  10. I'm trying to look at the bright side. I have tried several challenges in the past and was not aware that I needed to be part of the Recruits. I must've glanced over that section while reading. I have already met some cool and interesting people because of it. My goals have changed some just because my interests have refocused as I've done research. I still have the same interests but I've put them into a different order now. My largest "stumble stone" is my severe ADHD. I don't like telling people this because most people don't look at ADHD as anything debilitating. But I assure you it
  11. I've always had so much admiration for Batman and his ilk. Hence the Green Arrow profile picture. I have always wanted to become a super hero. If only I we're a billionaire playboy. You create your own gear? Would you be able to help me make my own gear as I am on a very tight budget and can't afford anything online or in a store.
  12. You have so much expertise I'd love to train under you. Though I am an aspiring Assassin we have similar outlooks on what we want out of this site. Good luck my friend, I'll be checking back to see how you're doing. Good luck!
  13. April 9/10/11, 2015 Main Quest - Move beyond the recommended routine found on /r/bodyweightfitness. (In progress) Complete recommended routine every other day (9th=Complete/10th=Rest Day/11th=Complete) Limit sweets intake. (9th=Too much soda/10th=Too much soda/11th=Too much soda) Cardio three to four times a week. (Haven't chosen or started cardio routine.) Life Side Quest - Write a story. Try to submit a page a week. (In progress. April 14th, 2015 Due date.) Notes - Still at the same place I was in last time I checked in. I'll keep this thread updated.
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