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  1. Rookie

    Rookie: Finding Inner Strength

    Today I made breakfast! Go me lol. I did kind of tilly dally in bed though... I got up around 6:40am which is earlier than I was getting up last week. So the trend is heading in the right direction. I forgot all about making a side salad but I still have a lunch so that is also a win. I just hope the carbs don't backfire. Still quite chilly here but an improvement since yesterday. So far it feels like -20C with a forecasted 5cm of snow later tonight. Seems winter decided to show up after all... But that being said.. tomorrow is rain... possibly freezing rain.
  2. Rookie

    Rookie: Finding Inner Strength

    I actually planned ahead and got most of my groceries done Thursday night to prepare for the temp drop and snowstorm over the weekend. I did forget things and had to go back Friday lol but either way I got 'er done. This weekend was freezing and I did not leave the house lol Brrr.... Riding is canceled for tonight cause it is still too cold so my lesson got moved to tomorrow. I did not do the workout again but I did play in bed last night doing random core exercises... or rather trying different movements to see what would "Tire out" my core. The hardest one I did was where you reach left hand to right knee while in a "crunch" position and switch. Food could of been better but whatever I am not stressing right now. I had all the meals planned out and executed on them. I attempted a burrito bowl which was decent but I used too much sour cream. I will probably make another one on Wednesday... more guac less sour cream. I did do awesome with drinking water this weekend! T-minus 8 days until physio appointment. I had a moment of "oh no what if I go there and they are just like Why are you here..... you are just fat... you don't need physio" .... which I am not afraid of being told I am fat lol I am worried about wasting money on an appointment when there is nothing they can really work with. Or my reasoning for going might be too vague. But I unofficially decided that this year I will try to take better care of myself... aside from the trying to lose weight.. I would go for massages.... go to physio.... go pamper myself. Had Starbucks for breakfast today but I did manage to get up earlier lol.... because boyfriend needed a drive to the train station lol poor guy... After standing in a snow drift up to his knees cleaning off his car and starting it.. he realized all 4 tires were too low on air. So I offered to drive him to the train. I am happy because usually I just surf the web before work when I drive him but I decided to get an early start today and actually got a lot of progress done in my hour before work started. Today lunch will be sushi... I did pack a lunch today but was offered free sushi before my coworker goes back to strict keto. I literally just grabbed the whole container of leftovers from the fridge which is all spaghetti with cheese and roasted tomatoes... so now I can make a side salad tonight and split the portion into 2 days worth. Slowly stumbling along figuring this out again.
  3. Rookie

    Rookie: Finding Inner Strength

    Yah I figure that is what I will do... and my sports bra is clean again lol so I can actually have some support there... I did feel some core muscle soreness the next day so that was nice. I actually really like the alarm clock. I do wish it was more like I imagined but I also didn't really get my hopes up lol.... for $40 it works just as expected. It does not feel like a sunrise... but its still nice. I did notice an improvement in awakeness and mood this morning. It has a sunset function that I quite like; it helps me get into the sleep mindset. It has a 15 or 30 min timer... so I lay in bed on my phone and once it dims mostly I turn my phone off. My 2 complaints about this one is the volume goes from 0 - 15... I have the volume at 1 and it is way too loud still. Second complaint is the buttons on the screen aren't super easy to press. But all in all, I like it. I set it for 5:15 again with all intent to get up then and be super productive and work on my painting... and come morning I was like ehhhhh lol so I set it for 6:05 and ended up being pretty alert and just stayed and rested in bed but didn't sleep again. And I got up at 6. I felt pretty good. There is a newer model but it was over $100... its supposed to better mimic a sunrise by starting off glowing red, then orange then white... but some people commented in the reviews that it made them dream they were on fire lol... So I figured I would try the cheaper option.
  4. Rookie

    Whats your breakfast?

    - 2 Double Flax toast with some butter - 2 eggs (fried, scrambled, hard boiled) - mushrooms - 4 chicken bacon If I am not very hungry/know I am going to be doing lots of eating then I cut portions by half.
  5. Rookie

    Rookie: Finding Inner Strength

    Sooooooo I am a lot more out of shape then I used to be. Man.. I remember when 250lbs was my highest weight. 285lbs is not doing so good with my body. Squats were okay, but definitely started to get tired once I reached 20. Incline pushups were okay. Lunges were a huge nope. I did probably about 5 strong on each leg then my left knee started to hurt and I wobbled all over. I did some mountain climbers here instead of the dumbbell row because apparently my kettlebell has walked away. Plank was a struggle but it wasn't horrible. 30 jumping jacks easy enough (with a good sports bra which mine was in the wash). I tried to do some unweighted russian twists (feet on ground) and they were okay but I need to look up a video because I think my posture was wrong. My main takeaway is that I might need to lose some weight first. Or make it easier.. Less reps for now of certain things. Adjust so it is something that is challenging but I can still do. I did get up and move so there is that. For my alarm clock I love. I set it for 5:15 today because my boyfriend also wanted to try it out. I chose the nature bird sounds... which are very high pitch and loud even though I turned them down. So he asked if I could turn it off, which turned off the light lol and back to bed I went. I am hoping Monday when I use it for my normal time it will work. +s: - used alarm clock - made good breakfast + lunch - attempted workout / got my body moving and heart beating - one of my friends commented on my most current video on insta and said my legs hardly moved while riding. That made me happy -s: - didn't get up at 5:15am when the alarm was set, then didn't get up at my second alarm and slept in until 8am... - ate a whole chocolate bar after breakfast - Finished only 1 set of workout However yay progress
  6. Rookie

    Rookie: Finding Inner Strength

    I think in total I have been riding for about 17 years. I rode for 6-7 years as a kid/teenager. Then I took a 9 year break and I started up again 10 years ago. I love both archery and horseback riding so when I found out I could combine the 2... I had to aim for it!
  7. Rookie

    Rookie: Finding Inner Strength

    So my body clearly thinks I need more sleep so I decided to allow myself to sleep in until 6:45 (usually I set my alarm to get up at 6:20). I felt more awake but I still didn't get out of bed right away... then I couldn't find any clean clothes and cue rush to get to work. Luckily I learnt from the day before and packed my lunch last night. I might revise 1 of my goals to focus on daily organization. To help with my waking up problem I purchased a sunrise simulation alarm. It got delivered today so I will test it out tomorrow Tomorrow will be good for food because I work from home Fridays. Plus I can do a workout during the day and not get distracted once my BF gets home. Success: - got sunrise alarm to help me get moving in the morning - packed my lunch last night so I could grab and go this morning. Edit: I updated my main post. I am going to do do the NF Beginner Body Weight Workout and bonus... it has a plank!
  8. Rookie

    Rookie: Finding Inner Strength

    See I find when I am doing lunges/squats/deadlifts I don't necessarily feel like my core is being engaged.I do get wobbly sometimes with lunges lol maybe that is why. Basically trying this without the motivation part lol Yesterday I had Pho for lunch so I am quite happy with my choice there. Thank you for the encouragement!
  9. Rookie

    Rookie: Finding Inner Strength

    So I made a mistake already lol.... or 2 rather. I haven't been able to get up in the morning lately... which is fine when I have stuff pre-prepared but I didn't this time and I had to wash my hair this morning. So I didn't separate my lunch into its own container and I didn't have breakfast prepared. I had starbucks for breakfast again and I will need to pick up lunch. I am thinking it will probably be a subway sub or something from the grocery store. I had a more intense ride last night and I am feeling it. My legs and arms are sore. I thought I was using my core more last night but that is not sore.... so maybe not. The ride itself went well. We (horse and I) are weaker going to the right. I have a harder time slowing my body to help slow her down... and I find I tense up more going that way. I also did some jumping for the first time in awhile because my friend insisted I should jump with her lol. So we played follow the leader. (I have confidence issues with jumping...) It was suggested to me that I should look into a beginner full body workout instead of just finding exercises to work the core specifically.
  10. Rookie

    Rookie: Finding Inner Strength

    Riiiight!? So much fun. I have been doing small things to try and get my horse ready... I think she would be fine... But we are working through something right now lol which is what showed me all my body weaknesses. Oh and I ordered a bow I could use for horseback archery. My recurve draw is too heavy and its too long for horseback. But it is stuck in the US for now :/
  11. Rookie

    Rookie: Finding Inner Strength

    I have a dream... I have a goal.... I lack my inner strength. I am an overweight horseback rider with confidence issues and no core. I want to succeed and progress in my sport but I need to become the athlete I expect my horse to be. The ultimate goal is to do horseback archery but I have so many steps before then. I need to gain the strength to control my body and to guide my horse using my seat instead of relying on my hand. CORE CORE CORE.... I need to develop my core and my endurance. Then maybe I will be ready. I do not even know how possible it is to develop a strong core while being so overweight. But I am going to try. Quest: Lose 2lbs, hold plank 1 minute. SubQuest 1: Core: Get a routine down - Beginner Body Weight Workout min 2 times / week - Passive: Look up core exercises and try new ones SubQuest 2: Sleep and wake up [Mon - Thurs] - In bed by 10:45pm - All electronics off by 11pm - Wake up by 6:20am and get out of bed SubQuest 3: Food: Get a routine built - Plan and pack breakfast 4x / week - Plan and pack lunch 4x / week - Bonus points for tracking calories on MFP Life Quest: Get my body sorted out... My left knee has been bugging me off and on (probably from weight) and my right shoulder keeps flaring up (old fall off horse). I also feel like I have some imbalances and I use my body incorrectly in daily life. - Go to physio and get consultation appointment... (Jan 29) - Follow up with any exercises they give you (Will update when it happens) - Work on getting up in the morning without snoozing my alarm (got sunrise simulation alarm)