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  1. That sounds lovely and cozy! I support this vision
  2. That's amazing you've seen improvement! I haven't got around to trying it yet.
  3. What would you do or have in your she shed?
  4. I did some more sketching yesterday and thinking what my dream life would be 🤣 I don't want to get a 9-5 job. I want a homestead with an art studio lol 😆 I feel like yesterday was the worst day for my cold. Fingers crossed it's only up from here.
  5. Hey! All good ❤️ glad you are back Thank you! I still need to paint in my changes in real life. Digital is always easier haha --- I didn't end up painting. But I did a tiny bit of reading (like a paragraph haha), played with the dogs and did some sketching. I also did a lot of tiktoking because that's what my brain was good with. I'm very congested to the point I have a mild headache from the pressure 🥲 it's not fun. Sketches featuring tigers, rooks, a Jake (wandering cottage dog), a Winnie and 2 Wesley.
  6. I got a cold from the littles at the cottage 🥲 sadness. - get Ponchos food - paint - play ff7 - mobility video I did half of this video Here but once he started doing yoga poses I had to stop. My wrists can't handle that right now and also dogs lol. I was brought many toys. My shoulders feel good after the few things he did. Lots of popping and cracking. I'll try this video again later on when I feel more up to it. Yesterday I figured out how to fix my painting. I thought it was cute but it was more fennec fox then my mom's Chihuahua. I took a picture and drew over it with procreate on the iPad. Apparently tiny chihuahuas have more toddler proportions haha so that's why I was getting stuck. The before, the plan and bonus Winnie the mudpuppy
  7. My feet are a wee bit sore.. I don't remember doing anything crazy to make them extra sore but I guess it's just like this sometimes. I had my riding lesson this morning. I actually was feeling silly and not being too worried which made it more fun. Afterwards I did a little foot maintenance on Daisys hooves which my feet didn't love 😅. My plans for the rest of the day include cleaning a pot, making something for dinner + that Mr.R can bring for lunch tomorrow in said pot. I might go to the store to get Mr.R replacement shoes if he messages me back his size. I'm going to my friends house to help her set up the PS4 I lent them, drive Mr.R home then agility with Winnie tonight. I'm feeling quite lazy+ feet ouchy so we will see if I end up cooking. Look at this cute little guy 🥹 so smol
  8. Thank you Sal. I'm ok right now. I've just been avoiding doing challenge stuff 😅 and I left my laptop charger at the cottage sooooo also not working on my coding or job search. I think my mom is back with it. Here's pictures of 3? week old puppies, cottage and random other pics
  9. We went to the cottage for 2 nights and enjoyed a winter wonderland. It was nice and much needed.
  10. I realize I like the idea of certain things but I struggle gaining deep understandings. I have before but honestly the list seems short nowadays of what actually brings me joy. I guess I'm still going through some sort of state. I feel I shut down so easily and my general mood leans towards more negative which makes me feel worse because I acknowledge it. Thank you for the kind words and sharing the beautiful song. I definitely have had time to think about my story. I'm not loving it at the moment but I'm trying to figure what changes I can make.
  11. Thank you ❤️ at least the drive wasn't terrible but still lost in life
  12. Didn't end up getting to the barn. And by about 1pm we got a crap ton of snow so I probably won't end up going today. I might try to make it up tomorrow just to put a warmer blanket on the girl. Having a meh day. I was feeling pretty good and wanted to stay home for a cozy morning to be productive with some painting and coding.... I did a bit of painting but nothing to write home about. I just changed the background a bit. Then job searching + coding just killllled me. Plus the dread of having to go drive to pick up Mr.R in this snow. Overall feeling like a turd that can't be polished. I have no clue when I need to leave because Mr.R is working later than normal and I need to do some groceries. And I am feeling lost about my future. Not a good combo.
  13. I don't need to cook dinner tonight because we ended up picking something up impromptu on the way home... so the prepared dinner will be tonights dinner! So since I had extra time today, I decided to go to the pet store with Winnie since they were having a good sale on the coat I wanted to get her (and a bunch of other things). They didn't have her size in the coat we wanted but I managed to get one for Wesley and I finally found a harness for Winnie that fits nicely which we can use for hiking or camping. And I bought them each a fun toy. Naturally they are all fighting over the same one I ended up buying the wrong size for Wesleys coat so I went back with Wesley and got him the right one. He was sooo happy to be out on a small adventure haha he had so much fun saying hi to everyone and smelling everything. His little nub was wagging the whole time. Oh and grandma saved the day! My mum was able to snag the very last coat in Winnies size at the pet store near her house. And I am sure she bought some toys for her furbabies 🥰 I have been kind of working on my coding project but I am stuck haha and Winnie isn't letting me work. I think I will take a break to brush her and fit her harness. Hopefully she can relax after that. I also made some progress in final fantasy 7 which is good because I don't know how much longer I will have access to it! Anyways I don't have much else planned. I will probably keep trying to work on my coding stuff. I need to add oil to my car. We might go visit puppies after Mr.R is done his work day.... then agility tonight!
  14. She would love that! Or hate it 😂 she's 50/50 with people haha she either loves you or seel barks at you
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