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  1. He wants year round fishing. But looking at some of the properties I am starting to think maybe it is not the worst choice but I won't tell him that lollllll. And I mean an excuse to have an extra thanksgiving... Real thanksgiving and American.
  2. I am totally not opposed to relocating. There's cheaper areas west and east of me in Canada (basically anywhere else that isn't where I live is cheaper) but they come with their own issues haha ... for instance Alberta already has / had snow 😮 And gets even colder than where I am. I love snow and cold but not -40C lol. Plus theres the fiance.... And I think the only place hes cool with relocating is Texas... or somewhere else with mild temperatures in the states. I just feel my current life isn't SUPER fulfilling. I like it but I want more.
  3. Random life thoughts... "Am I too old to quit my job and run away..." lol Basically its a thought that has been bouncing in my head lately... Can I move somewhere more remote and "cheaper" and survive off my paintings. I think it might be a possibility if I didn't want to also keep up with my horses lol. But that's the dream right now... Having a bright art studio and a chicken coop and garden. And my "job" would be to paint, take care of the chickens and manage the garden. I would even be okay programming part time but I am not sure how many people are willing to let me work 100% remote AND part time. But that being said I haven't looked. Though I assume where I would move that is "more remote and cheaper" probably wouldn't have great internet.
  4. THIS MUST BE FIXED. I usually make 3 Thanksgivings over the year lol One sometime in July because I love me some stuffing. One before Thanksgiving and one after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is for whenever I love glazed carrots.. I just didn't get around to it this year. Stuffing is a must and something to put cranberries on. Oh and pumpkin pie + whipped cream. Can't go wrong with that. Thank you ❤️ Ah yes fake Thanksgiving.
  5. I DISAGREED lol Okay it was an alright Monday I have just been not loving the dark when I wake up thing. But that is normal for me coming into winter. T_T I thought about popping on NF but wasn't feeling it. BUT HERE I AM. So I actually used Week 0 as just a "MEH I DO WHAT I WANT (within reason)" week which I never do but whatevsssssss. It seems I haven't updated my thread since Wednesday so lets see .... Thursday after dinner I went to the country store and got some extra food for my Daisy because I notice she is dropping some weight They are still on the grass pasture and there is barely any grass left but any grass that is left doesn't have much nutrition right now. So I lifted a 55lb bag multiple times while I tried to decide what I wanted to feed her. 55lbs is heavy T_T I also went to petsmart to get a Vittles Vault (animal food storage container.. highly recommend them lol). I had Friday off (gotta use that vacation time) so I went riding in the morning (Daisy lurves the addition of the new food). THEN I MADE ANOTHER THANKSGIVING bahahaha I have a problem but I blame it on the fact I got 0 left overs this year. So I made pumpkin pie, stuffing, squash with butter + brown sugar, mashed potatoes and gravy from scratch. I bought a rotisserie chicken for my "turkey" aka a vessel for my cranberries. 10/10 would recommend. I ate way too much in pure thanksgiving fashion. I watched 2 studio ghibli movies this day. "From Up on Poppy Hill" and "Only Yesterday" Saturday I finally worked on the doggo painting and I can say its ALMOST done. I need to make the eyes look less happy (this kills me) and smooth out one side of the face. BUT AFTER THAT... I hope it is done. I am ready to chuck this one out the window lol but I have to say I am quite proud that I was able to mostly duplicate the original painting I did lol. In the evening we went to our friends house for pumpkin carving; fiance and I did a Wesley pumpkin! We also may or may not have had more pumpkin pie (but they didn't have whipped cream!?!?! so it was sad) and popeyes chicken sandwiches for dinner. I am pretty sure I had pumpkin pie + whipped cream for breakfast this day haha. We then watched a turrible movie called "The Cottage. Sunday I don't really remember which means I probably played my MMO and maybe did some painting. Ate some thanksgiving leftovers. More pie. Monday; Worked... it was a true struggle lol then I went and rode Daisy. It was just cold and windy feeling. Picked up some things from Walmart and got gas on the way home. Played my game for a little bit then we watched some Naruto because fiance wanted popcorn haha AND thats what I have been up to Oh I weighed in today at 252lbs. (Waaaaaht lol) I was ecstatic because I was half expecting to see my weight jump back up to 256lbs because that is what I am used to seeing after eating not so stellar. But I only went over in calories 2/7 days I think. So I still got a -0.8lbs loss
  6. The only thing that comes to mind is rice with fried egg on top. Or maybe a pesto pasta with some fresh tomatoes.
  7. I love your cooking adventures!
  8. Once I get past the block that is 254lbs lollll I think I will be good to go
  9. Rookie Sparkles 2 Hey frens! Last challenge I was able to lose 10lbs and get down to 253.6lbs. This challenge we are going to attempt it again! I am riding on the coat tails of engagement motivation so I have to keep going. Its going to be extra hard this time (since I seem to have trouble getting below 254lbs and staying there....) so hopefully this one doesn't end up being a flop like Robin Sparkles "Sandcastles in the Sand" but I am going to try for it anyways. So lets get started! Current Quest: Lose 10lbs by Nov 28 Long term Quest: 50lbs by March 15, 2021 (40lbs to go) Sub-quest 1: Food (7 points) > Track calories, 1700cal / day My rules > 1 starch per meal > Fruit or veggie with every meal > Most Fruits/Veggies do not need to be tracked * Sub-quest 2: Exercise (3 points) > 3 workouts on top of horseback riding per week Sub-quest 3: Adulting + Organizing (1 points) > Pick 1 thing to do weekly Bonus Quest: > Plan something COVID-friendly to do on or around my birthday because this challenge is also my birthday challenge (Nov 7) * Some fruits do need to be tracked... ie. bananas, mangos and pineapples.