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  1. I was able to get a chiro appointment last minute so I went and did that. Its still sore and inflamed but I can tell I have more mobility so I should be fine tomorrow which would be nice. I might try to move my stuff to the standing desk though because sitting isn't feeling the greatest right now.
  2. TutTut lol We've been bringing the cushions in but leave everything else out. The cushions are supposed to be spill and fade resistant but I feel that won't last forever. Plus animals sometimes like to burrow in cushions haha. I might look at getting an outdoor bin that they can stay in or clear a spot in the garage for them. As for the rest of it its powder coated and rust resistant and "all weather resin wicker" lol so I am hoping the table and chairs will be okay outside in the weather. So far no coughing Friday or yesterday! So I think we are good now. Thanks! Yah I am quite pleased. Its so much nicer to sit at.
  3. I missed it... Or rather when I was out the moon looked normal
  4. Wow! Thats amazing. What an accomplishment. I did a Mud Girl Run last year and it was so tough. And that was the easy code version lol. I looked at tough mudder and went "Nope" All good! I put pictures in a spoiler tag for that reason normally. I can't be bothered to resize them. But I feel the majority of people use their phones and pictures get resized nicely on the mobile site.
  5. I saw someone suggested this to Sal I think. I stole it lol https://www.healthline.com/health/lower-back-stretches I will likely try this tomorrow or the next day depending on how the old hip is doing. It is much to tight, stiff and sore to do it right now.
  6. Camp as in camping? You are smart to get the house in order before hand because there is nothing worse then getting home and feeling you should do things. Happy stepping!
  7. I have been slacking on my molding mobility in favour of doing my functional exercise... aka yard work stuff But my hip is not feeling great. I don't even know if I could get through the routine right now.
  8. Well look at you! Good job with Week 1 Lioness
  9. Poor mama lol Hopefully she's here soon Then she can join your walks from the outside world.
  10. Hey Air! Welcome I love when chores blur the exercise line. Functional exercise is the best. Watch your form while splitting and carting them!
  11. Big hugs Sal. Take care of that brain of yours (and back) and the rest will fall into place. Doing light stretching for your back definitely counts as exercise.
  12. That sounds like you have a pair of friendly arms! Great challenge Snarky. I am loving all the updates.
  13. Yes 100% they should get the space to learn but I believe it should be supervised and not at the expense of the client because in that industry they have the potential to do a lot of damage. You did right by bringing up your concerns and being your own voice At the end of the day other people don't know our limitations as well as we do and they aren't the ones that have to deal with the strains/problems that might arise out of pushing ourselves. For example I know I don't use the left side of my body well and I am at risk to strain my back/hip if I do too much Exactly like I did. Anyways I am really proud of you. High fives all around! I am so happy to hear this
  14. Friday to Sunday was super hot weather around these parts. Friday I had a good day at work and I gave Daisy her spring hair cut. I didn't bother riding because the sun was just so intense and our outdoor ring has no shade and our indoor arena had the windows shut so its stifling in there. Saturday I went and removed the remaining screws / metal stuck to the pavers (though I missed one even though I looked for it lol). Mr.R helped me lift 2 of the paver stones so we could level them since that's where the umbrella was going. I got tired of the jungle grass growing in the backyard so I weed wacked it then raked it into piles and left to drive Mr.R to his get together thing then went home to continue haha. I got roomy to help bag up the grass clippings while I was driving then I recruited his help to fill the umbrella sand bags, set up the umbrella, the patio furniture and put the old patio furniture to the curb. Patio is all set up now minus the umbrella lights its very comfy! After the pavers and lugging a bucket of sand and gravel I felt like I irritated my hip/lower back region unfortunately but I am happy it behaved enough to get everything done. Sunday we didn't do much because of the heat + my hip. I mainly watched my Chinese drama and Naruto. At one point we sat in our backyard with the dogs and we went for an evening drive. I also ran out to get gas and do some groceries. A nice easy night. I tried making philly cheesesteak minus the buns and its just not the same for me lol but the guys liked it. Oh and by lunch on Sunday someone had come and got the old patio set! I am very happy about that. Still to do outside - set up bagster and fill it - remove grass along driveway and replace with mulch + plants - plant my flowers in the front garden - weed blueberry area and new grass area - put up umbrella lights - remove last screw from patio paver - put metal stuff + free furniture out to curb - mow front lawn - tidy up side yard / prune shrubbery back I don't know how soon any of that is going to happen. It will rely greatly on my hip and the weather. I will try to see if I can get in with chiro today because I miss moving freely. The reveal haha... I think I will try to get another one of the rugs because this one feels so small. It would be nicer to have the whole area covered.
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