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  1. Feeling super productive. Before I wasn't but reflecting back I now do lol Today I got good progress on my work stuff. I read my book. I weeded the garden a bit while I waited for dinner. We watched Naruto. I made excellent progress on the "dog painting take 2". And I just did a workout. #winning My left knee is significantly weaker than right. And I notice it wants to cave in when I use it. (Not during squats but during lazy burpees or lunge type things) But I figure as long as I take those exercises slow and focused hopefully I can strengthen it
  2. Same! I had to double check because I am like theres no way.... I feel it only just started.
  3. I guess ^_^; I'll take a look on darebee and see if there are any that spark interest.
  4. Woo not bad. Still struggling with doing the bodyweight workout. So lets see.... Friday I finally got the okay to start painting the dog painting that I am redoing. I accidentally painted it on the 20x24 instead of the 24x24 canvas though but she said its okay. So hopefully it is. I got the majority of the background in. Trail ride for Saturday got postponed to next weekend on account of storms. We ended up ordering Indian food for dinner. Saturday we basically seemed to watch Naruto all day except for when I went to the barn. It was threatening rain/thunderstorms all day but it never happened. Oh well. Daisy was extra on alert when I brought her out of the field so I thought for sure the storm would happen while I was there. We are now allowed to keep our stuff in our lockers in the barn and get our own water. Daisy's joint supplements went bad while they were stuck in the barn (I am guessing from the moisture and not being touched for 5 months). Sunday was more watching Naruto. Around 2pm we headed over to BFs+roomies parents house. They ended up getting a little girl puppy. Shes an adorable. When we got home we just watched more Naruto. I am hoping this isn't the normal haha.
  5. I think we are heading into week 4
  6. Your work is crazy. I can't even. Good job hanging in there and still getting some stuff done. You are a champion
  7. OHH the neons are so prettyyyyyyyyyyy!
  8. Yay hiking! We went on a small hike when we were camping It was fun. Someone shared this in Tobbes thread and you might find it interesting. Its a calculator that takes your wake up time and tells you when you should go to bed to get a full sleep cycle. Good job on cutting off that one game. My rule of thumb is I do not spend real life money on games. (I can buy the game initially, but no other money goes in). Its so easy to get sucked in and be like "Oh just $5 here .. its no biggy..." I used to do google surveys which got me google play credits / "money" and I would spend that on apps. I am not sure if thats still a thing.
  9. Rookie

    Tobbe goes to sleep

    I know everyone has given you suggestions about sleep but heres my 2 cents. I would do the "honouring your tiredness cues" and keep a journal that records time going to bed, waking up and your feelings before bed and when you woke up. You can also record throughout the day when you feel tire (but maybe can't commit to a nap or sleep). That way maybe you can see a pattern. Ohhh banana win! A friend at my barn has been unloading grocery trucks and the store got a full extra load of bananas and they had to get rid of it so she brought as many bananas as we would like. I took 3 bunches home. I would of took way more if I had a separate freezer.
  10. Woo yesterday was a scorcher! And more of the same today and tomorrow reaching temps of 42C. The trail ride we had planned for Saturday might need to be cancelled due to risk of thunderstorms and rain I think they will make the call if we are going or not Friday night. Fingers crossed for some nice weather! My lesson yesterday ended up being cancelled because of the heat, so I got on Daisy and walked around a bit then got off because we were going to go for barn family icecream and talk about lessons. BUT then it downpoured so we didn't end up going. But it was nice to just hang out and chat with the barn family.
  11. Hey everyone! Rookie here. This go around I want to challenge myself to move more. Not only will it allow me to eat more (or rather it will help negate some of my snacking) but I am hoping it will help keep my snacking under control more. I am nervous about adding a physical element to my challenge because that is generally where I struggle the most. Or rather I should say I don't even put effort into completing them. I am going to try my best this time! Rules for challenge: - Fruits and veggies are 0 foods - 1 starch = 1 cup pasta, 1 cup rice, 2 pieces bread, 1 medium potato, 1 cup cereal - Anything horse related does not count towards Move goals - For BW exercise goal, I just need to start to get full points (Weeks 1-3)