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  1. Rookies Respawn

    Food check: 901/1794 cal (breakie + lunch) Water check: 1/3L Exercise check: Floss check: I feel very cold this morning. Outside is perfect and beautiful and inside my office is still just pumping the A/C. This office is trying to make me sick lol. I am dressed for winter. We ended up ordering in Turtle Jacks last night and we will go to our usual fancy restaurant Friday for our official anniversary dinner. I got the shrimp and scallop pasta and for $24 the portion sucked and it wasn't very tasty lol. The scallops were yummy and they did give me 4-5 small ones. I would of been happier to just buy a bag of scallops and eat those though haha. I will have my riding lesson tonight as long as it doesn't rain lol I don't know if I want a lesson or not though. Feeling not there mentally lol because Tuesday is not usually lesson night.
  2. Lateral Planet: Load A Save

    Ohhhhh that is exciting about the 12s being more comfortable. Huge congrats there! Great job on your progress so far <3
  3. Bean Sidhe vs. Chaos - back on track

    How did yesterday go? I am sorry to hear about Sunday.. those downward spirals are never fun. Hopefully you are out of your spiral and feeling better!
  4. Prologue - Annabelle’s Next Novel

    You so are making enough progress! You are doing great and that sealed bag of chocolate is proof Ugh mushrooms I love thee lol All this talk about mushrooms makes me want all the mushrooms. I am on board with meals that have mushrooms. Do you have a game console at home? I have DDR and one of those konnect? things for xbox lol Some of those games are fun and a way to be active indoors. I am not sure if this interests you either but you could follow at home zumba or yoga or see if your gym offers classes as part of your membership. I find its easier to workout when I have "friends" lol that being said I have not gone to mine.... I also haven't gone to my gym for 2-3 years even though I keep paying for it.
  5. Rookies Respawn

    This weather today is actually crazy. It is so dark outside and randomly downpours then stops. And it hasn't helped with the heat or humidity lol. And my office has the A/C blowing non-stop because its an old building and it doesn't know how to regulate its temperature either apparently. I feel pretty tired and my eye has been twitching a lot lately. I just want a restful nap lol is that too much to ask. Since I am feeling all bleh and the weather is bleh I decided to spend some time on my lunch period to research parts of my bucketlist and add to it because it makes me happy. I am seeing which bucketlist items I could cross off together and when the best time of the year to see/do the things is. For instance, I want to see the Northern Lights and apparently you can do that from Iceland... or Alaska which are both places I want to visit. I want to visit New Zealand and I know I can see Orcas from there... same with Alaska and maybe Iceland I am not sure.
  6. Rookies Respawn

    Thanks! I do see progress and I also see slacking But the flossing and water has been great. I just hate how long it takes to create a habit vs how short of time it takes to break it lol. I usually am okay in heat but I think the varying temperatures is what is killing me I spent a lot of time in the basement this weekend which was freezing but I also spent a lot of time out in the heat. I didn't get my headache until we got home (back in the cool) and then outside with the dogs in the heat again lol And now I am at work which is freezing in our room... when outside is not and outside is angry and humid and gloomy lol I can't keep doing up and down. But please do let me know if you find that body suit lol And I might look into that bracelet because I really do have issues with regulating body temp. This is very true! Thanks Plus I think its nice to spend quality time with family / boyfriend.
  7. Rookies Respawn

    Weekly Grading Control the Noms: 2/7 [0 point] Hydrate Fool 6/7 [2 points] Shake dat Booty 6/7 [2 points] Jaws 7/7 [2 points] 6 Points = B Weekly Reflection: Food: I did worse because 3/7 days I didn't even bother to track. I may have still been okay calorie wise on Friday but I didn't track. I got propane over the weekend so tonight I was going to bbq some steak and chicken so my lunches are taken care of for the week. Hopefully this will help me get back on track. If my headache does not go away though I probably won't be BBQing in the heat. Water: There were some close calls and I should of been more on point over the weekend but I managed to do good on this one. Exercise: I wasn't as go getter for this. I am hoping the weather calms its shit. Floss: A+ effort here Overall: I honestly just feel like a turd on a log lol
  8. Rookies Respawn

    Friday: Food check: ??/1794 cal Water check: 3/3L Exercise check: Floss check: Saturday: Food check: ??/1794 cal Water check: 3/3L Exercise check: Floss check: Sunday: Food check: ??/1794 cal Water check: ??/3L Exercise check: Floss check: Did not do stellar over the weekend lol clearly. Diablo 3 came out Friday night and we played it until 1:30am. I was dying but they wanted to get to lvl 70. For breakfast I had 2 eggs, 3 breakfast sausage, 1 toast. For lunch I made epicure mac n cheese. I had 1 cup of the noodles and sauce then added probably .5 cup of shredded cheddar cheese on top. Then we went to get a replacement for the propane and went to get a new mouse for BF at best buy. On the way home we got booster juice. I got a snack size wildberry basil.. it was not my favourite ever lol would not get it again. It tasted like gingerbread. I split it with BFs brother and we added orange juice to it. For dinner I had a homemade cheeseburger (made with epicure burger seasoning). And I think I had some PC organics white cheddar popcorn and more orange juice during the duration of the night. Saturday I did a lot of running around and baking to prepare for fathers day. I made 2 loaves of bread (ended up being very heavy, dense and didn't cook fully lol but still tasty), some banana bread muffins, and scones. Breakfast was 2 eggs, 1 toast, 3 breakfast sausage. We had lunch around 3pm ish and that was homemade calzones. Mine had mozzarella, 6 pepperoni, mushrooms, zucchini, onion in it. I used the epicure caesar salad dressing to make a dip for it. This was really good. I snacked on a lot of pepperonis and mozzarella cheese this day. I also ate some of the banana bread loaf thing, a handful of chocolate covered almonds until they melted (stupid hot again) and a mini promo tub thing of oreo icecream. Sunday was fathers day so we did breakfast at my parents, then around 2:45pm we went to boyfriends parents for dinner. Breakfast had a spread of fresh fruit, cheese, scones (honey butter, blueberry and strawberry jams), banana bread muffins, my dense uncooked bread lol, brown baked beans, breakfast sausages, peameal bacon, bacon and eggs. Dinner was steaks, porkchops, potatoes, salads. It was very good. Yesterday was ridiculously hot and today is worse... at 8am it was already 30C and its supposed get up to / feel like 40C with the humidity. Today: Food check: 2561/1794 cal Water check: 3+/3L Exercise check: Floss check: Today is my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend. So I cancelled my riding and good thing cause I would not be riding today even if I didn't I am just getting back on track which is something I seem to do a lot lol but the main thing is I am still trying. I am hoping my headache will go away soon because programming when your head is cloudy and hurts is not a thing. For my planning for success today, I got up before my alarm (mainly because I was so uncomfortable). Made sure to make breakfast and drink my .5L while I did that. And I packed a lunch... although smaller. And I made sure to go fill my water when I got to work.
  9. Rookies Respawn

    Food check: 2038/1794 cal Water check: 3/3L Exercise check: Horseback riding Floss check:
  10. Rookies Respawn

    Lol one of the traditional foods is sheep's head. And there's 100 year old fermented Shark fin (but people don't really eat it anymore as a part of daily life). They are known for hotdogs to lol and fish. I love it! Good ol' tag teams. I'm not sure if boyfriend will ever want to go lol your plan sounds lovely.
  11. Rookies Respawn

    Here he is in all his grey glory lol. I am very proud of him and I love him. I am apart of a few facebook groups and some people have such beautiful and realistic pieces. Its so easy to get caught up in the details. I am a more impressionistic style and that is okay too! I think it is more important to capture the spirit of the animal then every finite detail. I also realized the giant post I thought I wrote last night on my phone is no where to be found.... I hope I didn't write it in someone elses thread by accident. Basically last night we ended up going for chinese because traffic was the worst and in the end I was starving and it seemed like the adult thing to do lol and I dont regret it. And since the day was so long and drawn out I forgot about my 10 mins of exercise. Bad me. Today I hit the snooze 3 times and didn't have time to make my breakfast. SO planning for success... I will need to come up with some fast breakfast options so I can grab that if I don't have time to make my eggs and sausage. Or precook my sausage and hardboil eggs.. so I can just grab and go.
  12. Rookies Respawn

    Thank you! I am really proud with how the painting turned out and as promised I have the finished picture He went to bed around 11:45-12 last night and decided he was not going to be doing overtime last night which was nice because we got to enjoy dinner together. Plus he took Friday off so he can rest and recoop. Oh is the food exciting in Iceland? I honestly just want to go there because its so pretty. And you reminded me of another thing on my bucket list I forgot to add. See the northern lights in person! Ohh all your epic quest food tours sound lovely <3 Definitely need to add Japan to yours stat!
  13. Rookies Respawn

    Food check: +++/1794 cal Water check: 3/3L Exercise check: ??? Floss check: I had a mini victory this morning. Yesterday I used up all my bathroom floss so I planned ahead by making sure to put the spare (from the car) in my backpack which I knew would end up upstairs by my bathroom. Today was a bit hectic cause I decided to drive boyfriend to his train this morning because he only got 4hrs of sleep with all the overtime he is doing lately and he couldnt form sentences lol so no way was I going to let him drive... even with the change in routine and getting up an hour earlier than usual ... I still flossed. I went to my bag and got my floss and did it. Planning for success! Yesterday I decided to take a break from the horse painting and work on a different painting and I am almost done it lol Its of my friends husbands dog Sniff who died of old age a few months ago. I expect to finish this tonight then I will start back on the horse painting. I am actually excited how fast I was able to paint this because the horses are taking 10 years it seems lol. I have spent 2.5hrs on the dog so far. As for exercise.... I am not sure what to do for it today, its a rainy muggy humid day. --- Broke down and got a snack / lunch supplement from McDonalds. I might put my lunch in the fridge and have it tomorrow.
  14. Rookies Respawn

    Rookies Respawn Ohhh yah its time~ It has been awhile since I have come around to NF but here I am <3 And it is about damn time! MAIN GOAL FOR THIS CHALLENGE: Lose 5lbs ‘︿’ > CONTROL THE NOMS: Eat 500 calories under TDEE Perfect week = 3 points 5-6x / week = 2 points 3-4x / week = 1 point > HYDRATE FOOL: Drink 3L of water every day Perfect week = 3 points 5-6x / week = 2 points 3-4x / week = 1 point > SHAKE DAT BOOTY: Move at least 10 minutes a day (walk, jog, crawl, dance, ride) Perfect week = 3 points 5-6x / week = 2 points 3-4x / week = 1 point LIFE QUEST > JAWS: Floss dem teethies daily Perfect week = 2 points 4-6x / week = 1 points > $$$ : Save monthly amount + pay off visa Yes = 1 points Weekly Grading 11 points = A++++ You are queen of the world <3 7-10 points = A.... YAS get it gurl 4-6 points = B... Cool cool cool... do better 2-3 points = C... •_•) who dis? new phone 0-1 points = F... YOU'VE BEEN KILLED: 10 seconds until respawn