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  1. That big neon looks amazing 😮 That would be cool to have as a feature in my house I think
  2. Ah that sounds amazing. There was a quote that really hit home. I want all those things. Libraries are comfortable. Books are comfortable. Organization with just the right amount of "out of placeness" is comfortable. I think so too! I think I am too good at the not judging myself lol Hence why I am the way I am. I think I deserve the world lol annnd I totally forgot to track my lunch but I am doing it right now. It takes me a little while to remember I am actually tracking and attempting to watch what I eat. Ill go attempt to track now and fill my water. ----- I finished the thing I was working on for our data export for work. Near the end the "i" on my keyboard started being finnicky which was quite annoying. Especially since I don't really care enough to buy a new keyboard. BUT I popped out some keys and there was a healthy helping of lint and dog hair. After cleaning it my key magically worked again haha. It was bad. During all that I cleaned a "slinky" some lady from the barn is letting me borrow for Daisy. She's been getting rubs on her neck where her blanket sits. A slinky is basically underwear for horses I guess lol. Her horse had a skin fungus thing going on when he wore it last so I cleaned it twice and now it is hang drying. And now that all that stuff is done, I am not quite sure what to work on at the moment. I could work on my painting or do some React tutorials. I can't say I feel like either. I really need to contact by bank to make a contribution to my RRSP before March ^_^; I don't feel like talking to the bank today either though aha. I forgot I was supposed to be tracking my food completely ^_^;; but I did it now and everything is accounted for. It happens a lot when I am trying to start up the habit again. I even refilled my water
  3. That is very stern! 😮 Maybe it was a bug since you said you had 1400 calories and that's above the womanly calories and well within the range of man calories.
  4. Wow the gallery space is really coming along. Thats amazing.. and all I have done today is clean my keyboard haha
  5. Today is another spring feeling day! I need to check the weather so I know what blankets to put on Daisy tonight. It seems like it will be fairly mild this week especially compared to last weeks craziness. I think we might actually get a ride in tonight I'm not off to a great start for my drinking water goal. I forgot my water upstairs.... which is part of my new pattern. So I will go grab that asap haha. I tracked my breakfast so far. I do need to make better choices but I couldn't help myself from getting a bagel this morning. I think sometime soon I am going to make my way to the local library and get myself a library card there. I miss going to the library. I rarely read nowadays but I think it is something that would bring me comfort and happiness. Even just working a few days from there would be nice.
  6. We've been working very hard on it lol Because I just want a dog that doesn't pull no matter what. Rook is pretty good... UNTIL we see another dog or human lol then my arm leaves its socket. The other 2 are terrible lol. Winnie and I have good days and bad days. Short walks shes amazing. Longer walks she loses her brain half way through lol but eventually finds it for the home stretch. I feed her treats when she is beside me randomly and if she starts pulling I stop and take a step back so she gets a little jerk on her collar. And if she keeps pulling I start walking the other way for at least 10 steps then try again. It makes her think lol cause her human is being crazy so she needs to pay attention. There was awhile there where she just wasn't getting it but lately shes been so good! My fingers have become a pin cushion though because when she takes her treats shes basically a shark LOL ouch. Love you too Sal baby ❤️
  7. Today doesn't really feel like a Sunday to me. This weekend was full of random driving. Yesterday we viewed a really cool property on 10ac that had a pool in a giant sunroom. The owners really added their own whimsical flares. Gorgeous house and property but not for us. It needed a lot of random work stuff with the dogs we much prefer a more open layout. Today we viewed a beautiful house on 1.2ac. It was nice but it felt the same as what we have currently space wise. The big upgrades this house has over our current one would be kitchen and yard. Friday and Saturday we had a deep freeze but today it was very mild and even spitting at times. So naturally our backyard has a lot of sitting water and mud. Super fun. I feel bad that I can't really let the dogs out to have a good romp. The adult dogs are more or less ok with being stuck inside so long as they get extra snuggles on the couch. But our busy girl is going a bit stir crazy lol. I want to make her a flirt stick she can chase. She would love that. Her newest thing is to try and play tug with the most awkward toys... Like a red kong or a ridiculous looking hard rubber toy or the red kong bone. And she just rips it out of your hand then gets frustrated lol. Today we did a tiny walk and she was very good with her loose leash walking. We also did a small training session where we just ran through her commands followed by a play session. She finally convinced Wesley to play with her so I get to have a break lol My stomach has been feeling uneasy randomly since yesterday. I actually thought I had food poisoning for a bit.
  8. Hahaha I'm right there with you with the tracking feels but I also think it's important for me right now so I'll be partaking. I love me some goldenrod yellow. The hoodie I'm wearing right now is that colour haha
  9. I know that in my brain but you know I'm horrible with boundaries and confrontation lol. And once I tell her I'm leaving I still need to be around her for 15-30 days. But you are right. She will be upset regardless so just focus on me and my actions.
  10. I've been feeling very uncomfortable in my own skin as of late. Mainly because I keep gaining weight and now a lot of my clothes are not fitting nicely. My eating habits are most definitely to blame. My water drinking habit has become mostly undone. - Lose 5lbs - 2L of water a day - Track what I eat in MFP I feel my heart hasn't really been in the challenges but I'm going to keep trying. On a more positive note, Winnie starts her agility class on the 21st! I'm excited. I'm going to try to do more walking with her to work on my stamina for our class.
  11. Awww love your new walking partner! My baby girl is 6.5 months! They grow so fast. I also got a dog that is way smarter then me but do far she hasn't figured out how to open her crate.. thank goodness lol
  12. Fingers crossed! Hopefully it installs easily as well ☺️ Sooooo you know me and my unsolicited advice haha. Feel free to ignore, just my 2-cents. You mentioned Bronze won't listen to the recall in the field.
  13. Yup! Her name is Daisy I'm sure she's warm ☺️ she runs hot usually so I'm not too worried about her right now.
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