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  1. Oh mah gawd guys. I had SUCH a good ride. Probably the best I have had in awhile. Which is funny because I wasn't even wearing proper riding pants and I didn't plan on riding. I was going to give Daisy a little hair cut but since I wasn't changing her into her winter blanket I decided against it. We jumped a little course 😮 with just me and my sister. I sometimes only do 1-2 jumps by myself but I did 2 warm up jumps and then a whole course. I am so happy and proud of myself. Everything was perfect! Meal Plan Saturday Lunch: Egg salad sandwiches Saturday Dinner: Chili ch
  2. PSCH you are a darling ❤️ You have the CUTEST smile ever. Just be honest and open (like don't self hate to them but don't try to hide you are bigger or anything. Show pictures, talk about your art project with the biking). GIRL! That is amazing. I love that you got such solid evidence that its been working ❤️ Keep it up! And sorry about your funding. When you feel ready, do you still want to re-adjust and re-apply? You are beautiful and fun and caring. I feel you need to hear that. And LOTS of hugs. Apparently this is a Canadian hug ^ kind of gives
  3. I don't love pair programming. I think it stems from the I can't code while someone else is watching. Plus the whole imposter syndrome thing. Another vote for the Coconut black rice pudding thing. I haven't had it but I literally just learnt about it yesterday while looking up unique McDonalds items from around the world. That sounds AMAZING. My company doesn't really have deadlines really and I like it better than having them. I hate hate time sheets and I also hate having meetings for no reason. I like being able to just ping someone if I need to and talk things
  4. You got this! And don't forget to be nice to yourself! Thats important
  5. Oh I have been playing with this idea. I feel like in quarantine I have really mastered the messy bun and I love it lol but the amount of hair is driving me nuts. Plus I kind of want to play with some blue hair dye. Also those pictures from really cold day were beautiful ❤️ thanks for sharing. I hope you moisturized after lol.
  6. Thank you so much for the feedback! I think the lightning bolts will probably stay a bit cartoony because I am not sure how to do them less cartoony haha. I will have a think about how I might be able to add a small touch elsewhere. Maybe an outline around the tiger? Hehehee thank you. I was thinking of turning it into a sticker --- I went to bed a bit later because my head was full of so many ideas and some of them I had to write down or they be gone forever. I am feeling a bit more creative which is nice I like having a purpose to my
  7. Oh thank you! That's actually an awesome compliment. I used to dabble with digital art a lot.. Though I think the professionalism might be a new thing that came with age lol. I think it's one of the more budget friendly ones haha. But yah read the reviews! I'm sure there's better ones out now. I've had mine for 1-2 years now. Me too 🤭 it makes me happy.
  8. Look at this bunny cactus I drew I got roomies tablet working with GIMP yesssss. Had to use my big boi computer though.
  9. This one. But I'd get a different one to be honest lol. The alarm part stopped working lol. Like I can set a sunrise but the noise part doesn't happen anymore
  10. Oh lol yah not striving for that. Basically just want to have a good night sleep where I get up out of bed before 8am when I start... which has not happened the past few work days😶 Which is not a good feel lol especially if I want to get breakfast and such ^_^; Not striving for perfection in any way. Well... I think because I know I want to do more conceptually with it, but I am not sure how I want execute what I am thinking. I will post the painting + my idea that I computer edited in lol. Like I know the basics aren't there yet. The nose, teeth, tongue, fur and stripes
  11. To me it is ^_^; I start work at 8am the next day and I don't feel super rested. On the weekends not a huge deal. I am the type of person that needs to stick to a sleep routine or it gets out of whack and takes forever to bring it back. I think if I had something to look forward to in the mornings I would be more willing to get up lol and thus need to go to sleep earlier? maybe. Before covid when I used to only work from home once a week or on weekends I would get up before everyone, look after the dogs then curl up on the couch and read while everything was quiet and nice lol. Cause Mr.R
  12. Yeah, thats why I didn't really want to take it last night. I feel the quality isn't great when I take it. Like its a heavy sleep but I don't feel rested. But lately if I don't then I am up until about 1am. Thank you Lets crush Wednesday! --- Last night I did the cauliflower buffalo bites for my friends monthly food challenge. They were alright but I think I should of had salad with it (which was the plan but I wasn't able to buy more lettuce at the store when I went). I think they are a food that are better as an appy to share with friends and not as a main me
  13. Yesterdays: - 1700 calories daily 💩 - 2L water daily ✅ - 0/2 extra movements (EM) - Adult Task (AT) ✅ - Mental recharge (MR) ✅ - Floss + brush ✅ AT: Groceries after riding MR: Read my book + tried to set myself up for success with sleep Last night after the barn and groceries I showered, then curled up on the couch with some food and my book. I tried to not use my phone so much. Around 10:40 I went up to bed, turned on my sunset function on my alarm clock while I brushed my teeth. I took a melatonin then got in bed. I have an app t
  14. He is 🙂 he just wants me to be happy I just want a normal sleep schedule again 😂 I think once I get that sorted everything will work itself out.
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