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  1. Went on my hike! My sister came with me. We had good fun. I think we did around 3.5km
  2. Wow that vacation sounds amazing lol I'm totally envious! And you will get there with climbing as long as you keep at it. What a fun hobby.
  3. Theres never been a truer statement lol. I have an inner snack squirrel who is very hard to placate. I find myself snacking because I just want to taste something good or it gives me something "exciting" to do. Probably helps give you something to do to distract your snacking. I think any version is good as long as you get it done!
  4. I had to look up who this was But yes I totally see the resemblance. Thank you! True LOL exhibit A... my car T_T Yes I really adore the right side thats outlined and done lol. My wrist can suck it up.
  5. Oh interesting! I ended up taking a year off after my art course and went back for software development and network engineering lol. Your art projects do sound really fun! and definitely different. Luckily all my profs were pretty nice and helpful. I had one I could of left behind but he wasn't that horrible. It is hard to argue with free access to certifications.
  6. Ok my dudes.... Who thought this would be a good idea??? I'm dying lol. I might try laying it flat. Would probably be nice on the wrist. I ended up going to the bank to deposit some bonds and a voucher instead. I picked up the dog food on the way home. After that I made an epic dinner of burrito bowls. And now I've been painting and watching my stories. Not at once though because I don't speak Mandarin .... so those require full attention. I am taking a couch break then I will probably get back to outlining dumb flowers lol...I do like how it's turning out at least. (Updated wit
  7. I decided it wasn't happened tonight lolllll just didn't feel like it. Nooooo I don't want new clutter haha. I feel Mr.R will just fill any decluttered spaces with fishing or guitar stuff 🙀
  8. Perfect! On both counts lol How was minoring in art? I'm obsessed with art classes lolll I took a 1 year art fundamentals program in college (Canada college is different than US college). It was so much fun. We had sculpture (3D design), 2D design (illustration-esque), life drawing, painting, perspective (architectural). Not gonna lie.. If I had enough money to take a year off I would totally do it again... For fun lol
  9. Great picture! ❤️ You are getting a tattoo? 😮 did you say what of? I also need to stop complaining. I fall into a cycle where I just constantly complain and sometimes I just need to be like "Hey you... stop that".
  10. I hope you are having a great day today! What should we call you by the way? Jedi...Grey...Ranger?
  11. Did my mini solo workout. Without Mr.R partaking I was able to use our heavier KB. It definitely enforced I need heavier KBs. My squats, deadlifts and swings laughed at the 20lb KB. Though I am sure if I did 20 reps like I am supposed to I would be changing my tune but I like 10 reps. 20 is such a big number. This stuff (x2) 10 squats (20lb KB) 10 deadlifts (20lb KB) 5 shoulder press per arm (15lb KB) 10 KB swings (20lb KB) 10 Row per arm (15lb KB) 10 Upright row (15lb KB) This shorter (but heavier) workout left me more tired and feeling l
  12. Thanks you guys! ❤️ I definitely recommend it! It's a great full body work out and also great for the soul This was also kind of my take
  13. On todays agenda: - Pick up doggo foods - Go through any of my clothes in laundry room and either find new home or donate - Bag up the guys clothes in laundry room into 'manageable' chunks that Mr.R and roomy can go through - Dance - Quick solo KB workout - Painting of some sort
  14. Happy 1st birthday to you!!! May your piehole be stuffed with cake. Ok time for you to go down for a nappy. Another perk of being 1!
  15. Tonight's ride was about trust and getting practice riding in not ideal footing. Some parts of the arena were a bit sloppy and slippy. Usually I'll just ride inside but I wanted a change of scenery and it was really nice and vibrant out. I didn't end up taking Sizzle out because it got pretty busy after I finished riding and my friend asked if I could take a video of her riding.
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