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  1. Oh I forgot to add I have a bunch of things I need to get started on. - paint grey horse (before christmas) - get SS gift for barn (Dec10) - get SS gift for Mr.R family
  2. Ugh lol I accidentally closed the browser tab before I was done typing my update and NF didn't save it. We took Friday to Tuesday off (The last of my vacation for this year! ) to play the new Pokémon game. It was a nice little vacation with no plans to do anything. On top of Pokemon, we also ended up helping my brother pick up a couch with him on Saturday, Monday night we picked up Mr.Rs new amp which was a 2hr roundtrip and Tuesday Winnie and I did our first "puppy social". We had way too much take out and I ate way too much food. I really need to get on top of my eating habits. I have been reading a website (https://www.eatlikeanormalperson.com/) and the articles from it. Its been kind of interesting but so far hasn't given any insight on how to deal with it. The website name appealed to me because I always think I need to find a normal person and have them decide what I eat and how much I should eat lol. So I can learn what a normal person eats like. The website so far has talked a lot about food addiction and how it is not necessarily related to refined carbs like everyone says it is. And I learnt a new term... compulsive eating. That seems to be what I do. The puppy social was a lot of fun. It's not really a "class" per say where the trainer is teaching you how to do things. She's there to supervise and give you pointers or help. The first half the gym had a bunch of agility equipment/obstacles set out (jumps, weave poles, raised poles, tubes, teeter totter, ramps, balance beam, box, ball pit). Winnie tried all of it and I think she could of done better with a handler who knew what they were doing lol but I got her to go onto the raised box and sit. I got her to go through the tube (with the help of the trainer - it's hard when you are the only handler lol), I got her to put her front paws on the ramp, teeter and balance beam. It was so fun and I am really proud of her. The second half of the class the trainer had us all walk in a large circle (spread out) and drop the dog leashes and let them roam. When Winnie wanted a break she would come walk by me at my heel which was nice lol I am not used to that. The trainer said thats normal for herding dogs. Rook (boxer) 100% would be off rough housing with all the rambunctious puppies and would be like Byyyye I live here now. Overall she didn't really connect or play with any of the other puppies and just ran around sniffing things and running with the group / visiting all the humans. But I am really proud of her. She did really well. I think the more we do it the more comfortable she will get. Our next puppy pre-school is tomorrow (so I am REALLY hoping I dont catch this cold). It will be interesting to see if she now wants to play with the other puppies more instead of be with me lol. I also signed up for a Holiday Prep Training online thing with the training school which deals with greeting guests at the door, having a polite pup around guests, and dealing with those food opportunistic pups. It gave us homework for a behavioural down which I am not sure what that is 100% but I think its like a "Settle" where you teach the dog that their default behaviour should be lying down if there is stuff going on not related to them. I am really enjoying this training stuff with Winnie. I am hoping tonight I can go see Daisy because its been 7 days. And it would be nice to just see shes okay and I should get her feet and do a quick trim in case I do end up getting sick. I just really miss her lol Plus I think Sizzle needs some exercise and love because my friend hasn't done it last week or this week so far. I have been feeling a bit guilty about my lack of following my Weight Watchers and my lack of exercise.. .The food thing I have a right to feel guilty there; I have not been putting in the work. But exercise... yes I am not necessarily going out of my way to exercise right now but I am doing training with Winnie every night that gets me moving and I even did a small walk with her yesterday in my new running shoes. And even trimming Daisy's feet is a workout. I could get more exercise for sure but I am happy right now with my movement. Oh and I think my feet have been happier wearing my new running shoes. I am taking it slow and trying to force myself to not just grab my flip flops because its easier and faster.
  3. Thanks! Lol I hope they fit and are comfortable. I tend to feel weird dressing nice. It was good! We played the new pokemon game. Though Mr.R ended up getting a cold Thanks! Me too I tend to feel clothes look awkward on me so I tend to default to hoodie and jeans. I am hoping I can shift my thinking.
  4. Puppy class was fun! My lower back was getting sore after standing for awhile which is likely due to weight. Winnie was really good! We worked on name recognition and sit. The name thing I’ll admit she could use more work on so that is fine. The sit she’s really good at already. I think next week is more of the same but with longer stay. Tuesday I’m really excited about. The puppies get to play together and there’s obstacles and agility stuff to play with. And there might be more puppies!
  5. I picked out some clothes as a treat to myself on Shein. I have been wanting to try dressing nicer this year. I also was looking back at pictures and I always think "why didn't I just dress nicer" then I realize I still don't sooo I thought heck no time like now. The year is almost done. These I am most excited about. The skirt I have had in my cart for over a year now. I just love it so much. I am not great with strapless things but I love the top. These are the other things ordered. The blouses near the bottom are see-through so I think I can wear either the top above or that little black cami with them. And I thought the little crop sweater would look adorable with a high waisted skirt. Anywho! We will see lol hopefully some of the pieces fit and look cute.
  6. I have some irish spring somewhere i think. Ill give that a shot! I also have mint oil somewhere.
  7. I used to be obsessed with this song in highschool lollll my friend reminded me of it the other day. Its still a fun song
  8. I was thinking of throwing them in bins with lids but not sure if they need air. I guess I could poke air holes but that would only work for my strawberry plants. My neighbour has a cat that comes around lol but I don't think they would love if I locked it into my garage. I was thinking maybe putting towels that smelt like the dogs around it might help deter them for a bit too.... or I don't know. She had 2 rats nets. And she's 6 so I had to bribe her with random play breaks to be able to even brush her hair.
  9. Puppppppy class tonight! I am not really sure what to expect but I hope its good. It will be fun to get out of the house with Winnie at the very least. I have been doing less with her since Mr.Rs kidney stones and now that its colder outside. I made breakfast again this morning. I made 2 scrambled eggs, 3 turkey bacons, 1 whole wheat toast.
  10. I hate hurty heads. It really is debilitating. The only things that work for me (and only sometimes) is extra strength liquid advils, exercise in fresh air (riding the pony), or caffeine. And if all that doesn't work then I just lie down somewhere dim and try to sleep. Dangit I just see 404 images Feel better girlie
  11. Roomy got everything put in front of the garage then I helped clear some space in it and we got everything tucked away for winter. I feel the mice in my garage are going to eat my strawberries, blueberries and raspberry. Do you guys have any suggestions for that? I feel relieved its done (for now) but still kind of overwhelmed because we still need to do stuff with it to organize it better. The patio furniture takes up a lot of room. I will need to get into the garage and cut off any of the baby strawberries + dead leaves from my mama plant. And I guess I will lay out some mouse traps
  12. During my lunch I got some Christmas shopping done woo. I also found these massive 3.78L/1 gal water jugs that have the times marked down it. I got one for Mr.R and I. It kind of makes drinking water fun lol but I am sure that novelty will wear off sooner than later. I do like that I don't need to worry if I forget my water upstairs and don't have time to grab it. I didn't end up doing anything yesterday after work. Mr.R's amp wasn't ready for pick up so we just went home. I was in a very meh mood last night so I excuse myself for not being outside dragging plants in in the dark. I tracked my breakfast which is a small victory. I delegated some things to roomy (like bringing my plants in and the patio furniture) and gave him a chore list he needs to complete today because he has been slacking lately. I was hoping to go to the barn tonight but I am not holding my breath because if Mr.Rs amp is ready for pick up he will want to do that today because I can't do it tomorrow.
  13. This weekend was a bit crazy. Friday Winnie got her final shots and she was a very good girl. Saturday I didn't have much to do (or rather I didn't feel like doing much) so I coerced Mr.R into watching House. His sister visited with her puppy (Winnies brother) and they had a small play date. I wrapped the presents then we went to the party later that night. Sunday I went to brunch at my brothers house and ended up brushing my nieces hair for 4+ hrs RIP my soul... I felt so bad but my SIL and brother really appreciated it. Today before heading to work I finally got the package ready to return to Amazon so I plan to do that at lunch which will be awesome. This week and next week is a bit crazy and I have so much I need to do but no time. Mr.R wants to drive somewhere tomorrow to pick up a new amp after work. Thursday puppy classes start. The new Pokemon is coming out Friday so we are planning on just playing it Friday to Tuesday. And I would like to see Daisy sometime in there. I also need to bring my strawberry and blueberry plants into the garage. Monday - return amazon package - get treat pouch + treats for puppy class - possibly call shipper about package - see Daisy/give her a good groom Tuesday - drive Mr.R to get his amp thing - put strawberries, blueberries and raspberry in the garage - put patio furniture in garage Wednesday - clip Daisy - groceries Thursday - puppy class Friday - pick up Pokemon game @ 10am I am pretty excited for puppy classes. It seems that I have done a lot of the work that they cover in weeks 1-3 but it will be interesting to see how she listens when there's other puppies around and in a strange environment.
  14. Thanks! I wish I got a better picture for my Instagram haha But I was in a weird mood. Me too
  15. It was! Lots of fun. I will say I am above average at drawing but definitely not amazing. I really struggle with perspective and proportions so I found perspective class and life drawing very hard. Painting is where I shine but like I said lol I didn't have my epiphany until after college. I wish I could go back for my painting class now with my experience now. Woo joining the iPad club! Mr.R got me an iPad and pencil and I love it. I need to learn more tricks on how to use procreate.
  16. Glad you guys talked at the very least. Its hard when you feel the other person isn't grateful. I've been going through a lot of that lately. I want to take Winnie to the beach! I was actually thinking about that but I might of missed my chance haha. Its now getting quite chilly and its only going to get colder. I might still do it though. Glad your trip was lovely and you made it home safe and sound
  17. That makes it sound more glamorous than it was lol I did a 1 year course called art fundamentals. We had 2D design (I guess close to illustration), sculpture, perspective drawing (technical drawing/buildings), life drawing, and painting. It was fun! I’d love to do it again lol I feel I had my artist epiphany after art college instead of during.
  18. I got the painting done! I’ll check tomorrow if I need to do any tweaks but I’m pretty happy with it. Especially for the time spent on it. Daisy was having an off day I guess but I still got a good ride in and got to try my new stirrups. I enjoyed riding in them and they felt more stable on my feet.
  19. Nothing wrong with using references. My art when I don't use references is probably laughable. Which is fine because sometimes that is what I am going for It's a muscle like most other things. I think that is a good idea. Colour complicates things. In college they had us do a lot of monochromatic paintings to work on our values. It wasn't always black and white, sometimes it was blue (or a different colour). But if your values are off then the painting is off and obviously that is easier to check when you don't have multiple colours. I personally like to do the squint test lol or I will take a picture of my painting and make it + my reference black and white to compare. But obviously that doesn't quite work if you are working from imagination.
  20. Today I have Winnies vet appointment for her 3rd set of shots. I think these are the final ones until next year but I am really not sure lol I am hoping the rain at least holds off until we are back; I can't say I want a wet dog in my car. My to do list feels a bit big. I need to finish the painting today, go to the store to get the mug for my friend, and stop at the mall to get the hand cream I wanted to get her as well. I need to get wrapping paper. I really need to return the items to Amazon (I had to contact them and ask for an extension). I want to give Daisy a hair cut (weather dependent) and ride her because I got new stirrups for my saddle! It was a treat from Mr.R since I helped him with all his appointments and taking care of him during his kidney stones. They are really pretty and I hope I love them because I have had my eye on them for at least a year. It would be great if today was a day off for me ^_^; but it is not. So I will need to wedge all that in after work or early tomorrow morning. My new shiny stirrups To do: - finish cat painting - get mug - get hand cream - get wrapping paper - wrap presents / sign cards - return Amazon package
  21. When I am working from imagination I still look up multiple references that mimic what I am going for if I get stuck. I often struggle finishing a painting when it is an original idea and it's for me. Could you try doing small studies of what you want to accomplish to figure out what you do and do not like? You could even separate them out into a study for figure, line work, colour, shading and pattern; then try to put them together once you figure out what you like. I have had a tiger painting that has been hanging around somewhere because I feel it is unfinished. I just can't figure out the 1 part of it. It is very frustrating when you feel you can't finish a piece. Ohh allergies. I hope they figure something out so you can further investigate your fatigue.
  22. Thanks gals! I am happy with how it's turning out so far. Not bad since I didn't spend so much time on it. I remembered I hate those canvases though and I got 3 small ones and 3 big ones to do portraits of my dogs.... they are very thirsty canvases.. and I tend to paint with not much paint on my brush.
  23. I hope you feel better tomorrow sorry you are having a rough time
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