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  1. I’m at my calorie limit but I’m feeling a bit hungry basically the only thing I could have that’s not terrible would be a smoothie but I’m cold lollll woe is me
  2. Oh ok lol I use acrylic. Yah I stopped working on the above one because I just wasn’t happy with it. Normally I’d put a lot more effort into the background and everything really.
  3. The reference picture itself was very saturated and the greens were reflecting off the horse and drowning out his colours. This was just my first pass haha but I just wasn't feeling the composition or the green... which is greener than what I had haha.
  4. I did Lol I was going to just make the horse more orange originally but then I am like eh... the green drowns the horse out so I was going to make the grass more yellow so the horse would pop. But black background works too. Great article! So I made the reference picture a bit better to work from and I did up my next paintings reference picture while I was at it since I was planning on doing a black background for that one since the reference picture was -chefs kiss- for the horses head and features. So these will be my next 2 paintings then hopefully I will get some time to paint something I want to lol Though someone I know reached out about a memorial painting for her sisters cat. But in past experiences if they don't pay at the time they reach out then I don't usually hear from them again lol so I think I should be good. Anyways I will need to make a trip to the art store to get two 14x14 canvases!
  5. Calories: Foots: Painting: Daisy: Sizzle: Success Exempt Death Weigh in: 272.8lbs I didn't end up doing most of the things I wanted to yesterday. It was just a bunch of things that kept happening... Woops. Like I didn't realize Mr.R would be working an extra 2hrs. I decided to do meat balls instead of chicken. I did end up cutting up one of the annoying cabbages lol I made colcannon for dinner to have with my IKEA meat balls (mashed potatoes and cabbage) then I made a giant container of coleslaw while I waited. After dinner Mr.R was feeling the "Do nothings" so we watched an episode of Attack on Titan and then we set up the monitor arms for him in the office and tidied that a bit. By the time we finished that I had an hour and a bit to play Witcher. Instead of foot stuff I worked on my wrist a bit that has been feeling not fantastic since pushing a grocery cart through deep snow. I spent some time this morning to play around with the reference picture for the painting. I think I like the square one best with the background less green. Update.... person likes black background LOL that makes it easier for me. If I can get the shadows and richness of colours right.
  6. lol I was watching this little sedan in front of me yesterday. And there was a fork in the road... left was nice and clear... and right was the way I wanted to go and it was not very plowed........ I was like please go left... please go left.... please...son of a ... lol they tried to go right and got stuck prettttty much right away. So I had to go left which is the super long way around to the Walmart.
  7. My brain training book for horseback riding actually has this exercise! Its a good exercise. Mine more or less went through a whole line of thoughts lol one of them was "I could die!" but how likely is that to happen? "not likely but I could get maimed or injured" okay then what.... "I'd probably get better and get back on the horse......" ok so what else could happen? Bad example and not super relatable but it is a good exercise!
  8. BILLY BASSSSS lol my grandma had one. You would need to clear all the snow before you could skate! And the ice under the snow was a bit knobby and didn't freeze real nice. I did tell him to make a makeshift Zamboni out of a cooler, hot water and a rag but that was too much effort when we didn't know if it would work. My brother did bring his skates but said nah. lol It's on my bucket list to skate on frozen water. We just got a shit ton of snow yesterday! I had to walk through a snow bank with Daisy and it was up past our knees haha. I have been painting a horse but I have barely touched it since before Christmas. Something has bugged me about it... I think all the green haha. And I have a second horse portrait I need to do. It wasn't too bad! Thankfully the wind behaved haha. My nose drips a lot in the cold so that sucked but I was pleasantly surprised it was manageable cold. I was so worried Lol! Sorrrrrrrrrrrry eh It's hard to find that around here as well to be honest. We have a place but I think its 5hrs from me haha Thanks Sal! I am just a really laid back and easy going person lol. Oddly enough a lot of people I meet that like poutine are also poutine snobs lol But also understandable since you live in the poutine capital of Canada. lol Ayyyye thanks lol. Mr.R and I go fishing a lot in the summer LOL But this was a bit different because if your spot isn't working its like "mkay..... well..... im lazy so Ima just stay." ----- Calories: Foots: Painting: Daisy: Sizzle: Success Exempt Death Foot exercises were minimal again but I did practice my normal people walking, randomly stretched it around, and I was extra mindful to not contort it in weird positions while driving. Foot has been feeling decent the past 2 days. Not 100% but better than its been. So I guess I will continue doing that. Calories were actually real decent. I had 500cal left over give or take because I just didn't snack. It's likely closer to 200cals leftover depending on how "off" I was with my pad thai estimate. Incoming beautiful barn pictures and Daisy in her new harness thing. And random snow. Todays todo: - Sweep - Look up lamps - Play around with reference picture of horse - Put chicken in freezer
  9. It is just the "full stack devs" that are flighty lol. Which I think comes with the dev culture. You work somewhere 1-2 years then move on for that salary increase. We actually haven't had others quit all that often. And when they have it just wasn't a good fit, they got an offer they couldn't refuse/got poached or they just wanted a new job. For the devs.... The first guy quit because he was working on some really mind numbing stuff before which I think ended up being the tipping point (building out a 40 page government excel) then we got bought and he didn't like the lack of stability and vision which I feel is fair. And I think he just wanted to work on something different. Second guy just had his own agenda. He quit because we were making him actually learn the system and he was told he HAD to come into the office 3 days a week with the rest of us even though when he was hired he was told at the time we will be doing 4 days in the office once the pandemic is done. We are pretty sure he had a second job and that is why he didn't want to come in. Right lol I say that about a lot of people in my life. "Gosh it would be easier to fire this person if they weren't so nice and I didn't like them" or "Shoot it would be easier to leave if Boss B was an ass" But honestly... I never even thought of quitting before we were bought. I was 100% happy. It was just a chain of events haha. Hahaha we have a golden rule at my company (which we tell people in interviews)... Our main rule is "Don't be a dick" lol I have the freedom to randomly take off at any time for appointments as long as I let Boss B know so he can cover me if needed. If I am not feeling well then I can just go rest and come back later without having to take a sick day. Sometimes in the summer or just randomly they will give us the afternoon off. We know each others spouses, kids and pets. We ask each other for life advice. Its really just a little family/community. Our bosses bought us a barbecue so we could all eat outside together in the summer and have impromptu BBQ lunches. Thank you I will take you up on that. It's nice to have someone to noodle this with. I was more or less referring to when you need to clean stalls and do turn out (bring the horses out). You are expected to get 10-25 stalls done in 2-3hrs sort of thing. Which of course is frustrating because its one of those things you need to practice to get faster at lol. Not all barns are like that but the show barns tend to have a high turnover rate. (Or so I have heard / witnessed at my last barn). From what I have heard yes lol. I do not care to shift into management or move up in ranks haha but that can be frowned upon as well because it makes me look lazy and unmotivated. Very true! You have been enlightened! Your experience definitely stuck with me. I find this so interesting! I think there still would be doctors but definitely less... Though I could see it going 2 ways. Either you would get the people who became doctors because they are passionate about helping people (but I could see them getting burnt out easily) or you would get the people who would recognize there might be a shortage and become a doctor and accept bribes / are greedy. Maybe I watch too many movies I think it would kind of end up like Cuba where people want to work in the tourism sectors because visitors will leave things or tip you.... At the end of the day people always want more right? Honestly the reason I wouldn't want to be a receptionist would be the calling people/ dealing with angry people. I think I would enjoy the other parts of the job though. But my fiancé who started out as a developer (and I feel most developers) would not be satisfied by that job. He often says he misses working in the factory... he liked using his body and keeping his hands busy. I think personally I would want to learn a bunch of different skills that are useful in my life (I love making bread, baking, canning, painting, fermenting... and I have always been interested in beekeeping and I recently started looking up how to make cheese and cure meat.) and something I could use to barter with other people for their expertise/skills that I don't have. Now that could be me romanticizing and being brainwashed by homesteading/cottagecore lifestyles. My 20 year plan was to retire early, get a part time job so I could have social interactions and pocket money and then I can spend my free time doing other things. My current lifestyle/job won't really allow for "early retirement" though so I would settle for a smaller work week so I can still get paid but also have more flexibility to do the things I want to do. Not so much a 9-5 work week. That feels like a pipe dream though. I know 1 thing I definitely want in my next job would be profit sharing. Who doesn't love free money. I think it would definitely help towards my having a more stable retirement. And I don't want a job that has me leading a team, in charge of creating specs, has timesheets or where you need to track billable vs non-billable hours. Mr.R suggested I look for a job at a big company that has smaller teams (because I don't love timesheets and tracking billable hours). Honestly I would be happy with my current salary if I didn't need to worry about retirement lol I feel like I am very behind in saving for my retirement. I only started at 31 or so and I don't always do the best job at putting money away in my investments for it. And then on top of that I have one of the most expensive hobbies..... sooooo yah. I could see that! And there is something so satisfying seeing something go from messy to clean. My body couldn't handle being a cleaner when you need to be on your hands and knees to scrub things. I think thats one of the reasons I suck at cleaning my shower. If you have any tips I would love to hear them lol. Unless you were a commercial cleaner which I am guessing you would be since it was in the evening. My friend used to work at one of those maid companies and her advice was "magic eraser!" Which does work great but its still hard for me. I want something I can spray on and wash off LOL. My favourite job I had was working at a thrift shop lol. It had its pros and cons but I loved seeing the new items that came in daily and sorting through them. It was like a treasure hunt. And I loved organizing the clothes, hanging them up and putting them back. Such a simple thing but I loved it. I hated doing the cash register though lol. I also got to be a "Costume consultant" because Halloween was their big holiday.. they would get a bunch of new costumes and of course used ones. And I got to help some people put together cool costumes with a mix of used and new items. Turns out I love costume design stuff haha.
  10. Just keep trying to do better! You will get there. I am so happy you get some hubby time!
  11. Calories: Foots: Painting: Daisy: Sizzle: Success Exempt Death Yesterday morning I weighed in at 271.2lbs. Down 0.2lbs since last time. Food kind of went a bit crazy at the end haha. Saturday might actually have been okay maybe but I didn't track. I meant to actually cook things yesterday but I was feeling a bit off (mainly dehydration headache from being on bright ice and not having any water most of the day). So my effort levels were to order. Not the best decision but its the decision I made lol. I didn't use it as an excuse to snack all day so there is that. Gotta look for the small wins where they are. I haven't been doing as good with my foot stuff in that I set time aside to work on it... but I have been doing the little exercise where I shift my weight to the outsides of my feet when I am standing waiting for something or I focus on my walking and try not to let my foot fall inwards. I think this has maybe made my foot the most happy so far out of everything. Yesterdays main tasks were to play Witcher, paint (ended up not feeling like it), get gas (forgot), and to go to the post office to ship something out. I am glad I got out to the post office yesterday ... I wish I remembered to get gas though LOL because we got a lot of snow. How much snow you ask? There were people stuck on our little road because the snow is too deep for their cars/vans. Ice fishing! I did the thing haha. That was my very first time standing on a frozen lake and my first time ice fishing. It was a fun experience! I was the only one who caught a fish (black crappy). I was so excited lol so I call that a success. At the end of the day we had smoked turkey and a little makeshift thanksgiving dinner with stuffing, mashed potatoes, squash, cranberries and gravy.
  12. Make sure it has curds! I have had someone try to serve with shredded cheese and that is just no lol Bahahaha The poutine was from popeyes with the spicy fries but their gravy and curds are really good and I like the fries so that works. Then we got poutine from arbys with the curly fries LOL again gravy and curds on point and I like the curly fries. No one seems to do a good poutine around here (with the exception of the poutinery place but thats far) with the thicker cut fries (thats my preference anyways). I am way more picky about the cheese and gravy then the fries. Very true lol I was more worried about my legs, hands and face. I brought extra gloves to shove in my deerskin gloves if I needed it. Pants wise I only have 1 pair of jeans that I can fit other pants under LOL I ended up wearing my winter riding pants that are fleecy under them. I was warm for the majority of the time. I call it a win!
  13. Geez that wind slices right through you! It’s not even as cold as it’s going to get lol my hands and face felt so painful getting the horses out of the paddock… of course they were in the farthest back corner across the worst uneven ground. I went to get Daisy and noticed my sisters gelding only had his winter on and with no neck cover. He was warm but just barely and the temperatures are dropping even more tonight so I had to lead him and Daisy out to do their blankets I had Daisy in her halter and a rope around Grens neck. And they had to stop every 2 seconds to make angry face at each other. It was a nice visit even though short. I got home with 1.5hrs to spare… so I grabbed some grub and we started playing earlier. I took the initiative and told her we should play again 2 Saturdays from now. I did go over on calories. We got Buffalo Wild Wings boneless wings and poutine. I felt a good level of full but now my tummy is telling me I was a bit of a glutton while I lay on my bed. I feel very underprepared for tomorrow lol which is not how I like to roll but it is what it is. I’m just hoping I’m warm enough.
  14. To be fair I haven't popped over to your thread yet either though! Happy to have you. Also thanks! I think I will likely freeze haha
  15. It seems they do not.. they have blueberry lemonade, cranberry raspberry, or a sports version of "wicked blue citrus" whatever that is. I find the "sports" and "light" versions taste weird. lol OHHH BUT WHAT IS THIS? https://www.amazon.ca/ICEE-Raspberry-Liquid-Water-Enhancer/dp/B00JX9FRHA/ ICEEEEEEEEEEE Blue Raspberry. Probably getting some of this lol
  16. I personally hate the crunch sound they make when you step on them. It just breaks my heart everytime. I actually stop to be like Well the main sour taste thing wasn't anything done by my company but something done to my company. The other one was we hired someone who was not a match for the team as my co-dev and I absolutely did not like working with this guy and was basically told hes not so bad...just needs time to settle in and such. I eventually just gave up talking to him if I didn't have to because he was impossible and so impersonal. He eventually quit because he really didn't want to go back into the office because "he can't get his son sick" but he was sending his son to daycare so pretty sure that was a bullshit reason. We told him when we started we are eventually going back in the office. We will never be fully remote. We are pretty sure he was working 2 jobs. Honestly I never even though about quitting until they hired this guy and kept him on for despite him not being a good match. It definitely is partially golden cage.... but I also do legitimately like my team and job most of the time. This is true, which is probably also why none of the jobs I have seen interest me. That does give me hope that maybe there is a better fit for me out there somewhere and maybe I can feel a spark again. I can only imagine. That truly does suck. Its like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel then the tunnel gets extended. So its a weird circumstance lol. My company IS kind of a weird exception. We are a small team and hardly anyone ever leaves and we have actually had 2 people come back after leaving (1 person only left because the commute was too long for her but they would have worked something out with her if she came to them first). Our office has only maybe 15 people overall and we are like a mini family. We have Boss A and Boss B. Boss B is who I report to and he is the best... always has our best interests at heart and tells everyone that if you have any issues they can come to him at anytime with any concern. He gives me a LOT of freedom. Boss A is who Boss B reports to and used to own the company. Boss A doesn't always have our best interests at heart but I think he cares in his own way but Boss B definitely keeps him in line and reminds him what's important. I think they would miss me if I left and be sad to see me go. Because I do feel they generally like me but also because if I leave they will have a hard time replacing me (at first). Yes, eventually they could replace me but I feel for awhile my position would be left empty and Boss B would just do the support needed. And I am thinking maybe Boss A is realizing this because he wrote me a very nice email about how he appreciates all the work I do and hes happy I am part of the team. (Him and Boss B always write personal Christmas cards along these lines but this time it felt more heartfelt from Boss A). We also have trouble getting and keeping a second dev so there's that. They have hired 3 people as devs (what I do) since I have been here. 1 lasted like 2-3 days before they found a "better" job, 1 stayed 2 years but quit twice (he was the best and I miss him), and the last quit after 6mo to 1 year (I forget how long he was here) and he was turrible. The main issues I have right now with my job is I feel we have a lack of direction / stuck in limbo since we got bought by the parent company. Which I would go through more in depth one on one but I don't feel comfortable sharing in a public forum. So basically since they bought us it has felt a bit like a ticking timebomb for my project. Well Boss B told Boss A with the last hire that they had to raise my salary or I would just quit and reapply and he really wouldn't blame me for it. So again Boss B tries to get us what we deserve to the best of his abilities. Boss A... doesn't always see the value in what I do. It is real loyalty but it is also I am comfortable. If Boss B left, then I would be leaving without a second thought. This is very true and lately I have let myself think about the "what if things got much better" One of my favourite quotes is that bird one. I will start looking more regularly to see if there are any that stir anything in me. I know I will feel betrayal lol Because Boss B always says "if anything is wrong come to me first and we will try to figure it out" and he's not one to hold people back. He also always says that if you find a better opportunity for you (talking to the whole team) then take it. I definitely want to say I am a realistic person haha. Farmer's work is very hard... and you can do everything right yet still come up with a bad crop and you are always busy. I am more familiar with the crop side of farming and I know that I wouldn't want to do that at all. I like the "farm work" involved with horses but they require a certain level of speed to be good at your job which I currently don't have. And I know I couldn't afford my life with that as a job. When I think of "animal farm work" I am picturing bitter cold, working from dusk until dawn and sometimes overnights if there's something wrong with the animals. My current barn has given me a more.. hands on experience lol Not as much as working at a fully functional farm but enough that I am not just thinking its a romantic life. Its a hard life and there aren't many breaks. I can really only go based on people I know or what the internet says. They seem to pay alright. For sure you make bank if you are self employed though. The part I like most about my job is the problem solving. I love fixing bugs. I don't like when I have to figure out math then make sure the math logic all flows through the web app and is working properly. (ie. converting from mass to volume or volume to mass) I think everyone should be paid a fair wage they can live off of but some jobs are jobs that not just anyone can do. Some jobs require many years of schooling and practice (which is time and money you lose out on). And I think it is fair that those people are paid more. Sometimes I think "if everyone got paid the same money no matter what they did... what would I want to do?" and I don't really have an answer lol I think I would want to try many things. I would want to try working in a bakery, beekeeping, raising and training young horses that can go off to be good amateur friendly horses, mechanic, homesteading (but not sure thats a job), cheesemaking, pottery, and I am sure many other random things I haven't thought of. Which made me start taking career quizzes lol. I mean I don't consider any of those jobs low prestige. But I think I have a different than normal view on these things. I was actually thinking about what it would be like to be a garbage person the other day lol. I would want to be the one on the back putting the stuff in but I would probably fall off the truck cause I am clumsy or pull a muscle. I don't know that I have played it. I have played Harvest Moon which I liked. My sister really likes Stardew Valley
  17. Calories: Foots: Painting: Daisy: Sizzle: Success Exempt Death Weighed in at 272.4lbs (0.4) The scale was playing with me... the first weight it gave me was 271.4lbs then 270.8lbs then it was like "nah... actually 272.4lbs" lol I was a bit over on calories yesterday. I was just feeling a bit snacky in the evening. I snacked with composure though and took being slightly over on calories. I figured out something cool though. I made myself a slushie with waster, ice and mio (flavour you squirt into your drink) then added a few spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream and it kind of tasted like the DQ Mr.Misty Freeze (slushie with the soft serve mixed in). I am going to look for a blue raspberry version of the mio because game changer. lol And I could use vanilla frozen yogurt instead of actual ice cream for a calorie friendlier version. Todays plan is to rush to the barn after work to swap out blankets and give Daisy a small break from her boots. Then rush home by 7:25 to start virtual board games with my friend. Normally I don't get home until 8 or 8:30 if I don't stop for groceries after. I hate rushing around and I hate being late for things so I am not really looking forward to anything today lol but I did it to myself because I can't do board game night on Saturday if I want to go ice fishing. I already got dressed so I can just leave at the house as soon as I finish work haha. We are also ordering in but I have no idea what we are having yet. It sounds like an ex-coworker is in the area in 2 weeks so he's going to stop by for a visit. So because of this I would like to.... - clean toilets - restock soap - deal with boxes against island (annoyances list) - area beside stairs (annoyances list) - put turkey roaster, canner and big soup pot away (annoyances list) Annoyances List coming for the ride
  18. That is way too long. Do you get a few days off after being on for 7? ugh mobile… double quoted lol I blame all the ups and downs this year. One day I’m fine in just a hoodie then the next I need a hoodie and a hoodie jacket. I wish it would just stay either mild or cold and stop switching but I think that’s mostly because I need to keep figuring out what blankets to put on the horse. But I guess it’s not so bad. I think I’m an hour North of you in Saturday to try ice fishing and Saturday said feels like -29 early in the morning
  19. Please don't revoke my maple syrup card... but I don't know any of those! I will very soon though lol off to the youtube! @Happienumber, @obax, @TiogaGirl (I feel I am forgetting someone) Canadians Assemble! Have you guys grown up knowing these traditional songs? Edit: Ok that was lovely I don't think I have listened to any of those before with knowing it. Some of the fiddle pieces I might have heard some before in the random history videos we used to have to watch or when I went to the old lumberjack camp/museum thing. But they could of just also been random old timey music.
  20. An app called Strides. You can use it for a bunch of different things as well! It has a bunch of set up trackers for health (Drinking water, sleep, take meds), productivity (pomodoro, in bed by 10, take a break, no social media), financial stuff (pay bills, save money, debt free, budget, etc). Despite all this it is a very simple tracker and its only as good as the user input but its cool.
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