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  1. i know, sounds ominous, right. Like it's go big or go home time! Well it kinda is. I've been a guy who's bounced around in his weight the last 10 years. I'm 5'9, and been as low as 207 lbs and as high as 255 lbs. I've struggled with food from the type to the amount, and some of it is stress eating some of it is 'feel good eating' and some is just 'i'm out with my people eating'. So my goals are as follows: (I've really been told I need a to do list) Weight: 200 lbs, current around 240 Water daily intake (Water intake minus any caffeine liquid intake) - 80 oz on average, currently..I'll bet I'm around 24 oz Recover from shoulder injuries, doing PT for it currently. Have an overly tight capsule Work out portion issues (during the work week I'll eat typically as follows) ((I'll show irregularities and be honest with frequency after)) Morning: Fairlife Whole Milk 16 oz Quest Protein Bar Morning Snack: Quest Bar (50% of time) V8 drink Lunch: 10-16 oz of meat (recently its been ribeye) Some green beans Hummus (generally a double portion) Carrots (matched to hummus) After lunch: Usually nothing, but trying to do 2 scoops ON protein Dinner: Usually nothing So, now for irregularities, and I find my excuses for these valid at the time but crap in retrospect. Yesterday I had 2 Ham Egg and Cheese on an English Muffin from DD and a large Ice Caramel Macchiato because toddler son had rough night sleeping and things were stressful that morning so I told myself I needed 'something' Monday I brought in Milk Chocolate Pistachio Toffee because I had it left over from the weekend and just wanted to finish the temptation. It was a tub of it so lets just say it was probably 6 servings Sunday: This was mothers day so other than this very meaty sub, having desert ice cream and drinking 2 beers, I really didn't eat much else... maybe finished the BWs Saturday was Buffalo Wild Wings large boneless and a full cheesecurds thing, bag of caramel latte malt balls that I think were 6 servings by the bag. Friday was Chicken Parm Sub, Package of Macaroons, some salted Caramel Sour dough pieces... Ok...after reading all this... well I think I know where to start... I also need to work on just talking to peeps when I'm stressed out and bothered. So hopefully I can get somewhere with this start.