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  1. The same weirdo who watched a nerdy corpse piss and moan on his overnight ruck... Heh, time to get my head on straight RP
  2. Thanks, I've been here awhile, but just not great on forums so posted very infrequently. Too much of the 'Oh my gosh, no one posted so no one cares kinda thing'. As for ON: I'm not too picky, but picked up Vanilla and Double chocolate because I got those in 8 lb bags pretty cheap. As for Quest, I do cookie dough, double chocolate, cookies and cream, white chocolate for the wife, and a chocolate mint... They aren't bad..but I'm not picky on flavor
  3. i know, sounds ominous, right. Like it's go big or go home time! Well it kinda is. I've been a guy who's bounced around in his weight the last 10 years. I'm 5'9, and been as low as 207 lbs and as high as 255 lbs. I've struggled with food from the type to the amount, and some of it is stress eating some of it is 'feel good eating' and some is just 'i'm out with my people eating'. So my goals are as follows: (I've really been told I need a to do list) Weight: 200 lbs, current around 240 Water daily intake (Water intake minus any caffeine liquid intake) - 80 oz on average, currently..I'll bet I'm around 24 oz Recover from shoulder injuries, doing PT for it currently. Have an overly tight capsule Work out portion issues (during the work week I'll eat typically as follows) ((I'll show irregularities and be honest with frequency after)) Morning: Fairlife Whole Milk 16 oz Quest Protein Bar Morning Snack: Quest Bar (50% of time) V8 drink Lunch: 10-16 oz of meat (recently its been ribeye) Some green beans Hummus (generally a double portion) Carrots (matched to hummus) After lunch: Usually nothing, but trying to do 2 scoops ON protein Dinner: Usually nothing So, now for irregularities, and I find my excuses for these valid at the time but crap in retrospect. Yesterday I had 2 Ham Egg and Cheese on an English Muffin from DD and a large Ice Caramel Macchiato because toddler son had rough night sleeping and things were stressful that morning so I told myself I needed 'something' Monday I brought in Milk Chocolate Pistachio Toffee because I had it left over from the weekend and just wanted to finish the temptation. It was a tub of it so lets just say it was probably 6 servings Sunday: This was mothers day so other than this very meaty sub, having desert ice cream and drinking 2 beers, I really didn't eat much else... maybe finished the BWs Saturday was Buffalo Wild Wings large boneless and a full cheesecurds thing, bag of caramel latte malt balls that I think were 6 servings by the bag. Friday was Chicken Parm Sub, Package of Macaroons, some salted Caramel Sour dough pieces... Ok...after reading all this... well I think I know where to start... I also need to work on just talking to peeps when I'm stressed out and bothered. So hopefully I can get somewhere with this start.
  4. Noice! Good to see you back man!
  5. Sulinar - Sorry I didn't get back to this sooner, the last few days have been a tad tough. So to answer your questions: 1.) Despite mapping out my calories and such, I tend to never get my portions down (if it tastes good, I want more of it...stupidly more). For me, its not really lack of knowledge or information that gets me, its the reminding me of what I'm trying to do. I'm also re-evaluating my intake, and wonder if I'm bringing in too much of any one macro or eating too few or too many calories. I also do not vary between normal and gym days on my calorie count. I know this seems like fine tuning, but when I go off the rails...I go off damn hard. 2.) This goes with one, just poor food choices, generally from lack of planning. of course the simple answer is to 'plan waay better'. Unfortunately, I've really been striking out here as I have a new son (hes about 4 months). Its not been easy as my wife doesn't have healthy eating habits. I've been kinda battling upstream as when I go shopping she asks me to get her stuff (pretzels, fake sausage, etc) and then I get my usual meat, veggies, and hummus (Its the only way I tend to eat non-greens). I don't mind when she enjoys these things, but it does 'shorten' my supply. I guess I just need ideas for better strategy here. 3.) Working out has been tough as I'm battling injuries in my knees, my left ankle, and my right shoulder (this is an injury I can't recover from as my AC tendon is gone). Recently a trainer I work with has been watching my olympic lifting and determined that I might need to take time off from bar work and go to a KB to work on getting my lower body involved. Something I've never really done in about 5 years of working out. Problem here is, I'm extremely (read stupidly) competitive and its a pride thing..okay not pride...its ego..just wanting to know I'm good enough. My biggest thing is developing that 'Jedi Council'. I've 'tried' to do it all by myself, keeping accomplishments and failures to myself and you know, it feels real empty. From that standpoint, I guess I'm seeking the synergy of people understanding what I'm trying to accomplish and won't tell me to 'take it easy' or 'you don't need to do that much'. I guess I'm saying I want people to push and challenge me, to call me out when I'm being dumb on food or wimping out on a workout. I know I probably need to set up a new daily log to give an update. I was never good at keeping up on these in the past (just hated trudging through forums and after awhile it felt like I was just talking to myself which its easier to talk yourself out of doing something based on that than it is to keep going). Anyway, feel free to ask anything. And again, thanks!
  6. Actually mean, Upper Limb Difference, its the PC way of saying I have one less hand. I just prefer saying I'm shorthanded, but people get pissy
  7. Yay Rosie! Its okay, I still check up on you. Maybe you can buy a gallon of water, and then you have a gallon of something? Keep up the great work!
  8. Here's the quick backstory, because you guys are the real workers here. You're trying to get things right, you're trying to apply yourselves, and you're actually seeking results instead of waiting for them to fall into your lap. I've been on NF for years, and it's on me why it's not working. I ,honestly, have struggled in maintaining my progress instead of continuing on it. I remember getting into talks with Steve telling him that I didn't feel NF really helped me, and he simply asked me, 'What have I been doing to help me reach my goals?' I can't say much. I struggle with portion control, my self-esteem, staying on task, and most of all...asking for help. I'm a 36-year-old guy, father to a great infant boy, devoted husband, and I also have upper link difference. I do Crossfit, I enjoy the camaraderie and I have gained strength, skill, and ability. I'm sorry for the defensive tone, but I feel its mocked ad-nauseum. I have really nice powerlifting numbers 185/385/485 (Strict Press/Back Squat/Deadlift), but I've done better in all 3 lifts in the past. I'm a miniature wargamer and I enjoy board games. Where I've failed in the past is not taking charge of my diet, and finding bad ways (generally food or alcohol) in ways to reward myself. Right now, my stats are 5'9/236 and I'd ideally like to work my way to 200. I work out 3-4 times a week (I'm a dad and husband, there's more to life than the gym), and I've been eating 2050 calories (I track on mfp, sanuriel is the SN) and I try to cap my p/c/f to 180/130/90. I struggle here on three fronts, first, my 'weekly cheats' that go over the top, my rewards don't help my calories, and I'm horrible about portion control. So my hope is to create my team that I can to about things I'm struggling with, run ideas by, and you know even just have some people to feel close to and even try to help out as well. I'm not good at the interactive nerd thing, I don't do forum threads well, and I'm not so hot even in chat, but I'm committing myself to being better at communicating, reaching my goals, feeling better about myself, and stop asking the questions of why I hurt so dang much and why I can't get down in weight. Thanks guys for being awesome.
  9. LOL well thats not so bad. If I had a fit bit, I'd probably lose it immediately (no hand to stop the fitbit from coming off the wrist and usually things like that go on your non-dominant hand). I dunno if you're an ios or android user, but the health app tracks steps and distance if you can use that in the mean time. Just a suggestion. How's the food thing been going? Wait! I read just jogging, as in extra cardio on top of chasing a taller...Ahh gains..I knew thee well.
  10. Heh, just good to hear you going back to the gym. you know, lunges could be fun too.
  11. Haha, that looks like a lot of fun. Would love to do stuff like this, but then I dunno...I start doubting myself.
  12. So, what are you doing today? Jogging, Walking, Box Jumps, Wallballs, Goblet Squats with med ball or dumb bell?
  13. But...but...but...thats just not cool. What's holding you up?
  14. Things aren't too bad, I've been tracking my macros on an excel sheet along with my weight...LOL I've learned that I hate drinking water on the weekends, but love eating carbs in those moments. I've been trying a program that allows me to slowly 're-up' my calories since I've held myself in deficit for so long. My workouts have been coming along better since the recent bump up, but the weight has slowly been sliding off.
  15. Heh, thats awesome. It always feels very good once you get into a groove.
  16. It'll get easier again soon enough, continuity keeps the gains flowing.
  17. Woohoo!!! Yea, long time out, but umm...means you're really 'healed up' and ready to tear it up.
  18. So today's post is going to be more morose, so its my preemptive warning to try to save you from hearing about this. If you want, I'll throw some junk on the end of a recent workout and you can skip down there. [Will be added later when I can sort my thoughts into something where I don't hesitate to say what is actually happening and not try to talk in code or obscure reference] So on Tuesday it was probably one of the best days I've had in awhile, deadlift day. Yes, I'm sorry...I live for the deadlift, and I hadn't done any real reps in about 4 months, so it felt amazing to really start trying to get my juices going. Of course for me that's pulling 455 like its NBD. I really wanted to shoot for 485, but I also knew I had to do 3 rounds of 12-24-12 of 225 lb deadlifts, jump rope (should be doubles, but I'm not even really trying anymore...its just waaay too frustrating), and hand stand push ups (my goal was to get at least half of them without any pad under my head...I fell two short. Regardless, nice lifting day. I worked out Wednesday as well, but it was press at 8 rep sets and a silly rowing pull up thing...so meh.
  19. Just look at it as the new chapter to your book of life. You get to start it and direct it however you wish.
  20. Hmm, really struck out last week in keeping up with this thing. I better work on that. So lets handle what I feel is the good news. I've been keeping up very well with my drowning man concept except over this Saturday and Sunday and I still think I made decent work on that (never mind the fact that I am certain that all the alcohol I drank over the weekend more than likely nulled that out.) So today, like every other Monday, I'm 'back on the wagon'. My food consumption wasn't that great either as I had tasty treats at my Crossfit box's 5 year anniversary. It was neat, but I have limit control issues, and then last night my wife wanted sushi and so we got sushi, but I also added some ribs and Lo Mein...again...limit control issues. Working out has been decent. I tried doing overhead press and maxed out at 185, and then started playing with my bench. Again got to 185 comfortably, but then just ran out of gas. Of course my current schedule is getting rearranged by the arrival of my son as it draws nearer. No, his coming does not bother me as some people seem to try to read in my statements. My frustration sometimes comes out when flexibility is questioned by someone as rigid as a 2 x 4. So yea, thats where its at...I'm not a ultimately grumpy guy...I just like level playing field and people who don't try to earn wealth on nothing... Anyway, more later, Happy Monday
  21. So today, I've decided to go the 'Drowning Man' path with my water consumption. Usually I end up around 62-64 ounces of water, but with two 16 oz cups of coffee in between...Well screw this...this is day 1 of the drowning man and we are currently at 122 ounces of water, no coffee, and another 18 ounces to go before end of the day. I'm going to really give this a go for the next 2 weeks to see how it works for me. Why such a drastic change...because I struggle with food and drink and I want to get feeling like a real human being. Last night, I felt crappy while hang cleaning 75 lbs, my right shoulder ached as the tips of bone would bump against bone, and I know I can do more, but it just didn't feel good. This is why Crossfit needs to get back to being fun again. Being sore is one thing, but aching to no end is another...but I think I've done it to myself.
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