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  1. Week 1 Summary Quest #BeStronger I got all my DM's training sessions in and even did some Crossfit on the side. Monday's WOD were power snatches, tuesday's were pull ups, wednesday's were push presses and thursday's were thrusters. All things considered, I did great on the strength training department, even skipping gym on friday and yesterday. On the other hand, I only did one session of yoga the whole week. Quest #BeLeaner I ate out on thursday and yesterday, hence the higher caloric intake. Overall, I think I did pretty good on this quest. Averaged 2k a day and managed to lose weight. The average of my macros were solid too (133gP, 132gC, 80gF). The only problem was that I didn't tape my measurements (I lost the tape somehow and didn't have the time to buy a new one), but I took some pics at the begging of the challenge. Quest #BeSmarter I studied for only one hour this week. I need to put in more hours if I want to retake the exams. Quest #BeKinder Got zero reading done. Quest #BeWiser Skipped only a day o meditation and journaling. Quest #BeRicher! Went ahead and transfered 1,5k from my salary to my savings account. Unless something TERRIBAD happens, this quest is completed.
  2. Strengthening your adductors do help with knee pain. Here is an article with some stuff you can do. I love Crossfit and have really crappy knees (chondromalacia patellae) and doing some of these exercises have really helped me. https://breakingmuscle.com/learn/5-simple-solutions-for-anterior-knee-pain A good exercise that targets only the adductos is this one (you'll need a resistance band):
  3. Hello, warriors. Short version: 26 years old female from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Loves Crossfit, loves weightlifting, hates running. Loves the Mass Effect games and wants to have Lara Croft's babies. Runs an online business. Focused on self growth, booty growth and business growth. Long version: there isn't one. 2017 Goals (generaly speaking, so I won't bore you out of your mind): - Get down to lean 52kgs (whatever that means). I currently weight 60ishkgs. - I want to keep improving my lifts. Aiming for 100kgs on the back squat (current 1RM is 80kgs), 120kgs on the deadlift (current 1RM is 90kgs), 70kgs on the power clean (current 1RM is 55kgs), 55kgs on the clean and jerk (current 1RM is 35kgs) and 55kgs on the snatch (current 1RM is 35kgs). - I want to focus more on my career and business, and go back to school for a post grad/MBA degree. - Improve my social skills/relationships. - Keep improving my mental health. - I want to have invested at least 12k by the end of the year. Quest #BeStronger - Follow the Danger Method program by @jdanger. - NF Yoga 5x/week. Quest #BeLeaner - Track calories, macros, weight and measurements. - 1800-2000 cals/day. - Alcohol 1x/week. - No fast food this challenge. Quest #BeSmarter - Study digital marketing related stuff for at least 4hrs/week. - Retake the Google Analytics and Google Adwords exam to renew my certificate. Quest #BeKinder - Read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and start applying some of its principle in my daily social interactions. Quest #BeWiser - Headspace EVERYDAY. - 5min Journal EVERYDAY. Quest #BeRicher! - Invest 1k at the end of the challenge.
  4. @jdanger, stopping by just to say I am giving your program a go! Started it on monday and I am really enjoying it so far. I am not used to high rep stuff at decent weight (even though I Crossfit) so these first sessions have been brutal. Tomorrow is Day 4 of Week 1 and I am still sore af from deadlifting on thursday. Can you recommend me another accessory exercise instead of ham raises? My gym doesn't have the GHR machine. I did try to do it with the loaded bar on the ground (I had to Google other methods and this was the one that showed up), but I felt some discomfort on my knees. Anyways, thanks in advance. <3
  5. Is there a particular reason he starts with the squat and deadlift on day 1 and 2 then changes to bench and OHP on 3 and 4?
  6. Hey, this was the first time I ever recorded myself working out, so I am not sure the angle is very helpful (empty gym, etc). This was my second set @60kgs and my knees caved in some in the second rep. Comments?
  7. Day 1 - Monday Diet Goals: - 1768 cals. - 123g of protein. Fitness Goals: - SS Stuff: Barbell Squat: 57,5kgs 3x5 Barbell Deadlift: 70kgs 3x5 Dumbell Bench Press: 24kgs 3x5 Barbell Shoulder Press: 22,5kgs (4 reps on the 1st set, 3 on the second and 2 on the 3rd, had to push press the last reps of each set). - Muay Thai class after. Other Goals - 10min of meditation. Day 2 - Tuesday Diet Goals: - 1862 cals. - 112g of protein. Fitness Goals: - Crossfit: We had to find our 1RM on the Front Squat.Mine was 60kgs (a PR!). The WOD was: 3RFT 200m farmer's walk (32kgs) 10 burpees to pull ups 30 box jumps - NF Yoga before bed. - Other Goals - 10min of meditation.
  8. Hey! Thanks! And I did, yeah. Read it once before starting, but I have been learning more from his videos. He recorded a few vids teaching the proper form/movements for all the major lifts for the Art of Maliness blog and they are VERY good.
  9. Hello, warriors. I am a 25 year old woman from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Started Crossfit about 8 months ago and fell in love with both the oly/powerlifting bits and the gymnastic stuff. Noticed my progress slowing on both due to lack of upper body strength and decided to run the Starting Strength program for a few months. That was two weeks ago and my current stats/lifts are as follow: Currents Stats and Lifts On SS Height: 1,58cm Weight: 55kgs / 120lbs BF%: ? Barbell Squat (5RM): 55kgs / 121lbs Barbell Deadlift (5RM): 67,5kgs / 149lbs Dumbell Bench Press (5RM): 24kgs / 53lbs Barbell Shoulder Press (5RM): 20kgs / 44lbs Anyway, I am pretty good at being consistent with my workout routines (be it Crossfit, muay thai, SS, whatevs), but I am having some issues sticking to healthy eating habits and by healthy I mean I am having some issues at not eating like an idiot. I gained 3kgs since the beggining of the year and, while some of it is muscle, I have a long term goal of weighting under 52kgs with a lower bf%. So yeah, this challenge I will be focusing on my diet and tracking all the things. Goals: Diet Goals: - Track all the things on MFP. - 1800cals/day. - 110g of protein a day. - Alcohol only twice/week. - Only two cheat meals (BURGEEERS AND FRIIIES!) during the challenge. Fitness Goals: - Track all of my fitness progress on SS. - NF Yoga 2x/week. Other Goals - Meditate 5x/week for a minimun of 10min. - Weight myself daily and take the other measurements/pictures weekly.
  10. Greetings, fellow rangers. Please, ignore the fact that I am 10 days late for this challenge. I was just going to wait for the next one, but yeah. Screw that. I am a 25 year old living in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, who actually has this whole exercising/healthy living thing down. I Crossfit 4-5x/week, I don't eat like an idiot 80% of the time, I enjoy martial arts, meditation and I own a pair of Kettlebells for those times I am bored at home doing nothing. I am 5'2'' and currently weight 55kgs (110lbs). I decided to give NF challenges another chance because I absolutely suck at setting goals for myself if there is no accountability involved. So, for this challenge, my main goal is to do a proper push up. Yeah. As a newbie crossfit addicted, I am learning to do all these awesome things with my body (I can squat 120lbs, deadlift 160lbs and swing a 20kgs kettlebell with awesome form and a smile on my face), but I can't still do a decent, honest to God, push up. With that in mind, here are my quests for this challenge: Strenght Quest - Master the push ups by training them EVERYDAY. 5 sets of 5 reps, following the Convict Conditioning progression. Dexterity Quest - Stretch my hamstrings EVERYDAY for at least 10min. - NF Yoga 3x/week. Constitution Quest - Aim for 1800-2200 calories a day. - Eat at least 110g of protein everyday. Inteligence Quest - Finish reading the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. Wisdom Quest - Meditate everyday for at least 10 minutes. Charisma Quest - Reach out to a different friend/acquaintance everyday. It can be via Facebook, e-mail, SMS, whatever.
  11. I would be feeling like crap if I did all the exercise you do only eating 1500 cals/day. I am a female who stands at 5'2'' and weight 110lbs. I Crossfit 4-5 times a week and still lose weight eating 1800 cals/day. Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
  12. My goals will need an adjustment for this first week. I have a business trip (an e-commerce convention, really) scheduled that I wasn't considering when I first drafted my challenge. I will be out of town from wednesday evening to saturday afternoon without access to a proper gym or a Crossfit box, so no exercise for me (other than light yoga, lots of walking and maybe some bodyweight stuff) on thursday and friday. I also won't be able to track all my meals to the T since most of them will be done at restaurants. With that in mind, my adapted goals for this week are: - Crossfit on monday (done), tuesday (done) and wednesday. Unfortunatelly, on saturdays my box opens only in the morning hours. - No Starting Strength this week because I had to cut my time short in the gym today to get to work earlier. - No fast food while I am traveling or any sort of shitty food, seriously. Protein + veggies for lunch and dinner and eggs for breakfast. I will have an easier time tracking them too. My cal intake will likely be lower than 1800, but that won't be an issue. - My meditation and post-grad goals don't need to suffer any changes. Now for my day one review: Strength Goal: I went to Crossfit. It was pistol day. Success. Dexterity Goal: the mobility block at Crossfit focused on our legs, so lots of stretching. Success. Constitution Goal: my cal intake was less than it should have been (1700), but my macros were good (P112g, C101g, F88g). No harm done here. Success. Inteligence Goal: I participated on one of my classes' forums. Success. Wisdom Goal: took 10 minutes to meditate in the morning. Success. Charisma Goal: I am yet to take my measurements. A good start for this challenge.
  13. Heh, thanks. I started studying english when I was 10 years old and I consider myself fluent. I have zero issues undestanding it. It is the speaking and writing part that gets tricky sometimes. I struggle a LOT with prepositions and if I weren't so lazy I could probably sit down and actually learn them. Anyway, I am from Brasil so my native language is portuguese. Heh, I am a D&D nerd As for the hamstring stretch, I do mostly this one. It is great because you don't need elastic bands or anything, and it is possible to do while laying down on your bed. Eat to Perform helped me change my mindset about food and exercise for the better. I learned about it a couple of months ago and, while their science wasn't news to me (body recomp), they made an excellent job of "selling" me their philosophy. I had recently lost almost 10kgs (20lbs) in three months, so when I started eating more (I was at the 1300-1500 cals/day range as well) I was super afraid of putting some of that weight back. It didn't happen. My performance in the gym improved instantly and I started seeing the results in my physique pretty quick too. I think that hard work and the way that my body looks go so hand in hand, and the only way for me to work my ass off inside the box is if I fuel my body like the deadlifting machine it is.
  14. Greetings and welcome to the Rebellion. Your goals are pretty solid and, as procastinator myself, I use a similar tactic to control my anxious nature: I narrow it down to the hardest task/the one that is stressing me the most and do it first thing in the morning. I feel it sets the pace for a more productive day. Good luck!
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