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  1. So I need an objective opinion, for my wife: We started doing Starting Strength about 3 weeks ago, and tonight she did squats at 70kg (155#) She is feeling a bit let down because the weight "felt heavy" and that she is progressing very slowly. She does not believe me that what she is doing is actually pretty impressive (proximity bias, and all that), so can I ask your objective opinion on her behalf (I will show her the comments): Is 155# x3x5 a decent lift for a 40 year old woman after 3 weeks of training?
  2. Hey Rob I'm about to start my own thread, but we are in similar boats (except I have more weight to lose). I'm also a keen photographer, and out of interest: Why do you reject most of your shots? Exposure/Technical issues (ie blurry or OOF)? Or is it a composition/artistic merit kind of thing? Great shot BTW. Love the saturation and composition.
  3. AlienJenn Thanks for the encouragement. Once I have my weight back to fighting fit, I'll become the warrior gain. I must say I am liking the Idea of Ranger, as i'm getting older recovery and time is getting less, injury risk goes up and the pure strength stuff starts looking like a young mans game. I'll never give up squatting and deadlifting, but I'm not sure I'll ever do it competitively again.
  4. Hi FitThuma Yeah I played Prop Forward (rugby), so I have always been a big guy. Even at my fittest I was well over 225#. For the moment I'm cutting down on the weight, and then I can have a look at gaining strength/size back. One thing at a time, done properly.
  5. Dolf

    Mitch Beardhoff

    Good work, I'll return the follow.
  6. Time for an Update: Opening stats: Weight 144kg (317.5#) At 6'0". Stats as of Thursday morning: 141.3 (311.5#) Still at 6'0". So the weight is melting off, but the height seems to be a bit stubborn. In terms of actions the Diet has been good, with only one cheat (sushi). the training however has been a disaster. I am in my two week notice period at the office, so it's been flat tack trying to facilitate a handover. That will be done by weeks end (hopefully) and then I might actually have a life outside the office.
  7. About me: I am a 35 year old "Data Geek". My long term goal is to get accepted into the Warrior guild, as I used to dabble in powerlifting and strongman, and it was a lot of fun. For the moment however I need to shed a lot of weight and undo a very sedentary and comfortable first world existence. The below is my outline for my 5 week quest starting on 12 Jan. Better late than never. Main Quest: Quality of life (I am too young to feel this old) Specific goals: My goals are behaviour related rather than outcome (since that is the bit I control). The goal is followed by how I will score it o
  8. Hi Elfsfaire, Given your profile you could not have picked a better destination. I would assume you're doing things like Hobbiton and the whole LOTR thing? Amovingtarget: You need to do Hot water beach. Then hit up the south Island, Queenstown, and some of the most stunning scenery in the world.
  9. I'm a level 1 warrior, either tall dwarf or short Ogre (5'11'', your call). My long term goal is pretty simple, total 600kg (1350#) in the 100kg (225#) class at an IPF sanctioned meet. Given I currently weigh 140kg and my all time best is a total of 495kg (3 years ago) I have a long road ahead of me, but it will be worth it. If along the way I get into some strongman, it is a bonus.
  10. I recently joined, based in Auckland. Dominic, Netfit Training room in Ellerslie has a good Oly area, or you can try the Newmarket crossfit box (Carlton Gore road, next to the domain)
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