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  1. Kishi

    RisenPhoenix Drives Forward

    Well, without meaning to minimize what you've been through... sometimes, challenges are like this, right? I mean, you set out with a plan, and then some major things happen to throw you off, and you spend the rest of the challenge just trying to hold where you are while everything blows up around you. Sometimes, that's just how it goes, and sometimes the best thing you can do is just show up and try to hold the line. I know you don't like it, but I'm glad you're back on your meds. There's no shame in it, and they'll help you do better at doing the things you want to do and being the person you want to be. It's necessary. So, stick to 'em. Otherwise, yeah. Things have ground down to a halt in a lot of ways right now, and starting up again is going to suck. But you're driven, and you'll do it. Take next challenge just one step at a time, and even easier than you think you need to, and you'll be back at it in no time.
  2. Kishi

    The Courtyard (Monk General Chat)

    Sorry for your loss.
  3. Kishi

    Sara Kingdom Grounds Herself in the Earth Kingdom

    I tend to go pretty heavy on spices myself, relative to others, but cinnamon goes great with the rice, and doing turmeric or cayenne depending on the meat just makes it exciting. But that's just me.
  4. Kishi

    RisenPhoenix Drives Forward

    Good grief. I hope in the past week that things have cooled down a little bit.
  5. Kishi


    Actually, it wound up being worse than Florence for us. Downed trees, power outages, busted traffic lights. It would have been one thing if we'd all stayed home and treated it like it was a hurricane, but we didn't and people were The Worst, as usual. Right. Like, it's easy for me to resist those things because they're on the other side of the office and hidden behind a wall of cubicles. But when something social comes and that place is loaded up, and I get over there and take food, it's really hard for me to stop. And, the past days have just been difficult in terms of food serving social function. * Oh my. It's been a week. That won't do. Busy times right now, so the short version is that training has been happening despite hurricanes and everything trying to do otherwise. Month wound up being more expensive than I thought it'd be; car is repaired and running better and it's passed inspection, but getting everything renewed is going to blow up my budget unless a couple of the side gigs pay like they're supposed to, which they won't. So I gotta roll the dice for just another couple of weeks. Good news is that OT came back a lot sooner than anyone expected, so I'mma start working that again on Saturdays to pull in more fundage. Being out of the apartment will also help me get to Judo on Saturday. Writing is going good. I've been playing with Jim Butcher's idea of Scenes and Sequels, which is his underlying structure for everything he writes (mostly plainly on display in the Dresden Files considering how info-heavy that series is). It's been educational, actually, because I've had opportunity to figure out where there was more opportunity for drama and character play, and it's been fascinating. Diet's been solid for the past week, except for last night again. We hit the end of season 1 of The Expanse, which took longer than a normal night, so even though I hit my plan like I was supposed to, Chipotle was closed by the time I was out. So close, and yet so far. 6 bad days, 1 mitigated. And, yup. The grind goes on.
  6. See, back in the Old Days, it used to be that you'd have 6 weeks and just keep on grinding. It is not that way anymore. Exactly. You are working hard and you have lots going on. Could you do more? Maybe. But eventually you gotta decide enough's enough. Do what you gotta do and then get back to life. See above. I've found something very similar. I used to do specific leg-strengthening stuff a lot, but nowadays between TGUs and martial arts, I find that one day a week to work on single-leg progressions is all I need. Also, just gonna point out that dancers and fighters have better legs than power lifters. #ShotsFired #EveryDayIsLegDay These all sound so good! And it's getting toward soup weather, finally; you can totally make a good, hearty soup to last you and get you the same mix of proteins and veggies. Hey, good work! You're doing lots with one instrument already; adding more would just be broken. Although, hey, I seem to recall you had found something called Dark Country? And that it's awesome? Would love some recs if you got any. I'm glad to see you're working on ways to get around this. It's a chronic (huh? huh?) problem, and it's not going away any time soon, so you adapt to it and find other ways around. And I stand by what I say - you don't need a gym to get life-strong. You're doing so much better now that you were. It sounds like you're going back to the trenches, but you're going to get better even then too. So! On the whole, good job! Way to make it through and figure out what works! Hope we get to see you next time!
  7. Also, heads up to the involved parties: I have deleted @sarakingdom's posts per her request, and deleted yours Treva for purposes of cohesion in topic. Hopefully, everything here should be in order.
  8. Kishi

    Cheesestick Finds Balance

    Hey, good job! Like I said, if the worst thing you did was built on good habits, it'd still be a successful challenge. and that is precisely what you did. And better is... well, superior to where you were, yeah? These next goals sound like logical progressions to me. Go ahead and take a week for yourself, see how to approach these new things. We'll be ready when you are.
  9. Kishi

    Chemgeek finds the center

    So, how you feeling here at the end of things?
  10. Well, believe it or not, they're very similar motions if you look them up. Grasshoppers are basically just twisting mountain climbers; if you look 'em up on YouTube, there's really not that much to them. Mhm. TBF, you kind of remind me of myself, in that you like what you do and you also want to do All The Things to make it better. This can serve well, and it can also hurt you or burn you out, and that is not a thing that makes life better. Mind, recovery is part of the training. If you can recover well from all of this, then well and good, right? But if you're not recovering - if you're not getting those adaptations - then are you really training, or are you simply engaged in volitional struggle? I would argue no. But, if you can do all that you want to do and recover enough to put up a good effort and not feel the Bad Pains after, well, then that's probably training. Still, it's just a bias. It's not actually true. You can get hecking strong without a gym if you've got to. Really glad to hear that music and medicine have gone so well for you! And here we are, at the end of all things. How'd it go?
  11. Kishi


    Hey there guys. It's been brought to my attention that I didn't have a Battle Log. I figured it was time to change that. So, a bit about me for those of you who haven't met me before: I'm Kishi. I'm a martial artist specializing in Kenkojuku-Ryu Shotokan, a type of Karate. My sensei wants me to get into Judo as well, but I've got enough on my plate that I don't feel good pursuing that just yet. I'm a calisthenics guy not necessarily due to choice, and my martial arts force me to develop a lot of other athletic qualities, such that I'm not really a strength guy or an endurance guy. I'm kind of both. I have a lot of reasons for doing what I do, and I was pursuing my goals before I ever even found this place. I've talked about them before. But these reasons have changed in the past as well, and I suspect they'll change again. Since the end of last challenge, I've been taking it easier. I wound up with some overuse problems, some acute muscle soreness that has only been exacerbated due to certain movements I've performed. Lately I've been focusing on the Trifecta as detailed in CC2, and developing my handstand using the free protocol over at GMB. It's been good, but I'm getting an itch to start training again, and I reckon I'll post my deeds here before the night is out. Since I pigged out on junk food and drove my body fat percentage back up by a full point, I've decided to go Primal with a single Cheat Day every Sunday. It's an intentional thing, no worries. I had a feeling it might happen this way. Starting today, as of 9 AM, I weighed in at 181.5, at 15.3% body fat according to a BI scan. It's not the most accurate, but it does reduce user error on my end, so at least it's not wrong on my account. So. Here we are. And here we go.