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  1. Kishi

    Mistr attacks step 1

    Your housework updates are inspiring, because I've got work of my own to do. Tally ho!
  2. Kishi

    PinkNinja Balances

    Ooh, money goal. Those are scary, or at least I'm used to them being scary because, hey, terrible things tend to happen when I look too hard at my finances. This will be a hard challenge, but I think if you can complete it you'll be in a really good place.
  3. Kishi

    Shotokan stretches the limits further

    Man, sounds like your kata training is hardcore. 171 bpm? Nuts.
  4. Kishi

    The Shogun Journey

    Regarding the solo training, one thing that might help would be to watch videos of the techniques. No joke, this can actually help. It helps to internalize and analyze a technique; when you see it done right, you can kind of visualize what you should do, and when you see it done wrong, you can visualize that too. It actually does make a difference.
  5. Kishi

    Treva goes Full Bard: Newsies/Dark Knight

    Well, if you can handle it, it can be good stuff. I've been finding that managing my overall fat intake has done a lot to keep me asymptomatic in terms of heart stuff; even allowing saturated fats back into rotation hasn't been a problem so far. Although, I suppose we'll see if the next blood panel comes back bad in December. It's normal. We get it. You're doing your best to be a good future doctor, and taking care of yourself takes precedence. As you are a lovely person, it'd be nice to hear from you, but you gotta take care of yourself and your things first. So, you do you. We're here to cheer you on in the meantime. So rock on and cut people!
  6. Kishi


    Yup! There's been a lot going on. But you've had a lot going on too, so. Glad you could catch up. Right? It's actually given me a chance to slow down and assess things. Figure out what was going on underneath the hood and all that. In a way, I'm actually kind of grateful that it happened. Yup. It's a remix of an old song, but I like this one better. This is true. I've observed that a lot of the new trainees, when they come in, don't really have the body awareness that they need. It's unexpected, given that the ones who come in are reportedly high-level practitioners in their main arts. * Tuesday down. Had my performance review, aced it. Did better than I expected in some areas, actually, which is always fun to find. Got back home with some time to kill, so I decided to break out the therapy bell just to see how I felt. Result was surprising. Was a little sore on the first few swings, but this didn't last, and afterward I was able to do my stretches, none the worse for wear. I was able to stretch out my right hamstring without pain. At this point, I'm trying it out on a provisional basis, just to see if I have any soreness or anything like that or any indications that it'll exacerbate anything. So far, nothing. If no other symptoms pop up, I'll be running these again on Saturday, to hit S&S program minimums and to maximize the amount of rest. If I have any soreness between here or there, it'll be nothing but rest for me. Otherwise, Karate afterward. Went well. Drilled well, but got picked over in sparring. Sigh. And with the teaching on Fridays, class and work on Saturdays, and whatever shenanigans I get into on Sundays, I can't even really say when the next time will be that I get to hit a heavy bag and do extra work. On the plus side, a gym's going into the nearby shopping complex that allegedly will have heavy bags, but no word yet on when that's opening up. So, an annoying problem, but ultimately one that will be addressed in time. Tonight should be leg work and judo. Kind of debating between throwing handstand work in tonight or saving that for tomorrow. Also not sure what to do with the upper body work on Saturday, given that KBs are working back into rotation - could move that to Friday and do that after teaching; it'd be a late night, but doable for that. Gym's open to 23:00 and teaching lets out at 19:30... should work. So... yeah. Guess it's just legs tonight, then. And judo.
  7. Kishi

    The One Where Phoenix Burning Joins Team USA

    Any kind of red meat. Big fan of grass fed beef, although bison and elk are also good. Also, eggs.
  8. Kishi


    The best part is that the dude's title involves Defense Against the Dark Arts. * A twist! DM-san and Backup DM-san were both down with a case of Real Life, so no gaming last night. So, I went home and finished up Season 7 instead. It was worth finishing. Can't believe we're down to just one more. I will probably wind up going through the entire series when the last season drops, so I can get a sense of it. I don't feel like the show's truly had a weak season, but one of the weaknesses of the show is its tendency to gloss over character moments/studies in the name of action. Which I get, because it's a kid's show, and character studies are typically things that adults do more and fanfic authors have to fill in. Still, the showrunners do the best they can, and as usual I was left wanting more, but not really with an ability to complain about what I got, you know? Like I'm trying to find it in me and I really can't. They almost didn't stick the landing on the final ep, but at the very last minute they pull it off and oh man. Anyway, Karate on the docket tonight.
  9. Kishi

    RisenPhoenix Travels a Path

    Thirded. It sucks if the only coping mechanism you have is one you don't like. It's a bad choice. Doesn't make it the wrong choice, though.
  10. Kishi

    Val Log

    Huzzah! You're so much smarter about recovery than I was at that age. I commend you!
  11. So you ran up, hit the wall, and bounced off. It happens. Shake it off and hit it again; if you bounce off again, then it'll be time to reassess and readjust.
  12. Kishi


    Weekend was very a weekend. I spent Friday night reading up on nutritional protocols and stayed up entirely too late. Slept in. Skipped out on overtime. I'm a bad, bad drone. On the flip side, however, I managed to get to the gym and hit up my upper body work. Incline Push Ups: 1x9 Integrated Mobility: DONE Push Ups: 4x12 Integrated Mobility: DONE Struggled here. Got all my reps, toughed it out and stayed up the entire time, but definitely had some pause points here. Will have to stick to these sets and reps for a while. High Rows: 1x9 Integrated Mobility: DONE Ground Rows: 3x3 Integrated Mobility: DONE Easier than I remember them being. I guess this whole notion of "paying my dues" to a given move paid off. Hollow Plank: 4x48s Integrated Mobility: DONE Whoops. Skipped my warm up set on this one. :X But then again, it went pretty great, so, I guess I can't complain? Kneeling Push Ups: 2x10, 13 Kali afterward was pretty great. Had to get in and teach indepth to a student. Feels like I'm over the jitters on this. Just need to have a starting point and I can detail it all out from there. I notice, though, that my Kali is very simple compared to Manong's; I settle for 2-3 cuts before running away, and he likes to go for 5-6. We both have it in common, though, to repay every one stroke of the opponent with 2-3 of our own. So that's a thing. Saturday wound up being grilling and games with the friends I helped to move. We got monsoon'd on that night, so I helped out with holding an umbrella over the grillmaster as well as providing moral support. Drank, talked, played Fibbage. Good times. Sunday, I went to go train people for the first time in a while, which was pretty great. They're on a RP server for WoW, so I spun up a new character for that one and we'll see how it goes. Otherwise, hit the gym: Hollow Body Tuck Hold: 1x9s Integrated Mobility: DONE Hollow Body Tuck Rocks: 4x48 Integrated Mobility: DONE Ah God but these get uncomfortable. Need to work on keeping my arms out and away. Russian Twists: 1x30 Integrated Mobility: DONE Side Plank Twists: 1x9 Integrated Mobility: DONE Side Arch Ups: 4x8 Integrated Mobility: DONE Tuck Ups: 1x15 Integrated Mobility: DONE Straddle Tuck Ups: 1x9 Integrated Mobility: DONE V Ups: 3x3 Integrated Mobility: DONE Kind of get the feeling that my gut is in the way? Kind of don't? Hard to say. Mobility was a little tricky to get right, but eventually I figured out how to get the stretch I was looking for. After that, I decided to test my hamstring and see how it was doing. According to the previous protocol, I'm mostly in the clear, as I've a painless gait, painless high-knee gait, and no problems in isometric contraction. I jogged a mile, and I could do it, but there was some definite discomfort in that hamstring during and after. Part of me is tempted to go back to work with the therapy bell, just to see if that hurts anything, and part of me is like, "Nah, you said you'd trust GB, and you don't need to do more than what you're doing now." So, IDEK. Watched my bro's stream. Should have used that time for chores. Shame on me. Binged S7 of the new Voltron on Netflix; really jonesing to finish it, but probably won't get to take a stab at it until Friday. (hurrrr hur hur) Thinking I'll take off that day to go fishing with my Dad anyway. Anyway. Rest day today. Gaming possible to probable.
  13. Kishi

    Teirin chases enthusiasm

    Only because you say so. But yeah, girl, for real? Phew...
  14. Kishi

    Chemgeek seeks consistency

    "Fatigue makes cowards of us all." It's interesting how we adapt to getting less rest and assuming it's our new normal, and then we actually get rest and holy crow what a difference! Also, total bread envy over here. I remember, we used to make homemade sourdough when I was growing up and it was pretty much the best thing. Haven't thought about that in a long time, and now it's something that's on my mind, so, thanks for that. All seriousness, though, it does sound like you identified a central switch that you can flip to create virtuous rather than vicious cycles. It already sounds like you've flipped it, so now you have to keep it in that position. Easier said than done. Good luck!