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  1. FarCry3: Treva vs Herself

    Well, eggs are a good way to get more protein. You can buy them pre-hardboiled so they're ready to go immediately. Chicken breast is good, but really any kind of meat in your diet is going to be a good source of protein. If you're worried about the extra fat, another option would be legumes, which you do somewhat already with the hummus and peanut butter. Protein shakes are another good way to get them, but that being said, I wouldn't go with Premier Protein. I use this site to verify supplement quality, and if they're anything like the other retail shakes, they're probably not a good use of your money. You'd probably be better off making your own using these powders as a base; fortunately, it's actually super-convenient and doesn't require a lot of time or effort. Also, don't stay too married to your calorie count. Remember, you're up on your feet all day, and you're engaging in extra exercise on top of that. It's not wrong to eat extra food to fuel that performance, and you just might surprise yourself with what your weight does as a result. FWIW, that's something I struggle with too. I hoped so much as I trained and developed that I would have a certain look, but for me it's not physically possible (pectus excavatum and also the rectus doesn't build in the pretty way). It's a matter of accepting and forgiving oneself, and eventually it changes because you realize, "Holy Crap, I can swing a sword! And move heavy-ass weight! And I don't get tired!" Like you say, it all comes down to discipline. Challenge looks good! I can't help with the roommate situation, but you could try stabbing him if worse comes to worse.
  2. Tsune of RisenPhoenix

    I mean, that shipping problem sounds bad, but unless you somehow unmade All Of Science, I'm pretty sure y'all over in the corporate world can handle it. And I mean, like you said, your part in the error was barely a 50th of the total thing. Feels terrible, but doesn't bear out under scrutiny. Also, sleep is totally self-care. It's the best kind. The kind you can sleep through.
  3. Osu

    Well, if it helps any, the original EU isn't canon anymore, so most of that library is no longer required reading. Also, you have rekindled in me one of my more destructive hobbies: moping about how I could have done Star Wars better if they'd let me. @Urgan y u do dis
  4. Osu

    Yeah, that's fair. They were doing that to set up for Rose, but TBH I think she could have been enough without the extra set up. Maybe introduce her as a hacker, which would have directly tied her into the underlying theme of underdogs using underhanded means and methods.
  5. Osu

    Well, see, that was actually the point. Star Wars has always been big on Only One Making It, all the way back to IV, but it's never mattered before. They get it here in this film, and it turns out, holy crap, that's actually a huge freaking problem. That's part of Poe's character arc, where he has to learn to let go of theatrical tactics like that in favor of something more practical. It happens over and over again in the film, too: they keep needing that One Chance, and it always blows up, and when they finally get a break, it's never quite what they need and it always comes at a price. (but yeah that pointless antagonism, like what, dudes, you were setting out to get rid of Ford, Hamill, and Fisher, why would you do this)
  6. Mistr figures things out

    Awesome! Have fun, avoid bears!
  7. Osu

    No joke: I think Johnson would have been fantastic for Solo, since his past work was heavy on noir and character work. And also funny. Abrams would have been a good director as far as maintaining the spirit of the thing, although I don't know if he would have worked to tell a different story with that tone, which honestly was going to have to happen sooner or later. Actually, Because Science did a video where they proved that that could work. I can't link it here because Work, but.
  8. Osu

    So, with Johnson and TLJ, I think that they needed the time, but I think they could have used it better. The way I see it, that film is about trying to break out of a lot of the mold that was set up by 7 previous films. In other words, it's trying to take the story away from hidden royal lines and the Skywalker Squabble that pretty much defined the first seven films, in favor of elevating the 'common folk' and celebrating the hidden magic of the ordinary. I think a lot of what he had to say about the systemic nature of violence was really important to the setting, and I think that future films will have a lot of latitude to explore that kind of thing. But you know, 7 films and 40 years of multimedia is a lot to break out of, and while I appreciate that he tried, I do think in some ways that I could have done a better job. I wouldn't have killed Holdo, for instance, but on the flip side I wouldn't have set her up purely as a source of conflict for Poe. Also, I don't think the casino planet was strictly necessary. I would have had DJ as a smuggler making delivery who got caught up in the Rebellion's flight, who would have done the job of getting them on the Destroyer but then selling them out because the price was right. It's interesting to me that he would have actually done a film as bloated as this, because his previous works were super-tight on storytelling, and I think that was a big part of my initial disappointment in the film. Even though I came to forgive it, it's still not something I expected, and it makes me curious to see what they'll do in IX since he wrote the script on that one.
  9. Chris does some stuff and gets some sleep.

    Speaking for training, I'm always going to advocate for S&S. That's not to come down on the other movements, you understand, but nothing made me quite as strong or quite as enduring in the real world as S&S. It teaches you a lot - it doesn't just make you strong, but it teaches you how to use that strength. Anyway, that's just my .02. The rest sounds like it could be fun and productive as well; it's just a matter of committing to something and sticking it out.
  10. Kyellan: Unfinished Business

    Good-looking challenge. Your work is cut out for you. But the only way to get it done is to do it. So.
  11. Osu

    As something of a gangle creature, it suits me just fine. * Thursday done! Came in to Thursday's training kind of the worse for wear after having rolled the previous night. All kinds of little sorenesses. Nothing that got in the way, though. Assisted Squats: 1x21 Integrated Mobility: DONE Half Squats: 1x15 Integrated Mobility: DONE Full Squats: 1x9 Integrated Mobility: DONE Elevated Deck Squats: 5x10 Integrated Mobility: DONE Down to 5 mats and this was where the problems started. Had to really start to dig into the technique, to figure out the relationship between center of gravity and leverage. I'm not sure, however, if this was just a matter of the technique or if this was also a matter of the fact that the AC is out in the gym and I just started to get fatigued. I definitely hit a point where I had to stop and rest. So. Reckon I'll be here a while. High Rows: 5x9 Integrated Mobility: DONE More tempo work, but still good. Elbow is quiet today. Hollow Body Tuck Hold: 1x9s Integrated Mobility: DONE Hollow Body Tuck Rocks: 3x12 Integrated Mobility: DONE One of my problems with this was that I had a tendency to scoot forward as I rocked, as happens when you work on a smooth hard surface. But since I've got over myself and got used to taking extra mats, I was able to lay it out such that I didn't move. Sprints: x4 Meh. Hit a point where something was telling me to stop. I listened. Afterward, I cleaned up and joined my friends to go see Solo. I have to admit, I wasn't too excited about this one, but it's not bad. It felt very much like it was a by-the-numbers kind of story - Han Solo as a character is kind of legendary, and he's done all these things by the time we meet him in the original trilogy. So the film had to take us through all of those things and decided to juggle in a coming-of-age story on top. As a result, it's not great. There's some dialogue that they really didn't need, and they shoehorned in some romantic subplots that didn't really go anywhere or do anything to help. There's also some fanservicey bits that really require you to have an understanding of the new EU to get anything out of it. Also, just gonna point out, it's really dangerous to be a woman in this film. OTOH, though, it does have good moments! Enough of them for me to enjoy the film. Alden Ehrenreich actually did a pretty good job of going from this wide-eyed street kid to someone who, if not a hardened smuggler entirely, was certainly on his way there. Emilia Clarke and Donald Glover acted their parts really well, and the supporting cast wasn't weak either. I think the film would have worked a lot better if they'd trimmed out a lot of the excess bits - dialogue and subplots - and focused instead on the main heist that drives the film and worked a character-study in instead, but even so, I still liked it. Today... ha, it's a bit of a twist. I've decided to go hang with the Cultured Friend again, which will probably mean excess food. This on top of tomorrow's excesses, and then Sunday's excesses. Four straight days. Huh. That's not something I'd figured on.
  12. Chemgeek keeps it simple

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!
  13. The Shogun's Journey: Awaken the Snake

    UNNNNH, I'd kill to have a heavy bag in easy reach like you do. You stick to that goal, man. Don't waste your opportunities. And anyway, yeah. Sorry to hear that the Maduro diet's in effect for you too. Do the best you can. If you can get access to veggies, it'll be cheaper, more filling, and better for you in the long run, but given your circumstances I don't think any of us are in position to judge. Also, I hear you on the writing goal. I'm doing more of it again, but not as much as I want to be. I might just have a short story finished soon, tho. Welcome back!
  14. Osu

    Wednesday day down. Was late to work on account of blood being drawn, and ultimately couldn't get out of work in time. One thing after another kind of blew up, and I had to mop up the messes afterward. Which I did, like a boss, but it meant getting out late. So, got to Judo in time for basically a full class. Spent the first half hour on newaza, then spent the rest of the class working on ippon seoi nage and de ashi barai, which is apparently another specialty of mine. Foot sweeps, man. Who knew? Wrapped up the class with some movement practice, which was a breeze for me. I got called out for doing the thing right, which is the best kind of calling-out. Afterward, went to the gym. Did my push ups first because I was kind of tripping on account of being tired. Max amount of push ups is down, but in fairness to me, the last tests weren't done after an hour and a half of judo in a building where the AC doesn't work. Fatigue, y'all it's a thing. Today would normally be GB and Karate, but in a twist I was invited out to see Solo tonight with the Lady Friends. I said yes. I'll have time for GB, but the show starts in the middle of Karate, so I'm off the mats tonight. I ran my measurements this morning, and I'm basically maintaining, just like I wanted to. Body fat percentage is down .2%, which is a daily fluctuation. A nice fluctuation, but nothing to write about except to say that my plan to maintain appears to be working.
  15. Osu

    Not really. There's a little soreness, but it's not like DOMS as I've experienced it before. Just little flashes of discomfort and then normal, as opposed to this ongoing sense of "AAAGH GOD WHY" #SleepersOfTheWorldUnite