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  1. Well I think she figured that she had a bacterial problem vs a viral problem. A bacterial infection wouldn't spread, if the Google is telling me rightly, but a virus would/could, and it seems it did. She did! And I did! I am, thank you! * Um, some days after the end of the challenge, officially, and as usual I'm updating from the work PC because, well, that's where I'm spending a surprising amount of time these days. No word count, but I'm gonna make it. I'm not worried. It's been a really busy 8 days. The director of the agency, in her Thanksgiving remarks to us, invited us to close the PC and exhale and rest for a while, and I don't know what world she lives in because the holidays weren't restful at all. Tuesday and Wednesday weren't any slower on account of being on a holiday week, and Thursday my car malfunctioned when I was supposed to go to my folks and do my baking. Friday I had lunch with friends and then had to spend the afternoon getting my car looked at, wherein my malfunction mysteriously cleared up. There wasn't an alternator problem or a battery problem or anything, but I still had to run to get my diagnostics checked and then take a couple laps around the city to make sure everything was running proper. Saturday I went to a second screening of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever with folk who hadn't seen it yet, and then since one of the folk was a Writing Friend, I went to get coffee with her and wrote throughout the afternoon and into the night. Sunday, the plan was to head a couple hours south and go roll with our traveling Purple Belt, but he rolls outdoors at his place, and there was a thunderstorm over the whole state, so that plan got canned. There was an open mat to go to at the academy but I chose to make time for friends, which then didn't happen, so I wound up spending time with family again. I took Monday off to go help some friends move, and that turned out to be a whole thing. I was told it would be about 4 hours of work. It wound up being 7 hours of work, getting up and down a few flights of stairs all day to move furniture and boxes from a 3rd floor apartment, and they still weren't done by the time I knocked off to go see other friends. Maybe I could have taken another day off here on Tuesday to actually get some rest. This would have been a terrible idea, because every day I lose takes 2-3 days to make up. I'll be working overtime tonight to get the on-fire parts of the caseload back under control, and I know I'm still not going to be done. But you know, as crazy as the past week and some change has been, it's really not been bad. No, really! As busy as the holidays were, they really weren't negative experiences. My parents were able to get me out to their place, and I was able to get my baking done, and it was a hit! Friday, the friend of mine who I went to see was comfortable enough to share some writing, and not only was I flattered to be so trusted, it turns out he's really good, which I was pleased to see. Saturday I watched a good movie and the writing was very productive afterward. Sunday was a good day with my parents and Monday I got to spend with some friends who I'm not liable to see again for a while since they're moving up to Waltham, MA. Also, they were nice enough to pay me for my work yesterday, which was decent of them. And so we come to the end of the challenge. It's not done for me, yet, since I tied this to a word count goal, so I'm going to keep working here. Come Thursday, I will be done, and I suppose I'll join up with everyone wherever we're doing whatever is we'll be doing. In the meantime, I return to the mats.
  2. Seriously, the day before the holiday should really be off. I had to work today and I haven't been productive at all.
  3. Nice! Gives me hope. I don't usually get to try my hand at baking and I've never done this before, so there's some nerves on my end. But if the recipe is in the ballpark of being good, then, I just gotta follow directions and I'll be good to go. Yeah, I feel kind of sheepish about it, but if it works, why worry? In the future, probably. The recipe as it stands calls for something crusty and sturdy like a day-old baguette or a loaf of "country bread." I do suspect that there are denser gluten-free breads available as well, which is something to look for in the future. But for this first time out, and given how well-managed my sensitivity is, I don't really want to force everyone else to accommodate me. - Writing update from the work computer so I don't have easy access to my word count. Took about 32K words or so before I got to the interesting stuff, which I'm stoked about because I was honestly afraid when I got there that it wouldn't live up. I'm pleased to report it did. But now I need to figure out how to make the first 32K interesting for readers. I suspect much of it will be cut in second draft since I have some really wild ideas for what to do with my protagonist that I think are going to be pretty dope. Um, let's see. Went to open mat with a mat friend. She said she had a sinus infection, but it wasn't COVID and probably wasn't going to spread, so I rolled with her and I was fine yesterday. I woke up this morning with a sinus headache and a leaky faucet for a nose. So, yeah. Stayed off the mats because of that. Might be off all week, given that my sick protocol runs 4+ days, which will go through to Thanksgiving, and then Friday my SC librarian friend is going to be in town around the time that they're running the one class of Black Friday. (the scheduler on the Facebook group for the school posted that there wasn't going to be an open mat on Friday. "You wanna fight? Go shopping!"). Still did headstand work and mixed in my drills for active recovery because I hadn't quite put 2 and 2 together on why I was feeling so rundown. So far, I don't feel worse. I suspect if I can get down early and get a proper night's sleep, I'll be well on my way to whipping this thing. And maybe I'll get lucky and talk to my boss and be like, "So, I'm symptomatic for something, and I sure would hate to spread it, so it's probably responsible for me to work from home all week." I'm lucky enough to have a boss who'd actually go for it, I think. Anyway, that's that for now. Just learned that we don't have a small-enough baking pan for the recipe, so I'm going to have to scale it up some. Oh no, what a nightmare! :D
  4. 30,260/50,000 Late night writing meant a ramble, in which I worked through my feels about God of War. I feel better and now like I'm able to write. Good stuff. Training's doing well too, but the way that Gymnastic Strength Training^TM works is that you have a strength move superset with a mobility move, and last night I achieved a move that requires me to clear out some space in my place. Which is fine. I'd fallen off my cleaning anyway. Just goes to show, I guess. I don't care about a neat space, but I need room to do difficult things, and that's what it takes to make me clean up. Good grief. I've also been blending the Quick and the Dead protocol with the strength work so that I do it first and then jump into the strength training since I'm good and warm. This is saving me a ton of time, and it's an approved modification per the book, so it works out well for me. Otherwise, um, let's see. I had originally planned to make a vegetable dish for Thanksgiving, but I was told that it was assumed I'd be making a dessert, and that honestly sounded more fun, so tonight after writing and training, I will journey to gather ingredients for a pumpkin spice bread pudding. The recipe's a little dishonest in saying it's gluten-free, although apparently it could be made so, but that would require some experimentation and I think I don't want to do more experimenting than I have to on a first time run through. Especially since I think I'm going to be on the hook for my own pumpkin spice blend. Dunno how it's all gonna work, but I'm really stoked to try.
  5. Not in my reading so much, but I have some direct experience with it in my training. A lot of what I'm reading right now is talking about white belt stuff, which is about survival and defense more than it's anything else. The opponent is seeking advantageous positions to impose their will; my job, then, is to prevent them from doing so, not necessarily by achieving the advantage before them but by cancelling the advantage with technique. By focusing on this, I've found myself asking very similar questions; "Did I keep my hands where they needed to be?" "Did I reach out or did I receive properly?" And while there's a lot of incentives to make things work on my partner, I've kind of stopped focusing so much on that, and I feel better as a result. It's an emphasis on process with a de-emphasis on product. That being said, there's a travelogue by a jiujitero called The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Globetrotter, in which the author travels the world, sees a lot, and picks up surfing, and the way he talks about jiu-jitsu is very, very similar. Not training literature exactly, but it's a fun read and really good for mindset. Lot of going with the flow and not worrying about the outcome. * 28,460/50,000 Welp. Definitely confirmed that I'm a morning person when it comes to writing. I found myself doing morning pages and then skipping into work, and then writing at night afterward. The morning pages did not help so much there, but if I can do one and then the other? It's like night and day. Of course, I can still do my writing at night. It just so happens, though, that my protagonist overhears this ranting, raving figure in the background talking about how hard his job is and why life isn't fair and hoping for things to be better one day. This will be cut in subsequent drafts. Stayed up late to finish the watch through of God of War: Ragnarok. I'm kind of wrecked, in a good way. I honestly don't think I'll ever be as good a writer as theirs are, and I don't think I'll ever do something that'll be worth bringing to life in the way that they did, but I'm not as bothered by that as I would have been once upon a time. It's late in the day, since I slept late. But I will accomplish what I set out to today.
  6. For sure! You see this happen all the time, especially at higher levels of play and also in MMA matches. And that's not even the end of it! If you and your opponent's games are pretty evenly matched, the win usually goes to whoever has the better strength and conditioning. Loss is a very, very, very common outcome in tournament. Look at all the ways it can happen! Good question! I have no idea what the history of it is, but it definitely feels like something between being patronized and being sold a product. Of course, here I am buying said product, so who's to say it didn't work? * 24,661/50,000 Behind so far, but making it up a bit at a time as opposed to big huge dramatic recovery. Figured out that I have an easier time writing after doing a few pages of free-writing in the morning before my Inner Editor has had his coffee. This feels like recovery of some kind. I seem to recall back in my high school days in creative writing, we would read and discuss local news before going off to free write, and something about doing things this way now feels kind of nostalgic, not to mention super positive. Of course, it's complicated by my issues getting to bed on time, so I've been doing my free writing and fiction work on job time. And before anybody freaks out, I'm still meeting my quotas. Actually, I'm better than meeting my quotas; I've been getting weekly stat reports from my boss and I'm exceeding expectations even with me playing hooky and generally being a rapscallion about things. Nobody's complaining, nobody's getting hurt, cases are being closed, and everyone's benefiting about as much as can be asked for in a broken system like this. As long as this continues, I think everything will be fine. I didn't make it out to the mats at noon today on account of a meeting that was scheduled for that time. No surprises; I continue to excel. I haven't got to my writing yet today because of the aforementioned issues, since the meeting got in the way of the time I would have used for writing, and after that I got into job stuff and didn't do so. Tonight I'll either be getting together to write with my friend, or I will be writing on my own; I think I have to do that instead of mat time in order to force myself down earlier, and I'm willing to gamble it in order to get a desired outcome. So. Let's see what happens.
  7. That chili recipe looks dope. I also second the use of chicken leg/thigh meat over breast on general principle. Well, as long as we're all sharing our reading, I'm working on Sanderson's Warbreaker. I'm enjoying it so far and balancing it out with whatever nonfiction I find interesting and can also find time for, since I have to sit and read in order to engage in any meaningful way. Right now that works out to Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow and Engels' Principles of Communism.
  8. I mean, nothing wrong with it! It's just time taking its toll. And it's hardly the end of the story in any event; at the tournament, one of my teammates was a 40-something who got stuck in a division where everyone was 20 years younger and 20 lbs heavier, and he still crushed them. I imagine I could too, if I was better than I am, but I'm not, but I'm hopeful that by the time I'm old enough to have his problem that I'll be good enough for it to not matter. * I am updating from my work computer, so no word count just because I don't remember what it is. I'm a couple days behind, but not worried. I'm usually a couple days behind by this time of the month and I always make it up. :D I figured I should update anyway, though, just because I missed doing so. It's been a really busy 9 days. I've joked with people that it's a good thing I'm bald, because if I still had hair, it'd be on fire. I'm pleased to say it's been a good 9 days overall, but I've pretty much been all go no quit for every hour of it. I am managing down time for mental health; God of War: Ragnarok dropped last week and I've been watching a "Let's Play" of it since I don't have a console to play it on. It's really good, if you're into the "Men Deal With Their Manly Problems With Therapy And Violence" genre, which I totally freaking am. It makes the appeal of the title sound really niche when it is anything but, as both this and its predecessor are both hailed for a very strong narrative coupled with genuinely fun gameplay, for all that it's a gorefest. It's one of the few times in recent memory that gaming makes me regret being poor enough that I can't meaningfully participate, but hey. That's what YouTube's for. Uh, let's see. Training's been going well. Found a copy of Saulo Ribeiro's Jiu Jitsu University since some of his quotes were making the rounds. I've been applying stuff that he talks about for white belts in particular and it's helped a lot. I need to keep going over and reviewing it since it's a comparatively short part of the book, but I think it's going to help me get better still, and that's a good feeling. Went to a huge Open Mat last Sunday. Rolled and struck for a couple hours. Didn't do near as well as I wanted to and got kind of down on myself for that, but it passed and I've remained responsible to myself rather than trying to upend everything I do to get quick gains which hurt me in the long run. Coach Sommers of Gymnastic Bodies cautions that strength without mobility is unacceptable, which is definitely something I've done to myself before. Although now I think I overcorrected in that I now have mobility without strength, which he would also say is unacceptable. ;; But it's not the end, and I actually feel better in my body than I have in a while; if I can keep this and get stronger over time, that's fine. I don't need to care about how long that'll take, even if it's gonna take longer than I think is desirable. Anyway. Had to go to the office today. I don't think I can write and do jiu jitsu both tonight, so I gave jiu jitsu the axe. I'll work a little overtime instead and focus on getting my writing done and doing some clean up around the house. Also, I'll work to get around to y'all too, because I miss you and I want to. :)
  9. Thanks! There's always more to tweak and adjust and learn from, but at this point it's an optimization problem which is really the best kind of problem to have. Thanks! There were two major differences this time versus last: first was that I walked in with a game plan. I didn't have that before, so instead of just going with the flow of things and playing the game on my opponent's terms, I had things of my own to go after, which made problems for my opponents and made it harder for them to impose their will on me. Second is that I played in my age group as opposed to playing with the younger, more athletic crowd, meaning I picked easier opponents. For all the good it did me in terms of winning. But, yeah, I had to come to understand that the age brackets are branded weird so that it's kind of hard to know what's going on. So, like, there's a Youth Division, and then an Adult Division, which makes sense. But then you also have what's sometimes called a Master or Executive Division, which sounds highfalutin and like something I didn't belong to until I did my homework and learned that it's just a branding for athletes over 30, which, like, what. Come on, man. Just say it's the Old People's Division and get over it. But, yeah, those things made a difference. Next tournament is in December, so I'm hopeful about adjusting the training a little further to work easy, technical days in to replace/enhance the harder, more athletic days, which should result in more rolls and more practice and more skill. Maybe. There's also some specific skill deficits I need to address, which I'm working on and hopeful about. The other problem is that I'm relatively weak, and there's no quick fix for that that doesn't involve injury and recovery of some kind. * 7,008/50,000 Phew! If I still had hair, it would be on fire. Doing the job, doing martial arts, doing exercise, and doing NaNo has been a thing every day for the past week. It feels good so far, and I've even been on par for most of the past few days, but I finally fell off some yesterday when I went to train, went out for beers afterward, and then chose to come back and work OT on my job as opposed to doing NaNo. It was the right thing to do. I hated it, though. I still did a little writing before midnight just to keep the streak alive, but now I've got ground to make up. It's normal for how this goes, usually, and I'm going to be okay. But, really, life is pretty good. I get my training done earlier in the day these days when working from home. And I think that if I've understood some of my recent work incentives, I may have earned an extra telework day for the next month, which I can put to use immediately. Need to do that as much as I can. I've got some suspicions that the job is trying to force us all back into the office, which may not actually be the worst thing in the world? Since the academy is now located on my way home, I could actually foresee a situation where I work in the office and then I just take my lunch break to go work out. Ofc, that's just making the best of a bad situation, but that's really all most of us have got these days, so. ;
  10. Thank you! Bwuh-- Hey, you too! No worries! I think I'll join you too, if that's cool. I did run a search and I didn't find it, but that could just be a me problem. YOOOOOOOO Good to see you again! It has been forever! Hope you've been well. Think I'mma take you up on that. Thanks, man! As always, learned a lot, because there's a lot to learn. * 1,689/50,000 Whew! Yesterday was a whirlwind. Had to go into the office and put in some time there, and then it was off to the academy, and then it was back home for my own exercises, and writing wherever I could fit it in. I'm surprised I made par. I'd hoped to get to ~3000 or so, but I think the theme this month is going to be "catch as catch can." Which seems appropriate. Today, relatively normal. Had some good talks with claimants and one bad one, which I kind of deserve and was kind of due for anyway just because of the law of averages. Not a fun way to end the day but that's what mat time is for. Also, last night, I was able to successfully communicate my needs for a lower-intensity day and it was granted to me, which was great. Means I need to do that more often. Good stuff.
  11. Yeah, for sure. You really do want to be well-rested before getting after stuff. I tend to think that's the difference between training and "working out." Hopefully, getting down earlier will come to feel like a relief/reward and be easier as a result.
  12. Hi! I'm writing a novel this month. For those of you just tuning in, this is not new. I've done this most years around this time, but I think this is the... 2nd ever time that I walked in with a really concrete idea of what I wanted to do and where I wanted it to go. (the first time was a sci-fi riff on Ragnarok meets A Yankee in King Arthur's Court. I would definitely not write it the same way this time, but I should probably go back to it someday since it's the story that taught me the most). As you might imagine, though, that's my only official goal. As if the other stuff is going to be put on hold; it won't be. But keeping all the plates spinning with this new wrinkle going on is going to be challenge enough, I think. Goal is 50,000 words. I will provide my word count here as my goal for the challenge. I do note that the challenge cuts off on 11/26. I might carry past it. I might not. I don't know if I'm going to finish the draft before I get to 50K, so if I do, I'll consider the challenge a success. Had tournament this past weekend! Best showing yet - got to medal contention and went the distance on that match, even winning points, which is the first time that's ever happened. I still didn't win. It was fine. I showed growth, and when I went to class yesterday I was recognized along with a bunch of other people for having gone out and done stuff. Yesterday was also our last day in the old building. They're going to the new building tonight; they're still capping class sizes, and I thought I'd have an errand tonight that it turns out I don't, so I reserved a spot on the waitlist. Might not make tonight. That's okay if it happens. Also, last night was Halloween! Went to hang with my friend for Sci Fi night; the Halloween tradition when that happens is for us to sit outside with Adult Beverages and pass out candy along with treats for the adults. This year, the entire cul de sac got in on it and it wound up being more of a block party than anything, especially since there weren't that many kids on account of inclement weather. Today is the first day. I will update with my word count later.
  13. It's been good! I've found that I'm retaining things a lot better and having opportunities to work on the game plan turned out to be very useful. And also, that's where the rolls were that I needed, so. * Whoops, new challenge, so better get on that. Thanks to @KB Girl, @Mistr, @Jupiter, @Tanktimus the Encourager, @sarakingdom, @Mad Hatter, and @juliebarkley, along with anyone else I missed for following along and being generally awesome around me. I definitely dropped off for a bit. Got busy. Things and stuff happened, but nothing unusual or noteworthy. I'll see y'all in the next round!
  14. Yeah, I get this. Sorry to hear you're hurting. I hope it doesn't last. Is it responding to anything or is this just one of those things you kind of have to take back gradually?
  15. Echoing! Sorry to hear about the pay cut, but having seen some of the horror stories, it sounds like this is a potentially net positive thing. And hopefully the pay cut is temporary.
  16. Can confirm that Dylan Hollis' recipes are good, or at least the one that got foisted on me without my knowing it. There are some hidden gems in there, especially if you need to avoid gluten in your baking.
  17. Oh, good, glad to know I'm not the only one who eases into the morning. Way to get it done!
  18. Welp! Plans didn't carry off. Oh, I got on the mats and had a grand old time. I've been trying to practice reframing my losses as learning opportunities, and it's helped, and I've been able to execute on my game plan sometimes, and I'm working on getting out of side control more with some success. And it was all good. But I was late to get pretty much anything else done. I don't really have an excuse. Somehow the night just got away from me. Today's a laundry day, so no mat time tonight. Got some morning training done before going to the office, which wound up doing some employee appreciation stuff. A raise would be better, but a pizza break will have to do.
  19. Yeah, I remember reading about that in your challenge! It sounds like there's a lot going on there with her CHF. I hope your MIL is okay too. Weigh-ins start the night before and go to the day of. And I say cutting, but I think I mean something closer to what you're saying, where I just take the odd day to cut my starches out and just focus on meat and veggies and let the water flush out. That's what I mean by "cutting." * Wow, Okay, almost 1 week. Let me have this. It's been a busy while to be sure. Hit a point where I needed to be "doing" things rather than talking about them. Only I did it without actually meaning to? Mostly I've just been trying to keep up with what needs to be done around here, which means job and training and catching as catch can. It did mean staying away from here, although it wasn't intentional. More emergent. Um, most significant thing in the past week is that I've hit my personal goal of graduating out of the beginner's BJJ class. I got to a point where I was handling everyone I was rolling with - not winning or submitting, necessarily, but handling them - and I did well enough doing so that I felt comfortable leveling up. Got smashed on Friday as a result, which was so expected that my lack of emotional response was itself remarkable. That or I was just dead. Full context, I did striking sparring for an hour and then rolled through an open mat; I thought I was conditioned enough but I eventually just hit a point where I was Done and I couldn't work past it. Otherwise, not much happening here. Went to hang with friends on Sunday rather than parents, and Monday Night Sci Fi was off last night so I got on the mats. Rolled well. Hit pads like a boss. Good times. Tonight is more mat time. I got my other physical training out of the way earlier today so my hope is to train, come home, get dinner, and get down relatively early for a change. I have no clue if it's gonna carry off or not.
  20. GOAL: 16/25 So far, so good. Managed to get my work done and get out to the mats on time. Did better sparring than I'm willing to give myself credit for, if that makes any sense. Like, when I was in the moment, I didn't feel good about my performance, but when I looked back at it, in terms of actual events, I did better than I thought. If I can pull off another such performance in beginner's class, that's what I'll take as my cue to return to the regular classes. I assume I'll return to being smashed at that point, but if I'm going to commit to tournament fighting, then I need to commit to more and different kinds of fighting than I'm likely to find in the beginner's classes. Also, one side effect of building a video library for training is that my retention's doing better, so a lot of the basic stuff that I was worried about not having has stuck around some. Otherwise, thankfully, there's not much to report. I forgot to mention that we learned Sunday that my last living grandparent's in the hospital for congestive heart failure, but we got news yesterday that she's doing a lot better, which is good to hear. Got laundry to do tonight, so can't do all the mat time; if I can't get out of the office early enough, I won't be able to do any. Wasn't able to get here early and I have to spend 6 hours here; it's going to come down to how soon everyone else leaves so I can sneak out, though given the nature of my chores tonight, it might actually be better for me to skip and just focus on getting done what needs to get done.
  21. Right? I've been scaling my calories up and instead of sitting at 180-something and drifting to 200, I've seen these massive swings in weight. Woke up this morning at 170, which, like. What? Tournament is on 10/30. And I don't mind having to eat more; having more energy in the system is a nice change of pace from chronic cutting. And my thought is, if I eat my way to the top of my weight class, then I have more energy to train with, and if I go over at that point, it's easier to cut down and get back under. So in theory, while some cut days would happen, they would be isolated and corrective vs having to be going all the time. Of course, this was when I thought my walking weight was 85-87kg and that I'd have to eat my way up to ~91 or so, but then you have mornings like today where I wake up at 77.6 and it's like, "Damn this thyroid of mine!" * GOAL: 15/24 It's been a pretty emotionally draining few days. Got word Friday that one of my family's friends' grandparents died, and while I wasn't asked to go to the funeral, I would have felt bad not going, so that made my plans for the weekend. Saturday was a long day; BJJ was great, but I had overtime to work, so I did that. Afterward, figured I needed to text with brother over Dad's concern with his casual profanity around Mom; Dad says that Mom's bothered, but Mom hasn't said anything about it, and it's not actually clear that she has a problem so much as she may have made an offhand comment that Dad took and ran with on account of 1) his own lack of emotional health and 2) his recent phase of religiosity, which tends to bring out a lot of his more conservative, authoritarian tendencies. Brother wasn't too pleased about this. It's not the issue of language itself so much as what he sees as an inappropriate reassertion of the parent-child relationship by way of Churchy concerns over the form of speech versus its substance. Also, he felt disrespected by that; he sees it as a problem for the parents as adults to talk to him about as a fellow adult rather than working through me, which I was surprised and disappointed to learn about as I thought Dad would take the lead on this since he'd told me that "We need to do something about your brother's language." So that was fun. We'll see what comes of it. Don't know if they're going to sort this out or not, but I apparently did more than anyone else to solve this supposed problem, so I don't really care how it shakes out from here. Sunday I made it out to Open Mat, hung around for a little while before going to the funeral. Brother was part of the service; the rest of us were observed to have been there but we really didn't accomplish more than that. My best friend from high school called that night and said he's having a kid, which is awesome and definitely got me in a "energy out, energy in" frame of mind for the rest of the evening. It was the kind of weekend I could have used a weekend from. But, my caseload doesn't care about how tired I am, so I was back to work Monday morning. Had too much going on to skip out for mat time, so I just worked all day and went to hang with friends for sci fi night. Lower Decks is getting better, although it's still relatively hit or miss at this point. Speaking as a relative outsider, I'd say it's at its best when it's a hopeful Rick and Morty clone, although I'm able to pick up some references here or there which I'm sure would have tickled me pink if I were more of a fan. Anyway, brings us to today. Plan's to get mat time tonight. I think it'll carry off, although it definitely won't if I don't hustle back and get to work, so.
  22. Echoing that maintenance is cool! I'm not terribly familiar with your training journey, but it sounds like you're at a place where you're able to hold without even a lot of specific work, which sounds to me like you've got enough strength to lead the life you want to lead. What more can we ask for, really? Of course, if the answer is "More Strength!" then, well, I reckon you know what to do. :D
  23. GOAL: 14/20 Wheee, the hurricane is here! Nothing much so far beyond a bit of wind and rain. No blinking lights or power outages or nothing. I'm caught somewhere between relief and disappointment. Job wasn't worse than usual today, but there were meetings and they got in the way enough that I couldn't make striking tonight. The academy says they're doing an open mat tonight, but I dunno if I buy that, man. But even if it were there, 1) it's intimidating to go do jiu jitsu with black belts and white belts who are better than me, and 2) the weather's got me in a mood to curl up with a blanket and a good book. I was not able to overcome these mental obstacles, and TBF, I don't think I mind. Of course, if things had gone different today and I wound up on the mats for striking, I might have felt different. Oh well. It is what it is. Truthfully, I'm feeling the need for a break of some kind anyway; I generally find that it's better to honor that sense when I get it as opposed to pushing through. I just feel better for it. It feels like a reward of some kind. Otherwise, whatever I might have gained feels kind of hollow, you know? I've been watching my weight and drawing my calories back up again to get to the top of the weight class for the tournament. After an indulgent weekend, my weight dropped like a rock and now I'm down at the bottom. Need to eat more. What a predicament!
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