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    Hey there guys. It's been brought to my attention that I didn't have a Battle Log. I figured it was time to change that. So, a bit about me for those of you who haven't met me before: I'm Kishi. I'm a martial artist specializing in Kenkojuku-Ryu Shotokan, a type of Karate. My sensei wants me to get into Judo as well, but I've got enough on my plate that I don't feel good pursuing that just yet. I'm a calisthenics guy not necessarily due to choice, and my martial arts force me to develop a lot of other athletic qualities, such that I'm not really a strength guy or an endurance guy. I'm kind of both. I have a lot of reasons for doing what I do, and I was pursuing my goals before I ever even found this place. I've talked about them before. But these reasons have changed in the past as well, and I suspect they'll change again. Since the end of last challenge, I've been taking it easier. I wound up with some overuse problems, some acute muscle soreness that has only been exacerbated due to certain movements I've performed. Lately I've been focusing on the Trifecta as detailed in CC2, and developing my handstand using the free protocol over at GMB. It's been good, but I'm getting an itch to start training again, and I reckon I'll post my deeds here before the night is out. Since I pigged out on junk food and drove my body fat percentage back up by a full point, I've decided to go Primal with a single Cheat Day every Sunday. It's an intentional thing, no worries. I had a feeling it might happen this way. Starting today, as of 9 AM, I weighed in at 181.5, at 15.3% body fat according to a BI scan. It's not the most accurate, but it does reduce user error on my end, so at least it's not wrong on my account. So. Here we are. And here we go.
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    Chemgeek respawns

    Congrats! Way to get that debt down!
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    Teirin's standards have never been lower.....

    Phew! Just glad to hear you're coming out on the other side of all this.
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    Mistr catches up

    Good. Glad you were able to push them in a better direction. If y'all are doing an EEG for psych reasons, it sounds like you're off to see a neuropsych?
  5. Heck yeah. I find that a lot of what's asked of us as martial artists is really about breath control and managing body tension in the right places at the right times. Also, gotta admit, didn't see cough-drops-as-ergogenic-aids as a turn this would take. So! How'd it all wind up?
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    Oh no, I inadvertently began a positive cycle of reinforcement! I thank you for that, although I didn't mean to make you go out of your way. Still thankful. Also, thanks @analoggirl, didn't know we were starting something! Yeah, it was pretty horrid, but the results thus far are pretty great. I'm on Goblin server. Need more time in the day for playing, tho. * Last night almost went according to plan. I hadn't planned to train, so I didn't. I had planned to see John Wick 2, but we changed that at the last minute and went to see Dark Phoenix instead. Bit of a change of pace, that. So now you want to know: is it as bad as they say? Well, it's not as bad as they say, but it's still pretty bad. Although, given that I'm not as versed in the comics as the others were, I think I concluded that it was bad on different grounds than they did. Most of their complaints were based on how many action figures characters were brought on to the screen and the relatively shallow nature of the story on screen as it compared to the comics. Myself, given my own casual relationship, I actually thought they handled the comic aspects pretty well for the amount of time they had to work with. Admittedly, they didn't bring in the Shi'ar, opting instead for some kind of token villain to do the work, but TBH I didn't really mind that. This wasn't some multi-issue TPB epic nor was it a weeks long TV special. They had about 114 minutes to make something happen, so they did the best they could. I don't fault them for trying to adapt the thing. My problems with the film come from some really poor dialogue and a lot of really confused and confusing motivations on the part of the characters. To give you just an idea of it: Jean Grey encounters the Phoenix Force very early on in the film. It quickly takes control of her and starts mucking about with her head. Charles Xavier of course tries to help her and it doesn't go well. Jean gets a flash of memory and decides to peace out to follow up on it. The thing is, this memory winds up being a key piece of the puzzle in terms of stabilizing Jean towards the end of the film, and it doesn't make sense that Xavier would keep that from her. I mean, Jean's crazy. She's not stupid, or at least she shouldn't be, but no. The writer didn't want to grapple with deep and heavy themes like mental health and self-acceptance. He just wanted to push this thing along to the action scenes. Or how about when she goes to Genosha to meet Magneto to get help with her need for vengeance? He tells her that he stopped because he found that vengeance did not bring peace. Then, after she leaves, Beast shows up and is all, "Oh, BTW, Jean killed someone you cared about," and it's on with the helmet and off to seek vengeance once again. Like, really dude? Really? Oh, and let's talk about how garbage the dialogue is. If you walk away from this film knowing one thing, it's that Jean Grey doesn't know what's happening to her, because apparently that was all the writers could think to have her say. Still, it's not all bad. I thought Sophie Turner's performance was really striking, and she wears the aloof expression of a cosmic being extremely well. The music's good; I later learned that Hans Zimmer did the scoring on this one, and I should have known because it's trademark Zimmer, but in all the best ways and it really suited the film well. I thought the visual effects were really cool too, and in particular the "Dark Fire" effect that manifests around Jean. Fight scenes were kind of meh, but that's what happens when most of your principal characters have power sets that involve waving their hands at things. There was a scene with Nightcrawler being a BAMF by going BAMF (hurrrrrrrr) which was an awesome callback to X2. So, yeah. On the whole, not really a movie I cared to see, but inspirational in the sense that one thinks to oneself "Surely I could have done better." Anyway. Got home and did yoga and suitcase holding. Good day. Today is more than likely going to be purely a rest day given that I'm going off to hang with friends and drinking is a certainty. I've got some gym clothes along in case I get a call saying that we're off tonight, but that doesn't seem likely...
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    Thanks! I owe you and the other cool people who follow me much of the same. * Monday went great. Pretty much everything went right that I needed it to. I ran out of meds on Saturday, was out on Sunday, but was able to pick some up on Monday. Noticed that they gave me actual synthroid this time versus the generic and I'm not sure if I've just placebo'd myself or what but I feel different on the name brand stuff. Better. A quick search seems to indicate that there's some controversy over the effectiveness of the name brand stuff versus the generic, although I don't want to put numbers to it. Anyway. Got my meds and feel better, which is good. Um. Let's see. Gaming was good. We have two GMs for Harnmaster right now and I got to play the bard game yesterday. We spent the whole night laughing. It was good stuff. Afterward I went and did the abbreviated strength routine and this time it was short. Very short, which was quite in keeping with what I'd wanted out of it. Managed to superset everything and still managed my shadowboxing. Did KB snatches as a finisher with the 16 and managed 100 in five minutes, and that was quite enough for me. Today and tomorrow should both be rest days; I want to yoga but I'm not sure how it's gonna play out. Pretty sure I can get it tonight, but I generally don't work out after drinking and that's pretty much a thing I do on Wednesdays now. Either way, a restful couple of days will be nice.
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    Oh crap, so it sounds like this is errywhere. That's not exactly great. I'd be willing to believe it's both. On the one hand, people definitely do just read the headlines, and in a profit-driven media culture that's not enough, so the headlines have to be worse and worse in order to draw attention. On the other hand, the WebMD cancer diagnosis is practically a trope at this point. That's a side effect of all of us being special - we all get to have special diseases. Yeah, and the dude I'm practicing with says the same thing. "Don't worry about the emotions this releases," and I'm like, "My dude, I'm dead inside beyond the background radiation that is my rage, and this doesn't touch that, so." Ab wheel planks are pretty much what they say on the tin. Get an ab wheel. Put it down in front of you. Hands on the wheel. Get in a plank. Hold for time. This page has video of what I'm talking about to give you some idea. * So, my weekend. Gosh, what happened on it? Let's see. Friday was gonna be a training day, but training plans ran up against hanging plans (which I'd already made) and ultimately fell through. It worked out okay, though - I now have a copy of FF XIV on my computer, and we watched John Wick. It was good; I'm actually planning to see the second with this gent tomorrow. He was also kind enough to buy me dinner. Saturday I wound up getting out to go lift weights and such. It was good times. Think I'm gonna try harder to stick to instructions and see if I can't condense some of this stuff down like the original program calls for. It's a long time to spend in the gym otherwise, and I'm kind of finding that I like not having to do more than I have to. Went to hang with friends afterward, because they needed someone to move heavy things. After that was dinner and a double feature - To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar, and Kingsman 2. How were they? Eh. To Wong Foo is like a feature-length episode of Queer Eye only not as good. It was interesting to see Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, and John Leguizamo in drag, and Leguizamo actually did a really good job, good enough that I couldn't see how his character was considered to have weaker drag game in-universe. As for Kingsman 2? I hadn't seen the first but the second is apparently about the same. Really didn't feel like I was missing much, although it does have Elton John doing a flying kick in his feather get up, which wasn't a thing I knew I needed until I saw it. But, uh, yeah, a lot of it just didn't land for me. But that shouldn't necessarily be taken as a problem; The Big Lebowski didn't land for me the first time I saw it, but the second time I found it to be uproariously funny. Sometimes, these things just don't click; I might go back and see it another time and a lot of it suit me just fine. So that was Saturday. Sunday I pretty much just vegged and did boxing/BJJ. I did some headstands and such to keep up with it, but it really wasn't a very strong training day. Then again, they don't all have to be, and BJJ and boxing went pretty well. Lots of footwork type stuff and then I went on the mats as a dummy to help the kids out. Then more work on half guard before randori. My defense was as stellar as ever and I managed to work my way out of an Ezekiel choke using stuff we'd gone over in class, and then managed to reguard in time for the buzzer to go off. Went from standing with the other guy; got him with osoto gari and that was the last thing that went according to plan. Dude kvetches about how he can't land his chokes on me, but he got pretty close to Guillotine three or four times and I was stuck playing defense the whole time as opposed to getting something going. That's a win of its own; I wish I'd taken the time to reinforce that for him. Anyway, today my hope is to work the new abbreviated strength routine in tonight as tomorrow like I said, I'm off to see John Wick 2. Per my friend, it's a touch weaker than the first, but it sets up the 3rd extremely well and 3 is apparently super good. So. Them's my hopes for the next couple of days. No karate, but it's a friend who's well-adjusted and seems to want to hang with me for my sake, which is refreshing. (although, I have to admit, the Boiling Kettle of Issues that is my other friend group seems to be doing better. The Jealous Friend is at least a touch more honest with his own issues than he has been, and it's been reinforced that I'm liked because I'm cool people that they want to hang with. That's... honestly, that's something I could stand to hear more of).
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    Treva Fights for Herself

    Oh hi! Welcome to this portion of the site. I like it a ton; I hope it works out well for you too.
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    So, just wound up being a BJJ/yoga kind of night. I've been having trouble getting to work on time and I stayed late to make up for the time. Felt like that was a fair thing to do. BJJ afterward was good. I've not been on the mats in the past couple weeks and I wasn't as smooth as I could be. On the other hand, I was at least able to try to do the things we went over in class (specifically half guard and various attacks and defenses from there). Tapped a white belt, tired out the teaching blue belt, got thoroughly manhandled by another white belt but didn't feel bad about that since he couldn't get a sub to stick and I was about to get him when the timer went off. Was particularly stretchy for yoga last night - lot of back bending and opening of the chest. Was able to get into Camel and deeper Hero Pose than I did last time, which just means it was a good night for that kind of thing. Perhaps I will be better next time, and perhaps not, but it's good to see that the program seems to work, even applied as intermittently as I've been. Did ab wheel planks afterward, which felt good. Today in work news I got a passive-aggressive email from my clock-Nazi supervisor talking about how it's work policy to report when we'll be late if it's more than 15 minutes. I've been late by 20 minutes and haven't been reporting, mostly because when I follow the reporting procedures I get no response, no documentation, no nothing. I've been reprimanded for this before; they say I need to be here in the mornings in order to be available for the claimants, but they've also taken to assigning me cases in the morning and told me to block off the phones for a couple hours in the morning so I can work on them. So, if I get in to work at 09:30 and I'm blocked off until 11:30, I'm 'available in the morning' for half an hour. And we're going to be heated about this? When my productivity is through the roof and documented as such? ... uh huh. Okay. Still, if I'm frank about it, it's not like I'm sleeping anyway. I try to get 7 hours but my body refuses to let me sleep 'til my alarm. Apparently this is a side effect of hypothyroidism. But shoot. As long as I'm not going to get any sleep anyway I might as well be up. Save myself a little bit of trouble. It's not like laying about is doing me any good anyway. Should be some strength work tonight. I think I'm off to hang with a friend as well, so it should be fun trying to balance those two. The self-defense seminar got moved without warning to 06/23 in the morning. I am not going to get up for that circus. I'll just play it all by ear and we'll see what happens.
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    Sara Kingdom Wears the Lilac

    Gah, sorry to hear that life is annoying enough to warrant breaking out chocolate. I hope you get your hands on some good stuff soon!
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    Wow, custom meme and an appropriate gif? Gosh. I didn't get you anything. * Wednesday was relatively quiet. I thought I'd get out, go to my friend's place and get away with a beer or two and a couple eps of Star Trek. Instead, they fed me and we stayed up late playing board games and card games. We were beaten by Pandemic, and then they were nice enough to let me smoke them at Wizard, which is sort of like Euchre except no teams and with a couple extra cards. Good times. No yoga of any kind though. Got home really late, ate some dinner, went to bed. Today should be at least BJJ and yoga. I don't think I care enough to stay late and miss Karate, so I might go to do that as well; my only hold up is a psychological hangup about having a gi that isn't standard to the school, which frankly is probably just a me thing. Then again, I do have to make up some time, so. I dunno.
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    Mistr catches up

    Their saying that they'll Do The Things would be masterfully supplemented by actually Doing The Things. Also, you are way more gracious in your situation than I would be if I were in it. Kudos to you. You are a master class on Class Under Pressure.
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    Machete Getting It Together

    I've got to do the same thing. Since I don't have a dishwasher, it's the only way to keep that situation managed.
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    Tuesday done! Went to Karate. Left at 17:30, even though I got to work a bit late and even though the voice in my head telling me to stay was loud. Did it anyway. I do not regret it. I was remembered. Trained a couple of hours there, then ate a little and went to go gym it up. Deadlifts and straight-legged inverted rows and hanging knee raises. Fun. I'm swinging on the raises, though, which sucks because that means I have to slow down and I only managed two reps as it was. This will be... well, it'll be something. Ran the requisite finisher afterward and was cheerfully delirious at the end of the night. This responded to food. Tonight should be... just yoga, really? Really? Wow. Can live with it but man. So weird to look at the schedule and see only one thing. Might do my ab wheel planks tonight just to feel something.
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    PinkNinja's Routine +1

    I'm sad that it's got to this point, but I'm happy for the time you got to spend with him and that you can make more. /hugs