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  1. 8 hours ago, The Most Loathed said:

    I set my calories to 2200 and honestly found it easy to stay under that. I ended up pushing to my goal for the day because I downed a couple protein bars late in the day, realizing I had under ate on protein for the day. 


    Feel this. I generally find that lower calorie intakes are much easier/more bearable with the use of protein. Generally, the higher the better.

  2. Happy New Year, everyone!


    "Kishi! What the hell, man, you disappeared last challenge!"


    Details. I had a meditation goal and I basically struggled with it until I found my way back to "Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Everyday Radicals," which imposes some external structures that I find useful for consistent meditation.


    As a result, I've been meditating more and it's been helping me. I feel good about that.


    So what am I talking about as far as slowing down?


    Well, in the course of my ongoing research about how to care for myself, I found out about this idea of caffeine cycling. Basic idea is to lay off the caffeine a bit - lots of low-caffeine days with some high days as needed. Highlights include cutting off mid-afternoon caffeine, instituting no-caffeine days, and regularly attempting to reset the sensitivity for it rather than coming to rely on it.


    Because I'm finding for myself that I don't really care for the degree to which I'm coming to rely on this stuff. I think my sleep is better when I'm not using or when I use less late in the day, and I worry that it's bad for my heart long term.


    So, my goal is to institute the "Green Tea Protocol" listed in the linked article - 2 days of coffee, 4 days of green tea, and 1 day of rest/decaf. The trackable for this goal is a 3 PM cutoff. Not sure how far the cutoff goes - might eventually go to 2 PM, then 1, but I want to take this challenge to watch myself and see how I'm doing. If my sleep improves to a satisfactory degree, then I see no reason to go any further, but that remains to be seen.


    The other hope in slowing down, ironically, is that I'll be better about being here and being present for y'all rather than focusing solely on myself and my problems. I find that the caffeine causes me to hyperfocus - very useful for work and training, but very difficult for transitioning over to being here.


    Here's to a New Year. I have a kind of Epic Challenge in mind for the course of the year which I'll write about once I can articulate to myself what the hell it is I'm trying to accomplish.

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  3. 12 minutes ago, Chaser Avens said:


    Everything.  😅


    Working out when I'm not at home is one thing, but probably the biggest is eating well when I'm at someone else's house and don't want to be picky about what's in front of me, and it's usually a lot of fast food (whereas I could eat chicken and sweet potatoes 'til the cows come home back at my own place without issue).  I usually get less sleep when I travel, so I'm inclined to eat more of the greasy/fried food in front of me, and it's just not a great cycle overall.  So, thoughts on maybe guidelines I can consider to help me not go entirely off the rails would certainly be useful.  Really any thoughts anyone wants to share in general about this stuff would be greatly appreciated.  🤔


    Okay, okay! I get that. :D Let's take it a step at a time.

    • As far as exercise away from home, the best and most underrated one in my experience is just walking. Seriously. Walking burns calories without making you acutely hungry and depending on how heavy you are, it's fantastic strength work. If you're deconditioned, it'll also fix that too. And it has a low barrier for entry, too: you already got a pair of shoes, I presume, so that's that. So when away from home, try to figure out how much walking you can do without ruining your job or your trip or whatever it is you're doing and then... take those steps. See how you feel. Adjust accordingly.
    • Food can be tricky, and I don't know that I have the best advice about this since I tend to see food as serving multiple functions. It' not just nutritive; there's also a social component to it that a lot of the fitness columnists and propagandists really don't seem to appreciate. And frankly, I don't think fast food is necessarily bad. Sometimes you just need calories and there's no sense in starving yourself if you don't have any other options. All that being said, one strategy I've been using a lot to good effect is to make a point of making a "optimal choice" after a "sub-optimal outcome." For example: let's say you've gone out to eat with friends and it was a pizza night. And you ate until full and then maybe past that point. Groovy. That's life. It happens. To control for this, the very next food choice you make should be the very best possible choice you can make in that moment. If you're craving a dessert food, maybe find a way to make a version of that dessert for yourself that'll get you back on track. (example: I'm a huge ice cream fiend, and I've found that mixing casein protein with Greek yogurt and sweetener yields a high protein, lower calorie indulgence that scratches my itch perfectly). If you remain in a social situation and can't control what dessert is done, well, that's OK too. Eat the dessert. Enjoy yourself. But once you're back on your own, the very next thing should be a high quality, nutritional breakfast, whatever that looks like for you.
    • It can also help to eat some before going out as a means of curbing your appetite. And when dining with friends, make a point of chewing your food if you can, and stop when full. If you're worried about wasting food, see if you can store it to go. You can totally integrate it into your daily nutrition afterwards, because by the time you come back to it you should have made some more optimal choices to balance this one out and be able to return to an optimal choice after the sub-optimal outcome was forced on you. This has helped me a lot with managing my weight around my parents sending me back with truly staggering amounts of indulgent food.

    I hope that helps. I'm actually struggling with sleep my own self, so I don't really have any advice to offer beyond the usual "turn off your lights, turn off your screens, read a book" kind of stuff that doesn't help me much.

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  4. Goal: 8/12


    Hey, you wanna know what sitting and breathing is good for showing you? That you've got a lot of sinus congestion.


    I'm not sure what's causing it, since I'm not sick or showing other symptoms. I suspect food, and in particular I suspect my use of legumes for protein and fiber. I think I'm going to take those out of rotation for a month or so and see what happens. I've noticed also lately that I've been craving greens something fierce and I wonder if these are related somehow. It remains to be seen, but the shake up will be fun. Only problem is that I've been using powdered peanut butter for about ~20% or so of my protein needs and I'm going to need a replacement. I've got options, fortunately, but that low tolerance for dietary fats and cholesterol makes getting the protein from whole food sources a problem. I could do lots of chicken breast for it instead, I suppose, but man, that's no fun. Maybe start shredding chicken thighs in bulk? Might be possible.


    I've also got access to casein protein, which is really good stuff as far as getting a lot of protein in. One of my favorite things to do with that is to mix it with Greek yogurt. At a 10:1 ratio, it thickens the yogurt up into a very ice-creamy consistency, and I can throw dried fruit in there for something that scratches the dessert itch when needed. I can use that now with the chia pudding I used as my peanut butter vehicle; I do not know how that's gonna work, but I think it'll be interesting.


    Went out to BJJ last night. Didn't get submitted again, which is nice, but we worked on a lot of side control and man, my escape/reguard game from there is super weak. Always has been. Just another thing to work on, though. Not worried.


    Um, and, yeah. That's life for the moment.

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  5. On 12/13/2023 at 2:59 PM, Mistr said:

    Those are nice attitude changes to have for training. Cultivating your study skills will take you a long way. Whoa, my partner took my balance in a way I wasn't expecting. How did they do that? What makes that different from what I've been doing?


    Thanks! The hard part is that a lot of what I have to work is very weird, situational stuff that's tricky to research. Findable, of course, but I'm not there yet.


    On 12/13/2023 at 2:59 PM, Mistr said:

    I have noticed an interesting change in teaching style in aikido as the first generation Japanese instructors pass away and the senior Americans (and other nationalities, but I don't know personally about them) take leadership roles. The first generation had the authority from training under the founder of the art, and they knew far more than anyone else outside their own cohort. They also had zero pedagogy. The teaching style was to have the instructor demonstrate, then have the students try to copy what they saw. The good instructors would give pointers about tricky parts of the movement. Visual learners did okay and everyone else struggled along. Sometimes the instructor would see you struggling and would help correct your technique. Students were supposed to struggle and figure it out on their own most of the time.


    Now the second generation of American senior instructors are getting up towards retirement. They have very different cultural expectations of teaching and learning compared to the first generation. Quite a few have professional training in education, which has done a lot of work on adult learners over the last 50 years. Several different lineages (derived from different first generation instructors) give workshops for their instructors on good teaching practices. The senior instructors understand full well that they do not know everything. The good ones still go to seminars to learn from their colleagues. I hear a lot more of "this is what I'm studying, try it out and see what you think" and a lot less of "this is the right way to do kata #1".  I even was at a seminar where the instructor had us observe ourselves and do corrections. She said "you will not always have a teacher to help you, you have to learn to observe your own weak points and fix them".


    Yeah, it's similar over here. Although there's a much more emergent quality to it, almost like the "meta" of a game where certain strategies prevail for a time and everyone rushes to copy them, and those strategies are countered and grow popular in time and then they're the new game in town, and then there's a new counter and it goes again. Our teachers are just as likely to say, "Here's something I've been playing with lately that works for me" as they are to say "OK, kids, here's how this technique works."


    And there is a lot too about how one has to personalize technique for oneself. There's some stuff that smaller people can do that I really struggle with, and there's some stuff I do that smaller people can't really do without a lot more work. Self-recording and reflection is very encouraged over here, although it's not as common as might be desirable, especially since I'm on my own and I can't really manage the kind of camera set up I'd need in order to capture the necessary data.




    Goal: 7/11


    Had to force myself to sit down and meditate last night, but I did it. Too many easy distractions. But I did it.


    Swings came and went without incident. Knees over toes training happened; actually went for the gusto and did the accompanying stretches which I thought were kind of overrated but in fact turned out to be very pleasant. I got a markedly better response than I have in a while thanks to my studying and it's really pretty exciting to be able to say that.


    But, uh, yeah, not much else to report. Today's a relatively quiet day. I'll be hitting the mats tonight and... we'll see what happens.

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  6. 14 minutes ago, Sovalis said:

    Turns out our blind little buddy had fallen into a window well and gotten stuck. The homeowner finally saw him and got him out and called the town who reunited him with Nicole and Bryon. The vet has cleared him and sent him home and the whole family is happy. Thank goodness it's been so ridiculously warm here because it could have been very bad otherwise. I know I've been grousing about the lack of snow but I'll be grateful for this. 💜💜💜


    That's awesome. Glad to hear that he was found. :)

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  7. 2 minutes ago, sarakingdom said:

    I've seen a lot of native food culture on the internet lately. I wonder what that Thanksgiving would look like.


    Well, in the interest of dreaming of a better world, I'd guess that there'd probably be a ton of localized variety. There wouldn't be any one traditional food so much as there'd be a tradition of harvest at this time of year with an emphasis on making sure that nobody went hungry. The contribution of the colonizers in this scenario is to bring along multiple methods of cooking these foods, with the result being a kind of cultural homage and exchange that blends along the emergent boundaries of the indigenous cultures.


    So, like, for here in NC, there'd be a difference between Lumby Thanksgiving versus Tuscarora Thanksgiving versus Cherokee Thanksgiving, with the presentations changing generally from the coast to certain parts of the piedmont to the mountains. Probably a lot of sweet potato at this time of year, which I'd be cool with. Fish out by the coast. Turkey in the mountains. Dunno what or if the piedmont would have a meat dish; I'm inclined to say hog/pork, but I don't know that the hogs we have are native to the area as they're kind of pest animal for us. I imagine a much more embedded kind of holiday, one in which the gratitude is grounded in... well, the ground, but also toward the native cultures that we were granted hospitality and allowed to stay.


    I don't see how we get there from here, or if there's even a there there, but maybe? One day? Who knows? Might just be a daydream, but I think it's a decent one, and building a better world is hard without that.

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  8. 10 minutes ago, sarakingdom said:

    It's at least a holiday focusing on human warmth and joy, so it's not as bad as Thanksgiving for rote observance of long, empty stretches of time; Thanksgiving is fundamentally just labor, awkwardness, and filling tedium with more labor (which, if you're unlucky, is highly gendered, with the women doing dishes while the men fuck off and watch football). I understand the value of a non-commercialized holiday celebrating family, but Thanksgiving is such a goddamn duty from start to finish. A minor military maneuver of planning that ends up with enduring a few hours and then doing the military maneuver in reverse, and even celebrating "gratitude" can fairly gray and duty-tinged when taken in the Puritan context. There's a real bleakness to Thanksgiving. Maybe men have a different experience of it, since the traditional division of labor, and even the modern "equal" division of labor, makes that a somewhat different experience. Thanksgiving is just a week of unwashed dish mountains to celebrate some people who weren't too dead to get on with their hardship and vaguely genocidal entitlement, and is thus somewhat fittingly an unbroken vista of unrewarded and unending domestic labor, unevenly shared. It's not a bad holiday, I guess, but there's no pleasure to it, just obligation.


    Can't speak for all men, but for myself I kind of found that my experience of the holiday changed depending on my involvement with it. I tended toward cynicism with it as I got older, especially when I came to see Black Friday as this kind of repudiation of the celebration. ("Today, we give thanks. Tomorrow, we forget.") But as I got to a point where I started to get in the kitchen and cook with my folks and provide my own contributions - and steadfastly refused to engage with the following day - I found myself experiencing a sense of gratitude, because I have these people I'm relating to and engaging with them and joining my labor power with theirs to turn these commodities into a pleasant product. It helps that my mom loves football too, so she puts us to work to make sure she can watch the game. :D


    It's not perfect, of course. As I've learned more about the meaning of the day to our Indigenous folk, it's gotten weirder. I've got both this emotional connection to the holiday, but I'm cognitive of the myths it's built on and the ways in which our culture chooses to engage with its history. I suspect the holiday is beginning to evolve, between this acknowledgment and the increasing prevalence of "Friendsgiving" and found families taking over the ways in which we engage with the day. I'm here for it, for all that I'm very, very lucky as far as how I've got to engage from the start.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Mistr said:

    I feel considerably better about participating in my local cultural celebration of the dark days of winter than I would if I had to join in the religious part.


    Frankly, as someone who's in the religious part, you're not missing much. Putting aside my own morbidity around the holiday, the whole thing's basically a psy-op put on to make up budget shortfalls at the end of the year as well as to nab new income streams. It'd be bad enough if it was just another capitalist enterprise doing it, but it's worse in some cases because they may be trying to rope you into a high-control social environment in which the theology is warped toward certain sociopolitical outcomes.


    Personally, count me out. I'd rather spend my time near the manger and with the outcasts. But FWIW, there is a strange, deep joy in me when the day itself finally comes.

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  10. Goal: 6/10


    Meditation is not happening as constantly as I'd like it to, but it's happening often enough for me to notice some changes in how I'm thinking about things and approaching them.


    Example: I got out on the mats Saturday and Sunday and my "No-Tap" streak got busted. Which was going to happen eventually anyway, but when they happened, I wasn't frustrated. I'd found myself thinking for a while that I needed to grade my progress on a different set of criteria anyway and when the taps happened, they were from relatively unusual places that I hadn't thought about and rather than being upset I was surprised to find that I was grateful for what happened to me. And more to the point, I found myself thinking about what the GOATs of BJJ have said before about how they would have loved more time where I am to work on the kinds of things I'm working on and I found myself thinking that, really, it's a gift to be where I am now and to have the opportunity to work without the expectations of others on me.


    There's another belt promotion coming up next month. Maybe I'll go. Maybe I won't. I'm pretty sanguine ATM, but I have to admit that my feelings would probably escalate a lot again if I went, and TBF I don't know that I feel like I deserve the promotion. I've been going over the "Blue Belt Requirements" and I'm surprised to find that I have a lot of them pretty well in hand, but I'm also frustrated at the idea of "studying for a test," because the only thing that gets you is the ability to pass a test. It's not actually learning anything. That surprises me too. I don't know if the meditation's caused that, but it's put me in touch with those feelings in a way that I don't know I would be if I wasn't, you know?


    But, yeah, I don't feel like I deserve the belt. Maybe I could go help other people play and show out, and it'd be a way to connect better with my fellow journeyfolk, but I don't know if I can do that and keep my cool at the same time. Ofc, more meditation would probably help with that, so. ¯\_( ツ )_/¯


    Anyway, not much to report about the past few days. Graduated on my swings a bit so now I'm doing a couple sets at 8 kg in place of some of the 4 kg sets. Learned that I wasn't properly bracing myself this whole time, which explains a lot about my lower back issues that I've had off and on. Proper bracing has allowed me to return to swinging without pain, which is excellent, and I'm also doing some preventative morning mobility stuff which is helpful too.


    Gonna spoiler this next bit just because it deals with some sensitive world-topical stuff, and I don't want to force people to read if they don't want to:



    There was a General Strike called for by Palestine on Monday, and I chose to participate. Ofc, the job wasn't going to let me do that, so I called in a mental health day which was appropriate anyway as I view my job as an ongoing moral injury for all that I'm good at it. Took the day to be thoughtful and to study and learn, and to see what the local community was doing. It was pretty barren, but that's actually good to know going forward. I didn't blare about it on social media; I tend to view it through the lens of Chomsky's analysis that it facilitates vigorous discussion on a very narrow range of possibilities and fosters an illusion of choice and progress; also, my place given my privileges is to boost and support the oppressed in this situation and I'm just not well-connected to those people. Not only that, I don't really have a way to connect to them.


    But hey. I can take off of work and not buy stuff. Seems like the least I could do.


    I'm playing around some with the Knees Over Toes stuff, trying to dial in what I think is the right dosage for me. I've been studying videos of what Mr. Toes says to do and it's interesting as not everybody does his stuff the same way and so I'm having to research a kind of "consensus view" on what he's talking about. Ofc, I could probably just suck it up and actually buy his programs and submit myself to coaching, and I kind of do want to, but I don't think I can pull the trigger on that decision just yet. Money has a funny way of tightening up super fast and I'm scared of spending more than I have to right now.


    But it is what it is.


    Today should be be a leg day, so I'mma keep dialing it in and see what happens. Oh and it's a swing day too, so that'll happen.

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  11. 3 hours ago, shaar said:

    Was supposed to rain that afternoon AND was unseasonably warm (of fucking course) in the high 50s so I got myself out for a walk in the afternoon.  I love being outside and am happy every chance I get to walk out there but gosh these warm December days.......


    I'm right there with you. I like how easy it is to get out and walk with the weather being what it is, but I hate the cost of it on a grand systemic level. It's a weird space to be in.


    3 hours ago, shaar said:

    Also I was having a really good day yesterday and reeeeally wanted to pop down to the stores to get something to drink, but I did NOT. I really had to fight this craving off and reminding myself that my day had been outstanding physically and nutrition-wise really helped keep me away.  I was disciplined with myself and am really proud. :) I know not every day will be like this, but every little good choice I make adds up in the end.


    That's awesome. Great job. I'm kind of in a similar boat around sugary treat-y things. It's tough work, but it's worth doing.


    3 hours ago, shaar said:

    PHEW ok! I'm having my breakfast and coffee and watching one of my faaaavorite new youtube channels, pretty much this guy WALKS AROUND COOL PLACES and just records it and I'm obsessed:



    I love seeing stuff like this and imagining what people's lives are like that live there, like if they are in their houses having tea or getting ready for work, or where the cars on the street are going, or what the lives are like for the people waiting at the bus stop or walking under umbrellas, are they going shopping, or to a friends house, or WHAT. Probably weird and kind of vicarious but I love seeing things like this that seem "mundane" for the people that live there, like they see this shit every day and are like "ho hum going to the market", but to me it's so new and awesome and just exciting!


    Wow, it's a whole vibe. Oddly cozy.

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  12. On 12/9/2023 at 12:07 PM, shaar said:

    Anyways, it's going to somehow get up to 58 F here tomorrow!!!! And I'm like???? Isn't it WINTER??? I'm getting big mad about this balmy ass weather but there's nothing I can do about it except STEW in my unhappiness ugh


    It was 70 Fahrenheit down here. In December.


    This Is Fine GIF

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  13. On 12/11/2023 at 12:22 PM, Mistr said:

    In a typical year I would try to do a lot of holiday baking and get stressed out. This year I bought gifts for the neighbors. I might make quince paste and jelly next weekend because I still have quinces and it would be something unusual I could give my BFF. Or I might make chocolate truffles if the quinces have gone bad. I could even make buckeyes if I am going to make a batch of tempered chocolate for coating truffles. We shall see. I might just relax and buy peppermint bark from Costco.


    Hear here. I usually get roped into making pierogi with my Sci Fi friends around this time of year, except it's not just for us, it's for their neighbors, and as someone who doesn't care about their neighbors, I find it to be a stressful, stupid time. I get paid in pierogi, which helps some, but I definitely get what you're saying as far as that kind and quantity of work being stressful.

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  14. Goal: 3/5


    Oops. Got a little too busy for my own good yesterday and got lost in doing stuff instead of sitting still. That wasn't the goal. -_-


    Strength-wise, it was a leg day yesterday. I've traded out Hinging and Lunging for now in favor of Hip Thrusts and building toward what's called a Nordic Hamstring Curl. A few reasons for this:

    1. Since I got a bee in my bonnet about getting back to swinging a 32kg kettlebell, I've been hitting swings a couple times a week, which means I'm working a dynamic/explosive Hinge pattern twice while everything else is getting worked once. Add in a dedicated Hinge day and the Hinging I need to do for Farmer's Carries and Suitcase Carries, I just got the sense it was a bit much. More is only better up to a certain point and all that.
    2. Hip Thrusting has direct carryover to grappling.
    3. The Hamstring Curl is reputedly another bulletproofing exercise for the knees. I'm building up to it at the moment and it's a long way off, but I've noticed that my knees actually do feel better on days that I do the related work.

    Grappling was good yesterday. I got paired with a hot-headed two-stripe white belt who was half my size for class, who really tried to take charge of how things were going to go between us. I let him. I'm not getting paid to be an alpha or whatever. Although, when we did situationals afterward and his game plan fell apart and I pretty much just passed and swept him at will... well, I won't bother denying that I was deeply amused. Could have probably subbed him if I really wanted to, but I don't really care about that kind of thing so much now so I didn't pursue it.


    Only had one possibility of getting subbed, which I managed to foil, but I don't really understand what survival looks like. It's a behind-the-back kimura, which is basically a shoulder lock applied with the arm facing down/toward your feet. I've figured out one survival mechanism for it, and I know the block for it, but I was hit with it in a position where I couldn't achieve the block, and I had to use my position to stop it. It was a near thing, and I honestly think if the clock had run any longer, I might have gotten got with it. It's something to research further, which is proving a challenge for the moment, but if I can sink some time into it, I'm sure I can figure it out.


    But, uh, yeah, haven't gotten submitted in the past week or so. Not even by the colored belts. That's... a good feeling. I like it.


    Anyway, today is today. I gotta catch up on some work for the cases. As usual, circumstances beyond my control have affected my ability to actually close the cases and make decisions, and it's annoying, but it's nothing new. In terms of the writing, the story took a turn I didn't necessarily plan on and I think I need to assess where I am and where I'm going and if my characters make sense here. Softer work, not exactly the same as putting prose to page or plotting and planning, but I think it's good to do it now rather than later.

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  15. On 12/6/2023 at 8:43 AM, shaar said:

    By the time I was heading home though my energy started to dip pretty heavily so I spent the afternoon chilling with the cats and putting together dinner (garlic parm chicken tenders with egg noodles and a delightful WALDORF SALAD from the ol TRADER JOES) I still feel like I'm fending off some kind of sickness, especially with Ao being sick over the weekend, so today is definitely a stay-at-home day, with maybe some light lifting in the afternoon.  The rest of my holiday errands can wait until tomorrow.


    Yeah, take it easy. Something's apparently making the rounds. We think it's a cold down here; we specifically do not think it is COVID. But, you know, that's still out there too.

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  16. 20 hours ago, Mistr said:

    I like your challenge goals. Doing a set of small things to make your life better can make a huge difference.


    Right! Because it's not just the one thing, it's the one thing interacting with all the other things, and everything changes.


    17 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    Such an important thing for me to learn in many contexts.


    Me too. I'm still learning.




    Goal: 3/4


    As vaguely alluded to in my response to @Tanktimus the Encourager, I overdid it a little on my shoulder exercises yesterday. Mr. Toes has some shoulder thoughts, like I said, and I've applied one of his drills with great effect - a seated dumbbell rotator cuff raise. Done slowly and with much intention, it can be a bit much for a shoulder that isn't prepared, but if the shoulder is prepared, it's a good drill and my shoulder feels a lot better. He has some other drills too, but they require some extra equipment, namely an adjustable bench which I don't have. I tried to mimic some of it, specifically by assuming some plank positions and that meant using my shoulders as a support. I didn't hurt myself in the moment, but it didn't feel quite right and I got a sharp little twinge in my right shoulder later in the day, which tells me that I probably need to back this off for now. Might come back to these movements later when I get access to a gym again, but I'm not doing that until I need to do it, and I'm not going to need it for a while.


    The concern in doing those extra exercises was that I was worried I'd get too strong in the one exercise I could do and that this would cause imbalances of some kind in my shoulder which might lead to injury later, but thinking further about it and what I'm doing already, and researching it a bit further, I think this was unfounded. See also the part where my shoulder got mad at me.


    Beyond that, there wasn't much to yesterday. The job has expanded further on our work from home options, and now if I can get my caseload down to a certain level, I basically can make it so that I only have to go to the office twice a month as opposed to the 4 times a month I'm doing now. That's a pretty incredible offer, but the catch is that I have to get my caseload down, which means a lot of the outcome is tied to people and situations that I don't control. Not likely to happen in the near future, but it's possible, and it's not bad to strive for inasmuch as I have any say in it.


    But, uh, yeah, that's that for now. Probably will not go to write with my friend since I didn't make mat time on Monday. That was spent scoring a cheap pair of dumbbells for my rotator cuff work here at home. I'm itching to get out there tonight, so, I'm going to respect that.

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  17. Goal: 2/3


    So far, so good. Got the chance to actually cook something for my friends last night as our normal cook needed a break. Busted out the instant pot and made some shredded chicken for tacos. Came out a lot better than I thought it would, since I went to buy frozen chicken breast and it didn't finish thawing before I started cooking. Bit of a whoopsie doodle there, but it did work, and now I have another recipe for protein to go with my usual Spiced Beans And Stuff that I make for dinner. I'm not sure if I'll sub in thigh meat in later iterations or not. Really depends on how my blood numbers move at this point, but I could stand to get some more variety in there. Thankfully, those are stable enough for the moment - could be better, could be worse.


    Not much else to report. Knee stuff is going fine, although I'm realizing that I may need to adjust my dosage a bit. Mr. Toes, to his credit, treats the knees as a part of a system of joints, and further to his credit he believes in approaching them from the ground up. Literally. Start with ankles and calves and go on up from there. He presents his program as a kind of multi-step series of exercises which all ultimately combine to bulletproof the knees over a long period of time, and crucially, you don't need all of his exercises to experience benefits. Which is something he himself recommends, and I've experienced for myself. Back when I was working on my shoulder this past year, I came across some of his mobility recommendations which weren't a good fit for me at the time, and it caused me to dismiss him. After some time and some healing, I came back and tried it again, and found it quite suitable.


    Which means I don't have to do everything all at once. I can scale it back and take benefit, and come back later as I need to. If I even need to.


    That's cool to realize. :)

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