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  1. Nothing saying you won't pwn them, though. Do it with gusto!
  2. Maybe. But hopefully you didn't have any vuvuzelas at your game. That's got to be some kind of silver lining.
  3. Ireland - pics or it didn't happen.
  4. +1 to learning how to cook. Seriously. Also? It's 'Om nom nom nom, etc.'
  5. Nice. It sounds like things are balancing out pretty well - if you go lighter on one, you go heavier on the other. And awesome that you're seeing improvement both ways.
  6. You outgrew a gym? Wow, that has got to be an awesome feeling. All I've ever done is just run away from them.
  7. You outgrew a gym? Wow, that has got to be an awesome feeling.
  8. That may be a good idea if success at performing the movement is integral to your goals this challenge.
  9. Wow, good lifts, though. 10 sets of three each has to add up after a while.
  10. Pretty country. It looks like you get a nice balance between nature and the skyline of Boston (?). It's not like hiking in Asheville, that's for sure. XD
  11. Gah. The goal is to get healthier, not un-healthier! That is the opposite of your goals! -.- Here's hoping you get to feeling better.
  12. Ugh. All right. Sunday. The taking-stock day. Weighing today at 176, but my body fat percentage is up at 17%. Hopefully this is an off day for the measurements or something, because the alternative is that I lost a pound of muscle somewhere along the line this week and that's just lame. So, let's take stock! At the end of week 1 I went from having a job to none, from having money to none, and apparently from gaining muscle to having less. Outstanding. The game needs to change some. I know the changes I need to make for the life goal: I need to get a job again. The unemployment will be a pittance, and it won't be enough to put away anything, not and feed myself, pay my rent, pay for gas to get places, that kind of thing. I've got five people I can network with. The goal for this week: find and get in contact with each of them. Each of them is worth 20 points. This will be scored out of a hundred. I have to admit, I'm kind of at a loss as to how I'm losing muscle. Either the martial arts aren't the resistance trainings I thought they were, or I'm just straight up not eating enough when I do eat. If it's the former, I can fix it. If it's the latter, there's not much I can do - my UI benefits are tied up right now and while I have received help from friends, I can't actually deposit the check until tomorrow, and it won't be counted until Tuesday. If anyone has any tips, I could use the help.
  13. Sounds like you got guts! That's awesome. I noticed your mention of BDUs - what branch do you serve in?
  14. I'm glad you liked it! Someone on Bullshido used that to describe the sport, and it fits well, so.
  15. So, what did we do today? We did Judo today. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Judo is essentially the sport of hitting people with the planet. But you can't lift the planet, so you have to lift the people instead. It was a blast. Randori - sparring - totally whipped me, and it took some strength to execute the techniques. Everything hurts now. I was planning on doing some pullups today, but between Judo today and the rep test on Thursday, I just couldn't find the heart for it. I'll take half credit today. But don't think I don't have a way around that. Just wait.
  16. Yeah. Anyway, there's a bright side to this: you can train today! You know, if you want.
  17. Wow, kind of reminds me of the Stronglifts program. Awesome and amazing. Here's hoping you get to option A at the end!
  18. Well, you don't want to lose your health. If your knees are bugging you, you should stop. Because you need your knees for walking. Have you considered the possibility of a muscular imbalance? That is, that your quads are out-sizing your hamstrings and causing stress on the joint? I only ask because I was dealing with much the same thing and it disappeared when I started doing more hamstring exercises. It's just a thought.
  19. Have you guys considered sharing routines? Maybe you could find a lift that you both share in common, and set up the contest around that.
  20. Dude, I can totally relate to the no-food-in-the-fridge thing. I got a novel in the works too - a stab at vampire fiction. Because eff Twilight, that's why. Do you do National Novel Writing Month as well?
  21. Also, avocados. You sprinkle some lemon juice on them and give 'em a pinch of salt, and you've got something mighty fine.
  22. So, some things changed today. Some of it was for the better. Some of it was not. Day 12: Mixin' It Up Part 1: Abs Ab Wheel: 3x2 Band Slam: 3x15 Band Twist: 3x10 Chinnies: 3xBurn Part 2: Shotokan Training That's right! My sensei got in touch with me and somehow I've found myself back in training again. It's great also because he runs it out of a Judo school, and I'm going to be training there too. It's like I said at the beginning: the overarching goal is to get into fighting shape, and the best way to do that is to fight. So, there you have it! Notes In other news, it looks like the job is lost. 10 days with no paycheck makes Kishi a sad panda. The life goal is going to be tricky now. Especially given that I'mma have to find a way to do it on unemployment benefits. I don't know if I'm going to make that one, and that'll kill the grade for sure. Bah. Could be worse - could be in debt. I'll find a way around this.
  23. Almond milk is good. Keep in mind, though, it's gonna be more expensive too. You pay the same price for a half gallon of almond milk that you'd pay for a gallon of regular. And, you don't get even half the protein in a serving of almond milk that you get in regular either.
  24. Wow, sounds like you're into a lot of different stuff. Incredible!
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