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  1. That's a cool quote too. I have to admit, though, I've never heard of Christian Anarchy. Does this man Hennacy have any books out?
  2. If it was easy, it wouldn't necessarily be worth doing, right? You can do this.
  3. Full paleo at a university? That's worth more points than what you're giving it, surely.
  4. Aw, suck. Hopefully that's all it is. The workout will hopefully help you feel better, though.
  5. @ #41: Hm, that reminds me of a quote: "I remembered asking some Rashid, who had visited Riyadh, how they had addressed the king, and they answered in surprise, 'We called him Abd al Aziz, how else would we call him except by his name?' And when I said, 'I thought you might call him Your Majesty', they answered, 'We are Bedu. We have no king but God." -Wilfred Thesiger
  6. Nice. The Komodos are a lot more durable, and they can do a lot more stuff than my wimpy KSOs. Trail running on rocks in them things? Fun times. Fun times.
  7. He's got a fantastic method and some mean protocols. I like getting stronger his way.
  8. Man, scrawny caveman is caveman first. But can quote Merton. Smart caveman. And yeah, that probably wasn't the best thing you could have done for your friend from the perspective of two interdependent people being in relationship. But on the other hand, he's clearly defining himself in your terms rather than taking responsibility for himself and embracing health as a principle. Dunno what the right thing there is - and I don't know how to say anything without sounding judgmental or proud, so. It does sound like you're rocking it out so far.
  9. Hey, any time you want to play, you just let me know. Lots of different games to play.
  10. Uh, practical advice. Make sure that the Krav school that you check out has sparring going on at least every other class. Otherwise, you'll be in a more academically-minded class that doesn't necessarily value or give martial proficiency. Though, I guess, it depends on your goals, so.
  11. So, what happened to the dog?
  12. I see. Well, it's up to you. It's just the first time I've heard of pushing to failure on bodyweight stuff as a good call. Still, it just has to work, and as long as it gets you where you wanna go, you'll probably do just fine. I look forward to you doing well!
  13. +1 to that. Also, CS Lewis quote for the win!
  14. Well, after a day's worth of resting and being peskily encouraging, it's time for another edition of 'Kishi Hurts Himself!' I mean, Never Gymless! Day 11: Integrated Circuit Training The goal of these ICT drills is to basically help the athlete in question raise his work capacity higher. So I decided to play cards. ... No, really. It's a cool game I like to call "Never Gymless Pick Up." Here's how it works: Take a deck of cards. Remove the jokers. Shuffle the deck. Place the deck face down. Draw a card. If that card is red, you do burpees. If the card is black, you do pushups. Face cards are worth 10, aces are worth 11. The name of the game is to get through as many cards as you can in half an hour. Isn't this a fun game. Anyway, I wish I could say to you guys that I made it through the whole deck. But I didn't. I only got through 18 cards or so in the half hour I had to work with. Final totals: 87 burpees, 48 pushups. Not spectacular. But better than nothing. Also, new life goal: get better at shuffling cards. Part 2: Pullup Clinic Did a rep test for this one. Prior rep test had me at 8 reps before burnout. Current test had me at 11. LEVEL UP. Notes So, I was originally planning to just stay in the park all afternoon and just burn through the cards. It would have taken a while out there in the heat, but I think I could have done it. I chose to cut off after a half an hour, though, because I'm trying to collect payment for a freelance assignment. I wanted to get back and make sure that the payment was coming, and to get back to work if it was in. Turns out, no, it wasn't. Means the money goal just got trickier. The fasting helps, though. I'll be breaking it in an hour and half or so, and it's made stretching the last money I've got easier. Sustainable practices FTW! But, enough about that. There's some interesting quirks coming up tomorrow, and I can't wait to share them with you guys. See you then!
  15. Team Name: Team Sticky Koalas Motto: 'Cuz We're Better Than Them! AND WE KNOW IT! ...?
  16. Sounds like a student's life to me. Honestly, it's impressive that you're meeting your goals for the past few days despite the obstacles that being a student could put in front of you, so. Kudos!
  17. Yeah. It sounds almost unhealthy to do that, until you realize that this here's A-mur-ka. Going sub-10% and staying there is actually a challenging thing to do. You ever need to build up again, you just go to McDonald's or something. Cool, man. Cool.
  18. Aw, dude. I hadn't realized that the IF protocol you're on is an every day thing. That must make the challenge a lot harder, which makes you more awesome for doing it.
  19. Well, if it helps any, I use those powders myself, since my diet tends toward a lower amount of protein. They're quick, filling, and the price isn't too bad if you don't mind settling for a lower amount of protein. Seeing as you're getting a solid amount right now, you could probably make do with the cheaper stuff just fine.
  20. You have leveled up! Perhaps you should find an inn to rest and meditate on what you've learned...
  21. Close enough if you're poor enough, right?
  22. Congee is pretty awesome, or so I've heard. Would you recommend it?
  23. Yup. Consistency is the king. You keep paying the price, and you'll get what you pay for.
  24. Aw, man, seems like this Challenge has a lot more aggressive participants than last time. Though, of course, it's only the beginning. Still has that 'New Challenge' smell about it.
  25. That McMonster sounds like the king of burgers. Can such a thing be ordered?
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