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  1. HeatherMN: You're right. We all have the occasional workout that doesn't exactly meet out standards for awesomeness. Sometimes we're pressed for time. At other times we may not feel 100%. And still there are those days when nothing sounds better than a mindless afternoon of a Netflix marathon. The important thing is to make sure those "less than awesome" workouts are kept to a minimum. Just as it does no good to beat ourselves up over a subpar physical performance, it's equally unhelpful to accept them as acceptable. No. Subpar workouts are not acceptable. They are, however, better than nothing. That, by the way, happens to be the mantra I adopted a few years back for those "blah" workouts (or "mejor que nada," the name of a restaurant my wife and I used to fall back on as a last resort). I'm not kidding. I'll mutter that aloud after a kind of crappy workout (and the occasional meal). Keep up the great work, and don't accept less than your best. Just deal well with it when it happens, because it will.
  2. Day 9: Worked push on Mon, legs yesterday, and cardio today. Limited cardio to just 25 min since I plan on attending a Hap Ki Do class this evening. Diet is fine, but...I NEED MORE GREENS! (Read: fiber)
  3. Check out WOSS.com Military 1in Gun Metal Grey Trainer $29.99 I own a $45 system and love it. The one I've listed above should do what you need. Read up on the description. I like to get outside as much as possible when I workout. My trainer lets me do that or I can just use a door. Your concern about strength of the door and apartment size. I say take your workout outdoors. Oh...and you can order these off Amazon, but WOSS offers free shipping.
  4. Today marks Day 5 of my 45-day personal challenge. Feeling stronger already, and was pleasantly surprised yesterday morning when I had to cinch my belt up a notch and noticed 6lbs fall off the scale (certainly mostly water weight...still, it's nice to see). I started this morning strong after the little mini-celebration with pizza last night (also had a bit of ice cream, too). I have finished strongly, too. Lots of water today, some fresh fruit, some lean proteins, some (not enough) veggies, and some nuts w/a few dried blueberries mixed in. I put off my workout until the evening today. My daughter attended her first homecoming dance. After dropping her off at a "pre-dance party," I needed the workout. It seems like just yesterday I was finding digested crayons in her diapers. She looked great (and respectable), but way too old for her age. So for anyone interested in my workouts, here's what I did this evening. I cheated for energy with a scoop of Cellucor's N.O. N-Zero Extreme. I need to stay up late anyway... Warm-up - Two rounds of the following: Start Time: 18:52 End Time: 19:02 - Jump rope (3 min) - Push-ups x 10 - Lunges x 10 (ea/side) - Squat jumps x 10 The Workout - Push Start Time: 19:02 End Time: 19:55 (includes time for "extras" at end of workout) 1.. Weighted push-ups (3' heavy-duty chains ~15lbs) (3x8-10): (10, 15, 12) NOTES: Rested 60 sec between ea/set. Need to get more chains. Too light, but loved the negative drop and progressive load. 2. Handstand push-ups (3x5-10): (5, 5, 5) NOTES: Rested 60 sec after 1st set; 120 sec after 2nd set. Went deeper than last time on every push. Widened hand stance a little, which helped. Also managed to do a few push-ups with feet not supported by wall. Dorky of me, but I really can't explain how cool that feels. Major accomplishment for me. I'm going to keep striving toward 10 push-ups. 3. WOSS strap skull crushers (4x8-10): (12, 12, 12, 20) NOTES: Rested 60 sec after ea/set. WOSS is my "TRX-like" product. Awesome system at the fraction of the cost. Totally digging it. Needed more resistance so I added my chains after 2nd set. 4. Side Dumbbell Lateral Raises (3x8-10): (20x10),(20x10), (20x10) NOTES: Rested 60 sec after 1st set; 90 sec after 2nd set. Last few reps of 3rd set, shoulder injury was getting in my way. After doing this exercise on Tuesday, though, I set a goal to hit 3 sets of 10 by the next time I did a "push" workout. Nailed it. I'll stick with this weight for the next time until I can COMFORTABLY hit 3x12. 5. Extra Credit a. WOSS "dips": (12, 18) -- 60 sec between ea/set b. Grip Work - Dumbbell finger holds (15lb): (40 sec, 50 sec, 40 sec) -- 45 sec between ea/set c. Jump rope: (100 jumps x 6): (100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100) -- 30 sec between ea/round d. Hap Ki Do punches/kicks: 8 min NOTES: I meant to go to Hap Ki Do today, but the whole homecoming thing (football game, hair, makeup, boys, friends,boys, boys, boys, friends, boys, hair, dance) kind of threw a wrench in my plans. No big deal. Got my kicks and punches in. Now I'm going to go pull my son away form the X-Box so we can twist wrists, lock elbows, and tweak shoulders (he's gentle when it comes to my "bad" one). Until next update...
  5. Man, I totally want awesome! I agree with what you've heard (and may believe yourself) regarding bicycles. That's a new addition to my repertoire. The military loves those for PT sessions, I think because they're relatively easy (anyone can do them), and they really do target those mid-to-upper abs. No argument on that last point. I can see how bicycle crunches might add unnecessary strain on the back. When I see people in the gym doing them, they're often going so fast! Slow and steady is where I think the real burn lies, and I also think a controlled, isolated movement is a lot easier on the back. Don't take my word for it, though. I'm going to keep with them for a while, and if I start feeling inappropriate strain on any part of my back, I'll remove the movement from my routine. I have a history of back issues (upper back), and I really don't want to do anything that might aggravate that! As for the roll-outs...From the knees is good enough for me (for now!). I do fully extend, but not right away. It takes me a few reps to loosen my back, tighten my core just right, and set my shoulders properly. I'm one of those "better safe than sorry" folks. Somewhere by the middle of my second set is usually when I start full extensions (slow and deliberate). I fully extend on each rep of my last set, though. I've talked about getting a weight vest, but I think my next purchase might be a power wheel. Really want to try one of those for hand walks. Thanks for checking back, Kishi.
  6. My diet today was "paleo" until...dinner. Friday night pizza. So what? I do what I want...only I did not want to over do it. So I didn't. Two pieces, plenty of water, homework, and Pacific Rim On-Demand. So here is the workout I was supposed to do yesterday. Today, my "rest day," became "leg day." WARMUP - 2 rounds of: - Jump rope (2 min) - Push-ups (10) - Jumping jacks (20) - Air Squats (20) - Lunges (10 ea/leg) WORKOUT - Legs - Goblet Squats: (50x10), (50x10), (50x10), (50x10), (50x10), (50x10) [90 sec rest between each] NOTE: Up weight to 60lb DBs next time - Standing Lunges: (40x8), (40x8), (40x8) [90 sec rest] NOTE: Good weight (2, 20lb DBs). Push for sets of 10 before increasing weight. Abdominal Work: Circuits; no rest between exercises, 60 sec rest between circuits - Ab wheel roll outs (3x8-12): (10, 10, 10) - Hanging leg raise (3x8-12): (10, 9, 9) - Alt crunches (bicycles) (3xfailure): (20, 20, 20) EXTRA: Hap Ki Do (1 hr)
  7. There is a very specific way (not the ONLY way) to train for handstand push-ups., and I personally think most folks can do them barring significant injuries or other conditions. Here you go if you're interested: Start with incorporating vertical wall walks into your chest/shoulder routines each week for about two wks. Then move to lateral wall walks with handstand holds mixed in for about three weeks. At this point, you will always use a wall for support, and you will face the wall once upright. During this time, experiment (practice) with going into a handstand facing away from the wall but still using the wall to support your feet. Get comfortable doing that. Once you are, start experimenting with slight push-ups (1/4 dip). Before you know, you'll be getting lower and lower for reps! Believe it or not, but doing bear crawls and crab walks really help with this. Google/YouTube hand walks and handstand push-ups. Free-standing, handstand push-ups are the ultimate feat, but I don't think not being able to balance and push up and down at the same time is critical for elite fitness. I could be wrong, though.
  8. Update for today: Paleo effort going well. Accidentally ate a couple Swedish Fish my daughter gave me. Totally forgot two things: 1) I hate Swedish Fish, and 2) They are not at all Paleo. Relax, though. it was only two. Well...three, because I had to make sure I hated them. Yes. I hate them. I also had a cocktail while sitting down to knock out some school work. No big deal. A couple oz. vodka with some lime-flavored La Croix soda water. What? I do what I want. Today was also supposed to be leg day. I missed that. Work happened, and something else important happened. My daughter had her last girls junior varsity soccer game of the season this afternoon. I wasn't going to miss it. She killed it! Tomorrow I'll hit legs on what is supposed to be my rest day. I also have workouts scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is going to be big. Not only do I have a morning workout planned, but I also have two hours of Hap Ki Do on tap. My son and I are belt testing in November! As for notable progress, obviously it's too soon to tell in the strength and endurance department (though my shoulder is doing pretty well this week -- start physical therapy on Halloween). What I did notice this morning, however, is that I ran out of holes to cinch up my belt. Awesome way to start a day. Not quite ready for my older ("thinner me") belt, but I'm well on my way. And not that I really track pounds (I fluctuate 3-6lbs easy), I am down 3 lbs since Monday morning. Here's to getting up and doing it each day.
  9. Great article! In the spirit of sharing, here's a great YouTube vid from Zach Even Esh. I worked his BW program with a buddy for a few months. Really liked it, but I need chains, a vest, and a new workout partner (my buddy had to move). His workouts are KILLER and progress constantly! http://www.youtube.com/user/ZEvenEsh
  10. It was intense!! As was today's "Pull" workout. As for push-ups, I do own a WOSS system (similar to TRX at about 1/4 the cost). I'll work that into my next "push" workout. Thanks for getting me thinking, Kishi.
  11. Today was a pretty boring day as far as my meals and snacks went. No mistakes, though, so that's awesome. Thought I'd share my workout in case anyone is looking for a routine with a solid mix of weighted and bodyweight. Today was a pushing day with some grip strengthening work added for good measure. This is a modified (slightly) version of a routine posted by Michael Matthews at: http://www.muscleforlife.com/the-ultimate-bodyweight-workout-routine/ I've been doing BW work for 6 months now, so I'm comfortable with forward-facing, wall-supported handstand push-ups for example. I was NOT comfortable doing those 6 months ago. Anyway, if you like the look of this, take it, or check out the link I included above. The plan Matthews offers is very similar to what I've been doing for the past few months, only it includes more weighted work, which I like. I hope this is helpful to you, because just writing this down sure is for me. WARMUP 2 Rounds of the following; no rest between exercises; 60 sec rest between rounds (about 10 min total): - Jump Rope (2 min, no rest) - Push-ups (x10) - Air Squats (x10) - Standing Lunges (x10 ea/side) - Lateral Raises (15lbx10) - Vertical Raises (15lbx10) - Windmill (rock star) (15lbx10 ea/side) [ ] 1. REG PUSH-UPS (3X8-10) Set 1: 15 push-ups (1 min max is 50+) Sets 2-3: (60x8, 60x8) Bonus set 4: 10 push-ups NOTE: Definitely want a weight vest if you can easily do more than 10 push-ups (my 1 min max is around 60). I knew better, but tried just the same since I don't yet have a weight vest, I forgot my weighted backpack (which is a bit awkward for push-ups anyway), and I'm a little wary of free weights right now (partial thickness tear to RC). After my first set, though, I had to go to a weighted press with 60lb dumbbells. A little nervous, but I kept it nice and controlled. [ ] 2. HANDSTAND PUSH-UPS (3X5-10) -- (5, 4, 4) NOTE: Depth was about 1/2 - 3/4 to floor. I know I prescribed myself "5-10" reps, but I also know I have a lot of room for growth with this movement (literally). If your not comfortable with the push-up portion, try starting out with handstand holds as well as both vertical and horizontal wall walks (Google them). Believe it or not, these do not bother my shoulder so long as my form is in check. This, BTW, was an awesome round. [ ] 3. DIPS (3X8-10) -- (10, 10, 10) NOTE: Bodyweight only. Cautious w/shoulder. [ ] 4. SIDE DUBMBELL LATERAL RAISES (3X8-10) -- (20lbx8) (20x8) (20x8) NOTE: Stopped at 8 out of caution. Next wk will aim for 10 before going up to 25lbs. [ ] 5. AB TRAINING (CIRCUITS: COMPLETED EA EXERCISE W/O REST; RESTED 60 SEC BETWEEN CIRCUITS) [ ] 5A) HAND-SUPPORTED LEG RAISES (3X8-10) -- (10, 8, 8) [ ] 5B) HANGING LEG RAISES (3XFAILURE) -- (10, 10, 8) [ ] 5C) AIR BICYCLES (3XFAILURE) -- (20, 15, 10) EXTRA: • Grip strength work (Google this if you are serious about bodyweight workouts) - Dumbbell holds (15lbx3) -- (60 sec, 60 sec, 60 sec + 10 curl) • Jump rope (100x3) -- (100, 100, 100) That was it for today. Hope someone found this helpful.
  12. Not sure I'll keep updating here, but I am keeping a log of how things are going. Here's how today went: Main Quest: - Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with onions and crumbled bacon; black coffee (the norm for me) - Snack: 1/4 honey crisp apple - Lunch: Apple-stuffed pork chop; field green salad with olive oil & red wine vinegar - Snack: All-natural beef jerky, 1/2 orange - Dinner: Broiled steak; sweet potato with butter; steamed kale with garlic and crushed red pepper I normally drink about 8-10 full glasses of water a day. Today was no different there. I did mess up, though, and drank a sugar-free Monster today. Kind of forgot until it was almost gone. No more of those things. As for fitness, I did not make time to work out today. Very rare for a Monday. I was off from work, though, and spent much of the day studying (excuse #1). Then there was grocery shopping for the week (#2), followed almost immediately by my daughter's soccer game (#3). By the time we got home, it was time to cook and eat dinner (#4 & #5). Then I had to iron a shirt for work tomorrow (#6). Back to homework for a bit (#7). Of course it's important to sleep (#8), but first I had to update this (#9). Ultimately, I promised myself I'd work super hard in the gym tomorrow (#10). Wish me luck.
  13. Hi, everyone. Here it is. The next stage in my epic quest for physical and mental dominance. It's been epic in the way reading War and Peace is epic. This has been going on for ever! There is so much more I want to do over the next 6 weeks, but I suppose it will be good to really focus on achieving this one thing I've been "toying with" for far too long. Time to get serious. If I manage to shed a few pounds in the process, one of my other goals might just take care of itself (doing more than 10 strict-form, bodyweight pull ups). Wish me luck, and when you are all long-finished with your current Sep-Oct challenge, I'll let you know how mine is still going. My Main Quest: Maintain a strict Paleo diet. My Side Quests: Life Side Quest – Obtain BA in History and next belt in Hap Ki Do (both on track in next 6 weeks)Fitness Side Quest – TBDMini Quests – None. This is my first challenge. My Motivations: Why I’m Doing This Challenge – I promised myself I’d be in prime physical shape when I hit 40. That’s three years from now. Must keep moving! Why I Want to Level Up – As I approach 40, I also approach retirement from “Phase 1†of my professional life. The second phase has to meet or exceed the first. Must keep moving!
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