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  1. I have found that as i've gotten older my tastes have changed. For example, i used to HATE carrots. Thought they were as bad as brussel sprouts. But here i sit eating a bag of raw carrots like they are tasty potato chips. Go figure! Maybe try some veggies that you havent had in a while and cook em different ways to find a way you like. Maybe you just prefer them a little more crisp, or with a little seasoning. I found that if i added cinnamon, and sometimes nutmeg, to a sweet potato it is the most delicous thing i have ever tasted. Who would have thought?! I even ate green beans the other day.
  2. I too have substituted my snacks with fruit. My other trick is to eat ice when i feel like i want to munch on something. This is really helpful at work after i have eaten all of my food for the day and keeps me away from the snack shelf.
  3. Just feeling a little tired and sluggish. Most nights i dont sleep well though, constantly waking up. Im definitely not going to run out and get a b12 shot or anything, just curious of what others thought of them. She made it seem like it was normal to do. You know coworkers, always think they know best
  4. You guys are all great, thank you! My goal is have 7 consecutive days of accurate MFP tracking. I figure if i take it one week at a time it wont be so daunting. I do need to get a scale to make sure my measurements are correct. I was staying between 1500-1600 cals before and then realized that my TDEE was 1900 so my math was off. I'm not going from 3000 cals down to 1400 overnight so i was surprised that i was so hungy. I will look into whey protein i think. I know there are some good and some bad, from what i hear. Any recommendations? Also, has anyone ever had a B12 shot? A co-worker was t
  5. Hi! Thank you for replying! Yes, i know that i am eating too much and have started to track all food 7 days/wk. My questions are regarding the correct amount of calories i should be consuming. According to IIFYM it should be 1408 if i subtract 500 to creat a deficit. Is that too low since i am lifting? If i hit my 150g of protein each day will that help with the hunger i feel at 1400 cals? How do i get 150g of protein without going over 1400 cals in a day?
  6. Hello! I am hoping to get some guidance on what exactly i should be doing to lose weight. I am 33 year old female, 150 lbs and 5'5" tall. I have been doing SL 5x5 for about 3 months now and have not seen a bit of change on the scale or in measurements. My before and after pics look exactly the same. I am frustrated to say the least. So my routine isnt working for me, what should i do? Diet! Yes, change my diet. This is where i need help. I have been pretty good about watching what i eat, with the exception of weekends. For some reason i think weekends dont count and i can do whatever i want.
  7. Well I'm feeling pretty crappy right about now. I found NF about two months ago and started the stronglifts 5x5 program. I was doing great with diet and workouts and was feeling amazing. My pants that were getting too tight were starting to be a bit loose and I started to feel strong and fit. But then it happened.. The stress. We are in the process of buying a new house and selling our current house. I never knew how stressful this was because our current house was a breeze to buy. I guess we got lucky. People are dropping the ball left and right. Nobody will return my calls. My house is a D
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