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  1. Hey guys. I started StrongLifts 5x5 a couple of days ago. You may have heard of it. You may have even tried it, but I would love to read your honest opinions about it. I know this program is based more on strength(which I need to build right now), but could you build muscle also? I don't mean really cut bodybuilder-like muscle or any thing like that, but dense muscle for a more bulky, type look? I don't care to have the most asthetic body on Earth, but I would like a body to represent the hard work I'll into the program. What are your experiences, thoughts, opinions, etc. with StrongLifts?
  2. Barely anyone was in the gym today. Thank the Lord.

  3. How's it going people? Im an 18 (150 pound) year old high school senior, who is ready to change his life. For the past few months, i've been going through the same routine: Get up, go to school, come home. get on the computer, go to sleep. The funny thing is, that I have been doing weghttraining since last month, but I haven't been puting max effort, in both the gym and my diet. I could push for one last rep, but I never do, or I could eat another meal, but I say it doesn't matter. Since i've been skinny all my life, I always make excuses like, "Oh I just have bad genetics" or "I'm just not made to build muscle". It's pathetic I know, but I'm ready to change that. I'm so glad that I found Nerd Fitness, because I really like the energy of the community; everyone seems to want to cheer each other on and grow together.I want to be like you guys a improve my life too( while I still have the health and time to do it). I don't wan't to be 70 years old lving a miserable life, going through the same motions I was at 18, still wishing that I could get up and do something with myself. I'm gonna make a change in all aspects of my life (socially, phyiscally, emotionally, mentally). I'll look back on my life, old as shit and say, "I love the life i've been able to live". My Main Quest I want to build overall size strength, and flexibilty. I don't desire to be ridicuosly huge, but I would like to have a nice body to compliment and represent the hard work I put in the gym.In addition to that, I'd love to increase my flexibilty, because honestly, I just think being flexible is cool haha. To Achieve these Goals: I will take part in a full body resistance training routines(Mon,Wed,Fri) that consist of mostly compound movements .I will make it my best effort to eat at least 2500 calories a day, or atleast as many calories I can eat each day.I will take part in yoga at home to increase my felxibility and range of motion. Life Side Quests For basically all of my life, i've always been that quiet shy guy. It has never been a ridicously detrimental thing to my life, but inmany situations, it's kept me from speaking to people, voicing my opinions, asking questions, and showing my true self. Sometimes I fear what people will think of me, so i'll hold certain aspects of myself back. I want to break away from that shyness, and show more of who I am to the world! I want to be able to carry on a great conversation with someone, or ask a quesiton in class and not feel stupid. I don't know how i'm going to exactly change thay, but I will take some type of step to improve.Motivation My motivation is simple. I want to be proud of something that no one can take away from me, my body. i want to be proud of myself and what i've avvomplished. I want to inspire others, and show them that if a guy like me can improve, you can too! If you actually take the time to read this, thank you. I hope that I can make you proud.
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