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  1. Broba Fett

    Broba Fett tracks em down.

    Life happened. Sister had an emergency C-section end of last week and baby was immediately taken to a NICU in a different hospital an hour away. It was sketch for a bit but both have gotten better and mother and baby were reunited but we spent all day Saturday driving up to Rockford and back and forth to McHenry and back. Food was a mess and I haven't tracked since and I'm up to 404lbs. Back on track today. Just want to get through New year's under 400.
  2. Broba Fett

    Broba Fett tracks em down.

    Hi friends old and new, long time no see. Life has been busy. In the past year I've: Released a novella. Bought a house. Continued to be a full time dad and husband successfully. Had an eipdural injection on two herniated discs that were causing my left leg to go numb. (Stemming from bad lifting years ago. Foot is still numb but I am mostly functional, if far from my strongman competing self of a few years ago.) Finished my BS in Business Management and walked in the first graduation of my life. Got a new job in a brand new industry and have been working much harder/ 3-4 more hours per day, including 2-3 days per week of working late from home. Started the year at 416lbs, got down to ~375 in the summer, then slacked with the new job and back problems and got back up to 399. I really need to maintain and finish the year with a net loss of overall lbs. It'd be a big boost to my mental health, which has honestly been strained over recent months. So my goals are simple: Track calories every day. No goals, no shame if I go over. Just the act of tracking will keep me from grabbing that 5th caramel pixie. Check in with you all every day to tell you all how I tracked and check up with some of you. Bonus goal: Take advantage of my fancy gym membership to go to one of the included group yoga classes with my wife. Just one. I will probably fall in love with it but I have to get there first. That's it. The past 6 years have shown me that the small changes are the ones most easily carried forward. Please help hold me accountable. Starting weight (10/2012): 500.5lbs Challenge starting weight: 399lbs Total overall weight lost: 101.5lbs